Episode 2.5 – My Secret Adventure

Episode 2.5 – My Secret Adventure

Knock-Knock-Knock, there was a sound beyond the door made from thick wood.
It was a sound that came from the brass door knocker that Dad loved to boast about.
The old fashioned big door then opened with a heavy noise.

The lamp’s soft light leaks outside from the gap of the door, making a streak muscle of light. The air in this slighly humid building flowed fluently towards the door.

A customer have come.

I hid in the corner at the end of the corridor, it’s a secret place that only me and dad knows. I can’t be seen by other people here.
The customer who came through the door was a beautiful Onee-san and a strange Onii-san.
I think both of them is surely lover, and they’re probably married.
I thought so because the two of them looks like they have a very close relationship.

Dad smiled and was giving a greetings to the customer.
I always thought that Dad looks really cool when he said that with calm looking face.

Dad is laughing with a smile, transmitting the feelings from his heart.
I think dad’s face looks very professional.

But everyone especially that person, loves to make fun of Dad.
Stuff like how he has a bald spot, or how he is submissive to money.
I can’t forgive the people that said those things.

In [Country of Commerce], earning lot of money is very important and should be prioritized.
That person also said Dad appearance is no good. For me though, the appearance of Dad sweating while working hard is really cool

I want to become like Dad in the future.

I know dad is proud of his Inn’s business and worked really hard for it. I hope someday God will tip the balance scale of luck towards dad.
I poked my knees in the hallway and peeked my head a bit from the end of the corner.
I wanted to see the place where Dad receives the guest, and I’m also interested about the customer.

Onii-san is really cool. He has a long hair and there’s this unique atmosphere surrounding him.
He had a strange fashion that I’ve never seen before. Onii-san looks like a model that came from the capital of [Country of Commerce].

“I want to stay the night”
Onii-san said it naturally. Both of his eyelid opened up, and the light brown eyes stared at dad.
“A customer is it”
Dad sent his fingers to his chin and thought while looking down at the customer.
Dad has remodeled the counters. He raised the floor in the counter so he can look at the customer better.

Since dad is professional, he can analyze various information just by seeing customer’s appearance. Therefore he can propose an accommodation plans suitable for each customer.

Onii-san then seems to be bothered by something and moved his line of sight to my direction
I  hid myself close to the wall and stood still. Why did he suddenly stare this way ? Did he know I was hiding and peeking from here?

Onii-san has a beautiful face like a woman, but I was a bit scared by the gaze coming from between the bangs of his hair. If he gets angry I’m sure he will look very scary.

“How about a double room?”
After hearing Dad’s suggestion, Onii-san voiced an agreement.

Onii-san still sounds normal, was it just a coincidence earlier ?
“How about dinner ?”
“We already ate”

Dad and Onii-san continue their conversation
I wonder if it’s fine to peek again.
“Well, then how about one white gold coin for everything including breakfast.”

Dad proposed the inn’s fare
I gather my courage and peek out again from the end of the corridor. I want to see that scary yet cool Onii-san again.
I screwed up again. The Onee-san looked at me and our eyes met.

Onee-san’s big eyes are staring at my face. I guess both of them had noticed I was hiding.

“Ok, please do”

It was just for a moment, then Onee-san looked toward dad again, she doesn’t seem to have any interest in me.
I forgot to hide as I was watching Onee-san. My heart throbs and my face is getting hot. I looked at Onee-san profile again, she is a very beautiful person.

Her sharp eyes pointed up near the end making her looks scary but it was big and beautiful. She is wearing an unusual japanese clothing and beneath it her chest looks really swollen.
The long black hair flows to the buttocks. I keep throbbing as I watched her.

“Thank you very much”
In the counter, Dad corrected his posture, he lowered his head deeply to Onii-san and Onee-san. Dad’s face is right in front of Onee-san’s face as he said words of appreciation toward customer.

I think Dad is a real pro. I haven’t seen any other clerks in other shop bowed their head like that, as expected of dad.

Even Onee-san seemed to be happy about Dad’s attentive customer service. Her cheeks were a little red and she is staring at dad’s head with embarrassment.

“Alright, I will write your status in my guest book”
I wonder why after hearing Dad’s voice, Onii-san face looks a little bit lost.

“Well then, dear customer. Please open your status screen and present it to me”
Then Dad said that. Dad always use polite words for customer.

Hm? Onii-san looks like he have a smile on his face.
Onee-san is also turning her eyes away from dad with the same expression. I wonder if they thought of something funny.

“…Is there something wrong?”
Onii-san and Onee-san is strange. They’re hesitating about something, did Dad said something strange ? Dad also seems suspicious of something.

“…It can’t be helped”

Then Onii-san and Onee-san opened their status window with grimaced looks.
“….Oh my, this…”
Dad looked at the customer’s status window and opened his eyes wide. I’m surprised, since Dad is a professional, it’s rare for him to say such things.

“[Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] huh…”
I got startled when dad said that. Curse is a very scary word, it seems Onii-san and Onee-san is cursed by God.

“Even though you are still young, you sure got into a trouble”
Dad said it in sad manner. He spread both of his big hands and swinging his neck side to side. From his gesture, Dad looks really sad. I wonder why he said it like that though.

“Miss customer chest size is… 88cm”
Dad checks their status seriously, He also said it loudly then writes it in the guest book.
He speak it aloud so he won’t make any mistake.

I look at Onii-san and Onee-san again, Both of them looks embarrassed.
My knowledge is very poor, I don’t know about [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness], but surely it’s something frightening and difficult.

“The state is [Curse of Goddess of Darkness], and…uhm, and then [Immoral]”
Dad then smiled with grin. I know when dad looks like that, he always came up with a great idea.

“It looks like both of you have been on a long journey. Aren’t you tired ?”
Dad said it while looking to Onee-san. Oh, could it be?

“We are offering a free massage service at this inn”
I know it. Once in a while, Dad offered free massage to young woman customer.
At first they’re not enthusiastic of the idea, but after the massage is finished they always look satisfied.
It’s a secret to Mom. When a customer who receives massage leaves the room, I’ve seen them chewing on Dad’s cheek. I’m sure Dad’s massage have a good reputation.


As expected, Dad looks cool and gentle. Usually, Dad only gives massage to young woman customer, but this time he offered it to Onii-san. I hope Onii-san will cheer up with this.

“What kind of massage is that ?”
Onii-san asked dad a question.
“It’s an unique massage using a special oil”
Dad explained in a low voice. Dad’s special massage oil is a business secret. I don’t know about it either. Dad has plenty of secrets.

“I don’t need it.”
Huh? Onii-san refused the massage.
“I would like to take an early bath”
Then Onii-san frowned as he said that, he gave a disgusting looks like when someone smelled something terrible. I wonder if he sweated a lot.

“What about Yuela?”
Onii-san turned his head to the side and said while looking at the face of Onee-san.
So Onee-san name is Yuela.

Onee-san looks a bit troubled. She turned her head towards Onii-san

Both of them stared at each other with gentle look.
Onii-san with his gentle eyes looks downward to Onee-san
Onee-san with her eyes full of love looks upward to Onii-san

As I watched both of them, my chest tightened for some reason.

I thought they’re an ideal couple.
I also want to be like that Onii-san.
I want to be able to looks at someone beautiful like that Onee-san with a gaze full of love.

“I think it’s good, I want Yuela to looks beautiful”
Onii-san look at Onee-san and recommended the massage.
If I become an adult, will I be able to say such words naturally ?

Onee-san cheeks is red, it seems she is happy with Onii-san’s words

“…Today is God of War day”
Hm? Onee-san are talking about unrelated stuff.

“That’s right Yuela, today is not God of Darkness day”
Onii-san eyelashes frowned a little and he looks a little sad.
Onee-san also looked somewhat sad.

“……Since it’s God of War day, it can’t be helped”
Onee-san closed her eyes and said that.

“……I will have a massage”
Then Onee-san raised her face and said that to Dad. But her face is red and her eyes seemed to wander and won’t see dad’s face directly. I wonder if Onee-san is shy.

“Yeah, let it be so”
Onii-san said it with gentle look. I think it was a good idea. Dad said, A women get tired easily during travelling. Especially young woman like Onee-san, it’s easy for them to get stiff shoulder.

Huh, Onii-san is swinging his head left and right. I wonder what he is doing?

