Episode 2 – The Inn’s Oyaji’s massage

Episode 2 : The inn’s old man massage

I fearfully opened the door of the inn. Yuela closely snuggles while holding my right arm. As we cross the old door together, there was a counter on the left.

A man who seems to be the owner of the inn greeted me from the counter with a superb smile, it’s as if he had been waiting for us from the beginning.

“I want to stay the night”
I told the shopkeeper. The owner face is one head higher than me, somehow it gives me strange feeling.

“A customer is it”
The shopkeeper talk to us from his higher position. I don’t feel very good and turned my eyes toward the interior of the inn.

The exterior of this inn was a two story building built with stones. Both the wall and ceiling are built with stone without any gaps. There was a straight corridor that connects the front to the back, and a staircase to the second floor.

“How about a double room?”
Looking at the two of us together, the shopkeeper suggested a double room. Since the shopkeeper body was above us from the counter, I get the impression of being small.

While answering the shopkeeper, I noticed. Isn’t the floor around there higher than the surrounding. I’m sure he did that so he can pridefully look down on others.

“How about dinner ?”
“We already ate”
I smell a little bit of odor from the shopkeeper. His head have a small bald spot.
Rather than an owner, he feels more like an old man that help managed an inn.
I decided to nicknamed him Oyaji.

Then I thought it deeply. perhaps, this Inn might met our condition.
Yuela took our situation into consideration, then picked out this Inn.

“Well, then how about one white gold coin for everything including breakfast.”
Oyaji suggested the fee, I think it’s ok.

“Ok, please do”
Yuela seems to agree, she nodded while looking at him

“Thank you very much”

Oyaji straightened his spine and bow his head towards Yuela.

With his head lowered, Oyaji then bent his waist. Since his position was higher than us, his head hovered above the slit between Yuela’s kimono, giving him a close up view of her busty cleavage.

I shivered. My heart throb and my skins start sweating.

This Oyaji, surely it’s a jackpot. In order to satisfy his perversion he remodeled the building and raise the counter’s floor. This Oyaji is truly a guy true to his desire. It’s awesome, Yuela got a winning pick on the first try. I give a praise from my heart.

“Alright, I will write your status in my guest book”

I stood in silence. It’s finally time for us to register in the book.

“Well then, dear customer. Please open your status screen and present it to me”

I chuckled a bit after hearing his words. Hey Oyaji, this lodging is located at the very end of the town. It’s not a luxury shop, you should stop speaking politely already.

Yuela also stood silent with shy look. It seems she also think it’s unnatural for this guy to speak politely.

This is a different world with RPG style. There is status screen that contain basic information such as name and occupation. Think of it like the status window of PC program, but appear in reality.

You can make it appear just by thinking about it, and you can move it freely within your reach. So you can show it to other people. In this world, it’s treated as an Identity Card

When showing it to other people, you only need to display the main status. It’s not necessary to display everything in detail. Everyone want to keep their items, skills, and content of their wallet secret right.

The main status windows contain Name, Race, Profession, Height, and State. For girls, there’s also chest size. When registering for guest book at the inn, it’s required to show this window to prevent crime, such as when someone’s profession is Thief.

But you know, isn’t it amazing that you can see a girl’s chest size ? It feels like someone designed an RPG for adult. I feels like something is wrong with this world.

“…Is there something wrong?”

Both me and Yuela have a hesitation to showing our status to other. It’s embarrassing and there’s information that I don’t want other people to know.

“…It can’t be helped”
Yuela opened her main status window while seemed a bit reluctant

It can’t be helped. After all the main status window is like an Identity Card. If I can’t show it, I will be treated as suspicious person and can’t stay at the inn. I followed Yuela and opened my main status window

Name                    : Kaoru
Race                      : Human
Profession          : Gunner
Height                   : 174 cm
State                     : [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] [Likes NTR]

Name                    : Yuela
Race                      : Dragonkin
Profession          : Swordsman
Height                   : 169 cm
Chest Size           : 88 cm
State                     : [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] [Immoral]

“….Oh my, this…”
Oyaji watched over our status windows

“[Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] huh…”
As expected, Oyaji doesn’t pay attention to my Profession or Yuela race. Gun and Dragonkin are very rare in this world, but his eyes were stuck on the State column

“Even though you are still young, you sure got into a trouble”
Oyaji expanded his hand and closed his eyes. Swaying his head left and right. He have an exaggerating gesture lamenting the fate of two young people. But the way he said it have no delicacy at all.

My [Likes NTR] skills refers to, of course, that NTR. One where my wife, girlfriend, or the one I love got taken from me. Anyway, when such a thing happened, my body will get excited unconditionally.

Yuela’s [Immoral] skills makes her become abnormally excited when doing immoral act. And, the representative of immoral act is, of course, cheating sex. Yuela will get really excited when she is doing it with another man.

Me and Yuela are traveling to the [Country of Freedom] at the very east of the continent. The purpose of this trip is to solve these curse. Beside [Likes NTR] and [Immoral], I also obtained [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] as a Set.

[Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] is troublesome and It’s difficult to resist the temptation of the skills. However, it seems there’s a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Darkness in [Country of Freedom]. If we go there, we might found a way to undo the curse.

“Miss customer chest size is… 88cm”
Oyaji mutters while writing down Yuela chest size.

“The state is [Curse of Goddess of Darkness], and…uhm, and then [Immoral]

Ah, it seems like he came up with something. Oyaji laughed with a grin.

“It looks like both of you have been on a long journey. Aren’t you tired ?”
Oyaji said to Yuela. But in Yuela’s light blue kimono, there’s no sign of dirt that one normally had after a long journey. It looks like brand new clothes.

“We are offering a free massage service at this inn”
Oyaji said it with splendid smile.

I’m sure he didn’t offer that free service usually. Reason being, his licking gaze has been stuck on Yuela chest from a while ago. I’m sure he just want to massage Yuela’s big tits

Oyaji made this proposal after he saw not only [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness[, but also [Likes NTR] and [Immoral] skill.

“What kind of massage is that ?”
I asked, but it’s not like I want to get one.

“it’s an unique massage using a special oil”
Oyaji replied to me while sounding a bit wary. Oil Massage ? Yeah I really don’t need that.

“I don’t need it. I would like to take an early bath”
I choose to take a bath instead. I feels like the smell of human blood still stuck on me.

