Episode 4 – Dark Elf Oneesan

Episode 4 – Dark Elf Oneesan

Today, I quarreled with Yuela for the first time.
Yesterday, she was still the same Yuela who loved me when we slept together.
But right now she won’t listen to my words at all.

When I looked at Yuela, I felt a bit scared.
As an individual, Yuela is far stronger than me. After all I’m only strong because of my powerful weapon. It’s understandable why I felt like that right ?

I silently stared at Yuela’s back, she is walking far ahead.
Even if she’s currently angry, her dignified figure still looks pretty as usual.
She looks like a beautiful and regal beast.
As for me, I was currently walking side by side with an Onee-san that I just met earlier.
She was a beautiful Onee-san.

Hey Yuela, didn’t we have a lovely atmosphere earlier this morning.
What should I do to make you forgive me.

I recalled the happy times from this morning.

When I woke up, I was wrapped in a blanket and Yuela was using my arm as a pillow.
“Hey, Yuela, It’s time to wake up”
Yuela rolled over

It looks like the sun is already high in the sky.
I shake her bare shoulder gently and whispers. Yuela’s body is soft and warm.
Then Yuela’s eyes opened instantly and surprised me a bit.
There was some people like this right. The type that can wake up instantly.

“Good morning”
“Good morning”

Yuela’s hand moves toward me and her long finger crawled on my chest.
I lift my body and makes Yuela’s head move, her lips then touched my chest.
While our bodies are still touching, she moves her head above and whispered to my ear.
“…Yesterday was amazing”
and then kissed me.

Yuela always told me that our body compatibility is good. I think so too.
That’s because it’s really fit, perfectly.
It’s so perfect that both of us might be satisfied without even need to move.
There aren’t many people that are as blessed as we are.

Today is God of Light Day, basically monday.
And yesterday was God of Darkness Day, or sunday.
Which means it was the one day in a week where me and Yuela can love each other as lovers.

Yesterday, both of us steer away from the Highway and stopped our travel to camp.
There’s nothing more important than this after all right ?
That’s how it’s supposed to be right ?
It’s okay to postpone the trip just for one day.

The time allocated to us by the curse is on the holiday when the sun rise, until the next day when the sun rise again.
On those time both of us relaxed and enjoyed our private moment.

The sun was high when we returned to the highway.
It’s a wonderful road wide enough to be used by big 4WD car.
On the soil, there were several rut that was formed by the passing carriage.

We continue the journey towards the village ahead of this highway.
A  triangular building came into our view after we walked for a while.
In this world’s highway, these kinds of buildings are quite common.
It feels like a shelter cabin that anyone can use.

I walked to the triangular hut.
To simplify, a triangular hut is formed by the combination of pillars that are fixed in a triangle shape and then covered with a roof.
The roof also served as a wall. So all in all it can be made relatively easy and more importantly, durable. It’s quite a sophisticated design.

This hut also looks easy to build.
From the middle part of the side that faces the highway, there was a thick pillar that stretch vertically.
This pillar supported the roof while acting as part of wall from the inside.

I peeked inside.  There was no floor and the soil below is exposed.
The place have a strong smells of bonfire.

“Seems like someone stayed here yesterday”
“Looks like it”
Well whatever, it’s unrelated to us. Let’s just resume ahead.

I walked again for a while and this time I saw a bridge.
There was a small river below the sturdy bridge and I can see someone with white clothes nearby.
The bridge is formed by arranging several pieces of strong looking timber together, it was fixed to the ground by digging the surrounding soil and was aligned in a way to make the path less steep.
It seems to be built for a carriage to pass easily. It looks quite hard to build this.

The person in the river seems to be a woman.
It seems she took off her white boots to stand in the river.
She shook her silver hair then looked back and gave a greeting.
“Good day”

I stopped and looked at her.
This is my first time seeing an Elf, as expected their ears are long and sharp.
Her body is tall but slender and the bone structure of her body made her looked even more slim.
Although her waist is so thin that it looks like it might break, her chest above is really big.
She is a beautiful Onee-san.  Her face features are neatly arranged and her long slits eyes¹  looks really attractive and strong.
She has a brown skin which probably meant that she is a Dark Elf, and she wore a one piece that looks like a luxurious dress with pure white color.
I never expected white color on brown skin can look this erotic while also giving a pure and untainted  image.

¹Kirenaga no Me / Almond Eyes / Long Slits Eyes

Yuela gave a greeting while pinching my flank tightly.
It hurts…
I also greeted her. The Dark Elf Onee-san is standing there and is looking at us, or to be more precise, at me.
“… Are you two going towards the next village along this road?”
“That’s right”
I replied
Onee-san came up from the river and looked like she was thinking about something.
“That’s also the case for me, may I go with you guys ?”
While I stay silent, Yuela replied.
“Sure, why not”

We’re doing self introduction between the three of us without showing our Status Window.
This Onee-san is named Kerebryl. It’s kinda hard to pronounce.
Then the three of us start walking shoulder to shoulder with me positioned in the middle.

