Episode 3 – Hot Spring Ojiisan’s Massage

Episode 3 – Hot Spring’s Ojii-san’s Massage

“Hey, wake up…”
Someone gently shook my shoulders
“Wake up, it’s morning…”
I hear a gentle voice. When I opened my eyelids I see Yuela’s adorable face.
She called out to me as I was asleep.

“Yeah, It’s me”
Yuela rested on her elbow and was lying next to me.
Her sharp tsurime eyes looks really happy.

“Fufu~ It’s already morning you know”
Yuela smiled gently. It seems like she slept beside me last night.

“Good morning Yuela”
“Yeah, good morning”
I greet her and she greets me back while smiling happily

As I idly stare at her, she hid her breast with the bed cover shyly. Yuela was naked.
“Did you have a good rest?”
“Yeah, I slept well”
Slowly, Yuela moved her hand and made her long fingers crawl on my chest.
I didn’t remember falling asleep yesterday, but I can sense that I had a deep sleep.

“…It seems I was really tired yesterday”
I thought of the previous event, I did kill two people yesterday. Maybe I felt fine but deep inside I’m actually tired.
Then after seeing Oyaji’s massage, I fell asleep carelessly.
I don’t have any memory of what happened after Yuela headed for the bath.

“That seems to be the case… You fought a duel for me over a bet”
Yuela closed her eyes as she listen to my voice. She then stuck her cheek to my chest.
I felt the comfortable weight and softness of Yuela.
“You look really cool yesterday”
Yuela said with her eyes closed. Then raised her arms behind my neck and hugged me tightly.

“It’s fine. I’m happy I can protect Yuela”
I also put my hand behind Yuela’s back and hugged her too.
Yuela’s black hair spreads from the sudden movement. It’s my favorite long beautiful black hair.
I’m really happy I can protect her.

I turned my line of sight.
I can see a curtain gathered near the wall and an empty small bed.
There are no trace of yesterday’s massage. From the bed moved by Oyaji and the curtain, everything is returned to their original position.

“Thank you for protecting me”
Yuela is always gentle but the next morning after something like this, she looks exceptionally so.
Yuela was getting into the bed after I slept. I wonder what else happened between the two of them yesterday.
The two of us then changed clothes and asked Oyaji downstairs to bring coffee to our room.

“Your coffee is ready”
Oyaji is carrying a tray with coffee cups on top of it as he opened the door dexterously.
He looked like a faithful butler the same as yesterday.
“Did you have a good rest last night?”
Oyaji laughed with a grin while putting the coffee cup in the table.
He has a nice smile today.

“Yeah, I slept soundly until morning thanks to Oyaji’s medicine”
“I’m pleased to hear that”
Oyaji gently lowered his head. I think I’m satisfied and it looks like Oyaji also enjoyed it too.

“Here is your Coffee”
Oyaji silently put the coffee cups on top of the table. It’s as if nothing has happened between them last night. Both of them are acting like normal adults.
“Well then, please excuse me”
I like Coffee, I’m glad they exist in this world too. I liked the one with strong bitter taste but I’m not picky, even an instant one will do.

Then I sat on the bed and decided to take care of the Revolver.
I left the gun as it is after the duel yesterday. I was supposed to maintain it immediately after use.

I stared at the revolver. It closely resembles the Colt Phyton from the world I was from with .357 caliber magnum. Some people are calling it the most beautiful revolver in history.

I grasp the barrel with my left hand and pulled the cylinder latch with my right hand.
I shake the gun and swing the cylinder out, then release my left hand and turn the muzzle upward.
Four bullets and two cartridge cases fell with a clink sound.

I looked inside the barrel as I pointed the muzzle towards the window. Lights entered and I could see the inside clearly.  There is a slight dirt inside the barrel.
The gun in this world also used something similar to gunpowder.

I take out the cleaning kit made of cloth coiled like a snake, seep some oil into it and pass it through the barrel.
When I looked inside again, it looks like a shining ring.

I breathed with a puff. Yuela was standing by the bed with a cup and saucer on her hand.
She kept watching me silently as I was working.

“Is it fun to watch?”
“Yeah, it’s fun”
I’m glad to hear that. Normally girls are not interested in this kind of thing.

I polished the metal by dipping a cloth into oil and rubbing it out. I take some time to clean the dirt from the narrow place. I used a different oil for wooden products for the grip.

Taking care of your gun is important. If you kept using it dirt might accumulate and disrupt the whole mechanism.
Also if you’re using it in a wet place and forgot to take care of it. Rust will start to appear in the barrel. I don’t know whether this strange blue metal can rust or not unlike the rust proof black metal.

“You look like you’re having fun”
Yuela soft voice came.
“Did I look like that?”
That was a surprise. Apparently I looked happy.
“…I don’t know”
I have never thought of maintenance as fun.

“It’s a habit from my previous world”
It’s troublesome and time consuming. It’s the worst at the time you just finished hunting.
I didn’t think about it so much since I was busy with the process, but I always make sure to perform maintenance whenever I used a gun.

“I’m going to use the tool I like for a long time, so I will be in trouble if a problem occurred the next time I used it”
“You’re right. Maintenance is very important”
Yuela nodded with a serious look. Yuela also cherishes her sword so she can understand my sentiment immediately

“I like guns”
I stared at the revolver with a loving gaze. I don’t want to sound discriminating, but I feel like guns and swords are men’s tools.
That’s why I’m really happy to be able to go out with woman that understand this value.
After finishing the cleaning, I opened my Item Window to replace the bullets I use.
I took out two bullets from the window and carefully filling the cylinder one at a time.
When I finished filling all the chamber, I pull the latch and reattach the cylinder.
The maintenance of the gun is over with this.

Next, I picked up the empty cartridge from yesterday. The brass color have a red gleam on it.
The cartridge is made with strange metal that looks like dark copper instead of brass.
Ancient Civilization is amazing.

I hold the cartridge inside my hand and activate [Reload]. I convert my mana as I imagined bullet, gunpowder and primer inside my head. Then the feel inside my hand changed. As I opened my hand, the cartridge has turned into a bullet. It truly feels like a magic.

I put the revolver on my hip holster and looked toward Yuela.
My preparations for the journey is ready. I don’t need to prepare anything else thanks to the Item Window.

“Are you done?”
“Yeah, what about Yuela?”
“I’m done too”
Yuela is used to travelling and her preparation is fast.

“Are you going to eat breakfast ?”
“That’s right”
Yuela opened the door and answered Oyaji’s voice downstairs. She looked gallant like usual.
I decided to sit in the chair and wait.

I’m going to solve the curse and then take a normal job after we finished this trip.
I’m going to have a peaceful life and spend my time relaxing everyday with Yuela.
How’s that, sounds wonderful right.

For example, how about a craftsman for gun. I was rejuvenated along with the curse, so why not take advantage of it and become a blacksmith. I wonder if there’s a Gunsmith in this world.
If Gunsmith exists, It might be interesting to become an apprentice.
I’m going to customize my personal hunting gun and set up my own workshop.

Living with the person I love and doing the job I like.
I don’t know If I can achieve that, but I’m sure I will be happy if Yuela is next to me.
I keep fantasizing about this.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”
Yuela came into the room and tilts her head like she just saw something strange as I was still daydreaming.

“I was thinking how good will it be in the future If I live together with Yuela”
“I see…”
Yuela sat on the chair opposite of me across the table. I answered Yuela normally and she was staring back at me with her face full of expectations.
For the sake of our happiness, I must solve the [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness]

There was a sound of discreet knock from the door.
I’m sure it’s Oyaji. I stand up and head to the door.

“Customer, the breakfast is ready”
Oyaji knocked the door using the tray. Despite his looks, Oyaji is surprisingly skillful.

“Excuse me”
Oyaji enters the room and placed the cot and tableware on the table
“Ah, thanks”
Yuela sounds like she is in a good mood.

“You’re welcome. Also customer, please take this”
“Hm? What’s that?”
Oyaji handed something wrapped in a cloth with gracious gesture.
He opened the wrapping and there are plenty of whitish tablet inside.
Yuela’s expression changes. Her cool face are showing uncomfortable looks after seeing those pill.

“What’s that Oyaji?”
“It’s a safety medicine”

I turned silent. Oyaji muddled his words but I understand that this is contraceptive pill.
But I felt relieved in my heart. With this, there’s no fear of Yuela becoming pregnant.

“…I don’t need such a thing”
But Yuela refused Oyaji’s offer while sneaking a look at me. Maybe she felt awkward receiving contraceptives in front of me.

“Customer, I have lot of this stuff so you don’t need to hesitate.
I’m sure this thing will be useful during the journey with your companion”

“….Alright. If you say so I will take it, but just for this time.”
Oyaji was clever with his words. He brought up my name without mentioning the kind of stuff we do and saying it’s a necessary medicine. Yuela received the package and gently bowed down.

“Well then, let’s go”
“Yeah, let’s go Yuela”
We finished eating breakfast. It’s time to depart.
Our journey to the [Country of Freedom] will resume again.

As I walked toward the entrance, Oyaji was waiting for us.
“I will be waiting for your next visit. Please take good care out there”
Oyaji lowered his head deeply as he said that

“Yeah Oyaji, thank you”
“…..Thanks for everything”
Yuela stopped for a moment and thanked Oyaji quickly, she acted cool.
I can’t believe these two people were doing nasty act together yesterday.