“What about Yuela?”
I casually asked Yuela

Yuela turned silent, and looked to my face

Me and Yuela stared at each other’s eyes. Yuela gaze is gentle, the feelings of Yuela towards me is transmitted clearly.

“I think it’s good, I want Yuela to looks beautiful”
“…Is that so”

I recommended Yuela to take the massage. It can’t be helped Yuela, both of us won’t be able to sleep at all after feeling excited from all the event earlier right.

“…Today is God of War day”
“That’s right Yuela, today is not God of Darkness day”
I answered Yuela sadly.
Today is not God of Darkness day, which mean we can’t love each other in bed.

One week in this world is as follows.
God of Light day ( Monday )
God of Love day ( Tuesday )
God of War day ( Wednesday )
God of Knowledge day ( Thursday )
God of Creation day ( Friday )
God of Luck day ( Saturday )
God of Darkness day ( Sunday )

Today is God of War Day, and God of Darkness day is in the holiday.

The reason why Yuela is concerned about what day today is because of the [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness]. It’s effect are roughly divided into three.

1. [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] will infect your partners. If you have feelings toward someone, and have sex. Your partners will be infected too by [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness].
I have already infected Yuela.

2. When you are cursed by the [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness], you will gain some form of mental related skills. In my case, I gained [Likes NTR], and Yuela got [Immoral] skill.

3. And then, the one that gives us our current problem. People with [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] can only show their love on God of Darkness day. In other words, I can only have sex with Yuela on holiday.

Even if I try to have sex with her on any other day, My thing can’t get hard when it’s time for insertion. It feels like I lose any will to do it. It’s truly a horrible curse.

[Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] makes us only be able to love each other once a week. For some people, not being able to have sex with the one they like is really hard, they might give up and break up.

Even if it’s only a short time, we can love each other once a week. We took compromise on that and continue our love relationship. But, [Likes NTR] and [Immoral] skill keep tempting us.

“……Since it’s God of War day, it can’t be helped”
Confirming what day todya is. This is like a ritual for Yuela to convince herself.

“……I will have the massage”
Yuela said without looking at Oyaji face, her cheek is dyed red.
She is embarrassed and tried to hide it. Yuela knows exactly the meaning of the massage.
Yuela is also a prisoner of her [Immoral] skill.

“Yeah, let it be so”
Of course, I also [Likes NTR]. But whether it’s because of the skills, or I simply wake up to a new habits, I don’t know it anymore. Right now I really wanted Yuela to receive the massage.

Even though I love Yuela so much.

There are men that get excited when their woman is held by another man. I was like that right now. I get excited like crazy when Yuela have sex with another man
I wonder if the human summoned by the Goddess of Darkness are one with that kind of qualities in the first place. Those with proper ethics won’t be chosen by the Goddess of Darkness.
No, that can’t be true. I shook my head.
This feeling is the fault of the [Likes NTR] skills.

The Goddess of Darkness is the follower of God of Darkness that controls the freedom of love.
Stuff like cheating and orgy is normal in the doctrine. It’s not an evil god, and seems like it have quite a bit of popularity. It’s also the one worshipped by prostitutes.

The God of this world interferes with the realm of human frequently for some reason.
The Goddess of Darkness particularly have severe involvement.
Stuff like cursing people who love each other, or summoning people from different world like me.

The Goddess of Darkness seems to have repeatedly do these kind of thing from a long time ago. I don’t know the purpose, nobody knows what a God is thinking. But if I have to guess, maybe the Goddess of Darkness is trying to increase the amount of believer ?

If that’s truly the case, then there’s a simpler and better way, I’ve been thinking about it for along time since I was summoned to this world.

“Well then, Oyaji”
I paid for two people, one white gold coin

It feels strange, like I was making an offer to this guy. But it’s actually a free service.
Oyaji will receive the money, then massages Yuela.

“Thank You”
Oyaji received the fee with gracious gesture

“I will guide you to your room”
Oyaji came out of the counter after saying that.
As I expected, he is short and quite slender, the back of his brown hair have a bald spot.

“Please be careful”
As he said that. he went up to the stairs. It was a narrow and steep staircase

I gave way to Yuela then she thanked me. I stand behind her in case something happen at the stairs

In front of me, Yuela’s ass tightly wrapped in light blue kimono was swinging to left and right.
As usual, it’s still a perky one. It’s small but has a really good shape. The rounded twin hills are being pressed by the kimono perfectly.

I wonder if Oyaji will massages this ass, or maybe suck on it.
When I think such a thing is going to happen to Yuela afterwards, my heart is shivering with pain.

But at the same time, I am surrounded by a strange excitement.
My heart is beating crazily like it’s about to explode
“…It’s here”
We were guided to a room at the front area of the second floor.

“Here we go”
Oyaji opens the wooden door, he goes into the room first then lights the lamp.
Soft brightness leaked from it.

“Thank You”
Me and Yuela entered the room.
There is a large queen size bed on the left side. And a lamp is installed on the lower part of the wall. And there was slightly larger room on the other side.

It was a strange room. There is a small bed on the right side of the room, and a similar lamp is installed at the side of the wall.
I don’t understand this arrangement.

I had a feeling of something

“The bath is located there, at the back of the second floor”
Oyaji didn’t say anything about the small bed. I went back to the door with a gesture of thanking him then ask about the bath.

“Yuela, can I take the bath first ?”
I also said nothing about the small bed

“Yeah, you’re tired right”
Yuela too said nothing about the small bed. She turned her line of sight toward me and nodded.

“Well then, I’ll be off for a bit”
“Yeah, later’

Yuela waved her right hand in front of the body. The light of the lamps on the left and right sides of the room was illuminating Yuela from both sides.

“This way, please”
Oyaji raises his left hand and points to the back of the second floor as he guides me.
The bathroom was at the end of the corridor
“This is the pride of our Inn”
Oyaji laughed and grinned, He opened the door and invite me to the dressing room.

“May I take a look”
“Please, by all means”
Hearing my words, oyaji replied while bowing with gracious attitude.