During the time we walked side by side, these two doesn’t speak the slightest bit.
I looked at this Onee-san. She is tall, not much different from me. Our line of sight is also on the same level.
I tried to talk to her.
“You can call me by my name”
Onee-san replied in a snap.
“What is it”
Kerebryl narrow her eyes and replies
“Your name is quite hard to pronounce”
“Is that so?”
Then we talked a lot while walking.
It seems Kerebryl is the one staying at the triangular cabin from earlier, she also passed the village with Hot Spring Inn. It seems we managed to overtake her because she stopped along the way.

While walking with Kerebryl, I thought to myself.
This person is like Yuela, her melon-like chest shakes whenever she walk.
“Hey, why do you keep watching my breasts?”
It can’t be helped, I’m a man after all
“I’m sorry”
“It’s fine”
Kerebryl smiled with glossy eyes. I gulped a bit, Dark Elf have this irresistible sexy aura within them.
I looked away to the front. Then I glanced secretly at Yuela from the edge of my sight.
Yuela doesn’t change her expression much. Right now too, she was walking with a face that can only be called expressionless.
But I know that this isn’t her natural expression. It felt like she is trying to erase her feelings from her face.
Guess I’ll change the topic.

“Hey, all elves use bows right?”
“Not really, just because they’re an elf doesn’t mean they will use a bow”
“Is that so”
“I do though”
“Because it’s easier to kill with it?”
Kerebryl laughed with fascinating eyes, it looks so sharp and charming.
I knew it. This person is a really dangerous Onee-san.

“I have shot animals before”
“Did you”
“Yeah a big one and-…”
I love hunting. But using a bow and arrow is very difficult.
It was the highest level there is. It might be a good chance to talk about it since I’m talking with a Master right now
“How about you Kerebryl, did you hunt too?”
“I can’t hunt”
“Is that so”
Seems I was wrong, It’s not a Master
“I’ve only tagged along on a hunt as a guest before”
“Really, what kind of hunting?”
I kept talking to Kerebryl, the tension of our conversation got higher and higher.
I talked about stuff like camouflaging on trees and trying to ambush a big deer, that was the best.
It was really fun, I kept talking while forgetting about the passage of time.

“Looks like you’re having fun”
Suddenly, there was a voice.
When I noticed it, Yuela was already ahead of us and looking backward.
No, she is staring exactly at me.
I was surprised because this is the first time Yuela stared at me like that.
I might be too absorbed in talking and the speed of my walking may have slowed.
“I’m going ahead”
And with that, Yuela strides ahead.
No matter how much I call her, she won’t reply.
On the contrary, she walked further ahead.
She got angry. What should I do ?
I looked at Yuela’s back far away in front of us while thinking about it.

“Hey, are both of you lovers ?”
Kerebryl talked to me and I stopped my train of thought.
“That’s right”
“Your girlfriend went far ahead you know”
She got angry at me
“Is it ok not to chase after her ?”
Actually, I think that I should do so
“I’m going to take a rest here. I’ll take it easy for a while”
I looked at Kerebryl’s face.
She narrowed her eyes and looked at me with a very gentle smile.
“It will be fine if I’m not around”
“…Thank you”
Kerebryl seems like she still wanted to say something, but she stopped and stayed silent.
Then after a while, she opened her mouth and said.
“…I will always be your ally”

I ran trying to chase Yuela. She was quite far away and by the time I got to her my breath is ragged.
I tried calling her out but hear no reply. I walk forward as is.
“Hey, Yuela”
I tried to hold her hand now.
Yuela stared at me silently then threw my hand.
I kept following her while watching her back.

“Why didn’t you pursue me immediately?”
Yuela said to me while still looking ahead.
That was my fault, anyway I need to speak to her honestly no matter what.
I hugged her shoulders from behind.
“I’m sorry Yuela”
Yuela didn’t throw my hands away this time.
“You’re terrible, leaving me alone like that”
I kept hugging Yuela and also kissed her.
Anyway, I need to keep apologizing.
Sorry to make you feel lonely Yuela, It was my fault.

Time passed for a while and the two of us has calmed down.
While waiting for Kerebryl, I told Yuela about the current situation.
“She’s a nice person”
Yuela said that and decided to wait for Kerebryl together.
“…I’m also a woman after all”
After a while, Yuela mutters softly. She was burning with jealousy earlier.
I’ll be careful from now on.
“Let’s go pick her up”
Yuela got up and suggest so
I also stood up.
Yosh, let’s rendezvous with that Gentle Onee-san.

After that, the three of us traveled together. Me, Yuela and Kerebryl.
We’re still walking in group even now.
Both of them are walking side by side in front of me.
I’m enjoying the sight of two cool ladies getting along with each other.
Seems like they’re even closer now.
Recently our position is always like this where I followed their back from behind.

I remembered what my teacher taught me in the past.
“3 People staying together is difficult, most of the time it will be split to 2 and 1”
It sounds like my current situation. I also feel like I understand what Yuela felt back then.

But, well. That was because I’m a man after all.

In the distance, the silhouette of the next village come to our sight.
It’s a mountain village with big spread of fields arranged in a row.
I recalled Oyaji told us to introduce ourselves to the Village’s mayor.
He said that they will let us stay over if we mention Oyaji’s name.

After a long time, I can finally sleep in a real bed.
I’m looking forward to the Village’s mayor house.


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