“Ah, by the way”
I was reminded of something
“…I’ll be waiting ahead”
After hearing I have something to say, Yuela walked ahead, opened the door and went out.

“We’re going to [Country of Industry] using the North Road now, is there any Hot Spring somewhere on the way ?”
Firstly, I asked a safe question. I don’t want to blame Oyaji, but I’m not satisfied with this Inn’s narrow bathtub.

Oyaji replied with a grin
“If you follow the North road for about 2 days. You will arrive at a village with a small Hot Spring lodge.”

“There really is one….”
Hot Spring exist in this world, I felt like I just hit the jackpot

“If you follow the road again for about 5 days, you will arrive at the second village, and then
after about 7 days, you can see the border of the [Country of Industry]

“I see”
Oyaji taught me in detail including the specific number of days needed for the travel.

“When you arrive in the second village, please come to see the village mayor.
You can mention that you were introduced by the Inn at the east side of town.
That village doesn’t have any Inn you see.”

“Oyaji… thank you”
Oyaji is really kind. I don’t know whether this is his true self, the power of money, or thanks to Yuela’s body. But I felt that this kindness is his real character.

“….And also…”
“Yes, is there anything else ?”

From here onward, it’s the secret talk.
“Yesterday, what happened afterwards ? After I fell asleep, did you enter the bath together?”
Oyaji smiled again.
“I joined her in the bath and washed the massage oil myself”
“…I see”
I scowled my face, not because of anger.
Why must I fell asleep yesterday.

“And then after that ?”
“Yes, your companion cannot stand, so I supported her from behind”
Oyaji supported Yuela from behind?
I regret not being able to see it yesterday, what a blunder.
“Then, did you let her lower mouth drink the nutrient directly ?”
“Of course”
“I see….”

I don’t know how to express this. It was a complex feeling.
I was excited by Oyaji’s short story, but at the same time I also have the feelings of jealousy and regret.
[Likes NTR] is complicated…

“That medicine that you gave us, is it really fine ?”
“It’s an inexpensive medicine that is widely distributed and has no harm for the body. It will be necessary for customer so please don’t hesitate”
“Is that so… Oyaji, Thank you”

Oyaji confirms it again.
I don’t know that contraceptives is widely circulated in this world and It’s also not expensive.
For such things to exist, it just like a dream.

I remembered the words of my friend from the previous world
“Remember this words. Pleasure is for moment, Responsibility is for life”
This was during high school… how did he know such words back then.

Then I recall last night event.
The curtain play was amazing. I can’t see directly so my imagination went haywire giving a different kind of excitement.

I like this oyaji. I tried imitating his smile as I speak to him, I wonder whether I look similar.

“Oyaji is quite great aren’t you”
“It comes with the age”
Oyaji laugh with big smile. I will need more time until my smile looks like that

“In the bath… I want to see it. It’s a pity”
“That was my fault, I’m sorry”
Oyaji lowered his head with a frustrated face.
It’s fine Oyaji, it’s not your fault.

“It’s fine, Oyaji”
“No. I should’ve…”
Even as I said it’s fine, Oyaji still didn’t raise his head.
“I’m grateful enough to Oyaji. When I visit this city again, I will definitely see you”

I held a piece of white gold coin, and gently put it in Oyaji’s hand.
“Customer… This is”
Oyaji opened his hand lightly and confirmed the flickering coin. He raised his face and look at me with deep emotion

“Customer, please take good care of yourselves from now on”
Oyaji nodded his head three times and prayed for the safety of our journey.

From Oyaji’s face, you can see the look that one usually shown to a family member.
When I got out of the inn I saw Yuela waiting for me. She is standing with blank look.
“Onee-san, Good-bye”

It seems that I was wrong, Yuela isn’t alone. In the distance, there’s a boy waving white handkerchief while saying good bye. It seems Yuela is talking to that boy to kill some time.

“…Yeah, good-bye”

Yuela also looked at the boy and returned his greetings.

“That’s a mature looking kid, Is he from this area ?”
I spoke to Yuela

“…Yeah, I think so”
Yuela watched as the boy waved his handkerchief and runs toward the alley

“…You sure took your time”
“Sorry to make you wait”
Yuela turned her face towards me, her face looks a bit red, did something happened ?

“Hey… what were you talking about?”
Yuela seems to be concerned about my secret conversation with Oyaji. But I’m sure she actually know the content of my conversation.

“It’s about our next journey. At the second village, we can rest in the Village Chief’s house. Also, it seems there’s a Hot Spring Inn in the next small village.

I lied with flat face, sorry Yuela.
“…Is that so”
Yuela mutters and held my hand tightly. Her long fingers entwined with mine.

“Alright, let’s go…”
Yuela looks a little embarrassed, she then pulled my hand and walked with long strides. This is the first time Yuela actively urged me.

“This is your first city in this world right. Is there any place that you want to go ?”
Yuela really cared about me.
“Thanks Yuela, but I’m ok. We’re going to pass through lot of street anyway, and right now I feel like resuming our journey soon”
“…If you say so”
I really appreciate her feelings, but I did get caught in a fight in this city, So I don’t really feel like going sightseeing. Yuela slightly tilted her head.

“I want to live happily with Yuela by solving the [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] as soon as possible”
“…I see”
After listening to my words, Yuela turned her face away.
It seems she doesn’t want me to see her embarrassed face.
But guess what Yuela? I can see your mouth smiling from here.
Right now, it’s the evening of [God of Creation Day].
Just like Oyaji said, we reached a small village after two days of journey.
This village is really a small one. There are only around 20 building here.

It’s located in a small valley along the river and focuses on agriculture in a few cultivated areas.
It’s quite a remote village but there’s a fine road that goes through the middle of it.
It’s an important base for those travelling using the North Side Road.

Those heading to the [Country of Industry] prepared their spirit in this village, and those coming to [Country of Commerce] heal their tiredness in this village.
This is that kind of village thanks to the existence of a Hot Spring Inn that can be used by Travelers.

“Yeeees, welcome”
At the entrance of the Inn, an aunty with bustling atmosphere greeted me
“Group of two?”
“Yes, correct”
Yuela nodded and answered.

“The reception desk is over here”
Aunty took me to the reception desk. Apparently she is the receptionist

“Both of you are quite young huh, I’m so jealous.
You’re going to use the same room right ?”

“Yes, please do so”
Yuela nodded again and again.
“Sooo, two people with two meals, that will be 1 piece of white gold coin”
“Ok Aunty”
I immediately paid the fee. This Hot Spring accommodation seems reasonable.

“My my, you’re a pretty young man aren’t you.
Ok, I’ve received the 1 white gold coin”

When I was summoned to this world, Alongside with [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness] I was also rejuvenated. Right now I look like a high school student. But I’m not happy at  all when Aunty said I’m pretty.

“Well then, I’m going to post your status in the book”
I was silent. It was embarrassing to show my Status Window to Aunty.
But Yuela doesn’t stagger. With a completely flat face, she opened her status window.
In the previous town, Oyaji has enlightened me.  I have an eye opening realization as I watched Yuela over the curtain.
I took a glance at Yuela.
How about Yuela ? Did she also reached some kind of realization with that curtain play ?

I let out a sigh, no use thinking about it. I prepared myself and opened my Status Window
Aunty looked at our status window and let out a big voice.
That was insensitive of her, but it cannot be helped.
She’s not a young woman anymore after all, She’s just an old Aunty.

“For young couple like you guys to have [Curse of The Goddess Of Darkness],
Truly a predicament isn’t it”
Aunty keep muttering while writing in her book.

“Well since you’re going to stay at our Inn, how about staying in separate room ? I will make it the same price.”
Aunty just said the strangest things.
“Why ? Both of us is fine together in 1 room”
Yuela replied immediately, but she had a slight confused face

“Come on now, this young man is surely pent up right. isn’t it awkward to be in the same room ?”
I stood in silence. It seems this Inn also offered adult service.
It was like an old Hot Spring town in my country, there was an entertainment district and adult shops in there.

“If it’s you….I don’t mind giving some service you know?”
I’m not silent anymore, I tried my best to ignore Aunty words and her sticky gaze.
If my opponent is this Aunty, it won’t get up no matter how hard I try

“Hey… You’re going to stay in room together with me right ?”
Yuela grabbed the sleeve of my coat and asked me nervously.
She pulled the sleeve with quite a strong force. It seems my silence make Yuela anxious.

“Of course Yuela”
“I see…”
As soon as I answered, Yuela relaxed suddenly
“That’s how it is. Both of us will use the same room”

“But…. you know…umm?”
Yuela clung to my arms as she refused Aunty’s offer. But Aunty nodded towards Yuela with concern
“You’re dragonkin right?
Dragonkin is…that…you know, they’re also strong in that….
You’re the same…right ?”
Aunty nodded again as she said that.

Yuela is also silent. This aunt isn’t only worried about me but also for Yuela. She’s quite the busybody isn’t she.

“Well, it’s fine…”
Aunty breathed a sigh. Apparently she gave up.
I think this Aunty has no malice, just a bit weird.
The look she gave me earlier was a serious one.

“I will guide you to your room, come over here…”
We follow aunty and walked down the hallway of the Inn .

“It’s this room”
We were guided to an ordinary room with double bed and a table.
Even if I can’t do anything, having a big bed where I can sleep with Yuela is better than nothing.
It’s normal for us.