I was excited and opened the door to the bathroom
At that moment, pure white steam along with hot air leaked out

I lauded, the walls of the bathroom are boarded. And hot water is prepared in the bathtub from the beginning
It’s the same type of bath as the one in the country I was born

“May I use this bath anytime ?”
I asked

“Yes, you can use the bath of our inn anytime”

“Is that so”
In that case, you don’t need to worry about long massage time. Earlier, Oyaji said he will use a special oil, so I’m sure Yuela wants to take bath slowly after massage.

“Well then Customer, I have to prepare for the message”
Oyaji said with gracious attitude, and finally smiled with grin.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Thank you”
“Please excuse me”

Oyaji quietly closed the door of the dressing room
I can hear the sound of someone descending the stairs.
I think he is preparing the special oil in the first floor

I took off my clothes at the dressing room and entered the bathroom.
The bathroom is square, but felt a bit narrow.
Somehow the spare room is small. Also the shape of the wall is strange.
On the right side of the small bathtub is an ordinary wall.
The problem is the wall on the left side. There is a horizontal protuberance at the height of 1m that extends vertically, the width is also 1m

I had another bad feeling

Then I washed my body and soaked in the narrow bath tub. I need to bend my knee since it’s a bit cramped. It seems strange for an Inn’s bathtub to be narrow.

I miss the wide bath of my country. I want to extend my leg like in a hot spring. I wonder if there’s hot springs in this world too. Let’s ask about it to Oyaji later.

I stared at the strange wall with ticked off feeling.
height 1m, width 1m. It’s quite an obtrusive wall.
It sounds like there’s a boiler inside. If not for this, you can make the bathtub wider.

Then I enjoyed the warm baths.
The smell of blood that stuck in the back of my nose was fading out cleanly.

“Welcome back”
“I’m back”

I returned to my room feeling refreshed.
Yuela was sitting relaxed in the provided chair. She greeted me in a good mood

Yuela looked outside the window with a smile. It’s pitch black outside, but she seems really relaxed

“Yuela, did something happened?”
“Hm ? why ?”
Yuela looked at my face and tilted her head with lovely gesture.

“It seems like you’re in a good mood”
“Fufu, is that so”
While offering me chair to sit, Yuela smiled happily

“That’s because-”
“Excuse me”

The door was knocked when Yuela tried to speak, Oyaji seems to be ready for the massage. He held a large and small towel in one hand, while the other hand is carrying a small pot carefully.

“I’ve prepared the special massage oil”
Oyaji put his luggage close to the small bed as he said that

“…We’re doing it in this room ?”
Yuela sounds hesitant, Yuela haven’t done it with other guys in front of me. It seems like she’s opposed to the idea.

“No need to worry dear customer.
Oyaji nods greatly to reassure Yuela, he then walks from the entrance towards the front wall. In the center of the wall beside the small bed, a curtain was banded.

“We will be fine if we do this”
While saying that, Oyaji unraveled the bundled curtain and pulled them onward following the curtain rail towards the room entrance.

Me and Yuela went silent. A pure white curtain was partitioned and divided our room into two.
I can’t see anything beyond the curtain.

“In this inn, when we get too crowded, we offers something like a shared room. So each room has this function”
Oyaji explain to me about the wonder of this room.

“If it’s set like this. Customer can receive massage without worry”
Then Oyaji turned his face to Yuela and said
“So it’s okay if customer went to sleep first”
Oyaji said this while focusing to me. Of couse Oyaji have a grin after ending his sentence.

“…Is that so”
Yuela glanced at my face. She seems a bit lost. Even thought I can’t see her figure.
The voice, sound and smell will still be transmitted since we’re still in the same room.

“Then, just like Oyaji said. I will go to sleep first. I’m really tired today”
I decided to push Yuela again.

Yuela looked shy and slowly nodded at my voice

“If possible, I would like to get a good rest. I wonder if there’s anything to help me with that.
Something that will let me have a deep sleep until morning”

“Yes, of course. I will bring it right now”
Oyaji seems to understood the hidden meaning of my words. He gave me a good reply

“Ah, it’s fine Oyaji, I will go downstairs with you”
I turned his offer and got up from my chair. I have something to tell him.

The voice of Yuela stopped me, her voice sounds tense

“I will go first and prepare the ingredient”
Oyaji used that timing to leave us two alone and quietly leave the room

“You……are fine with me getting massage in this room?”
Yuela looked at me with wet eyes. Her voice is also trembling and her face is red.

“Of course Yuela”
I smiled and said that to reassure Yuela

“While I did win the duel earlier, but it seems like I was tired out from that. So tonight, I will rest in bed”
And lie with a flat face.

“So Yuela, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m sure I will be sound asleep until morning”
After listening to my voice, Yuela answered with a complex expression.
Some parts are showing loneliness, but among it there’s also throbbing and excitement
It was such a strange expression.

“Well Yuela, I’ll be going for a moment”
I answered Yuela and left the room. She had a downcast look and her cheeks is flushed.

I go down the stairs and called Oyaji. He faced away from me for some reasons and was standing in a corridor in front of the counter.

“Boy, you don’t need to assist me anymore today. Go home and don’t make mother worry too much”
Oyaji faced down and was talking in a small voice

“Alright father, see you tomorrow”
I can’t see anything behind Oyaji’s body. But it seems there’s a little boy there. I waved my hand and walks toward the door entrance.

This kid seems to be Oyaji’s child. After thinking for a while, I’m convinced.
It was difficult to manage an inn alone. There’s nothing strange with managing one with family.

But I wonder what it means when Oyaji said to his kid to go home.
Aside from this inn, I wonder if Oyaji have another house.

Oyaji gave a big sigh and wiped his forehead gently with the sleeves of his clothes.
He sounds a bit impatient.

I called him again
” Customer…”
Oyaji looked back at my voice in panic

“Oh, the medicine is ready”
He put a jug and a glass in the counter graciously
I didn’t see any sign of impatience from earlier, he was back to the usual Oyaji.

“Thanks, Oyaji”
He didn’t seem to realize I was watching him earlier. Because it was a private matter, I decided not to say anything.

“Oyaji, a moment please”
I approached him while taking the jug from the counter.
We both need to make sure of his cooperation.

“Since Yuela is a dragonkin, she love massage. I want her to enjoy it”
While explaining about Yuela to him, I hold the glass with my other hand.
The thing about dragonkin is, thanks to their strong physical capability, their libido is also very strong.