“Well then, Oyaji”
Onii-san called dad Oyaji, but unlike that person, it doesn’t feel like he said it with bad intention, it gives a sense of familiarity.
Onii-san held a white gold coins in his hand
“Thank You”
And Dad receive it with grateful behaviour.

“I will guide you to your room”
Oh, Dad came out from the counter, He is going to show the customer to their room.
This is bad.
I withdrew my head from the corner at the end of the hallway.
I’ve been peeking at their interaction until now like it was normal, but if Dad saw me, he will surely get angry.

“Please be careful”
I heard the voice of Dad calling for attentions.
The stairs in this Inn is narrow and steep.
I can hear ton- ton- sounds as he went up the stairs


I heard Onii-san voice urging Onee-san ahead.
I know this, it’s called Lady First. Onii-san is kind to woman.

Onii-san and Onee-san slowly walked up the stairs.
I thought to myself, I want to know more about this customer.
There’s something different about Onii-san and Onee-san compared to other customer.
After a while, I went upstairs to the second floor.

“This way, please”
As I walked the stairs, I saw a shadow in the corridor.
Dad is guiding Onii-san to the bathroom.
“This is the pride of our Inn”
Dad and Onii-san enter the dressing room

I stood in the hallway and stared at the door of the front room.
It’s a room with double bed, the most comfortable room on the second floor.
I caught my hand on the door handle.

Why am I doing this ? I don’t even understand.
Is it because it’s rare for a handsome Onii-san and Beautiful Onee-san to stay at Dad’s Inn ?

“Please excuse me”
The door of the bathroom opened quickly and I heard dad’s voice.
At this rate I will be found out, I hurriedly tried to go down the stairs

At that time, the door in front me open suddenly.
My heart jumped out. Onee-san peek her face out of the door and our eyes met.

I almost cried.
I look between Onee-san face and the door of the bathroom alternately.
Dad will get angry!

Onee-san said that and opened the door room wide.
Onee-san will help me!. I jumped into the room in a hurry.

Onee-san and me stayed silent inside the room.
I listened to the outside carefully.
Dad seems to have opened the door of the storage room next to the bathroom.
After awhile, I heard the sound of Dad footsteps going down to the first floor.
I faced downward and stroked my chest a little.

“You’re a child of this Inn ?”
As I heard Onee-san voice, I raised up my head.

“Yeah…. Onee-san”
Her big eyes are staring at me
…?, Huh?  While answering her my face got hotter and hotter

“You’ve been watching us while hiding in the first floor a while ago”
“Yeah… I’m sorry”
As expected, Onee-san was aware that I was hiding.
I felt guilty and apologized to her.

“You don’t have to apologize. So, what were you doing in the hallway just now?”
Onee-san said in low voice, but it doesn’t sound like she is angry.
When I heard Onee-san voice, my heart pounds a little.

“…I don’t know”
I answered honestly
“But you didn’t want to be found out by your Dad ?”

I nod to the voice of Onee-san. She had helped me by hiding me in this room.
“Thank you, Onee-san”

Onee-san narrowed her eyes and laughed when I bowed to thanks.

My heart jumped again and again. It became really loud as I stared at Onee-san’s smile.
I understand now. The reason why I was so interested in this Onii-san and Onee-san.
Why I’ve been hiding until now and came up to the second floor.
I’ve fallen in love with this Onee-san.

“Come over here”
Onee-san smiled as she beckoned me. She seems to say I can sit down in the chair of the room.

“Onee-san, are you married with Onii-san ?”
I sat face-to-face with Onee-san in chair. I muster up my courage and asked that. Onee-san talks like a man and is easy to talk to.

Onee-san seemed surprised by my question, her eyes are getting bigger.
“We are still just lovers… Marriage is, um…., in the future, we will do it…”
Onee-san gave her answer with her face beet red and while wrapping her fingers around the other fingers. Her gaze is wandering through the air. So Onee-san can also make troubled face like this.

I felt sad and my heart tightened as I hear Onee-san words.

Onee-san is closing her eyes and smiled. She seems to have imagined being married to Onii-san. When I saw that smile, I felt happy and my sad feeling disappeared.

“I wonder if I can have beautiful lover like Onee-san when I grows up”
“Like me?”
As she hears my voice, Onee-san opened her eyes and stared at me

“It seems I’ve fallen in love with Onee-san”
Onee-san eyes seems to have grown wider

“I think, I’ve wanted to talk with Onee-san, that’s why I came to the front of the room earlier.”
“…You’re an honest child aren’t you”
Onee-san is still wide-eyed.

“Sorry, I have a boyfriend”
Onee-san watched my face and responded to my confession.
It was a serious look.

That’s why I didn’t get really hurt

“Let’s see… I’ve never seen a woman who I think is as beautiful as me.
It might be difficult to find a women like that and going out with her…”
Then, Onee-san seriously answered my question

As I listen to Onee-san words, I feel sad.
Onee-san is a very beautiful person after all.

“Fufu… It’s too early to give up.
You’re still young, nobody knows what will happen in the future right ?”
Onee-san said with a smile and gently stroked my head.

“I wonder If I can be like Onii-san ?”
I realized another thing. It seems I looked up to Onii-san

“Hmm, Let’s see…
Both of you have a kind face. There’s a little resemblance on that”
Onee-san told me while looking at my face. She doesn’t treat me like a child and answered seriously.

My face is similar to Mom, that person often made fun of me saying I looks like a girl.

“Fufu… But you must know, A man also need to have the strength to protect women”
Onee-san said with a smile.
Onii-san is strong unlike me. My body is similar to Dad, I’m the shortest in my school year

“…? What’s wrong”
Onee-san worriedly looked at my dejected face.

“…I was teased often in school”
That person face appear in my mind

“I see…”
Onee-san said it in normal voice. It’s a voice that doesn’t make fun of me or treat me like a fool.
“What kind of things are they saying ?”

“…Stuff like shorty, or that I have a girly face…Then they also badmouth Dad”
“I see…”
Onee-san voice sounds the same as before, but it seems she is thinking about something.

“This is something my boyfriend said.
[I’m proud of my face that looks like my mother.]
Is your face also similar to your mother ?”

Onii-san said such a thing. Even though Onii-san face is more girly than me.
I looked up to him more and more.

“Do you dislike your face ?”
I shake my head to Onee-san question. I don’t dislike my face.
I wonder if Onii-san is also teased by his friend when he was a child.

“In that case, you should be thankful to your mom for giving you such a kind face.
Also you’re still a child, you will grow even more from now on”

I feel better and nod

“And also, it’s not good to bad mouth anyone including your Dad
Tell them straight to not make fun of you. If it’s a honest person like you, I’m sure you can make them understand.”
Onee-san comforted and encouraged me.
Right now, I’m sure I can tell that person to not make fun of Dad
“…I think your Dad will return soon”
Onee-san said while looking at the door of the room with a glance.
She looks somewhat cautious.

That’s right, I enjoyed talking with Onee-san too much that I forgot.
Dad may have already finished his special massage oil

“I have to go”
I hurriedly got up from the chair.
“Fufu… It’s also the time for children to sleep”
Onee-san also got up from her chair and stroked my head with smile.
Onee-san treat me seriously from a while ago, but now I feel like I was treated like a child for the first time.

“Yeah, I’ll be going home”
It’s dark outside the window
“Huh? Your house is not this Inn ?”
Onee-san looked confused

“Dad and mom got divorced when I was little. Actually, I may only see dad twice a month”
I explained to Onee-san. This is why I shouldn’t be seen by other people in Dad’s Inn.
This is me and Dad’s secret.

“I’m living with mom in another house”
“…Is that so”
Onee-san said in normal voice
Then she extends both of her arms drawing my head in and wrap it in her chest.
She held and embrace me silently.

I felt something different from Mom’s hugs.
I breathe in heavily. From Onee-san Kimono, there was a mysterious fragrance

Then as my heart pounded, I closed my eyes. Onee-san breast rested above my head. I didn’t know a women breast is very heavy.
“Thank you Onee-san. Goodbye”
“Yeah, Goodbye”
I waved my hands, Onee-san also shakes her right hand with a shimmer.

“Onee-san, Dad’s massage is very famous. I’m sure he can make you feel good”
Because Onee-san is a young woman, I’m sure she have a stiff shoulders.
I want her to be satisfied with Dad’s massage.
Then I turned toward the door and started running.
“E, Eeh? Wha…”
From behind, I can hear Onee-san surprised voice

“Ah, that’s right”
I opened the door of the room then looked back at her.
I have something I must tell to Onee-san

“Onee-san and Onii-san looks like an ideal couple”
When she heard my voice, Onee-san face blushed and became bright red. Her sharp eyes are also getting bigger.