“What will the two of you do now ? Will you use the hot spring ? Our Inn’s hot spring is amazing you know”
“No, if possible we would like to have our meal first”
Yuela replied immediately. Eat some food and then taking it easy in Hot Spring, that sounds good
“That so? Well then, I’m going to prepare the meal, please enjoy yourself”
Aunty confirmed our decision and then left the room

I breathe out and then sit in the big bed
I patted the bed signaling Yuela to sit. Until we get to the next village, our lifestyle without night life will continue for a while.

“Is Hot Spring common in this world ?”
“Yeah, it’s quite common. Is it different in your world ?”
Yuela sat down on the provided chair. Then she asked me with curious face

“My country is the country that loves hot spring the most in my world. Wherever you go, you can find Hot Spring anywhere.”
I answered and then went into thinking.
This world looks like it’s in medieval age, but it actually have various culture mixed in it.
As expected of another world with RPG style.

“Hee… Then do you also like hot spring ?”
“I like it normally”
Yuela started managing her hair while looking at the mirror in the table.
It’s a bit early, but she’s probably preparing to enter the hot spring.

“I love spacious bath. I want to submerge in the water while fully extending my legs.
I can’t do that in our previous inn since the Bath tub was narrow”
The bathtub in Oyaji’s place is really small. I’m satisfied with everything else except the bath.

“….is that so”
Yuela’s cheeks looked a bit red, is it just my imagination ?
Perhaps she remembered the time she cleaned the massage oil with Oyaji in the bath because of my carefree words.

Afterward, we relaxed and talked a lot.
Time seems to pass slowly, it was a relaxing time with just the two of us.
Yuela was also enjoying it, I too love this kind of slow life.

“Excuse me”
The door opened after the sound of knocking. Aunty came in from the hallway while carrying what looks like a meal set for two people.
“Both of you can enter the Hot Spring anytime until the hour the date changes”
Aunty said with friendly tone while putting the dishes on the table.
“So…. Both of you planned to enter the hot spring together ? Usually people went in separately….”
Aunty stopped her hand and asked us.

“We can go together right ?”
“Ara…. so it’s really like that… Both of you together… as expected huh….”
Aunty nodded multiple times as she said that.

“I want both of us to enter together. It’s ok … right ?”
“Yeah, I also want to enter together with Yuela”
Yuela asked the strangest things, of course I would be happy to enter together.
This will be the first time I take bath together with Yuela.

“Araa Araa….It’s like that huh…. both of you are really bold huh…”
Aunty cheek shines. She winked to Yuela strangely as if she was confirming something.

“I understand. Well then. Both of you, please use the female bath”
Lastly, Aunty said that plainly with flat face.

“…What did you say?”
“Please leave it to me. Besides, from tomorrow onward there will be a market fair that is only held once a month in the city up the valley.
Thanks to that, today’s guest is only one of our regular. Really, what a problem.”

After hearing Yuela’s response, Aunty explained the circumstances.
It seems there will be a big event tomorrow in the city Oyaji was in. Thanks to that, there’s no traveling guest staying here today.
“Is that so ? Then we’ll do as you said.”
“It’s fine it’s fine, just leave it to me. Well then please enjoy your time”
Aunty finished serving the dish, then she winked insinuating something and went out.

After eating the meal and relaxing enough, we decided to go into the hot spring together.
The path to the hot spring was a long corridor.
The female hot spring and the men hot spring are next to each other, but we entered the dressing room of female side without hesitation.

From the small window in the dressing room, I heard the sound of river water flowing smoothly. I imagined the atmosphere of an outdoor bath, it seems that I can expect a good thing. I have never seen a person that hates outdoor bath after all.

I took off my clothes in the dressing room, Yuela is taking her blue kimono off with good mood beside me.
Yuela have a soft spot for fine clothes, as usual she need plenty of time to took it off.

“Ok… Let’s go”
The stark naked Yuela said to me. Yuela hides her big breast with one hand and her private place with the other hand.  The way she make such a gesture while being conscious about it is the best thing about Yuela.
“Yeah, lets’ go”
We opened the door of the dressing room and stepped in to the hot spring.
“Whoah. Yuela, it’s an outdoor bath”
“Yeah it seems so”

As expected this hot spring is an outdoor bath. The bath is formed by large and small rock, giving an authentic feeling to it. The hot water seems to come up from the bottom making the surface of the bath froth like a jacuzzi.
To be precise, it only counts as half outdoor bath since the side is covered tightly and there’s a roof above. But the front side is facing toward the river and it has a glass-like window on it.

“This hot spring is quite a good one”
Yuela muttered while observing the hot spring. It’s just like she said, it’s not a perfect outdoor bath, but if your body started getting too hot from the bath  you can open the window and cool your body with the outdoor wind.

“Yuela, let’s wash our body first”
I wash my body thoroughly.  Yuela lined up beside me and is currently scrubbing her body.
As Yuela finished washing her body, she washed all the foam with hot water.
Yuela’s white naked body looked really dazzling today.

I make a promise in my heart as I watched Yuela.
Someday, I’m going to take a bath together with Yuela on the God of Darkness Day and wash each other body.

“Hey…. you’re not going to wash your hair ?”
Yuela turned toward me, our gaze met as she speak. It seems she’s aware that I was watching her, but I’m not surprised since a girl is sensitive to gazes.

“Then let me wash it”
Yuela then moved to front of me, She didn’t  give me time to reply and moved quickly.
“I’m going to pour the hot water”
Yuela said so and soaked my hair. She then got on her knees and dripped some liquid that looks like shampoo on her hand and began to wash my hair with it.

“How is it, anything wrong ?”
“I’m alright”
With her long finger, Yuela washed my hair and massaged the scalp. She is really good at this and reminded me of a clerk in a hair salon.

“It feels good Yuela’
“Is that so?”
Her voice was innocent and seems like she’s having fun.
Yuela is proud of her long hair, I wonder if that’s the reason why she want to wash my hair.

“The bubbles are getting to your eyes, you better close it”
“It’s okay Yuela”
I  can’t close my eyes now.
Strangely, Yuela washed my hair from the front side. That’s why right now I can see her big melon like tits shaking right up close.
When Yuela shakes her hand to wash my head,  her tits vibrates and tremble.
Sometimes her body lowers a little and the big breast come forward making the cherry blossom colored nipples nearly touch my nose.

“I’ll rinse it now”
After finished washing my hair, Yuela cleaned up the bubbles.
It feels good and I think my head got a bit lighter. Yuela is surprisingly skillful.

“Let’s get into the water”
I grabbed Yuela’s hand and headed for the water. Finally it’s time to enjoy the hot spring.
However, the cheeks of Yuela are a little red.

“…..Today is God of Creation day. So…. please be patient until the God of Darkness day.
Just two more days…”
Yuela speak to me when she finally  noticed my cock is stiff and full of life.
“Me too… I will endure it”
Then she shyly muttered that.

The hot spring water was reddish brown like a withered leaf.
There were this kind of hot spring too in the country I was born, but the density is totally different.
In my case it was like a dark paint mixed in the water.

“Does the hot spring in this world all looks like this?”
I asked Yuela. The water surface froth like a jacuzzi as the bubbles that reached the surface popped like balloon.

“There’s some occasionally. But it seems this hot spring is using some kind of magic to blow the hot water up from the bottom.
Yuela’s answer was surprisingly detailed.
“Well, I don’t really care about such detail”
It seems Yuela want to enter the hot spring as soon as possible.

Yuela walked and put her foot into the hot water, I also followed straight
“Fufu. The color of this hot water… seems like it will be good for the skin”
Yuela smiled happily and rubbed her shoulder and arms with the hot water that’s colored like withered leaves.
The color of the water is really thick, and it only get darker the further it is from the surface.
I can only see red brown color from the navel downward.

“I wonder what kind of effect this have ?”
I scooped the water with both hands.  A warm water with good color, this is truly a good hot spring.
“Who knows. But there’s no doubt it will be good for the skin”
Yuela said with confidence.

“The lukewarm water feels really pleasant”
“Yeah,  I can stay for long time like this”
Yuela nods cheerfully to my words. This is my first time entering bath together with Yuela and also the first time I can take a good look on her nape. The color was different from usual.

I soaked myself in the water up to the shoulder then looked around in circle.
The bath is quite large, but the construction is somewhat strange.
The size is around 5m x 10m, and there was a rock formation in the middle.
The rocks stood above shoulder level and are arranged like a mountain range at equal intervals.
The wide baths feels like a two 5m x 5m bath instead.  The hot waters are coming from between the rocks, so the quality and temperature of the water in both sides are the same.

“Yuela, what’s the purpose of those ?”
“….I wonder”
It seems Yuela didn’t know either.

“Rather than that, come over here”
Yuela was moving to the middle of the bath where the bubbles flow vigorously.
It was the spot that blow out the hot water.

I  grab Yuela’s hand. I come to the spot that she mentioned.
The water is quite deep. When I stand straight from the floor of the bath the water reached my chest.

Strong water current struck my body and it felt good.
At the same time, the forming air bubbles hit my body giving a ticklish feeling.
“How is it ? Feels good right.”
“Yeah, this is awesome”

I’m  satisfied. This is truly the jacuzzi of this world.
As Yuela listen to my reply, she also smiles happily.  Yuela is cute.