“How to do the massage, I will leave it to Oyaji”

Oyaji nodded as I pour the contents of the jug to my glass and put it back.
“But, there’s something I want you to be careful with”

As I finished my word. I put my hand to the pocket of my coat.
I grabbed a piece of white gold coin with my hand.

“Yuela is a bit shy, you see? Yuela will receive a massage, and not something else”
I hold my breath. Did he get it, the subtlety and nuance of these words.

“If it’s Oyaji, I’m sure you understand what I mean”
I pull my hands out of my pocket, and put it in Oyaji’s hand while still grabbing the coin.
I think, the value of money is universal to everyone, so one can use it as a solution.
During my first time, I did the same thing. I wonder if this is the smart way to do it.

“After this, I will drink this medicine and sleep soundly. At that time, Yuela will receive a massage no matter what. And then in the morning I will wake up.”
I gently open my covered fist that clenched the white gold coin in Oyaji’s palm.
And then he looked at my eyes and said

“Of course, I understand”
Oyaji replied immediately. While still grasping the white gold coin in my hand, I slowly lower my head. he seems to understand what I meant to say.

“I’m glad Oyaji understand this fast”

I lifted the glass with water drops on the surface and drank the contents.
Cold and fresh. It’s the taste of water.

This is the rule of secrecy that Yuela and me made two weeks after I was summoned to this world.
Yuela looks like a human being, but in reality she isn’t one. She is Dragonkin, a rare race in this world. Dragonkin has excellent physical ability, but in exchange they had a very strong libido.

Also, they’re a race with broad definition of sex. But Yuela is an exception. Yuela have a very strong sense of virtue. If she has a lover, It’s absolutely impossible for her to have sex with another man.

As Yuela told me that fact, the truth is I’m really happy.
It sounds really feminine. I love Yuela’s old fashioned way of thinking.

But reality is very cruel.
We can only love each other once a week because of [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness]
And this isn’t enough for Yuela.

It seems Yuela didn’t comfort herself since she started dating me.
I know because we sleep together every night.

And thus, her libido accumulated.

While we were travelling. We stayed at an Inn in a village.
The villagers who are currently drinking in that Inn invited Yuela to a part-time job.
I also lost to the temptation of [Likes NTR] and encouraged her to take it.

It was Yuela’s first time doing part-time job. So the next morning, we somehow made a rule between us.

Even if Yuela has sex with another man, we will call it something else.
For example part-time job or massage. Even though both of us know it’s cheating, we feigned ignorance. It’s an implicit acknowledgement between us

I wonder what such thing is called. Maybe it’s ok to call this NTR Play.

Maybe, both of us actually liked doing these kinds of play.
To seriously cheat, leave, or discard the others. Such a thing is unthinkable.

This is the most natural shape that fits the skill given to us from [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness].
From my [Likes NTR] skill and Yuela [Immoral] skill. NTR Play was born.

” Customer… This… so much”
Oyaji saw the white gold coin in his hand and trembled.
This solution seems to worked efficiently.
Then Oyaji bent down his head.

“Dear Customer. Please leave everything to me”
He immediately raised his head. Oyaji face seems like he have become a faithful servant of mine.

“Customer, let’s move this bed away from the wall:
In the room, Oyaji proposed his idea to Yuela.
I sit on the queen size bed while watching, the partition curtain was opened.

“Excuse me”
Oyaji said with serious look.
He dragged the small bed gradually separating it from the wall.
It seems he is adjusting the position delicately.
He looked at the flickering lamp at the side of the wall as if he was checking something.

“…What are you doing ?”
Yuela looked a bit frustated. She stood beside Oyaji and complained.
I also didn’t understand the meaning of his action at all.

“I’m going to do the massage from both sides of the bed. It’s not enough with just one side.
Oh, so that’s why. I accept his answer.

“Allright, this is good”
Oyaji nodded as he was satisfied with the position of the bed.
It seems the adjustment of the delicate position is over.

After seeing the distance to my side got closer, Yuela groaned.
It seems she want to get the massage far from my bed, even if just by a little.

“Well then, Customer. I will close the curtains”


Oyaji closes the curtain with zipping sound.
However, the way he close it is strange.
The only thing I can see is white curtain and the gap between it and the door entrance.
I can’t see the appearance of Yuela or Oyaji at all.

“I will change the bed sheets”

There was a sound of cloth being spread open.
It seems Oyaji is changing the bed sheets to something else.
Perhaps to prevent it from getting dirty by massage oil.

“Well then, Yuela. I will take a rest first”
I spoke to Yuela on the other side of curtain.
I thought it was about time for Massage preparation.
I will sleep first, that’s the condition for Yuela to receive massage.

“Good night”
“Yeah, good night”
Yuela greets me with gentle voice.

“Please have a good night”
Oyaji also greets me politely.
Sorry Yuela, I will love you plenty on the next God of Darkness day,
So for today, please take care with Oyaji.

I let a big breath and extinguished the fire of the wall lamp.
I lay down on the queen size bed and face sideways. Turning my line of sight toward the curtain.


I was surprised, I thought my heart would pop out of my mouth.

The appearance of Yuela and Oyaji emerged as a shadow on the pure white curtain.
Under the subtle light, the outline of the two figures appears clearly in black.

Oyaji had adjusted the position of the small bed to show the stage of the massage indirectly like this.
The delicate position of the lamp and curtain gives a subtle feeling to the bed.
I was impressed. You’re awesome Oyaji.

“Customer, I will start the massage”

I was excited after listening to their voices.
Maybe Oyaji and Yuela are on the other side of the bed, standing opposite of each other.
The shadows of the two people in bed overlaps.

“Well then, please take off your kimono”

After hearing Oyaji’s voice, Yuela was silent.
Her shadow faced down.

“…I should take it off?”
The voice of Yuela was hesitant

“Yes, I will use oil, so your clothes may get dirty”
Oyaji’s shadow didn’t move and his voice was neutral.
It doesn’t sound like someone with a perverted heart that is going to watch a girl take off her clothes.

Yuela’s shadow slightly moved it’s neck, I heard a crisp voice. It seems she is watching this side of the curtain.

“You don’t have to worry about the other guests”

Oyaji’s shadow nodded greatly.
“Mr. Customer should’ve gone to sleep”

“If you are worried, then let me check it with my own eyes”

Yuela’s shadow nodded a little, her voice sounds tense.