“I want to become like Onii-san. And then with someone like Onee-san, I want to be able to gaze at each other with love like you guys did earlier.”
“…Is that so”
As I expected, Onee-san answered with “Is that so”.
Onee-san smiled happily with her face red.

Dad was in the kitchen, I can see his back from here. He is stirring hard at something inside a cylindrical container. I thought I should said goodbye since I’m going home, but I wonder why I couldn’t call out to him.

His task seems to have ended. Dad was breathing heavily.
Then he lifted the cylindrical container and transferred the liquid to a small jar.

I saw it for the first time.
The transparent liquid flows down filling the jar. It looks very sticky

Ah, dad smile and grinned.
That’s where I learned that transparent liquid is dad’s special massage oil.

Dad seems to have finished transferring the massage oil to the small jar.
Dad then walks toward here. For some reason, I left the kitchen and hid myself in the corner of the corridor.

There was no one in the kitchen, I went to the sink and looked into the cylindrical container.

There was a stirring rod in the container and the leftover massage oil at the bottom.
I tried touching it with my fingers, the oil made a long thread when I pulled my fingers away. This is my first time seeing this. I wonder how Dad make this special massage oil.

“What’s that?”
When I was playing with the oil for a while,
I found a white powder beside the sink, it was poured in a flat plate.
What is this ? Is this related to the massage oil?
As expected, Dad have many secrets

“Huh, Boy?”
It’s Dad voice, I was surprised
“Boy, you still haven’t gone home…”
“…I’m sorry”
I apologized to Dad. I’ve never been in Dad’s inn until this late until now.

“This stuff is still too early for you”
Dad come over here quickly, he seems to be in a hurry.

“Boy, you didn’t eat this powder right?”
Dad has a serious look. When I nodded, He seems relieved.
Is this white powder not something edible ?

“Dad, is this your special massage oil ?”

Eh? I felt he glared at me after hearing my question
“Do you massage the customer with this oil?”
“…That’s right boy”
Dad slowly nods. As I expected, but I can’t imagine dad using this to massage Onee-san.
In the end, I don’t know anything at all about Dad’s massage

“Hey Dad, about your massage-”
“I will teach you properly about it someday”
My voice is stopped by Dad. He said He will tell me his secret someday.
I was happy and confirmed it back again.
“It’s true, Dad won’t lie to you boy”
Dad firmly nodded and picked up a jug on the kitchen table.
“Alright, this will do. Let’s go boy”
Then Dad poured cold water into the jug and urged me to get out of the kitchen.

“Boy, you don’t need to assist me anymore today.”
In front of the counter, Dad said it while looking at my face
“Go home”
Dad seems to want me to return home as soon as possible.
Suddenly, I felt sweat formed on my forehead
“And don’t make your mother worry too much”
Just like Dad said, mom is waiting for me at home

“Alright Dad”
I know in case like this, adults are pleased when children followed their order obediently.
“See you tomorrow”
I waved my hand to Dad. I need to go home soon.
It’s a pity I can’t tell Mom about my experience today.
Turning my back against Dad, I ran to entrance door of the inn.

“I’m home”
“You’re late”
That was the first thing Mom said when I returned home.
Her voice sounds a bit scary
“Where were you playing until this late”

“…I was playing outside”
It sounds awkward but I lie to Mom.
Outside the window is already dark.

“…I see”
Mother  replied to me while murmuring for some reason.
Her voice sounds lonely.

“Hurry and wash your hands, You’re hungry aren’t you, let’s have dinner”
Then Mom turned towards me and said in her usual voice
I nodded quickly. I suddenly realized that my stomach is already growling.

“Is it delicious?”
Mom is sitting opposite of me and looking happily as I eat stew. I love Mom’s stew.
“….How is Dad doing?”
After hearing Mom’s voice, my body was shocked. My hand also stopped moving the spoon.
“Hey now, eat properly”
I resumed eating after being urged by mom. It seems Mom knew that I was going to Dad’s inn”

“Don’t bother your father too much”

I didn’t talk back to Mom and just nod obediently.
Both Mom and Dad are saying the same thing. Don’t make them worry, don’t make trouble for them.

Then I thought that Mom is sly.
I know it, sometimes Mom is going out at night secretly to met Dad.
Then as I was having trouble sleeping, Mom comes back. She opened the door to my room to check up on me. And then afterward she murmured “As expected, Dad is the best”

“Thanks for the food”
I finished eating and bring the dishes to the sink. Mom seems satisfied when she saw I ate the whole stew.

“Are you doing well with your friends from the school?”
I’m surprised. Mom suddenly asked me question about school.
I instantly remembered that person face.

“Yeah, I’m doing well”
The truth is, it’s not going well at all.
I don’t want to be made fun of by that person. So every day after school, I went straight to Dad’s inn.

“Really, good then”
Mom smiled and got up from the chair.
“Mom will go to work now”
Mom is not only working on the daytime, Sometimes she goes out to work at night
She work part-time at a shop that serve drinks.

“Be a good child and sleep early ok”
Mom caressed my head and then headed to the door. I nodded honestly.
Mom worked hard to raise me.
“Bye bye”
With a smile Mom closed the door. I can hear the ringing sound from the key hanging in the knob.
I brushed my teeth and prepared to go to sleep alone.
I went to my room and get into the bed while thinking of various event from today

Why did Mom get divorced with Dad ?
If she still went to see dad secretly, she shouldn’t get divorced in the first place.
Is it because Dad’s inn is not profitable ?

I also wonder if Mom knew about Dad performing massage to Onee-san.
When Mom murmured Dad is the best, she is talking about Dad’s massage right.
After all Mom always looks tired from her work everyday.

Dad told me he will tell me about the massage when I grow up.
I’m looking forward to it. After all Dad have a lot of secrets only for adults.

Then I realized. Right now Dad is giving a massage to Onee-san. And now Mom isn’t in the house. I thought this was an opportunity for me to learn the secrets of adults.

I stand up to change my clothes and head to the front door.
I ran towards Dad’s Inn.

I secretly entered Dad’s Inn from the back door.
Dad always hides the backdoor key in a nearby potted plant.

It was the same Inn, but just because the time is later than usual the atmosphere feels really different. It feels like the time for adults and I was getting excited.

I crawled on all fours so as to not make any sounds.
I went up the stairs step by step. The second floor is quiet, did Dad finished the massage already ?

The corridor on the second floor was bright thanks to the lamp. I stopped in front of Onii-san and Onee-san’s room. Inside, I hear the sound of people talking, it’s Dad’s voice.

Huh? Next to the bathroom, the door of the storage room is open.
I never went there because Dad said I shouldn’t get in.

I went to the storage room to check it out while letting the door remains open.
The inside was dim but I could manage. There were a lot of mysterious tools that I had never seen before. The massage oil was definitely from here too.

“That is…?”
What is this ? There was a small door on the lower side of the storage room on the side facing the bathroom. I stretched my hand to the door as I wondered.
“Well then, customer. Let’s move on”
At that time, I heard a voice and the door of the front room was pushed open.
Then I heard the voice of Dad and Onee-san.

I hurriedly held my mouth with both hands.
I was surprised, I thought my heart would jump out of my mouth.

Onee-san seemed to murmured a little.

Tap-Tap-Tap, I can hear the sound of Dad and Onee-san footsteps getting closer.
I can hear the sound of my heart throbbing from inside of my body.

“Please be careful”
“…Isn’t this your fault…”
Dad’s worried voice and Onee-san’s annoyed voice.
I wonder what happened to Onee-san.

I peeked from the small gap between the open door and the wall.
My heart jumped up. Because right now, Dad and Onee-san are naked while walking in the corridor.

I didn’t know that when people are really surprised, their heart moves this much.
Dad walked real close to Onee-san. He is walking while holding Onee-san’s shoulder.
Onee-san’s breasts shake and Dad’s penis are swinging around.

Onee-san’s face is bright red, she looks really embarrassed.

“This bathroom is the pride of our Inn”
“…Is that so…”
Dad and Onee-san stopped near the front of the storage room.
“Well then, customer. This too is part of the massage. Let’s clean up the oil”

It seems the two of them will take a bath together now.
As I look closely, Onee-san body was shiny as it reflect the light.
I’m glad, it seems Dad’s massage isn’t finished yet

Dad and Onee-san are going into the dressing room.
Then as I thought for a moment, I tried opening the small door behind the wall.