“There is another spot on that side, I will go over there.”
Yuela goes to another spot alongside the wall opposite of me.
We faced each other and enjoyed the Magical Jacuzzi


“Yo, Good evening. May I intrude?”
After some time passed. A man’s voice came from the dressing room.
I turn my line of sight to the source of the voice  and saw an Uncle with long limbs looking  toward here.
Both  me and Yuela were silent as we looked at the Uncle dumbfounded.
An intruder, I wonder what will this uncle do if we refused.

“Sorry for the disturbance”
This Uncle is quick witted. Before we managed to refuse, He already entered inside.
He walked stark naked while holding his towel in his hand. His meat stick is dangling around.

“Just what are you doing”
Yuela drowned her body in the water with withered color up to her neck and glared at him.

“…Yosh, ‘scuse me”
The intruder uncle didn’t answer Yuela.  He gently poured hot water over his body and came into the bath immediately next to me. We reserved this place today. I wonder if this uncle is regular.

“Ojii-san, you’re quite the pushy one huh ?”
I called this uncle Ojii-san.
My relaxing time with Yuela was disturbed. I’m annoyed.

“Ojii-san is a regular of this hotel right ? We reserved this place today, didn’t you heard from the receptionist Aunty”
I smiled thinly. This is a different world with RPG style. I can open the Item Window anytime and take out my important item immediately.

“Now now, Onii-chan, don’t make such a scary face”

Ojii-san raised his hand and continue speaking
“In my case you see, that busybody aunty at the reception were consulting me about something”
I closed my right eye and looked at Ojii-san face with my dominant left eye.
He have crew cut and a crumpled face.  It seems like wind will blows between his narrow forehead soon.

“That aunty was worried you see, she said stuff like “Two young people are cursed with [Curse of The Goddess of Darkness], I feel sorry for them could you please give them a hand””

I was truly surprised. I didn’t expect this development at all.
That aunty that looks like an UMA just did something unnecessary and created this mess.

“So after I listen to her story, I thought to myself”
Ojii-san look at my face for the second time.
“I want to help them with something too, but I’m just your average person you see, and I don’t have any special skill too”
Then Ojii-san turned his face sideway to Yuela
“Except for massage”

“So I said to Aunty. I’m going to make them satisfied with my massage either in my room or in the hot spring ”
Ojii-san laughed while watching Yuela.
“Right Ojou-chan ? Fully satisfied, get it?”

Yuela turned her face away from Ojii-san
“Don’t look at me…. I don’t need it”
“Really ? My massage have a good reputation you see”
Ojisan raised his arm and making a gesture of grasping and  opening his hand.
It was a blatant gesture, I already knew what his massage means

“Ojou-chan is big, so I will massage carefully”
“Kuh…. Don’t look over here”
Yuela sounds disgusted. She hides her big breast in the water with both hand

“What about you Onii-chan”
“What, me ? I don’t need it”
He just said something disgusting. This shithead…

“Why would both of you refuse, even that aunty at the reception always praised me.
She said stuff like you sure know how to handle a woman’s body.
Come on now, you should speak too Onii-chan”
Ojii-san speak with a strong voice.
This Ojiisan is looking at me with licking gaze. Is it because my appearance looks young and neutral ?
“What do you want me to say ?”
“Isn’t it obvious ? Tell this Ojou-chan to have a massage”
While I certainly [Likes NTR], I don’t want to do stuff that Yuela dislike.
“…If Yuela want it…”
I answered Ojii-san. I entrust the selection to Yuela.
If Yuela want it, then I’m going to enjoy it too. But if Yuela doesn’t want it I’m going to kick this Ojii-san out immediately.
Yuela kept silent and watching me, I also stared at her.
I can hear [Likes NTR] whispering as I thought to myself.
If this annoying Ojii-san touches Yuela, won’t I get really irritated ?
It might turn out as great NTR Play.

Those words came to my mind as I imagined my beloved Yuela getting fucked by this annoying Ojii-san

Perhaps, Yuela also imagined the same thing.
To be fucked by this annoying Ojii-san instead of me, her lover…
Thanks to her [Immoral] Skill, she will get abnormally excited as she thought of that…
Yuela cheeks gradually turned red.
I understand, Yuela.
You actually want to refuse the massage right ?
But you can’t win against the temptation of the [Immoral] Skill can’t you ?
Oyaji was amazing back then isn’t he.

It’s alright Yuela.
I too, had become the captive of [Likes NTR].
My meat stick that was hard earlier after you washed my hair…
Right now, it has become hard again.

“Ojou-chan is Dragonkin right ? It’s not good to hold it in you know”
With that voice, Yuela turned her eyes toward Ojiisan
“…Oi, what day is it today ?”
“It’s God of Creation Day Ojou-chan”
To ask what day is it today.
The ritual for Yuela to convince herself.
“…If it’s the God of Creation day then…It can’t be helped”
It seems Yuela has decided
“…I’ll accept”
Yuela voiced her decision while diverting her eyes away from Ojii-san.

“That’s more like it”
Ojii-san breaks into smile and speak with hype.
Then with towel in his hand, he swam toward Yuela in the bath tub.

“What… Don’t come here… We can do the massage later right”
Yuela looks surprised at the approaching Ojii-san and take a glance at me.

“Oi, don’t  touch me…”
Ojii-san ignored Yuela’s voice and moved beside her.
He grabbed Yuela’s shoulder and laughed grimly.
The disgusted Yuela raised one of her hand that was covering her body and pushed Ojii-san’s hand.

“We can do the massage here”
Ojii-san is going to do his special massage inside this hot spring.
Yuela’s sharp tsurime eyes opened wide with surprises.

“If we’re doing it in my room, you’re just gonna refuse after going out from the bath right ?”
Ojii-san doesn’t even flinch after his hand was pushed by Yuela. He kept approaching closer to Yuela.
“This hot spring water is dark, so you don’t have to worry Ojou-chan”
“Just what are you…?”

Ojii-san glanced at me while standing  at Yuela’s right side. He kept forcibly persuading her, but Yuela seems resistant receiving Ojii-san massage in front of me
I noticed. From the surface of water which is still thin in color, Ojii-san’s right hand disappear to the back side of Yuela.

Yuela trembled while looking at me. It seems Ojii-san just touched Yuela, maybe he touched her butt.
Yuela kept her chest hidden with her hand and stared sharply at Ojii-san
“Now now, go look at at the bottom”
Hearing Ojii-san words, Yuela faced her eyes downward.
From the surface to bottom  the color of water the becomes muddier with withered leaf color and you can’t see below the navel at all.
Besides, the water surrounding Yuela is filled with air bubble floating up thanks to this magical jacuzzi.

“Can’t see anything right ?”
It’s just like what he said. From my perspective, I couldn’t see much below the water surface.
“Hey, Mr. Boyfriend, you get it don’t you”

Yuela didn’t reply to Ojii-san, but her normally cool and expressionless face looks flushed and is dyed red right now.
I think her butt is being rubbed but I can’t see it.
“Ojou-chan yo. This is what I mean by we can do the massage in the hot spring.”

Ojii-san moved his left hand in the water, he grabbed the wrist of Yuela’s left arm that was hiding her chest.
“My special massage is really pleasant you know…”
Ojii-san slowly guided Yuela’s hand to his crotch.

Yuela with her face still red glanced towards me.
This time, she didn’t refuse Ojii-san’s hand.
Both of their left hand disappear below the navel under the withered leaf color.
“You understand right ?”
“I’m stiff too see, aren’t you looking forward to it?”

“Ojou-chan, go below a bit. Hehehe yeah that’s right, now squeeze it”
“See see, even under water it’s still heavy right”
While watching me, Yuela’s left hand guided by Ojii-san seemed to grasp his cock and squeezed the testicle.
“Ojou-chan, no need to think so hard about it. This is just a massage yo”
“The differences is we’re going to use this instead”
Yuela has been silent all this time.
“I also told Aunty that I would lend a hand to you guys”
“…Let’s try it out then”
However in the end, Yuela muttered so.

“Hehehe, Ojou-chan is a good girl aren’t you”
Uncle put out a happy voice. Yuela looked at Ojii-san’s face but quickly turned her eyes away.
“Oh, ooh ? Whoa whoa Ojou-chan”
Ojii-san suddenly shake his body. Yuela seemed to be doing something to Ojii-san under the water

“I got it, can’t wait anymore can’t you?”
Like trying to show it off to me, Ojii-san whispered to Yuela’s ears
Yuela looked a little surprised. Maybe she intended to teach him a lesson but was returned with nasty words instead.
“Ojou-chan seems to be more bold than you seem. Hehehe, I’ll make you feel good soon”
Ojii-san laughed with nasty smile while watching me. Then he raises his right arm and pushed Yuela’s back with some force. He then moves her body and follows along to the edge of the Hot Spring .

“Ojou-chan, open both of your arms slightly”
Ojii-san said from behind Yuela. Yuela’s body is submerged in water and she is still hiding her chest with her right arm.
“Ojou-chan yo”
When Ojii-san cried out again, Yuela took her right arm away from her chest.
She slightly separate both of her arms from the body and letting it hang in the water. She obediently followed Ojii-san’s words.