“Leave it to me”
The black shadow of Oyaji moves toward the white curtain near the entrance side.
I can hear his footsteps.

From the other side that’s only half closed, Oyaji show up.
He passed the curtain and come walking towards me.


Both of our eyes met. Oyaji’s eyes is glittering
Oyaji put his hands in his pants back pocket, and pulled a bunch of soft paper like a tissue.
Then he nodded towards me.

Then Oyaji put the bundle of soft paper on top of the bed, and quietly returns to the other side of the curtain.

Somehow I feel like the room was really dry.
I am thirsty with excitement and tension.
I feel this Oyaji is quite tasteful

“He already went to sleep”
Oyaji returned to the other side of the curtain and said that while walking.

“If he looks like that, even if there’s quite a bit of ruckus, he still won’t get up until morning”
He stopped in front of Yuela. From my side, The silhouette of the two shadows are looking sideways. Yuela is facing right, while Oyaji is facing left, both are facing each other.

“…Is that so”
Yuela made a slightly complicated voice.
A voice of someone hearing a predetermined response, and a voice of feeling relieved.

“Well then, please take off your kimono”
Yuela didn’t say anything

However, both of her hand’s shadow had been lowered gradually to the waist
I heard the sound of clothes unraveling, and a thin shadows fell to the floor.
Then the kimono falls off with a noise

Yuela had become naked.
The appearance of her naked body clearly emerges in the pure white curtain.
It was the body of Yuela that i know really well. But right now it felt so far.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at the black shadow.
Yuela is tall. A slender shoulders, large chest with bowl shape, thin waist, small but well shaped ass that goes upward, and long leg that account for half the height.

“…Is it ok like this”
The shadow of Yuela shyly nods toward Oyaji.
Yuela didn’t hide her body with her hands.
“…Yes, …certainly”
Oyaji voice is slightly scattered. I’m sure Oyaji is mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful body of Yuela.

For a while, Oyaji shadow didn’t move.
The room was silent. He must have been watching the body of Yuela with a licking gaze.
Strangely, the shadow of Yuela also didn’t move.
While I can feel his presence, but he is only standing without moving.
But then as I looked closely, the tip of Yuela’s bowl shaped chest was taut and sharp.

“It’s enough right…”
Along with a shy voice. The shadow of Yuela’s both arm merged around her slender belly, and her big chest in the shape of bowl were swinging.

“Pardon me customer. Then please lie down on the bed”

After hearing Oyaji’s voice, the shadow of Yuela slowly started moving.
She put one hand on the small bed and lower down her ass, then turned her body sideways and stretched her legs on the bed.

The shadow of Yuela’s upper body then falls toward the bed. But even though she lying completely flat on her back in the bed, her chest silhouette remained bulging in bowl shape.
Yuela’s big tits won’t collapse even if they face upwards.

“I will use this special oil for the massage”

Oyaji shadow bent his knee and picked up a small jar on the floor near the bed.
Then the shadow got up while raising a small pot, showing it to Yuela.

“Customer, you may feel it a bit cold at first, please be patient”

Oyaji shadow stretched his arms out together with the pot. The small jar is tilted, and the liquid in it drops slowly. It looks like a really viscous liquid.

Oyaji special oil dropped near the bulge of Yuela’s chest. I wonder if it’s cold since Yuela gave a little loud sound.

Oyaji’s hand shadows move, pouring the oil to the belly of Yuela.
Yuela kept silent, but the shadow of her small head slowly lifted, trying to look at the situation.

I heard a surprising voice of Yuela

“You… this is…”
“Customer, this is oil for massage”
The calm voice of Oyaji overlapped with the slightly trembling voice of Yuela.
Yuela seems to recognize something, but Oyaji explained it in clear tone.

Yuela was silent
Eventually, the shadow of Yuela’s small head slowly returns to bed.

“…Yes, this is massage oil”
Then I heard a voice agreeing to Oyaji.

“Well then customer, I will cover your whole body with this oil”

Oyaji’s shadow placed the small jar on the bed.
It seems the massage will begin. Then both shadow of his arm went lower and overlapped around Yuela’s chest.

I heard Yuela glossy voice.
Oyaji seems to grab her chest suddenly. The shape of the bowl shaped chest changed, it was squeezed out straight upwards.

I heard a lingering voice. It seems Yuela is holding down her voice.

Oyaji’s hand shadow moved greatly. He is holding the nipple with the thumb while the remaining four finger is enjoying the pleasant feeling of the soft meat.

From the first time Oyaji saw Yuela, he is entranced by the rich breast that pushed out of the kimono.
Seems that he is loyal to his desire. And right now he is struggling to satisfy his curiousity.

Oyaji’s shadow still stretched his arm, he stretched his back, pulling his face closer to Yuela to call her.

“It will be okay even if you let out louder voice”

After hearing Oyaji’s voice, there’s a gasp of yuela holding her breath.
There’s only the echoes of wet squeezing sounds in the room now.

“Your companion is fast asleep right now, I’m sure he is currently having a pleasant dream about you”

Yuela seems to be holding down her voice.
Oyaji’s hand shadow moved, grabbing the bowl shaped mound.
Then he pushed it toward Yuela’s obscene face.

“(Dreaming……, nnnn, haaaahnn…… about me….)”
“That’s right”
Oyaji is still rubbing her chest while saying it out loud.
He raised his index finger on both hand, giving an image of standing pin.
Then the finger bent, he was tickling the swelled tip of Yuela’s chest.

“Customer, please let your companion hear your voice”

Oyaji whispered that to Yuela’s ear. Then he moved his hands away from Yuela’s chest.
I took a breath and looked at the two silhouettes.
Between Yuela’s chest and the shadow of Oyaji’s hand, lines of sticky threads are drawn.
That massage oil is actually lotion.

Above all, I was surprised. It seems Yuela know about lotion.

It seems oyaji changed his way of rubbing.
The ten fingers on his hand are opened full, then those hand approached the chest from top.
It seems he is going to grab and enjoy it next.

“Huff, Customer, how is my massage?”
I heard the rough breathing and excited voice of Oyaji

“(Haah…. ah., it’s a….bit too strong…)”
“Please pardon me, well then, is this ok?”
Oyaji regains his calmness and respond to Yuela’s whisper. He switches his movement to one that spread the oil throughout his palm. He painted the oil around her stomach, and moved to the side.
Oyaji’s arms shadow are going back and forth frequently.