Beyond the small door was a magical space.
Although there is no lamp, but the surrounding is bright, is this magic ?
As I look around, there is a crystal ball the size of my fist in the middle of the place.

I bent down and entered this magical space.
I close the small door. There’s soft blanket laid on the floor.

“…This is?”
The height of this space is about 1m, and the depth is 1m too and it’s quite wide.
I understood immediately. In the bathroom of Dad’s inn, there was a wall that was changed.
This space is in the wall.

“Customer, please wait for a while”
From somewhere, I could hear Dad’s voice.
I looked curiously, but there are only plain white walls around me.
But as I looked at it closely, it seems there are small holes at regular intervals in the wall.

“I’ll be returning here again, so you shouldn’t take a long bath yet”
I hear the conversation between Dad and Onee-san. Then I noticed, their voices came from the small crystal ball in the middle of this space.

“Excuse me then, customer”
Dad seems to be leaving the bathroom.

I put my face close to one of the small holes on the wall.
The hole is located near the upper side with sizes around 1cm.

From that hole, I can see the view of the other side.

Onee-san stayed naked and faces her butt toward here.
The inside of the bathroom is white with steam. But strangely, the warm air of the bathhouse didn’t come in here.

Onee-san hug her arms and let out a sigh. Onee-san’s skin is white, and her butt is smaler than Mom, but her whole ass is pointed upwards.

As I saw over the valley of Onee-san’s ass, I see a single vertical line.
A whitish mysterious liquid was dripping down the vertical stripe. I wonder what is that?

I feel my penis are getting bigger

“Customer, sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Dad came back to the bath, he walked with a short step and  then stand beside Onee-san
“Your companion was fast asleep. He was probably really tired, so I put some blanket over him.
Huh? Dad sounds disappointed for some reason, I wonder why ? Isn’t letting the customer rest a good thing ?

“I see…”
Onee-san was relieved. I looked towards Dad, he breaths heavily.

“…Well then Customer, Let’s clean up the massage oil”

Dad suddenly grabbed Onee-san breast with both hands as he said that. Onee-san let out a sweet and sexy voice that I’ve never heard before

I was confused. Dad is touching the breast of a woman beside Mom.
I know this is something perverted and you shouldn’t do this kind of thing if you’re not a couple or not married

Onee-san breast was massaged by someone other than Onii-san.
Dad’s ten fingers are buried within Onee-san’s big breasts.
Is Onee-san fine doing this with someone other than Onii-san ?

Onee-san bent her index finger as she put it in her mouth.
It seems that she tried to cover her voice.
Her breast are still being massaged by Dad.
It seems she doesn’t dislike being touched by Dad.

“Customer, there is no one else in here”
Dad said as he looked at Onee-san’s mouth.
“There are only two of us here, so you can let out your voice freely”
Dad continue speaking to let Onee-san feels relieved.

“Nnn….Yes……that’s right…”
As she heard Dad’s voice, Onee-san released her finger from her mouth
“Yes customer, it’s fine…”

Dad keep massaging Onee-san’s big breast. The breast changed their shape and it looks really perverted. From Onee-san’s small mouth, a shrill voice leaked out without hesitation

“You…nhhhh, from the beginning….kept staring at my chest”
Onee-san put her left hand on dad shoulder, and then Dad moved his body closer to Onee-san. It’s as if Onee-san tried pulling Dad in.

“Customer didn’t dislike it right”
Hearing Dad’s voice, Onee-san turned her face pouting.
“I’m accustomed with men leering at my face and body”

Then She turned back and put her left hand on Dad’s head next.
“All men likes big breasts right. There, how’s this….? You want to see it up close don’t you ?

Onee-san is pulling Dad’s head to her big breasts.
The nipple that protruded from between Dad’s finger shook.

“You too are obsessed with my chest rig……..mmnnhh”
Onee-san was talking to Dad, but she didn’t manage to finish her words.
In turned into sweet voice in the middle.

“-chupa- -chupa- Customer, that’s a good voice….. -slurp- -slurp-”
Dad is licking Onee-san’s breasts and sucking her nipples like a baby
Just like Dad said, Onee-san voice is trembling.

“Customer -chupa- from the beginning, you expected things to turn out this way right -slurps- -slurps-”
Dad is asking while licking Onee-san’s breasts. Dad’s red tongue is crawling around Onee-san cherry colored nipple. The nipple is pushed upwards by Dad’s tongue then returned to it’s original position.

“Nhaaa…….,Aa……..nhh… No…..aaaahh………nn, I’m not…….aaa….aaaaaahn”
Onee-san slightly trembled as she heard Dad’s words.
She pulled Dad’s head with both of her hands and pushed it between her breasts.
Dad’s finger is still pinching Onee-san’s nipple.

Dad and Onee-san were hugging for a while
Then Onee-san breathes out a lot and stretches her right hand down. She gently held Dad’s penis.

“Your thing is the only one that’s impressive isn’t it….”
Then with her left hand, Onee-san grabbed Dad’s penis and moves it up and down.

I took off my pants.
Compared to Dad, my penis is small, and it’s covered in skin.
“Unfff…..It’s just like Customer said”

Dad said while groaning. It seems Dad feels really comfortable when his penis is being squeezed with Onee-san’s Hand. Dad’s penis become really thick and the blood vessels looks visible too.

“What’s wrong ? Fufufu…..You also performed massage to other customer beside me right?”
While laughing, Onee-san was rubbing her palm against the round part of dad’s penis with a crack. Her long fingers are grabbing the shaft, and the other palm are rubbing the top.

“It’s only for special customer….”
Dad moved his waist according to Onee-san’s hand movement.
I see, so that’s why Dad only gave massages to young women. Dad is always doing perverted massage.

Dad looked up at Onee-san. Because Dad is shorter than Onee-san, he need to look up.
Onee-san also looked back at Dad.

Dad moves his face closer to Onee-san
Their lips are getting closer. I was looking at it while throbbing

“….Kiss is no good”
With her right hand still gripping Dad’s penis, her left hand are holding Dad’s head back.
I breathe out. As expected, you should only kiss with the person you like.

“….I only kiss my most important person”
Onee-san said that while she shyly talked back to Dad.
Huh….  I wonder, does that mean it’s ok to touch the penis of someone you didn’t like ?
I thought it was something that you shouldn’t do.

“Customer treat kiss like this exceptionally”
“That’s right…”

Dad and Onee-san were staring at each other
I felt like I’ve learned another aspect of being an adult.
Also it seems a young woman isn’t really embarrassed being seen naked by a man.

“If that is the case… Customer, please kiss my massage stick”
After hearing dad’s voice, Onee-san stopped holding Dad’s penis.
Dad’s finger dig again into Onee-san’s breasts.
When Dad said massage stick, he means that right…

Onee-san said that and slowly folded her knees.
Onee-san’s long hair sticks to the floor.
From where I looks, both of them are facing sideways.

“As expected…your thing is big”
Onee-san grabbed Dad’s penis with her right hand and muttered.
Dad’s penis was long and thick, and sometimes it trembles and shake.
I wonder if mine will also look like that.

Aa…..Onee-san kissed the tip of Dad’s penis……..Is that ok?

Onee-san cherry colored lips moved again…
Onii-san….. Onee-san is……

“There’s still nutritional supplements left in the massage stick. Please lick it”
Dad said it as he looked down to Onee-san.
There is a liquid like a white massage oil dripping from dad’s penis.
That is called nutrient ?

After hearing dad’s voice Onee-san nodded. Then She turned her gaze to Dad’s penis and watch it with enthusiasm.
Onee-san’s mouth opens, then her small tongue stroke Dad’s penis from below

The nutrient entered Onee-san mouth as she licked it with her tongue.
Onee-san then closed her mouth and swallowed the nutrient.
It seems the nutrient is edible.

“-slurp- -slurp-….”
Onee-san stick out her tongue and licked the tip of Dad’s penis like she was licking a candy. She keeps the penis moving with her right hand. Dad seems weak when the top of his penis is being played with.

Then Onee-san opened her mouth halfway, she moved her head and covered the round part of Dad’s penis with her lips.
Aaa…..I also want to put my penis in Onee-san mouth…..