“Ojou-chan is a straightforward girl huh”
Just below the surface of the water, the outline of Yuela’s big tits was blurred.
While standing behind Yuela, Ojii-san extend his arms forward from below her armpits and grasping the two large bulges.
The bottom part of the water is blurred, but the parts above the navel is still somewhat clear.
Ojii-san had massaged Yuela’s big tits with both of his hands like squeezing a ball.
It was more exciting than the curtain. Yuela seems to enjoy it too.
Under the water, I lower my right hand

Ojii-san was pressing the breast as if he was trying to squeeze milk out. His fingers sunk in the softness of Yuela’s breast and some meat are squeezed out between his thumb and forefinger.
Ojii-san moved his thumb and index finger to pinch the nipples while still rubbing her chest.
Yuela seems to hold her voice back while panting, but inadvertently gave a sweet voice.

“Aaa….., Nnh, Nn….”
He lifts up the breasts as if to support it from the bottom and shaking it up and down as if to show it off to me.
The upper side of her big breasts appeared briefly from the surface of water, creating a perverted valley.
“Nh….nnnnnn, nh…”
Meanwhile, Yuela kept staring at me.
Even while her breast is being rubbed persistently by Ojii-san, she kept trying to make her lips closed. She looks embarrassed and pleasant at the same time.

“Aah….., A….., aaa…”
But suddenly her line of sight changed downward, her pretty lips are half opened and began to leak sweet voice while her long eyelashes tremble.
“How is it ? My massage is comfortable right ?”
“Ahn, Aaa…… nn, Wh…. who knows…, aah….”
Ojii-san followed her face downward and asked Yuela a question while looking at her face.
Yuela answered him with ambiguous words.

“You don’t know ? Well then, guess I’ll have to massage different places too”

Ojii-san looked frustated, He removed his right hand from Yuela’s breast and move it down from the front of Yuela’s belly downward. Seems like his hand is going there.

Yuela trembled with tremors
“Nnhh….Wait……, Ah…….., Aa..”
Yuela had a slightly panicked expressions and moved both of her arms down in a hurry.
Just like Ojii-san’s arms, both disappeared below the stomach with withered leaf colors

“Ah, Aa……, Th…. that place isnnnhh”
Yuela’s upper body moved with bouncing motion creating a ripple of waves in the surface of the water while her back bumped back and forth against Ojii-san’s chest
“You like it better here don’t you”
“AAhnnn….., Aa….., Aa……, Ah….”
“Or maybe, this one ? It’s getting slippery over here”
“Ahn~!, Aaa……, Nhh……n, nh….”
I can only imagined where Yuela was touched while listening to Ojii-san’s voice as their hands are hidden in the withered leaf colors

“Nh……, Nnn…”
“How was it ?”
“Nnnnnh, nh….., Sh…shut up…”
“Whoa? What is it Ojou-chan, you shouldn’t disturb me like that…”
Ojii-san complained again. I think Yuela might have grabbed Ojii-san’s hand in the water and stopped him.
“….Can’t be helped now”

OJii-san strongly rubbed the nipple of Yuela’s left breast and pinched it.
Then he rubbed the nipple several times as if trying to extend it with his fingers.
Afterwards his left hand separated from Yuela’s breast and disappeared toward her back.

The body of Yuela just jumped.
“Girls like Ojou-chan with strong temper… hehehe they’re usually weak in the back you know”
“S, stop that. My-, that place is-”
Yuela looked back and glanced at Ojii-san with desperate look. Ojii-san seems to be touching Yuela’s ass hole.
“It’s already in you know.  Just enjoy it obediently”
“Aaah..? A..uuu…, ah….., aaaaa…h…”
Yuela’s gaze was in disarray as she thrown her face randomly. Yuela seems to have been fingered anally.

“Aaahnn…, uu……!, AAaaaaa”
Yuela’s eyes widely opened as something is being done to her.
“It feels great right ?, being touched in both place like this”
“Nhh, Nnnnh…., Aaaaanh…., A, nnhhh…, nn…, nhhh…”
Yuela closed her eyes while panting and swinging her neck left and right like someone refusing something. I imagined that Ojii-san fingers are entering and exiting both Yuela’s place and her ass.

“Hora- Hora-…”
“Aaa….! AaAaaa-…!”
-twitch- -twitch-
Ojii-san letting out a loud voice as if to urge Yuela. She then let out a voice that sounds both sweet and relieved. Yuela body then shudders and trembles.
I also climaxed together with Yuela.

Yuela lost all power in her body and she dropped her back on Ojii-san’s body.
Her eyes are closed and her shoulders moved together with the heavy breaths.
“Ojou-chan, can you move a bit ?”
Ojii-san spoke and moved his arms around the belly of Yuela. Then while holding Yuela’s body in the water, they moved through the Hot Spring. They were approaching the rock formation in the Hot Spring on my left side.

“This place will be good”
The bubbles from Magical Jacuzzi doesn’t appear in the spot where Ojii-san and Yuela stands.
In the water with withered leaf color the outline of Yuela’s body look clearer.
“Hey, Ojou-chan”
Inside the water, Ojii-san hold the slim waist of Yuela with both of his hands from left and right.
I feel like he just moved his waist back and forth a little.

“…You understand right?”
Yuela still has her eyes closed, but her thin shoulder trembled with shivers like she has reacted to something.
Her eyelids opened a bit, her eyes looks muddled and blur.
Yuela consciousness returned gradually and the focus of her eyes are getting sharper.
Yuela seemed to be confused a bit and looked at her surrounding in circle.
She confirmed that they have changed position slightly and Ojii-san is right behind her trying to do something

“Now then Ojou-chan, it’s time for the actual massage”
“Whoops-, it’s too late to refuse now”
Ojii-san moved his hands from Yuela’s waist and grabbed her breasts with both hands.
The ten fingers dig into the soft meat.
Yuela moved her face to the side and looked at Ojii-san face

“Ojou-chan, you just thought it can’t be helped aren’t you…”
Ojii-san whilst still grabbing her breast continued to lift it up.
From the surface of withered leaf colored water, the upper half of Yuela’s breast and her cherry blossom colored nipple appeared, along with Ojii-san’s fingers currently grabbing it.
“But the truth is, you’re excited to be in front of your boyfriend right ?”

Yuela’s face turned red, Ojii-san was rubbing her breast right in front of me.
Yuela was ashamed and kept silent, but she didn’t deny Ojii-san’s words.
“Ooh ? Ojou-chan, seems like you’re finally getting into it”
Ojii-san’s voice sounds like he was mocking Yuela.
Yuela timidly placed her hands on top of Ojii-san’s hand who is currently rubbing her breasts.
Ojii-san moved his thumb and middle finger and caught Yuela’s cherry blossom colored nipple between it.
“Shall we move on to massage your back just like this ?”

Yuela didn’t answer Ojii-san and turned her face back. She looked at me with miserable face.
Then Yuela, while still keeping her posture intact, tilted her upper body to the front.
“….I….will have a normal massage…”
Yuela stared at me and speak with sweet voice.
“Really ? Ojou-chan seems like you would like it in the back”
“Nn….. that place is no good…”
Ojii-san probably placed his meat stick for an anal sex with Yuela.

“Well… this here then”
Ojii-san moved slightly, and Yuela nodded a little.
I guess his cock is in the entrance of Yuela’s spot now.
“Ojou-chan, the front it is then, ok ?”
Ojii-san looked at me as he said that
“Yes…., ah…”
Ojii-san released his hands from Yuela’s tits and put it on her shoulders.
As Yuela’s upper body was pushed down a little from behind, she raised her face slightly and muttered a little.

“…Ojou-chan,  I’m going to put it in ok”
Ojii-san put strength to both of his hands and his body moved forward and got closer to Yuela.
Their two bodies overlap and are in close contact now.

Yuela’s thin but swelled lips that was closed at the beginning opened up slightly.
It didn’t leak out any sounds, but the gaps between her lips widened slowly but surely.
A sweet high voice then leaked out from the gaps of her cherry blossom colored lips, and at the same time her eyelids dropped down slowly narrowing her eyes like she was resisting something.
Right now, Ojii-san meat stick is being inserted into Yuela…

“Aa….., A……, Ahn, aaa..”
Ojii-san’s waist began to move back and forth.
Centered around their two bodies, circular waves started to spread across the water surface every time a -chapu- -chapu- sound was made.
Right now, they’re connected with a standing behind position.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them.
This is Yuela’s expression when she is being held by another man.
I have never seen the facial expression Yuela is making right now before.
“Nhaa……. Th…this  is….., Aah,, Ahnn…….nnn…aaah….”
Yuela stared at me. Maybe Yuela thought that I would avert my eyes, but instead I was staring at her focusedly.
While shrinking her eyes with embarrassment, she shook her neck left and right and muttered.
This is the first time Yuela was seen like this too.

Everything was different compared to Oyaji’s massage.
There was no curtain that blocks the visibility between us.
“Nhh, Nhaannnn.., nnhh……, nnn, Aahn…., Aaaah….”
Yuela’s face looked really shameless. It was a really different expression compared to when I held her. It’s giving the impression that sex with Ojii-san feels far better compared to me.
I wonder why I’ve turned this way.
To like it when the woman I love is having sex with another man.
To have my heart racing this much.
To have my heart tightened this much.
Even though I love Yuela so much…

“Those were a good voice…”
“Aaa……, A- uhn,  Aaa……, Aaaa……, Aaaa..nn….”
When Yuela hear Ojii-san’s voice, she raised her eyebrows as if to protest him.
But, It was just like Ojii-san said.
Yuela is giving out a sexy voice that one won’t be able to imagine just from seeing her usual cool and expressionless face.
Yuela also seemed to be excited about this whole situation.
It feels good to have sex with Ojii-san. And combined with that, it feels even better because she was seen by me during the process.
The compatibility of [Immoral] and [Likes NTR] is outstanding.