“(Ahhh……hnn…ahh……, haaah…..it’s…good)”
“Thank You”

Oyaji’s shadow then once again stretched to her chest.
He touch it carefully this time like washing it.
He use his whole palm in circle motion, and slowly touch them as if to ascertain the shape

“(Ah, nn, aaahh…)”
Oyaji’s shadow is trying to rub the entire breast. Sometimes, he’s also having fun scrubbing the nipples

Then now, Oyaji is rubbing more oil to his palm and carefully moving his arms toward the shoulders and neck

Mixed with the scent of oil, the sweet smell of Yuela are getting stronger, enhancing my excitement.
I gently pull down my pants so as to not make any sound.
Everytime Yuela have a climax, I climaxed too.

“(Haahnn…… aaah….aaah.)”
Oyaji’s arms shadow slides around the side of Yuela’s breast.
Whle quietly looking at the shadow of those two. I was doing it with erratic speed.

The shadow of Oyaji’s arm become bowl shaped, and then he put it in top of Yuela’s breast
“(Hyaaa. … aah….aaahn)”

The hand shadows moves fast and repeatedly while resting in Yuela’s breast.
From what is shown by the shadow. It’s easy to understand. He is pinching Yuela’s nipple with two fingers.

“(hnnnn, hnn, aaaah)”
Oyaji’s is still obsessed with Yuela’s chest.
His shadow is rubbing the tits from lower to bottom with both hands.

“Customer, it’s about time. I will let you drink my nutrient”
“(Hah… mh…, n…)”

“It will increase the effect of the massages. This is also for the sake of your companion”
“(aah….Is that so….)”
“It is”

Oyaji’s shadow then lowered his pants down.
The upper clothes is left as it is.
I felt that this unnaturalness symbolizes the cheating act of massage

Oyaji’s stick is quite large

“This is my private massage stick”
I heard Oyaji’s voice. It seems he isn’t directing it to Yuela only but also to me.
As if to showing it off, he stroke it two or three times with his hands.

“Well then, excuse me”

Oyaji’s shadow carefully got up into the bed.
He then slowly sit down around the stomach of Yuela, giving the image of riding a horse.
The shadow of Oyaji’s meat disappeared into the shadow of Yuela’s big tits
“Customers, I’m going to borrow your hands”

Oyaji’s shadow extended his hand and grasped the wrists of both Yuela’s hand.
He then guide it toward Yuela’s big breast.

“Just like that. Please hold it tightly”
“(…nn, like this…?)
“Yeah, that’s correct. I’m going to start the massage like this”

As oyaji said so, he move both of his hand to the top of Yuela’s bulging chest

“Well then, I will use my massage stick. I will let out the nutrients from this”
Oyaji’s shadow began to move back and forth.
From the shadow of the big swollen chest. The tip of the swollen meat stick peeked out in slipping motion.

Creek, creek, creek, creek
Everytime Oyaji’s shadow moves, the bed made a creaking sound.

Creek, creek, creek, creek
“Customer, please lick the tip of the massage stick. The nutrient will come out soon…”
Creek, creek, creek, creek

“(You…. it can’t be helped)”
As Yuela said so, she slowly raised her head.
The shadow of a small head slowly moves away from the pillow and approaches the big chest.

Creek, creek, creek, creek
“(Chu~ Slurp~)”

The shadow of Yuela head touches the shadow of the meat stick that peeked out of the chest shadow. It merged around the nose and the mouth
Creek, creek, creek, creek

Then I could see a small shadow of something small like a tongue.
The moment the shadow of meat stick slipped out of the shadow of the chest, it moves up and down with slurping sound.

Creek, creek, creek, creek
“Ooh. Customers……. This…..it feels really good”
Oyaji makes an overwhelmed sounds

Creek, creek, creek, creek
For a whlie, there’s only the sound of bed creaking and the sounds of Yuela’s licking.
Creek, creek, creek, creek

“Customers…it..will come out….please….open your mouth…”

Oyaji issued a loud voice.
When I heard the voice. I saw the shadow of Yuela opened it’s mouth wide.

Oyaji sweetly shrieks and stick out his body forward with rocking movement.
The tip of the meat stick that pop out of the chest shadow touch the open mouth of Yuela.

Then the shadow of Oyaji reflected in the curtain trembled.

The shadow of Yuela kept it’s position and doesn’t move.
However, the throat of Yuela’s shadow reflected in the curtain seemed to move slightly.

“Huff… Customer, how is the taste of the nutrient”
(“N….gu…..it’s bitter”)
Oyaji’s shadow lift his back and stand on his knees.

“They said good medicine tastes bitters.
Customers, there’s still nutrient left behind the massage sticks”
The shadow of Oyaji lifted one hand and touched the rod part of the meat stick that stretched out sideways

“You shouldn’t leave any, please suck it out”
The shadow of the meat rod goes down towards the face of Yuela, it bent downward.
Oyaji pushed his rod with his finger, and it seems the tip is directed to the mouth of Yuela

(“….Um, alright”)
The shadow of Yuela poked her elbow on the bed, then raised her upper body and face.
Then the mouth open and overlap with the shadow of the meat rod. It seemed like the tip merged.

Oyaji’s shadow moves his hand back and forth while holding the rod. He tried to let Yuela suck the semen that remained in the urethra.

“Don’t left anything, please drink it all”

The shadow of Yuela gargled a voice from her throat, then she took her mouth off the shadow of the meat rod.
“(Mnn…., Yours…. it’s thick and hard to drink)”

“Huff. Next, lets massage the lower half of your body.
Customers, please lift one of your leg”
Oyaji is a man that know how it’s done.
As he said that, he moved towards the end of the bed.
He changed the standing position so that the shadows of two people doesn’t overlap.

“(Like this..?)”

The shadow of Yuela raised her thin long leg straight.
Both of Oyaji’s hand is stretched, and is filled with oil.

He slowly moves his hand from thighs to heels
“Customer, please bend your knees”

Yuela’s long leg then bent its knee. Oyaji’s shadow grabbed the ankle with one hand and use the other hand to wash between the toes of the foot

He carefully repeated it on both legs.

“Next is the customer’s important place. Excuse me a bit”
He said that and grasped the back of the knees of Yuela’s both leg.