“–slurp–, -chupa- -chupa-….”
Onee-san pushed her head forward, her lips touched the shaft of Dad’s penis.
The round part of dad’s penis is fully swallowed.
Then Onee-san closed her lips and there was a tongue-clicking sound.

Then Onee-san pulled her head back with her lips still closed like before.
Onee-san lips smoothly moved across dad’s penis with sliding motion.

“-Slurp—… -slurp—… -slurp—… -slurp—…”
She repeat the same movement as she held the base of dad’s penis with her right hand.
There was an overflows of drool from Onee-san mouth, it was moving downward along her chin.

“-slurp— -chupa-…. -slurp— -chupa-…”
Onee-san was shaking her head back and forth while looking at Dad’s eyes.
Her jaw was drenched with the saliva that overflows from her mouth.
Ah….just now the the saliva dripped down and there was a thread formed below Onee-san mouth.

“Mmnnhhh……. ~chups~~, mn….huff….”
Onee-san moved her head back slowly and released dad’s penis from her mouth.
There was a perverted sound leaking near the end, it seems Onee-san is sucking Dad’s penis as she moved her head back.

“My jaw is tired…”
Onee-san looks upward and talks to Dad. In the meantime, She also grasped his penis with her right and stroking it up and down

“I’m sorry for that, Customer”
Dad’s penis is big, so Onee-san jaw got tired. My dad was apologizing, but for some reason he smiled happily”

Onee-san released her hand from the penis and touched her own breast with both hands.
She lift up her breast from the bottom with her palm

“For that, these big one will do”
Onee-san raised her back and lifts her breasts further.
Women’s breasts are really soft… I didn’t know that.
The meat of the pure white breasts are pulled upwards.

Ah….Onee-san pinched Dad’s penis with her breasts.

Onee-san moves her hands up and down while pinching Dad’s straight penis between her breasts. The tip of Dad’s penis appear and disappear repeatedly behind the  breasts. It was a really perverted scene.

Uwah…. Onee-san is laughing as she looked at Dad. I didn’t know when women laugh while doing these things, they looks really naughty.

Dad’s penis jerked between Onee-san breasts then it slips out.
Onee-san quickly pressed her breast from the side.

“Hey, don’t move suddenly”
Onee-san said as she pinches the penis between her breasts. Her long fingers dig into the white breasts and moving it faster than before. It looks like she is washing Dad’s penis with her breasts.

“It’s because customer is really attractive…”
I also agree with what Dad said.
When I’m watching Onee-san sexy appearance, my penis also gets stiff and shudder.

“Fufu… yours is also attractive…”
Onee-san smiled with a naughty face. She then moved her thigh and ass up and down while her knees stuck to the floor as a pivot. She held her breasts with both hands and kept rubbing Dad’s penis while making a squashing sound.

“This will be enough for you…”
Onee-san stopped moving and released her hand from her breasts.
Dad’s penis is hard and pointing upwards. Onee-san moved her right hand and touched the back side of Dad’s penis with her index finger.

Onee-san smiles with a naughty face as she crawl her finger on the back side of Dad’s penis
“How many women have been made to squeal with this thing ?”

Onee-san tilts her head and looked at dad’s penis from the bottom.
Her fingertips were pounding the tip of Dad’s penis with tap tap motion.
Blood vessels float in the surface of dad’s penis as its trembles

Dad put his hand in Onee-san armpit, He seems to try to make her stand.
“Customer, it seems you can’t stand by yourselves…
Dad put some force to his waist and pulled Onee-san up
“Let me support you”
And then Dad smiled
Onee-san cheek flushed as she stares back at Dad

“Customer, please put your hand on the protrusion of that wall”
After hearing dad’s voice, Onee-san looked toward here.
When dad said that wall, he is referring to this space where I am.

Ah….. Onee-san walked closer

Onee-san waist bent forward, then as she stretch her hand to left and right it disappears from my line of sight
I can see the beautiful face of Onee-san right in front of me and her big breast shake downward.. I pressed my mouth with both hands and swallowed my voice that was about to leak out.

“….Is it good right here ?:
Onee-san looked back at Dad. I can hear heavy breathing that make her sounds really excited

“Yes, perfect”
Dad seems to have walked over here. I can see Dad’s leg behind Onee-san’s thin leg.

“Customer, your place there looks really naughty”
I heard Dad’s excited voice. Onee-san is trembling as she dangles her body while listening to Dad’s word.
“That’s because… you put a lot there…”
Onee-san’s cheeks are red, she looked back and blames Dad for something.
…There ? There’s something in the back of Onee-san, but I can’t see it since Onee-san’s breast is in the way.

I pulled my eyes away from the small hole, then hurry up and moved my face to another hole 30 cm below it.
There are plenty other small holes in the wall.

I can see it…. From Onee-san’s private spots, Dad’s nutrient is leaking out.
Dad seems to put nutrient inside Onee-san private’s spot.

On the underside of Onee-san vertical stripe, whitish liquid is dripping like water drops.
I wonder how did Dad put nutrient in there ?

Dad positioned the tip of his penis near Onee-san private place. The tip touches the place of Onee-san that looks like folds.
“What…? Aaahn…”
Onee-san answered Dad voice and looked back. Dad moved his waist forward, and the tip of his penis disappeared near the folds in Onee-san’s private place. I can only see dad’s rod between the large folds.

“You too will be one of the people that squealed from this thing”

Dad laughed with grin. He hold Onee-san’s waist with both hands.
Onee-san was surprised earlier. Is she surprised by Dad’s voice or Dad’s action ?
Onee-san… what is she currently doing with dad’s penis ?


Ah…..! Dad’s penis is being swallowed by Onee-san’s private place.
I can’t see the rod anymore. Dad’s whole penis is stuck inside Onee-san.
I couldn’t take off my eyes. My heart is throbbing so hard it hurts.
Onee-san and Dad’s body are connected….

What should I do, Onii-san. This looks really perverted…
The action of Dad and Onee-san… surely this is being kept secret from Onii-san right ?

–pan– –pan– –pan–
Dad shook his waist, and his penis kept sliding in and out from Onee-san’s private place.
I only know that place is used by woman to pee. I didn’t know penis can be put inside there.

–pan– –pan– –pan–
There was a thumping sound everytime Dad moved his waist.
When the penis goes in and disappear inside onee-san place, onee-san body is pressed forward and released a sound

I wanted to see what Dad is doing from afar.
I separated my face from the current hole and moved toward the two holes in the side.

–pan– –pan– –pan–
“Nnnn… ahhh…… good…..aaaahnn……nnnn”

I can see it.
Dad is shaking his waist behind Onee-san like a dog mating.
Everytime dad’s hips hit Onee-san, her prickly butt waved upwards.

A Woman’s ass looks really soft…

–pan– –pan– –pan–
“Aaaan……aahnn…..nn..mnn………it’s good……..aaaanhh…….aaannn……
your thing…….nnnnnn……..it feels…….. really good…..”

I learned that woman feels good when you put penis inside their private place.
Onee-san looks really happy as she looks at Dad’s face

–pan– –pan– –pan–
“Ahaaaan……., nnnn…..aahnnn….an…..aaa…”
Unlike her usual low voice, Right now Onee-san is letting out a high and sweet voice.
When I hear this voice, my penis become hard.
This is what Dad mean by making Onee-san squeal.

Hmm? Dad is moving faster.
Onee-san long hair falls down from her back.
Her pretty black hair is swaying in front of her breast.

I gulped. I want to see Onee-san breasts closer.
I decided to move to the first hole I peeked from.

“nnhhh….ahnnnn…., nnm,..mnn,……nn.aaaah…. …aaa..nn..”

Onee-san’s big breasts are swinging in front of my eyes.
When dad’s penis disappear into Onee-san’s place, her breast bounce and her nipples are swinging near to my eyes.

“Good…nnaaa…..aaann……. aaah….nnn……a…aaaaaaa….”
Onee-san’s breasts is supposed to come here bouncing, but it doesn’t appear even after the thumping sound.
Dad’s both arms are extended. He is squeezing Onee-san’s breast from behind.


Dad spread his fingers and pressed it all on Onee-san’s breast.
Between his index finger and middle finger, a cherry colored nipple moved up and down.
The meat of the pure white breast protruded among the other fingers.

I know Onee-san’s breast is very soft, I’m really envious.
I would like to massage Onee-san’s breast freely like Dad.

I unconsciously touched my penis with my fingers

Onee-san bent her arm. Her beautiful face was now right in front of me.
I can see Dad’s face above behind her.