“Nhhh…..! Aah……, Aa..uu…, Aaa…… nnhh….”
Ojii-san moved intensely.
The sound of water splashing -chapu- -chapu- echoed in the room.
A new wave is formed one after another in the shaking water surface and it spreads gradually.
“I’ll massage your breast too”
“Aa…., Aa, Uuuhn…., Aaa……, AAa……, Aah”
Both of Ojii-san’s hand went down along with his arm following Yuela’s shoulder.
Then the released hands grabbed the big tits in front of it from the outside of Yuela’s arm.
The thumbs was positioned on the top while the remaining four fingers went down.

“Uunnhh!. Nnh….., Nn, Nnh..uu..”
Yuela closed one eye and gave a loud voice.
It seems she felt really pleasant being massaged in the breast while being thrust over there.
Her body is swinging back and forth while panting as she slowly open her closed eye.
“Hehe, these tits are really squishy”
“Aa….., Ah….., nn. Nnnn……, nn..”
Ojii-san looked happy. By rubbing her breast while fucking her from behind, he seemed to have thought that he had conquered Yuela.

“Nh…. nnnnh…., N..”
Yuela raised her left hand which had been floating under the water with slight frustrated look on her face. She then bent her left hand index finger like a hook and placed it in her mouth. It seems that Yuela tried to nibble on her finger to suppress her voice.

“Oh? Ojou-chan, are you trying to hold back for your boyfriend ?”
“Nh…. n……..n…”
Yuela was concerned with Ojii-san’s remark from earlier.
She didn’t reply OJii-san’s voice and just looked at me with moist eyes.
“Hehehe  Ojou-chan,  don’t  hold back and lets show it all to him”
“N, nn……, N, Aah….?, AAh….. Aaaaa..”
While still holding her boobs in his palm, it seems that he put more power into his arms.
The upper part of Yuela’s body is raised, and the finger being held on her mouths was removed.
As her back leaned towards Ojii-san, her posture turned upright.

“AAaaaa….!, Ahn, Aah, AAaa….. aa…uu……n”
Yuela’s boobs floated to the surface of water.
The lower part is covered by the palm of Ojii-san as his ten fingers dig deeply into the soft meat.
Yuela glanced at her chest quickly and noticed it.
Yuela’s face turned red when she looked back to me.
Yuela, please don’t  look so sad. You can’t hold back your embarrassment don’t you ?
I love that side of Yuela too.

“…Any time now, let’s do this”
“Aah, Ah….., n, nnh…., inside is…”
Hearing OJii-san voice, Yuela looked behind immediately.
“Ojou-chan is close too right…? Let’s go together…”
“Aaah, Ahn, Ahn, Ahn, Aahn, Aaahn, Aaaa…. .aa…”
Yuela’s big tits are being grabbed by Ojii-san and is pushed to the middle from the side.
Ojii-san separated his thumb and index finger to pinch the swollen nipple of Yuela and twist it.

“AAAh……! AAaaaaaaa……!”
-Twitch- -bikubiku- -twitch-
Yuela closed her eyes at that moment.
While being pierced over there, Yuela reached climax when her nipples are stimulated.
Her thin body is twitching and jerking with -bikubiku- motion.
Ojii-san opened his jaw and groaned while still digging his fingers to Yuela’s breast.
Both of their bodies stick together and trembles.
I too reached climax simultaneously when Yuela came.

They kept their bodies tightly for a while Ojii-san breathes heavily.
“Ojou-chan, how was it. My massage feel comfortable right ?”
While whispering to Yuela’s ear. Ojii-san grabbed her thin shoulder and slightly separated their bodies.
At the same time, Yuela groaned with a sweet voice.
Seems like Ojii-san has pulled his cock from Yuela’s place.

“OJou-chan, let’s go over there”
Ojii-san stretched his left hand to grab the towel that was placed on top of the rock at the edge of the Hot Spring. He’s holding Yuela’s shoulder with his right hand then whispered something to her.
Yuela seemed to be tired after the intense climax.  She replied to OJii-san while sounding listless.

“On the other side of this rocks, the hot spring is shallow. We’re going to get boiled if we keep staying in this place”
Hearing Ojii-san words, I finally understood the construction of this mysterious hot spring.
This hot spring is separated into 5m x 5m deep hot spring and 5m x 5m shallow hot spring, and they’re connected by the rocks formation in the middle.
“That side of the bath is closer to the window, let’s cool our body with the wind”
Ojii-san holds Yuela’s shoulder and moved toward the big rock that served as the Hot Spring partition. The massage seems to have finished.

Yuela nodded to Ojii-san’s words.
“I can walk by myself”
Yuela raised one hand and forcibly swung Ojii-san’s arm. She walked alone leaving Ojii-san behind.
I cannot see it from here, but it seems like there’s a stair under the water to climb the rock formation.
Everytime Yuela rise step by step, her beautiful figure begin to appear.
I don’t know whether it’s because of the water’s temperature or because she was feeling good, but Yuela’s skin which was supposed to be white was dyed in cherry blossom color.

“Geez, what a strong willed woman isn’t she”
Ojii-san gave a bitter smile. He was holding a towel and continue to move following Yuela.
Between the rock formation, there was a space of 50cm wide that people can use to pass through to the other side.

Yuela breathed a sigh as she walked to the other side.
It seems she was refreshed by the breeze from the window.
Looks like it’s true that the water is shallow on the other side, the water’s surface only reached the shin of Yuela’s legs.

“This rock should be good”
On the other side of the rock, Ojii-san murmured while looking at one of the partition rocks.
Ojii-san threw the towel in his hand to the rock.
The towel wet from moisture strikes and stick to the rock.
Suddenly, Ojii-san looked at me and sneered.

“Ojou-chan, push your hand on that towel”
Ojii-san pointed to the towel sticking on the rock and spoke to the back of Yuela.
“…What’s this about?”
Yuela stopped her leg and turned around for a moment to question Ojii-san.
“Hehehe, we’re continuing the massage obviously”
Ojii-san was laughing with unpleasant smile.
Looks like he is going to continue.

“…I thought the massage is over”
Yuela glared at Ojii-san and speak with shocked voice.
“I haven’t told you we’re finished yet right ? We’ll just continue in this side”
It seems Yuela was quite surprised by Ojii-san’s words. I too thought that the massage is over.
This Ojii-san is a greedy one.

“Oooi, Onii-chan”
Ojii-san suddenly turned his face toward here and called me out.
Yuela sounds like she was startled.
“Onii-chan, can you see us over here ?”
Ojii-san was confirming the situation to me.
Right now I was looking at the two of them from oblique angle.
But even without being asked, both of us understand it.

“…I can only see your head from here”
I lied with a straight face.
I understand the meaning of Ojii-san’s sneer from earlier.
After moving to the shallow water, he was going to massage Yuela in a spot that can be seen by me.
The rocks formation that were lined on shoulder level should’ve blocked me from seeing their body, but the truth is I can see the two of them clearly from the gap between the rocks.

It can’t be helped right ?
I [Likes NTR] right ?
This is an NTR Play called massage.
So right now… I didn’t see anything

Ojii-san stretched his arms and grabbed Yuela’s wrist, the surprised Yuela let out a small voice.
Yuela’s body was then pulled toward the rock.
Yuela seemed to be angry with Ojii-san’s pushy attitude, she was glaring hard at him.

“Push your hands on this rock and turn your ass toward here”
Ojii-san ordered Yuela.
“Ojou-chan, do you hear me ?”
OJii-san spoke to Yuela and slowly moved behind her.
Yuela’s sharp eyes kept glaring at Ojii-san without flinching.
“Your boyfriend can’t see us”

Ojii-san’s left hand rested on the vicinity of Yuela’s hipbone and his right hand touched Yuela’s back from behind.
Yuela didn’t stop Ojii-san’s movement, she kept her head facing backward to glare at him.
“We’ve already done the massage once right ? Doing it twice or thrice won’t make any difference”
I can sense that Ojii-san put some force on his right hand in Yuela’s back, he might’ve been trying to push Yuela’s body forward, but Yuela’s back doesn’t budge.

“No need to think so hard, it’s just a massage like before. Earlier, it felt good right ?”
Ojii-san stopped pushing Yuela’s back and stared back at her.
After a while he smiled and Yuela’s face became deep red and faces downward.
“Ojou-chan, you get it don’t you…? If we’re doing the massage here… it will feel even better than before”

Ojii-san once again pushed with strength in his arms.
Yuela didn’t resist Ojii-san this time.
She returned her face frontward and let her body get pushed by Ojii-san’s hand.
Her upper body gradually turns downward with her waist acting as pivot.
“Too bad isn’t it. If only the gap is a little broader, then your boyfriend can see you being massaged”
“….That seems to be the case”

Ojii-san just said a shameless lie. Yuela responded to Ojii-san as her upper body kept bent and she pushed her hand on the rock marked with towel.
Both of them know that their whole body can be seen through the gap of the rock.
“Sorry about this Ojou-chan, I’m going to say some embarrassing things.
I can see your ass hole clearly from here.”
“….This is a massage so…it can’t be helped”
Yuela’s ass was facing Ojii-san, she answered him with trembling voice that contain mixture of embarrassment while still facing downward.

