[Saint Doll] Chapter 03 – Creation

[Saint Doll] Chapter 03 – Creation

Shin is thinking while laying his body on the bed.

Adventurer Guild.
A management organization that support people with Blessing that don’t belong to any country. It’s an organization that mainly sends out subjugation forces to deal with monsters.
At first it was just an association of people with Blessing, until one day a certain Hero united them and declared they will be called an Adventurer Guild.

“If one have the power, they can live as an Adventurer…”
Knights and soldiers have no freedom, and Shin has never worked before.
So with that said, becoming an adventurer and exterminating monsters to earn a living is suitable for his goal.

“Firstly, I’ll have the power and position to protect Yuri”
There is no guarantee that Yuri will always be protected just because Shin has declared her as his partner.  After all if she wear a blue ribbon, then anyone can lay their hands on Yuri.
If that’s the case, then Shin himself must be strong.

“This power might be given to me by someone, but I’ll make good use of it”
Two moons are floating in the night sky, their gentle light shined upon his eyes.
If they’re going to live in this world where the common sense differs greatly from their old one, then he himself have no other choice but to integrate to the rule of this world.
That’s why he need power.

“[Creation]….. This power will be my everything”

□ ■ □

Yuri is thinking while laying her body on the bed.

She can’t use any body strengthening power like Shin. Basically, it’s a proof that she is just a normal Fallen. But that’s why she is confused.

“This [Miko], I wonder what this is…”
That was the Blessing name that come to her mind earlier.
It’s the same one mentioned by Shana when she pulled out ‘Miko Stone’.
She tried to find out more information about it, but when she focuses her mind she [Cannot Remember] any other information beside it’s name, it’s like it was locked by some kind of key.
Even though she understand that it’s certainly ‘Her Power’, she was confused that she cannot understand any other thing.

“If I’m also a Blessed, then I won’t become burden to Shin…”
Yuri knows that Shin has steeled himself for the sake of both of them. Yuri understand that she is a burden, but she still doesn’t want to be separated from Shin, and she also knows about Shin’s feeling.

“…I also want power”
She doesn’t want to be a bird in a cage, or a princess that needs to be protected.
She wants to stand next to Shin and become someone that is able support him.

“I want to be together with you forever…. Shin-chan”

□ ■ □

Shana is thinking while walking in the street.

She had found a Hero during her Monster Hunting and she want to keep both of them away from the battlefield. Unlike herself who has become the Village’s Miko, those lovers have a different future for them.

“….If he is still alive, I wonder what will happen to us”
Will both of us become a couple ?
Will we be blessed with children ?
Shana ask those question to herself, but she knows that she doesn’t have such future anymore.

“It’s over when one dies, huh”
She walked under the night sky, the village are lit brightly.
The illumination doesn’t come from fire, but light from Divine Power.
It was a power supplied to the village by the village, it also guarantees the village’s well being.

“I want to support them as far as I can. Even if they encountered an unavoidable fate, I will support them to resist it as much as possible”
A large stone building entered her sight. It’s a building where every cables stretched in the village concentrated into one.
She put her hands on the heavy iron door and slowly open it up.

“Because that is my duty”

□ ■ □

Next morning.

As soon as the three people finished breakfast, they moved to the grassland near the village.
It was on the opposite side of the forest where they came from. It’s a comparatively safe place in the vicinity and is used for the grazing of livestock.

“…..I’m sleepy”
“Did you not get enough sleep ?”
While watching Shin standing  a bit far ahead, Shana let out a big yawn.
“It’s because I have a night job. Let me tell you first, it’s not prostitution”
“I didn’t thought of that at all!”
While smiling at the blushing Yuri, Shana sat down on the meadow and watches the figure of Shin.
With only the sound of wind, insect and Shana’s yawn around him, Shin slowly relaxes his body.

“[Body Reinforcement] is already sufficient for battle. If his Blessing can be used in combat, then he won’t have any problem”
“You said he’s a Creative Type yesterday right ?”
“There are 3 categories, [Battle] [Magic] and [Creative]. All blessing is categorized into one of those. By the way, You can imagine what he is trying to do now right?”