“Customer…I’m going to pour the nutrients to your bottom mouth…”
“Nnnn….wait……aaahnn…..inside is…..nnnnn”

Dad wants to pour his nutrient and Onee-san said to wait.
But Dad doesn’t stop. Their faces and bodies sway back and forth vigorously.

“Aahn……? …..again….. inside……. pouring……..”

The thumping sounds resonates in the bathroom.
Dad was moaning pleasantly and Onee-san’s sharp eyes was opened wide.
It seems dad is pouring his nutrient to Onee-san’s bottom mouth

-Biku- -BikuBiku- -Biku-

Then Onee-san’s whole body convulsed.
The cherry colored lips are half open, letting out overwhelming sounds.

I was surprised. From my penis, a mysterious comfort spreads through my whole body.
While I was watching Onee-san’s erotic face, I played with my penis like crazy.

Onee-san breathed out and sat down on the floor with ragged breath.

Huh, Dad is looking at here with his face making blurry expression

Ah….. Dad walked over here, he then crouched in front of my eyes.

“(Is that you boy)”
I thought my heart would stop.
Dad knew I was hiding here while peeking.

This is bad. My foot just hit the wall, there was -thunk- sound came out from the wall board.

Dad looked down and sighed. He caught me red handed here.
I felt scared and wanted to cry

“(It’s ok boy)”
Eh? Dad whispered to me with a small voice so Onee-san can’t hear it.
“(I promised to teach you about massage right…)”
Dad said so and stood up, he doesn’t seem angry

“Hm,,? Boy? What are you talking about ?”
“It’s nothing customer”

I was tense. Just now Onee-san said Boy, but Dad kept silent about me

“Hey, what will you do about this…… so many…..”
Onee-san looked at her private place.
“My womb…it doesn’t belong to you…”
Onee-san looked at Dad with a glare, and her voice sounds like she’s lamenting something.

“Customer, It will be ok. Leave everything to me”
Dad put his hand to his chest and pound it, making a brave gesture.
“Of course you should….”
Onee-san still sounds a little angry.

“I will bring you medicine to make sure it’s safe later.”
Dad suggested something but Onee-san looked away with a pout

…What is medicine to make safe ?

“Customer, please come here next”
Dad pointed at the bath tub.
“Let’s clean up the massage oil over there”
Onee-san kept silent while facing that way
“….You’re going to put it inside me again?”

Onee-san took a quick glance at Dad. Oh wait, she looked at Dad’s penis.

“There are safety medicine, I guarantee that you will be absolutely fine”
Dad replied with his hand still on his chest. His penis is getting hard and face upward again.
“I heard you will become beautiful if you receive nutrient directly to your bottom mouth. Therefore customer, this too is for the sake of your companion”

Dad continue talking while Onee-san kept looking at Dad’s penis for a long time.
“Customer seemed to like this thing too”
Dad pointed his penis using his right hand then Onee-san turned her face away with a pout

“…Pull me up”
Onee-san said with her face still turned away. She extended her arms to dad like a children wanted to be carried. I wonder if Onee-san is embarrassed, her cheek is red.

“Leave it to me”
Dad grabbed Onee-san arm and made her stand up with gracious gesture.

“Well then customer, excuse me first”
Dad says so and sink his body in the bathtub.
The hot water overflows outside.

“Customer, please sit over here”
Dad is pointing at the water surface with his finger.
When I look closely, the tip of Dad’s penis floated in the water surface.

Onee-san grunting from her nose
“You’re really a perverted guy”

Eh? It sounds strange to me.
Onee-san just yelled at Dad saying he was perverted. But from my point of view, Onee-san is the one with perverted looks.

Onee-san walked into the bathtub while balancing her footing.
She seems to stagger a bit.
Then after a splashing sound, Onee-san long leg crossed with Dad’s leg.

“Customer, it’s here”
Dad sit down on the bath tub with his knees up because the the bath tub in here is narrow.
With his index finger, dad points at his penis again.
Onee-san stands in the bathtub with her face facing me, she then looked back to Dad to answer him.

Onee-san seemed to notice something.
“What….. You sure look happy”
It’s just like Onee-san said.
Dad is grinning as he looked at Onee-san’s ass and her private place.

“….There, how’s this”

Onee-san bend her knees and her ass stick out towards dad.
Ah! Onee-san begin swinging her ass left and right right in front of Dad’s face.
“ooooh…. customer, this is truly the best view ever”
“Fufu…. is that so?”

Uwah…, Onee-san twist her waist and stared at Dad’s face with a perverted smile on her face. Dad seems to rub his penis inside the water.

I remembered the pleasant feeling from before and tried to rub the tip of my penis with my finger. It seems there’s a round part under the skin of my penis similar to Dad’s penis

Onee-san shakes her ass in front of dad’s face while smiling.
While I stared at Onee-san smiling face, the movement of my fingers become erratic

In response to Dad’s voice, Onee-san bends her knees.
It seems the two of them can communicate just by using that word.

Dad saw the spectacle in front of him and grinned.
Onee-san butt touched the surface of the water making a splashing sound.
At the same time, it seems Dad’s penis are touching Onee-san’s bottom mouth.
Her long black hair flows on the water surface and spreads along the ripple.

Onee-san butt slowly sinks into the water. Her cherry blossom lip turned half open.
I can’t see what’s under the water… but the me right now knows exactly what happens.
Right now Dad’s penis is entering Onee-san’s private place.

A big voice leaked out of Onee-san’s lips.
Onee-san seems to tremble a little. I’m sure Dad’s penis has fully entered Onee-san’s place.

-chapu- -chapu- -chapu-
“A…ahnn….., Aaa….. mn….. aaaaa….”
Inside the hot water, Onee-san moved up and down. Both of her hands grabbed the edge of the bath tub. Dad grabbed Onee-san thin waist, but it seems Onee-san is the one moving her body.

-chapu- -chapu- -chapu-
The sounds of water splashing against Onee-san’s body can be heard.
I can’t see the important parts but I know that right now they’re doing perverted things.
It seems Adults can do it in various ways.

-chapu- -chapu- -chapu-
“Nnnn…. aa…n…. mn?….. What….?”
Dad called Onee-san and she looked behind to reply while still moving.
Her big breasts are shaking up and down.

“…Please open your legs”
-chapu- -chapu- -chapu-
“Mmnnn… Ahn…. aa…nn….. why…?”
While listening to Dad’s word, Onee-san narrowed her eyes.
Right now She looks really pleasant.

“It’s to set up the mood for massage…”
-chapu- -chapu-
“You pervert….”

Onee-san stopped moving and looked at Dad’s eyes.
The angle of the edge of Onee-san’s lips are rising

-Splash-….. -splash-
“…Is this enough?”
Onee-san’s right and left leg came out of the water.
She placed the ankle on the edge of both sides of the bath tub.
Right now her legs are spread open.

“Yes, it’s good”
Dad said that and put his ankle on the edge of the bathtub.
His ankle rested near me beside onee-san’s ankle

“…This pervert… what are you trying to do…
putting me in this embarrassing position”
Onee-san said that and the angle of her lips rising.
Onee-san and Dad’s leg were opened wide, and I can see the place where my Dad’s penis entered Onee-san’s place clearly.

Onee-san laughed with clear voice. She is making that perverted smile that I like.
I learned that Adult woman loves it when they’re being told to do embarrassing thing.

“I’m going to do this”
Dad laid his waist in the water, as a result His penis escaped from Onee-san place.
Then Dad grabbed Onee-san waist with one hand, and pushed it back again in one thrust.

Eh…? When Dad thrust his penis inside Onee-san, he looked toward me and grin.
Onee-san laid her back on the water while both of her hand and her ankle rested in the bathtub rim.

Dad once again thrust his hips strongly below Onee-san’s place.
Onee-san’s body floated up to the surface thanks to it.
I can see the meat surrounding Onee-san’s breast swaying and shivering.

I understand what Dad is trying to say when he smiled to me earlier.
Right now Dad is trying to tell me the secret of his massage using Onee-san’s bottom mouth.

-Jyupu- -Jyupu- -Jyupu-
“Aaaahnn….., It seems…….,mmmhnnn…..fufu………I’m also one of the women made to squeal by you……., nhaaaaaa”
I don’t understand. Onee-san is laughing with perverted look while she likened herself to other customer. So not only her body feels pleasant, but her mind is too ?