“But you see, that attitude is no good. Raise your hips a bit more so it will be easier for me to massage you”
OJii-san wanted to humiliate Yuela further. Yuela’s body twitched upon hearing those words.
“….is this enough…?”
Yuela followed Ojii-san’s words obediently.
She lowered her waist position more than necessary and protrudes her ass so Ojii-san can see it better.

“Ooh, that’s quite the tempting pose Ojou-chan”
Ojii-san speak to make fun of Yuela, he then put his left hand on Yuela’s round ass.
I saw him adjusting the angle of his cock with his right hand while Yuela stay silent.
Uncle pushed Yuela’s butt forward and Yuela let out a surprised sound.
Her center of gravity is pushed forward and she looks like an animal currently stretching.
Ojii-san walked one step closer to Yuela, judging from her voice. I think his cock just touched that place.
“Ojou-chan, this time you insert it”

Ojii-san just commanded Yuela again, I also noticed that Yuela let out a gasp
“Right now, in front of your boyfriend, insert it yourself.
I’m sure we’re going to have an intense massage that way”
Ojii-san was tempting Yuela while urging her.
Yuela stayed silent. It seems that she was conflicted being ordered around by Oji-san.
Eventually, Yuela spoke a word of apology with small voice. I think she was apologizing to me.
Then she put some force from her hand to the rock and pushed her body backward against Ojii-san.

I heard Yuela’s sweet melting voice. Ojii-san cock has entered Yuela’s place.
“Nnh…., it’s … enough right….?”
“Ooh,  good girl good girl”
Yuela asked for confirmation with trembling voice.
Ojii-san praised Yuela with wheedling voice like before, then he grabbed her butt with both of his hand.

“I’m going to satisfy you”
-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
Aaah, ah, aa..uuuhn, Aaaa…….. Aaaaaa, aaaaaaa…”
Ojii-san swing his back widely from the beginning. A loud sound is ringing when their skin come into contact with each other.
It was the sound of Yuela being fucked that I can’t hear when they were in water before.

-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aaaaah, ahh, Ahnnn……, Aaaa….”
Everytime Ojii-san’s hips strikes the lower body of Yuela, her ass changed shape along with the impact. The soft meat in the buttocks shakes and then returned to its original form with shudder
-Pan –pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aaah, Aaah……, Ahn, hnnnn, aaah…….. nnnh…”
The shape of Yuela’s breast doesn’t change even though it was facing downward.
Like a round pudding, the soft bowl-shaped big tits are swinging back and forth with -purunpurun- motion.

“Come on Ojou-chan…, you should move too”
-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
Ojii-san wiped a sweat drop from his chin and speak with groan.
Yuela too has been sweating and raised her voice.
Until now, Ojii-san is the only one moving his body. He urged Yuela to move her body as well.
-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aaaaah…….. Ah…AAh……like…..this?”
Yuela gradually began to move her waist without reserve.
With her waist bent slightly, she pushed the rock and push her butt against Ojii-san.

-Pan- -pan- -pa—
“Ahn, AAhn….., A…nnh?”
When Ojii-san pulled his back and tried to pierce his cock, the timing of the two didn’t match and it then slipped and slid along the ass of Yuela. Their movement was stopped.
Yuela was obedient. Just from hearing Ojii-san’s brief words, she stretches her hand under her stomach toward the back. She held Ojii-san’s cock and guide it to her entrance down there.

Yuela’s butt and Ojii-san’s hips moved at the same time, his cock was inserted smoothly.
Yuela’s body shook and her face was raised up together with sweet voice coming out from her mouth.
“Ojou-chan. Match my movement, Ok?”

Yuela didn’t say anything, but she looked behind at Ojii-san and nodded.
“Nnhh……, nnh…, Aah…”
It was a slow movement, like they were checking the rhythm between the two.
As Ojii-san’s cock moved forward, Yuela pushed her ass backward.
They seemed to be staring at each other.
Their movement have grown faster steadily.
Yuela pushes the rock with both hands as if to make her whole body hit Ojii-san in the back.
Gradually, the rhythm of the two seems to have come in sync.

“Nice job…”
-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aaaaah…., Ahnnn, nnnh, nnnh, nhhaaa, Aaahn.., aa, Aaaaaa”
Finally the rhythm of the two waist overlap perfectly.
The strong and fast sound of two bodies hitting each other echoed in the bathroom.
Ojii-san and Yuela concentrates on their act aiming for the climax.
-Pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
Yuela’s line of sight entangle with Ojii-san gaze, she was shaking her ass like crazy.
Ojii-san watches the trembling expression of Yuela as he pushed his hip strongly from behind.

-Pan- -pan- -panpanpan-
“Nnn, Aaaahn…nnnnn, Ahn, Ahn, Nnn..”
Ojii-san’s hips were moving faster. He swing his hip in shorter motion with his cock aiming for the entrance of Yuela’s womb. It was the instinct of a man nearing ejaculation.
Yuela then stopped moving her hip as her knees was shaking.
“AAAaaa,nn…, Uuuhnn, nnn…….., nn…”
“Ojou-chan… look”
Tears of pleasure were floating in Yuela’s eyes, It seems like she was still trying to resist something
as her face still have a grimacing looks on it. But Ojii-san was sly, he bent down and whispered to Yuela’s ears
“Your boyfriend is watching”
– panpanpanpan-
After hearing Ojii-san’s words, Yuela looked this way and her line of sight intersect with me.
At that moment, Yuela opened her eyes wide with astonished look.
– panpanpanpan-
Then Yuela narrowed her eyes as the wave of embarrassment from everything earlier hit her.
Tears started to swell inside the outer corner of her eyes.
Meanwhile, Ojii-san kept thrusting his cock to Yuela’s place while watching her expression.
-twitch- -twitch- -twitch…..-
Yuela managed kept her back straight as is, but all the other parts of her body trembled and shivered. Yuela stared at me while Ojii-san caught her body.
“Ahh… So tight…”
The moment Yuela climaxed, Ojii-san draw his body closer to Yuela. And just like that, his body turned stiff. He was ejaculating without the slightest hint of pulling it out at all.

Ojii-san just poured it raw inside Yuela.
After having a good time massaging her, he poured his cloudy liquid filled with baby seed inside.
“Nnnaa…… Haa…… again…. inside……. nnna……”
Yuela tasted the pleasure of Immorality.  She was excited by the feeling of semen pouring in her womb as her body tremble and sweet sound coming from her mouth.
With her body stay connected with Ojii-san, her long eyelashes tremble as she enjoyed the aftertaste of the climax.

“Phew…. that was good…”
Ojii-san put his right hand on his waist, and slowly pulled out his cock.
“Ojou-chan, are you completely satisfied ?”
While stroking Yuela’s ass with his left hand, he was looking at the place where he just put his cock with satisfaction.
“I’ve put them all inside you see”
Ojii-san kept watching Yuela’s private place, Yuela closed her eyes slowly and answered Ojii-san with a moan.
While she lamented that it was poured inside, but her voice speak of the simple truth.
I kept looking at Yuela’s satisfied face while I was wrapped in a comfortable weakness feeling,

As the tension goes away, strength left Yuela’s body.
Eventually, her knees crumbled down and splashing sound can be heard as her plump ass dropped to the hot spring.
“Ojou-chan, are you ok?”
“Haa….., Haa….”
Ojii-san spoke to the back of Yuela while grinning.
Yuela faced downward while breathing roughly and can’t reply to him.
“See, my massage is good right ?”
“Haa…., it’s just so-so…”
Ojii-san acted all familiar and asked Yuela while stroking her hair.
Yuela had a slightly disgusted face while her face still facing downward and her mouth open.

“So-so huh. Geez…, even though you look completely out of it when you’re cumming.
Ojii-san smiled bitterly and made a big step forward.
“You said it’s only so-so, but you actually felt really good right ?”
Suddenly, a meat stick was raised at the height of Yuela’s head.
There was semen dripping from the tip of the glans.
Yuela raised her face and watched the cock with a glance from side.
“It’s just like I said right, Ojouchan. Shouldn’t you thank me with all your heart ?”

-shu….- -shu….-
As he said that, He stroked his cock few times in front of Yuela as if to show it off.
The semen that remained in the urethra was squeezed and appeared in the gland.
Yuela turned her face toward Ojii-san’s cock.
Yuela didn’t reply. The amount of white semen in the gland accumulated and it looks like it will drip soon. As Yuela kept looking at it, her cheeks are blushing.

“Lick it”
Yuela immediately responded to Ojii-san’s words. Just like he said, Yuela moved her face closer to the cock.
-lick-……., -slurp-, -slurpslurp-“
The face of Yuela is bright red.
The semen that looked like it was about to drip was licked by her tongue, and the semen that accumulates in the tip of the glans is being licked clean.
“There’s still some in the back”
“…Yes…., -amu- …., –Chu-….., -Chu-…”
Yuela nodded immediately to Ojii-san’s voice and opened her lips wide to put the glans in her mouth.  She hold the tips by pressing the glands with her lips and sucked the remaining semen out with -chuuchuuu- noise.
-slurp- ….. -lick-….-rerorero-”
Then Yuela did the service that Ojii-san asked.
She twisted her head like drawing a circle with the tips of Ojii-san’s penis still in her mouth,
and the sound of her tongue licking the glans can be heard inside

“Uuunf…. Ojou-chan, it’s ok now”
After Ojii-san’s words, Yuela separated her lips from his cock.
With her eyes slightly moistened, she look up toward Ojii-san with exhilarating breath.
“Fuu…. Ojou-chan, that was good”
Ojii-san seemed satisfied, he sat down in the hot water swiftly.

