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Saturday, January 27, 2018
Title Release Group
Seeking the Flying Sword Pathc208c208Qidian International
Shadow Hackc76c76Qidian International
Dragon Maken Warc137c137Wuxiaworld
Trafford’s Trading Clubc226c226Qidian International
Upgrade Specialist in Another Worldv4c461v4c461Wuxiaworld
Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Deathc6c6Sleepchaser
The Spearmaster and the Black Catc75c75Infinite Novel Translations
Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata ~Senjou wo...c21c21Shiru Sekai Translations
Red Packet Serverc507c507volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc506c506volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc505c505volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc504c504volarenovels
Red Packet Serverc503c503volarenovels
Shen Yin Wang Zuoc608c608Gravity Tales
Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth...c14c14Isohungry Translations
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to...c504c504Wuxiaworld
You Shine in the Moonlit Nightc1 part6c1 part6Light Novel Bastion
Peerless Martial Godc828c828Totally Insane Translations
Peerless Martial Godc827c827Totally Insane Translations
Peerless Martial Godc826c826Totally Insane Translations
Peerless Martial Godc825c825Totally Insane Translations
Shadow Hackc75c75Qidian International
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc41c41Gravity Tales
Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wifec76c76Spring Rain Translations
Destroyer of Ice and Firec198c198volarenovels
God Of Slaughterc636c636Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c438c438Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c437c437Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c436c436Qidian International
Rise of Humanityv1c61v1c61Gravity Tales
Age of Cosmic Explorationc274c274Qidian International
My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living...c149c149Light Novels Translations
Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest...c12c12Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Shadow Hackc74c74Qidian International
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatablec97c97omgitsaray translations
Taming Masterc161c161Myoniyoni Translations
Empress Running Away with the Ball!c412c412Alyschu
Pet Kingc261c261Qidian International
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wifec319c319Qidian International

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Title Release Group
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wifec318c318Qidian International
Pet Kingc260c260Qidian International
Age of Adeptsc183c183Gravity Tales
Do You Remember My Name?c3c3Shem’s Translation
The Desolate Erav39c15-16v39c15-16Wuxiaworld
That Person. Later on…c156c156Sabishii desu!!
Painting of the Nine Immortalsc270c270Qidian International
Rebirth of the Rich and Wealthyc8 part2c8 part2Chestnut Translations
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc39-40c39-40Gravity Tales
Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michic130c130Light Novels Translations
Returning from the Immortal Worldc311-312c311-312Gravity Tales
Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented! MC...v1c14v1c14Kleepart
Legend of the Supreme Soldierc323c323Qidian International
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (WN)v4c65v4c65TranslationChicken
Supernatural Girlfriendc95c95volarenovels
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc37-38c37-38Gravity Tales
Shadow Hackc73c73Qidian International
The King’s Avatarc909c909Qidian International
How Is It My Fault That I Look Like a Girl!c22c22plumlizi
Martial King’s Retired Lifev3c27v3c27Lord Obsidian
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc35-36c35-36Gravity Tales
Ze Tian Jic171c171Gravity Tales
Path to Heavenc200-201c200-201Translation Nations
Atypical Reincarnationc111c111Gravity Tales
Night Rangerc213c213Qidian International
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasyc104c104EccentricTranslations
Rebirth of a Supermodelc16-17c16-17Rainbow Turtle Translations
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc33-34c33-34Gravity Tales
Sovereign of the Three Realmsc808c808volarenovels
Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Roomv3c23v3c23DHH Translations
God Of Slaughterc635c635Qidian International
World of Cultivationc867c867Dreams of Jianghu
A Mercenary’s Warc60c60Gravity Tales
Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sectc31-32c31-32Gravity Tales
Mechanical God Emperorc143c143Xaiomoge Translations
Era of Disasterc162-164c162-164Gravity Tales
Spirit Realmc711-712c711-712Alyschu
Monarch of Evernightv3c67v3c67Alyschu
Spirit’s Paradise And The Idle Another...c22c22Doctor’s Translation
Demon Hunterc21 part3c21 part3Pika Translations
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