-Jyupu- -Jyupu- -Jyupu-
“Mnnnn… nnnnm…….Yes…….your thing……. ..thrust it more inside me…”
Onee-san’s cheeks turned red as she mentioned Dad’s thing.
Um? Onee-san smiled as she said that. It seems she is deliberately saying it to embarrass herself so she can feel good.

“Please leave it to me”
-Jyupu- -Jyupu- -Jyupu-
“Aaa…….. ahn, ah, ahn…….. so……so goood……….aahnn……aaa..aaaaa….”
Dad moved his hip vigorously in response to Onee-san’s voice.
Dad’s penis keep moving and ramming Onee-san’s private place, Dad repeated it over and over again.
Onee-san’s thighs and buttocks trembled as her body being pushed up and down.

“Customer…..the nutrients”
-Jyupu- -Jyupu- -Jyupu-
“Aaaah…….It’s ok………let it out……..aaaaanhh…….. my womb……
aaah……..your hot stuff…..nnnhhh…..pour it…….nnn….aaaaaaah”
Onee-san sounds like she wants Dad’s nutrient. Her plump thigh is slowly raised while her private place intertwined with dad’s penis.

Dad thrust his penis strongly and then stopped moving.
The penis entered Onee-san’s private place until its root can’t be seen.
It seems Dad is letting out his nutrient to Onee-san’s bottom mouth.

-Bikubiku- -Biku- -Biku-
Onee-san let out a high scream and her whole body trembles.
I understood, Onee-san is feeling the most pleasant when she looks like this.

White nutrient is leaking out from the joint part of Dad’s penis and Onee-san’s bottom mouth.
The moment I saw it, the tip of my penis feels pleasant again like earlier and spread over my body.

“Aah….., You let out so many….”
Onee-san speak while she is still connected with Dad.
“Because customer is really attractive”
Dad speak the same words like before. He probably mean that Onee-san is beautiful.
I wonder if Dad also fall in love with Onee-san ?

“If customer is my opponent, then I’m sure I can let it out one more time”
Dad’s penis is still hard as it keep piercing Onee-san’s bottom mouth.

“Just how much you can let out….. my womb…. it’s already swollen…”
Onee-san sounds amazed by Dad.
“Customer, I noticed this while I poured it inside… It seems you have a habit of delayed orgasm¹”
Dad said it with a grin. What is delayed orgasm?

//[TL Note]
I feel this part need a TL note because I might have translated this wrong and it might be important information about Yuela’s sexual trait. If I interpret it wrong, please inform me about it.

The term used by Oyaji to describe her condition is イキ癖 / Iki Habit
It’s some kind of Ejaculation Disorder that might happen to both men and women.
The most common occurrence is when a man get too used with gripping his penis too hard while ejaculating either by hand or because he used tight sex toys. This might lead to a condition where a man cannot ejaculate unless he can feel his penis being pressed hard, which resulted in delayed ejaculation.While having normal sex this is kinda hard to do if the girl doesn’t train her vaginal muscle. Study said women need to be able to do bench press of 10kg with her vaginal muscle to stimulate a man with this condition.

In Yuela’s case, I interpret the scene as she reached orgasm after Oyaji reached climax, specifically after her womb is being filled by Oyaji’s semen. If you’ve noticed, Yuela’s orgasm is always described last in the story, hence I go with delayed orgasm translation.
[TL Note]//

Oh, Onee-san is silent. She turned her eyes downward and her cheeks were red.

Then Onee-san got up and released Dad’s penis from her bottom mouth.

“Just one more time…”
Onee-san looked back to Dad. The edge of her lips rise again.

“Customer, please come down here”
Dad pointed to the space where I was. Both of them are already up from the bathtub.

“What’s this thing…”
Onee-san looked curious as she looked at the protrusion of the wall with a height of 1m and depth of 1m in the wall.

“That’s a secret of this inn. It was there to prevent you getting injured against the floor”
Onee-san looks dissatisfied with Dad’s explanation, but she followed Dad’s order quietly and moved to the wall protuberance.

The ceiling of the space I was in creaked. I quickly look into the small hole located on the ceiling.

“From behind me….ok?”
I was right under Onee-san face.
Onee-san was facing backward to talk to Dad.

“Please leave it to me”
The ceiling creaked again. I can see dad above this space.

“Fiercely….do it”
Onee-san crawled on all fours and said it embarrassedly.

“I love it….being done fiercely from behind….”
Onee-san cheek dyed red as she talk to dad while shaking her ass as if to invite him.

“Customer… you should beg properly”
Onee-san stopped silent after hearing Dad’s voice
However the angle of the edge of her lips rises again.

Onee-san cherry colored lips opened, letting out a sexy breath.

Onee-san stretches her right arm behind her belly and extends it to her behind.
“My places right here….. with your things over there…”

Then spread open her private place with her index finger and middle finger while continue talking to dad.
“Customers, please do it more obscenely”
Dad seems to be not satisfied with Onee-san’s request.
…I think it sounds really perverted already.

Dad was rubbing his penis in front of Onee-san’s place.
The tip of dad’s penis is tracing the crack in Onee-san’s place up and down.

With her face looks really embarrassed, she press her lips tightly

“Customer. It’s pussy and cock….right”
Dad said a word that I don’t know, somehow it gives a perverted feeling.
I’ve heard the word cock before, I think…pussy is for a women’s private place then.

“Customer, there is no other guests here, so it’s okay to say embarrassing words”
Ahh….. The lips of Onee-san, the shapes of her smile changes…

“In my…..in my pussy…….. your long thick cock…..thrust it…. please”
Onee-san was saying perverted words with trembling voice, and it seems like her lips formed strange smile unconsciously

“Well done”
“Aaaahn…. it’s here….”
Dad smiled with big grin, As if he has waited for it, he thrust his cock into Onee-san pussy.
The pussy spread open as the cock pierces in, and then Onee-san smiled happily.

-creek- creek- creek- creek-
“Ahhnn…..how dare you……make me said that….”
The ceiling shakes and letting out sounds.
Onee-san said grudging words against Dad, but she doesn’t sounds angry.

“This too is part of the massage…”
-creek- creek- creek- creek-
“Aah, aahh, aaa…….., such a thing…..”
I understand what Onee-san want to said. Every time Dad performed perverted things to Onee-san,  He said it was a massage”

“Not to mention…. customer seems to be getting excited too”
-creek- creek- creek- creek-
“Shut up…..nnnhh….. nhhaaaannn”
Onee-san glared at dad, but it was not a strong gaze.
Onee-san knew it herself that she is excited.

“Customers too, please shake your hips”
-creek- -creek- -creak- -creak-
“Nnhh….ahh……like this….?”
When she heard Dad’s voice, Onee-san began to shake her back.
She shake her waist lewdly and moves the ass following Dad movement.
The sound from the ceiling has changed.

“Ooh….. customer is wonderful…..your waist is really perverted”
-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“You’re the one ordering me…..nnhh…….aaaahnn”
Onee-san was shaking her ass while answering Dad.
Both of them kept shaking their waist and sweating from their skin.

“This perverted ass….. I want to show it to your companion….”
-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“Nhhh….! Aaahnnn……. aahn….aaaann….”
Dad smiled and said it while grinning. Onee-san seems to feels more good after hearing Dad’s words.

“Customer is a bad person…. to shake your hip this much… when it’s not your companion’s cock”
-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
Onee-san faced down and didn’t answer.
Her voice trembled while she kept swinging her ass toward Dad’s cock

“Customers seems to really love the sweet taste of other people’s cock…”
-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
Onee-san still doesn’t respond to Dad’s voice. But her lips that formed a perverted smile moves like she was holding back on saying something.

-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
Dad tried to look over Onee-san’s face, but then onee-san looked back and asked Dad to  move stronger instead.

“…..Like this?”
creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“Aaaaaah….yes……..violently……nnmmmm…..aahhhh…….make me …….come……nnhhh”
Onee-san got really excited hearing Dad’s words. Dad responded to Onee-san’s request by thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. Onee-san looks like she will let out her most pleasant voice again.
creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-

-Bikun- -bikubiku- -bikun-

As Dad stabbed his cock, Onee-san let out that look again.
This look…Onee-san called it cumming.
Onee-san whole body cramped and it shivers a bit.

Onee-san’s arms went limp and her face dropped to the ceiling.
Her beautiful face came closer to my eyes.