“Oi, Onii-chan. Aren’t you hot ? Come over here, it’s cool thanks to the wind”
Well, certainly I was hot. Unlike them, I stayed in the Hot Spring from the beginning
I can still hold on, but it would be good to refresh myself.
I approach the two of them with neutral feelings, then I lined up beside Ojii-san

“Oh, it really is”
“See ?”
Ojii-san replied to me with smile. The depth of the hot spring is totally different.
Even thought I currently sat down in the water, it only reached my navel.
“Fuu….. the wind is really pleasant”
I can feel the wind cooling my hot body.
“…..Yeah, it seems so”
Yuela was sitting in front of us and turning her back.
I can’t see her face but she looks exhausted.
She sounds a bit uncomfortable but replied to my voice normally.

“Hey, Onii-chan.  Hehehe, I’m going to show you something good ok ?
Thank me later ok ?”
Ojii-san laughed at me, then after he said that he raised his arm and pointed to the rock in front of us.
“Ojouchan. Hehehe, please take that towel”
Yuela looked behind after hearing Ojii-san’s words
“Hmph…., You can take it yourself can’t you”
Yuela turned her face away with pout

“Ojou-chan, you understand don’t you?”
“Ojou-chan should know the most why I’m asking you this”
Yuela glared at him, but Ojii-san didn’t stop smiling.
“It’s soon right ? So it’s a good timing now right ?”
Yuela’s face keep getting redder as Ojii-san continued to speak.
“Hey Mr. boyfriend. I’m going to show you Ojou-chan’s wonderful appearance”
Yuela said nothing
However. With that last words, Yuela looked forward.
She was looking at the towel on the rock in front of us.
With a splashing sound, Yuela raised her body from the hot spring.

Yuela bent her waist slowly.
For some reason, she raised both of her arms and stretched it forwards.
She spread both arms and put them on the rock, sandwiching the towel in the middle .
Her face was bright red all the way.
Yuela right now is in front of us and stood still in that posture, she doesn’t seem to try to take the towel with her hands.
Her figure right now is the exact same posture like before when she was being massaged by Ojii-san from behind.

“Whoops, wait Ojou-chan. How is it ?
You still haven’t given enough service to your boyfriend right ?”
Hearing the voice of Ojii-san, Yuela’s body shook.
“…It seems so”
Her voice also trembled.
Then, she open both of her leg in shoulder width, lower the waist, raise up the butt and sticking it out.
The embarrassing place of Yuela can be seen clearly.

Yuela gave a delicate voice.
At that moment, Ojii-san’s semen leak like a droll from between the crack.
The semen flows along the fissure and swells as it gets clumped.
The cloudy liquid soon becomes a big lump and drips while pulling a viscous thread.
Soon, the thread severed in the middle and the clump falls in the hot water in succession.
Yuela’s body kept trembling during the whole process.

“…This is enough right?”
Yuela speak while still looking at the rock in front.
“It surpassed my expectation, hehehe.
Ojou-chan really have a good sense for service”
In response to Ojii-san’s words. Yuela’s private place and ass hole twitched and two lump of semen came out.
“…It’s over right”
“Yeah, it was super erotic yo. The show is over now”

With Ojii-san’s approval, Yuela suddenly put her heel on the floor of the bathtub and stand up straight.
Yuela grabbed the towel quickly and threw it towards Ojii-san without looking back.
“Oi oi, shouldn’t you be more gentle to me. We both just performed creampie show for your boyfriend right ?
“Shut up…”
Ojii-san cracked a dirty jokes at Yuela. As I take a peek at her face, she looks like she’s about to cry from shame.

“I’m going up. I’ll wash my body”
Yuela said so and exiting the hot spring with strong step.
Her ass shakes along the stride and Ojii-san’s semen drip from there as she moved.
“Sure. See you Ojou-chan who loves to service his boyfriend”
“Hmph. Bye”
Yuela looked back at OJii-san and gave a farewell with a glare.
But she didn’t deny any of Ojii-san’s word until the end.

“Hehehe…., Erotic huh…”
Ojii-san turned to me while grinning and then he was surprised
“Gu….. Onii-chan, you’re big huh…”
Oh, it seems he can see it in the hot water.
Well Ojii-san, it can’t be helped right ? I got excited from seeing the figure of Yuela.
“That’s right”
Yeah, that’s right, my thing is bigger than Ojii-san.
Whether it’s the Adult Onee-san at work, or the girls I dated in the past.
Everyone always praised it for being bigger or longer than others.

“Weeell…., Onii-chan. A man isn’t all about size, technique is important too”
Ojii-san speak something but I paid him no mind as I was thinking for a moment.
“Hey, Onii-chan. You’re going to let that Ojou-chan come to my room tonight, right ?
I’ve shown you good stuff earlier didn’t I ? It’s all thanks to me see ?”
OJii-san wrapped his arm around my neck.
Did he talk about earlier when Yuela put her hands on the rock ?
As I thought, this Ojii-san is underestimating me isn’t he.

Goddess of Darkness, isn’t it a bit too much to curse and rejuvenated me.
Certainly, it makes things go smoother when we’re doing play like this.
But it also makes some things troublesome. especially when dealing with someone like this Ojii-san
“Hey, are you listening Onii-chan ? That Ojou-chan have a talent you see”
This Ojii-san was good until midway.
I think both me and Yuela had a wonderful experience, but that last bit was bad.
Both of us set a proper rule, OJii-san doesn’t know about it, but the last part is not good.

“Like I said, you should lend me that erotic Ojou-chan.
I’m going to make her moan until morning for you. I will develop her back as well”
I made a decision. I pull out the revolver from Item Window and held it in my left hand

“Whoah, what…… Ah..”
I laughed thinly. I put the muzzle against Ojii-san’s temple and pushed it hard.
Ojii-san had a look full of disbelief. Just like this, I shoved Ojii-san in the water by pushing the muzzle.
“Ojii-san. I’m sure you’ve heard of Gun right ?
Did you hear the info about my age and Profession from Aunty properly ?”
Ojii-san placed his hands on the floor of the hot spring and stared at me.
I let out a laugh and moved the revolver toward his nose.
Ojii-san become cross eyed and groaned. Scary isn’t it ?

“OJii-san. I can kill you just by moving one finger”
I make a clicking sound by pulling the iron with my thumb.
I stopped smiling and gaze quietly at Ojii-san using only the left eye.
“…Go die”
I speak slowly. While aiming the sight toward Ojii-san’s head, I grasp my index finger and pull the trigger down.
His screaming voice echoes in the bath together with a roaring sound.
My ears ache thanks to all the ringing.

Ojii-san turned away from me and was crawling in the water.
I laughed softly, then Ojii-san face turned pale and he scream helplessly
Ojii-san crawled in all fours trying to run away from me.

Well, I suppose this much is fine.
Then I frowned.
I saw the metal part of the revolver was moist from the steam of the Hot Spring.
This is a serious problem
I let out a big breath.
It was a bad habit to pull my gun this easily. I shouldn’t do this kind of thing anymore if possible.
It won’t be enough even if I have more than one life.

I stared at the small hole in the window.
I didn’t kill Ojii-san. The bullet passed over his head and struck the rock behind.
It then ricocheted and broke through the glass window
I prayed in my heart. I hope no one was hurt from that.

I got up from the hot spring while sighing.
I suspend the revolver and walk to Yuela’s place where she was washing her body carefully.
“Yuela, should we go up soon ?”
“…You’re right”
Yuela stood up as if nothing had happened.
We have an implicit rule.  After a play like that, we will act as if nothing had happened to each other.

“You smelled like soap”
“…It’s because you told me like that back then”
Yuela speak while sounding a bit uneasy.
It seems she remembered the words I said after playing in the village we visited before
“Yuela is always beautiful”
“…is that so”
Yuela murmured, and she looks glad as she got closer to my body.

When the two of us walked towards the dressing room, Yuela let out a voice.
“Yuela ?”
“…That guy, did he say something about me ?”
Yuela didn’t hear the conversation between me and OJii-san.
But she heard a gun shot which makes her interested.

I lied with a straight face.
“I just wanted to be respected”
It’s true that I want to be respected. I can’t put up with being underestimated.
I answered Yuela then looked backward. I raise my left arm and aim at Ojii-san again

“Ojii-san. This thing can shoot from far away”
The man suppressing his breath and hid behind the shadow of rocks screamed in panic.
His face was filled with fear.

That was rare, Yuela laughed aloud
“Fufu… You protected me again didn’t you ?”
Yuela has a very happy face and cuddles at me lovingly

“Oh, Aunty”
On the way to our room. I saw the receptionist aunty.
I guess I should say it to her.
“Aunty, we’re going to sleep hugging each other today”
“Araa…. Is that so”
Aunty let out a smile with charm less than a hundredth of Yuela’s
“Yeah,we’re going to sleep together in our bed”
Hearing my voice, Yuela snuggle up her body to me happily.
That’s right Aunty, we’re going to hug each other to our sleep.


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