Then as it is, he pulled each respective leg to left and right, then lift it up in the direction of Yuela’s head. The shadow of Yuela’s butt rises from the bed.

Judging from the silhouette reflected in the curtain, it looks close to a pile driver posture.
“Customer, I’m sorry. Please hold your legs yourself”
Yuela didn’t reply to Oyaji’s voice. But both hand of Yuela’s shadow are lifted and move toward the back of the thigh.

Oyaji’s hand is already moved. However, Yuela’s shadow seems to keep hold of the leg with both hands and keeping an embarrassing posture.

“(Is….Is it good like this…?)”
Yuela shyly responded with slightly loud voice.

“Yeah….. It’s good. Customer looks beautiful”
Oyaji’s shadow bent his back and move his face closer to the shadow of Yuela’s ass that was raised.
It seems he is watching it closely and sighing with admiration.

“There’s no need to use massage oil here. It’s totally drenched”
It seems Yuela’s place is totally wet, she murmured shyly
Oyaji’s shadow hands stretched toward the crotch, and made a noise.
The shadow’s hand moves in small movement, making a slopping sound”

“Aaah, aa…aahn…aaahh”
Yuela’s switch seems to have turned on. She didn’t hold back her voice anymore.

-Guchu- -guchu- -guchu-
Oyaji’s movement speeds up

-Guchu- -guchu- -guchu-
“Aahnh! Haa….haah…….Hya! Haaa……cum……aaa…..haaa…..aaaa!”

-Bikun- -bikun- -bikubiku
The shadow of Yuela tremble tremulously
The timing of me and Yuela is perfect.

I’m still stiff.
“Customer, Shall I massage the inside of your body next?”

“Well then, customers, please come over here a bit”
Oyaji’s shadow guides Yuela to the edge of the bed.
Oyaji then stand still. He keep his intrusive meat stick close to Yuela, then he scrapes the tip as if to show it off to me

“Alright, I will put in my massage stick”
“…Do whatever you want…”

The shadows of Yuela and Oyaji overlap
“Ooohhh….Customer……so good…..”

Oyaji’s shadow started moving slowly.
Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-
Yuela pants as Oyaji moves.
“Aaa, a–, aaaa….., Hnn…..Hyaa…..nnn..haaaa”
Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-
“Customer…….how does….. it feels…..?”

The soft light from the lamp copies the violently moving figure of the two into the curtain
“Customers….i’m going to…….this…. will be the last….
The nutrient…..I will…….. feed it…….. directly…..”
“Nnnhhh…..inside is…….. no good”
“Your companion……will surely….. be pleased…..”

The movement of Oyaji’s shadow fasten
-Jupu- -jupu- -jupu- -jyupujyupu- -jyupujyupu-
The motion then become wiggly

Oyaji’s shadow raised his chin and thrust his back firmly
“Ahn, ahn, a..h……ugh……aa…..aaa….aaaaaaaahn”
The shadow of Yuela trembles and, and her body arched.
Bikun- -bikun- -bikun-
The moment those two reach climax. I climaxed too

“Huff…..customers, how is it…?”
In response to Oyaji’s question, Yuela moaned with sexy voice
The shadows of the two people in the curtain still seemed to be connected perfectly.

“As for me, I wonder if I have poured the nutrient to customer properly”
As she listen to Oyaji’s voice, the shadow of Yuela’s body trembled

“Customers, do you like my nutritional supplement?”
Oyaji’s shadow grabbed Yuela’s chest and asked again.
The big breast is squeezed out so much that the pressed meat protrude from between the fingers.
It was an unexpected gesture

The shadow of Yuela raised her head, it seems she is staring at Oyaji’s face.
“You should know the most…..even now, it’s stil hard inside me….”
“Please tell me in detail”
Yuela gave a grudging voice, but oyaji doesn’t let her off.
He relentlessly trying to hear it from the mouth of Yuela

The shadow of Yuela slightly moved her neck
“Your hot stuff……came directly to my womb….”
I heard a small voice of Yuela that seemed to disappears

I feel my chest tightened, and at the same time I felt strange excitement
It seems Oyaji pressed his gland head into the uterus of Yuela and poured the semen directly.

I realized I just shared Yuela’s womb with Oyaji

“Thank you customer, Let’s check it thoroughly later”
Yuela’s shadow gave a small nod
“That shall be the case, Well then customer, I will pull out the massage stick”
Oyaji’s shadow’s nodded, then moved his body away from Yuela

Their two bodies were separated, and the silhouette of Yuela’s round ass appeared again. But in the two shadows, one part is still connected.

An elongated shadow then appeared between the roundness of Yuela’s ass and the waist of Oyaji
“A, ..ahn”
As Oyaji pulled his back, the elongated shadow seemed to stretch in sideways direction.
It looks like the meat stick is pulled out from there

At the same time Yuela’s sweet moan came out, the long and thin shadow separated from the shadow of Yuela. It was trembling up down up down.

It might be an illusion, But I felt like I could see a thread like shadow between the meat stick and the shadow of Yuela’s ass just for a moment.

“Customer, I have prepared a bath to clean out the massage oil”
The shadow of Yuela nodded.

Today, it’s reserved for both of you only. Please pass the corridor as it is”
“…..Is that so”
As Yuela breathed out, she gave a small hoarse voice

There seems to be no one else in this inn besides us.
The shadow of Yuela thrust her hand to bed and raises her upper body.
Yuela slowly stood up from the bed in bad temper.

“Customer, I will accompany you”
The shadow of Oyaji quickly came up and supported the back of Yuela with one hand.
Oyaji’s height is only about the shoulder of Yuela, it seemed terribly unbalanced.

“I will be fine alone”
But Yuela turned down oyaji’s offer.
The beautiful shadow of a tall person then walks slowly

“This too is part of the massage”
Oyaji’s shadow walks together, and the other hand stretches out toward the crotch from the stomach of Yuela.
The shadow of Yuela stopped moving.

The shadow of Yuela slightly crouched down and her butt protruded behind.
I heard a nasty sticky sound.

“Nhhh…..nm. If it’s a massage….then it can’t be helped”
The shadow of Yuela become slouched. Her ass shakes, and her breast jiggled a bit to left and right.