Onee-san  breathed heavily with her face red.
It looks like Dad is staying still.

Aaa… My eyes just met with Onee-san

“What…?  Behind this hole…There’s someone eye”
Onee-san sharp eyes opened wide.
“Hey…… What is this hole? …There’s someone behind it”
Onee-san asked Dad, but Dad stays silent.

“My figure…….. someone just saw me looking like that…..”
Onee-san beautiful eyes moisten as she stared here.
Then I understand, Onee-san thought she had shown her perverted looks
to Dad only.

“Customer, it’s just your imagination”
The ceiling makes a sound again.
Onee-san   let out a sweet voice as Dad moved.

-creek- -creek-
“nn…nnaaa….., sto-…”
Onee-san stretched her left arm and tries to stop Dad.
But the sound on the ceiling will not stop.
-creek- -creek- -creek-
“nnhhh….., you can’t….”
Onee-san watery eyes once again looked at the small hole and met with my eyes.
-creek- -creek- -creek- -creek-
I was throbbing. I can hear the sound of my heart in my ears.
I stared hard at Onee-san

“Earlier… you said boy right…”
Hearing Onee-san words, dad stopped
“You….. have been watching since the beginning…?”

Onee-san  looks like she was about to cry.
I’m getting afraid and moved my body.
But then, my feet bumped the crystal ball in the middle of the space.

Eh! What…. ? The ceiling and the wall of the space I was in have changed into clear and transparent wall!

“Customer… if there is a chance, let’s do a massage in front of your companion”
-creek- -creek- -creek-
“Mmnnn….What are you saying… nnhhh………don’t ….move…..aaahnnn……aaaaa…”
“Customer, it sounds like you feel even better right now”
-creek- -creek- -creek-
Onee-san’s ass shuddered and she let out broken voice after hearing Dad’s words.
Onee-san turns her face downward.

“What if it’s actually your companion inside there instead…. or maybe another person…..please imagine it”
-creek- -creek- creek- -creek-
Onee-san gave a sweet voice and kept staring toward me.
It seems onee-san cannot see me from that side.
I wonder,  what is Onee-san thinking right now?

-creek- -creek- -creak- -creak-
Ah…..Onee-san started moving her ass again….
She looked toward me and her lips started moving
-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“You’re such a bad boy aren’t you…..”
Onee-san speak to me while shaking her ass with Dad.

-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“You’ve been watching me since the beginning…….your cock……. did it become hard?”
Onee-san narrowed her eyes like she was embarrassed and said it.
I grabbed my penis and rubbed it up and down
The Onee-san I loves…right now she is saying perverted things to me…

-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“Fufu…….it’s ok….”
Onee-san gives a perverted smile that I wanted to see
“While watching me and your Dad doing perverted things…it’s okay…to rub your cock”
I was absorbed with Onee-san’s voice and rubbed my penis even more.
I focused my eyes to the place where Dad’s cock entered Onee-san’s pussy in and out.
I burn it all to my eyes along with Onee-san’s swaying tits.

-creak- -creak- -creak- -creak-
“Nnaaa……It’s just like your Dad said…….nnnmmm……,to be seen by someone……..it feels good…..nnnmmmmm”
Onee-san seems to like being seen while doing perverted things.
Dad’s nutrient can be seen spilling out from Onee-san’s pussy while making a perverted splurt splurt sound.

“Aahn……I’m….going to….cum….from being fucked….by your dad’s cock….nnnn……..Aaahnnnnn”

-bikubiku- -biku- -biku-
Onee-san narrowed her eyes and watched me
From my penis, white liquid jumped out..
My back trembled, it felt incredibly good….

Dad pulled his cock out from Onee-san’s pussy and whitish liquid drips out like a drool.
I lost my consciousness as I saw that perverted scene

Today, I have learned about adult’s secret




Ah, onee-san came out from the inn.
I rushed toward her. I have some words that I want to tell her.
Onee-san noticed my voice
Hm? Onee-san looked at my face and her face are getting red.
I wonder if Onee-san is embarrassed because of yesterday ?

“Oh, that’s right”
That was bad, I remembered what I want to do

“Onee-san, here”
I offered Onee-san a white handkerchief

Onee-san was puzzled by the handkerchief.

“I have two, so I will give one to Onee-san”
This is a gift from me. I know this will be useful for Onee-san”

“It will be bad if Dad’s semen spilled from Onee-san pussy in front of Onii-san”

Onee-san seems to be surprised.
I learned a lot from my father.
The nutrient that come out from the penis are called Semen. It’s the element that makes baby

“It will be better to keep it secret from Onii-san right ?
In truth, that kind of sex is supposed to be for Onii-san only right ?

I stared at Onee-san face and said it.
Onee-san surely wants to keep her perverted appearance in  the bathroom secret from Oni-san

“Onee-san, here, take it”
I pressed my handkerchief to Onee-san’s hand.
The semen that was poured into the womb will fall after a while.
That’s why I think it’s a good idea to wipe it with white handkerchief

“Wh- Wha….”
I don’t think Onee-san’s face will go redder than this.

“Thank you, Onee-san”
Then I say the words that I wanted to tell to Onee-san

“Thanks to being able to talk with Onee-san,  Dad ended up teaching me about massage”
The moment Onee-san hid me in the room, that was the beginning of my secret adventure.

“I’ve become confident now”
I have learned the secret of Adult. I don’t need to be afraid of children of the same grade anymore.

“Onee-san, someday please have sex with me too”
I loves Onee-san. Just like Dad, someday I want to make Onee-san feels good too

“Onee-san, good-bye”
I turned my back to Onee-san and started running cheerfully.
I pick out another handkerchief from my pocket and wave it to Onee-san.
I’m not afraid to go to school anymore

“….Yeah. good-bye”
I heard Onee-san’s low voice.
Thank you, my beloved Yuela Onee-san

“…What do you want to talk about”
It’s after school right now. I called this person here to talk

I think this person is angry because of the red cheek

I looked up. this person is the tallest one in our year.

“….Say it already”
The sharp eyes stared at me. Those usually scared me, but today it’s not scary anymore.

“I love my mother. She worked hard for my sake”
I first talk about Mom

“…I know”
I heard a respond.

“So… don’t make fun of my face.
I’m proud of my face that looks like my mother”
I said the same words like Onii-san

“….I didn’t make fun of you”
Together with the voice, a sharp glare comes.
“…I only said it’s cute”
Then immediately followed by small voice

“And also…Don’t say bad things about my Father.
I admire him, I won’t let anyone say bad things about Father”

I decided. When I grow up I want to become a person like Dad and Onii-san combined.

“It’s because…”
The voice stopped for a bit
“Your Dad….the other adults are saying he is a bad person…”
Eeh? The voice sounds like it’s going to cry

“Yet despite that you…….
I don’t want you to become like your father….”
Tears come out together with the voice.

“Please…don’t hate me”
….I just heard an incredible thing…from my childhood friend Alice-chan

She is crying…
“…Alice-chan… doesn’t hate me?”
“Of course not….I don’t hate you…”
Alice replied immediately…I was sure she hated me…

I remembered Onii-san. Onii-san is kind to woman.

I handed the handkerchief in my pocket to Alice

Alice is cleaning her tears. She seemed to be relieved a little

“…Do you hate my Father?”
I asked her
“I heard lot of strange rumor…..so… a bit…”
Alice doesn’t seem to like Dad

“Dad is amazing you know. He knew many things and he is good with massage”
Alice is tilting her head
“Alice-chan, let’s go?”
I reached my hand to alice. A Man must be kind to woman

“Where are we going?”
Alice takes my hand, her cheek is red.
Alice-chan’s sharp tsurime eyes are similar with Onee-san. She looks really cute.

“Let’s go take Dad’s massage”
I started running. Alice-chan is actually popular at school.

Alice followed me. We both ran to Dad’s inn side by side


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    1. Sorry for the late reply. I think the boy asked his dad to give alice-chan massage.
      I think of his story as the Goddess of Darkness spreading her influence to get more follower. And looking at this story, he definitely loves that kind of thing now.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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    1. You don’t seem like you comprehended what you read. It was said that that they come to agreement to not call cheating as sex, instead they call it massage or something like that. Cheating was with full consent from all parties involved. It isn’t netorare, the girl isn’t stolen. The guy knows that his girlfriend can’t endure anymore since she is more horny than normal girls but he can only bang her once a week. So he hires other guys to bang his girlfriend.


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