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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Title Release Group
Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became...v4c32v4c32Lord Obsidian
Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charmingc459c459Qidian International
History’s Number 1 Founderc483c483Qidian International
When A Mage Revoltsc402c402Qidian International
Strongest Abandoned Sonc448c448Qidian International
The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate...c47c47Novus Treasures
The Human Emperorc305c305Gravity Tales
Pursuit of the Truthc462c462Qidian International
Masked Knightc307c307Qidian International
I Am Supremec392c392Qidian International
Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon Kingc10c10Yado Inn
The Invincible Dragon Emperorc305c305Qidian International
Hidden Marriagec912c912Qidian International
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost...c584c584Radiant Translations
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavensc618c618Qidian International
The Devil’s Cagec303c303Qidian International
Stealing The Heavensc339c339Qidian International
Omnipotent Sagec48c48Qidian International
Royal Roader on My Ownc81c81KobatoChanDaiSuki
The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate...c46c46Novus Treasures
Kiss Addictionc7c7enne109
Rebirth of MCc92c92ShenHua Translations
Rebirth of MCc91c91ShenHua Translations
Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes...c120c120Isohungry Translations
The Charm of Soul Petsv2c296v2c296Wuxiaworld
Superstars of Tomorrowc112c112Qidian International
Legend of Ling Tianc227c227Qidian International
The Strongest Systemc339c339Qidian International
The Sacred Ruinsc259c259Qidian International
Vengeful Girl with Her CEOc23c23MoboReader
The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate...c45c45Novus Treasures
Cultivation Chat Groupc281c281Qidian International
Superstar Aspirationsc6c6Flower Province
I Got One Star, so I Will Do Itside story 1side story 1SkimTranslation
Red Packet Serverc527c527volarenovels
Forty Millenniums of Cultivationc297c297Qidian International
The Magus Erac1044c1044Qidian International
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hardc237c237Qidian International
Forty Millenniums of Cultivationc295c295Gravity Tales
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnatorc206c206volarenovels

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Title Release Group
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc502c502Rebirth Online World
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc501c501Rebirth Online World
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc500c500Rebirth Online World
In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbandsv2c1v2c1Journey to the Sky
Dragon-Marked War Godc924c924LiberSpark
Dragon-Marked War Godc923c923LiberSpark
A Will Eternalc426c426Wuxiaworld
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshic66c66Albedo404
The Ultimate Evolutionc672c672Qidian International
Master of the Starsc141.1c141.1Gravity Tales
The World of the Pirate Consortv1c10v1c10OtomeRuri
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Daoc32c32Qidian International
Shura’s Wrathc687c687Gravity Tales
Life: A Black and White Filmc14 part2c14 part2Hui3r

Monday, February 12, 2018
Title Release Group
Tales of Herding Godsc21c21Qidian International
The Magical Princess Twin Saints ~Futanari...c26c26Gullinbursti’s...
The Magical Princess Twin Saints ~Futanari...c25c25Gullinbursti’s...
Seeking the Flying Sword Pathc231c231Qidian International
The Magical Princess Twin Saints ~Futanari...c24c24Gullinbursti’s...
The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctorc40c40lost tale
Chaotic Sword Godc1084c1084Gravity Tales
In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbandsv1c5v1c5Journey to the Sky
Picked Up In Winterc8c8Miri Translations
Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power...c102v4c102v4Light Novels Translations
You’re My Gloryc2c2Hui3r
Chaotic Sword Godc1083c1083Gravity Tales
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatablec103c103omgitsaray translations
Shadow Hackc116c116Qidian International
Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the...c34c34CloudyTL
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lichc240c240Qidian International
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Missc65c65Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c490c490Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c489c489Qidian International
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!c488c488Qidian International
Age of Cosmic Explorationc290c290Qidian International
Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wifec94c94Spring Rain Translations
Godly Model Creatorc353c353Gravity Tales
Pet Kingc283c283Qidian International
Joy of Lifec207c207Qidian International
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