“Well then, customer”
Both of the shadows are close to each other, they’re walking towards the entrance of the door in the right. The shadow in the curtain moves slowly.

In the place where the curtain ended, the shadow of Yuela stood still.
The curtain stopped near the end, there’s nothing between the place the curtain ended and the door.
In other words, there’s nothing blocking the line of sight after this.

Oyaji urged Yuela
Yuela was hesitating, but then she stepped up and started walking

Two figures appeared from the pure white curtain.
Before me, the two bodies are vividly colored.
The contrast between the white skin of Yuela and her long black hair felt really impressive.

Yuela’s appearance through the curtain was not bad, but seeing her directly is better.
She is really beautiful

Oyaji was lined up next to Yuela and walking as if to support her.
If you look closely, his right hand grasps Yuela’s butt from behind,
While his left hand grabbed the melon like breast and playing around with it.
It seems like Oyaji’s stick gleamed thanks to the light, as if to prove that it just had sex with Yuela.

Yuela didn’t spare me a glance. Her sharp eyes are staring straight to the door of the room, and her cheeks is dyed red

Yuela walked with dignity like usual while letting Oyaji play around as he like with her body.
But for me, It seems like Yuela’s heart is currently in high tension.

At the front of the door, Yuela let out a sigh as if she was relieved.
She raised her right hand and reach out to the handle of the door quietly.

“Customer, please wait a moment”
At that moment, Oyaji stopped Yuela
Yuela’s shoulder trembled and her whole body stopped while staying in posture.

Yuela speaks while still facing the door. I don’t know what kind of facial expression Yuela have right now.

“Let’s confirm the nutrient in here. Please open your legs”
Oyaji just said an incredible thing.

“Here……you say?”
Yuela said without looking backward.
“That’s the case. It’s not just for your sake, but also for your companion”

Oyaji kept on speaking
“I assume customer would like to confirm it here.
If you don’t want to, we’ll check it in the bathroom…”

Yuela didn’t reply
But Yuela quietly moves one leg and open it to the shoulder width
“Thank you, customer”

Oyaji laughed with grin after watching Yuela’s figure opened her leg
The back of Yuela looks like it trembling with full embarassment

“Well then, excuse me a bit”
Oyaji lift his right hand, and attach it to the back of Yuela.
Then he continue to push Yuela’s back towards the door.

Yuela didn’t resist Oyaji.
Although small, but Yuela’s developed ass protruded as her waist bend

Yuela raised both of her hand and pushed the palm toward the door to support the body that falls after being inclined forward.

Oyaji then suddenly placed his right hand on the constricted Yuela’s waist.

Yuela understand from that alone.
She lower the position of her waist, and her butt pushed up
Yuela right now is taking a very humiliating pose
Around the swelling plumb pubis area. there is a crack that is closed and faces upward.
From her closed hole and the other hole in ass, everything can be seen clearly.

“Well then, I will check it”
Oyaji put both of his knees on the floor.
He raised his left and and stretch his thumb and index finger near Yuela’s secret spot.
Both of the fingertip moved as if trying to pinch the vertical streak of the crack.

Then oyaji moves his fingers to left and right and spreads open the fractures.
The crack was spread out into a rounded rhombus, and I could see a beautiful pink color.

Yuela trembled and shook. I felt like I could hear a scream without voice.
Oyaji subsequently lifted his right hand, making a pin shape with his index and middle finger. It was like the silhouette I saw through the curtain

The tip of the middle finger and index finger touched the vaginal opening.
The small folds stick to the surface of the two fingers. Then Oyaji inserted it into Yuela’s secret place.

Yuela seemed to close her mouth and try desperately not to make a voice.
Oyaji moved his fingers back and forth as he stirred the inside of Yuela’s secret place.
Yuela’s small butt is swinging up and down thanks to the movement of the fingers.

Oyaji then finally inserted the two fingers to it’s root. And then slowly pulled it out.
As the fingers separated away from the crack.
Between the tip of the two fingers and the vaginal opening. A white muddy thread made from semen drew a line.

Then after a short delay, the semen from Yuela’s vaginal opening gushed out like a drool.
I feel like Yuela let out a small shout.
The cloudy semen slowly flowed downward following the cracks there.

“There is no mistake, this is my nutrition”
“…I see…”
Yuela replied while still staring at the door

Oyaji walked forward next to the constricted Yuela’s waist and looked back to me
“Please excuse me a bit”

Oyaji grasped Yuela’s buttock with both hands and directed it towards my bed.
” If customer would like it, how about I help you getting familiar with this”

Oyaji crouched down and said that while he bring his face closer to Yuela’s ass.
He is looking towards the crack in Yuela’s place.
Yuela knows that her ass is currently facing at me, and she knows exactly the meaning of Oyaji’s words.
“….I’ll leave it to you”
Yuela said with small and shivering voice
“Thank you, customer”

Oyaji laughed and smiled again.
Then his right hand extended to Yuela’s secret place again.
Two fingers are inserted into it again.
Oyaji’s finger moved violently up and down, spreading the scooped semen all over the vaginal wall.
Yuela’s small ass was moving like it was trying to jump up, but Oyaji holds it down with his left hand and keep pushing her from down there.
From Yuela’s mouth, a voice that can’t be suprressed leaked out

“This will be enough”
Oyaji said so and slowly moved away from Yuela’s body.
He stared to my face then smiled and nodded.
He raise his right hand, put his middle finger to his thumb’s fingertip and slowly moved it away.
A thick semen thread was pulled and drawn between the fingers.
“….Is that so…”
Yuela answered Oyaji with murmur and separate her hands from the door.
She raise her upper body and corrected the posture

“Well then, customer. Let’s move on”

Oyaji then opened the door and started walking slowly while holdingYuela’s shoulder.
Yuela also shyly moves forward and walked to the hall together.

At that time, the semen that dripped from Yuela’s crack to her thigh formed a long thread, and then it fell to the floor
Yuela was aware of it and let out an embarrassed voice.
When Yuela left the room and closed the door. I could see a little of her face.
her cheeks were dyed red with shame.
I exhaled a lot in the room where I became alone.
I just saw an amazing spectacle.
Then I thought, this inn Oyaji is the best.


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    1. same thought, if it is the MC who did the NTR can accept that. But for the god knows how many its is, i still cant accept this kind of story development. Fell like my chest being pierced soooo deep. really strange


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