Shin jumped 10 meters vertically in front of them while they’re talking.
Yuri went wide eyed and after confirmed that he landed without any danger, she looked at shana and ask. “Does that kind unreasonable physical ability counted as common among the Blessed people ?”

“Yes, there are absolute wall that cannot be surpassed between commoners and people with Blessing. People won’t pick a fight easily with people that can do these kind of things right ?”

Shana took out a walnut-like fruits from her pocket and crushed one with her index finger and thumb then she handed the same fruit to Yuri.
Yuri tries to crack the fruit with her hands until her face turned red, she even tried smashing a stone against it, only to find out it doesn’t even create a crack.
Yuri understood how big is the differences in power between commoner and Blessed one.

“The adventurer guild exist to prevent the owner of such strong power from rampaging.
Even the partner system seems to be created to prevent those people from simply taking women by force”

“Is that so”

“Well, then again a Blessed person doesn’t even need to bother crawling for women at night.
They won’t have any trouble obtaining woman, and they won’t be inconvenienced by money either. For example, If you’re  subjugating yesterday Mad Boar as a mission, you can easily earn 2-3 years worth of the income for a normal commoner.”

Yuri seems to be impressed while imagining the fight yesterday.
She then returned to reality and smiled bitterly as she thought to herself
‘Is Shin trying to prepare himself for that by doing this exercises ?’
While Yuri was wondering about that, a one handed sword appear in Shin’s hand who has started to focus his mind.

“That sword, is that the one inside the Warehouse ?”
“After asking my permission, he seems to be inspecting it earlier. Hmm, If that’s the case I wonder if his Blessing is [Replication]. It’s quite convenient if he can do it without using any material”

Yuri tilts her head after hearing Shana’s words.
“Is that a good thing ?”
“Normally, [Replication] requires a base catalyst. For example If it’s a sword then you need to provide an iron of the same mass. He seems to produce the sword while ignoring those parts. It looks like a very flexible ability”
“Well, he won’t be able to duplicate living things or weapon with divine power. It’s up to him how to make use of it”

Shin swing the sword clumsily, after all this is the first time since birth he held such a thing.
As Shin continues his training, Shana let out another big yawn.
“I’m sleepy, I’m going to lie down. Can you wake me up when he’s satisfied ?”
“Ah yes, I understand”

Yuri smiled at the request of Shana. She went to sleep as soon as she closes her eye.
‘if she is tired, she can just leave us to take a rest, but instead she went out of her way to ensure our safety’
While thinking of those, Yuri assert that she should return her good intention someday.
She then returned to watching Shin’s movement quietly.

□ ■ □

He kept repeating a single swing while breathing out heavily.

“I guess it’s a failure huh”
Shin evaluates himself and erases the sword in his hand.
He doesn’t know how to properly swing a sword, and just clumsily moves it.
If the opponent is just a simple monster, then he can make do just by swinging a weapon combined with his Body Strengthening. But what if there are multiple opponents, or another person with blessing ? Shin understood that he will only pose a threat comparable to children compared to those.

“Should I be content with becoming one of those common Adventurers….”
Avoiding conflict, and live normally while hunting an affordable prey. That way of living might be possible. He realized that there’s a big power differences between commoner and Blessed people, but what should he do if another adventurer is interested in Yuri ? What should he do if Nobleman exist ? If he has power, he can bend the Rules to his favor, that’s why he need strength. He need [Power] to resist this world.

Shin quietly concentrates

“I have 3 limitation”
「Only two at the same time
「Only the stuff I’ve wielded before
「It will disappear in 10 seconds after leaving my hand

It’s easy to use, but that’s it.
It can create weapons with supernatural ability. But even if he copy such a thing, it’s useless if he doesn’t know how to use it or his skill is inferior to his opponent.

“Eh ? Yes?!”
I’m a Hero, but on the other hand I’m just a normal person…
“I’m really thankful to Uncle’s hobby now”
“Eh ? My gun otaku’s dad !?”

He went to America for a family overseas trip.
But because he doesn’t have anyone else to go with, Shin and Yuri accompanied him reluctantly.
At that point, Shin wasn’t really interested in it. But then the power of the [Real one] surpassed the fiction he knows.

In other words, the most difficult limitation has been cleared.

“I’m going to create something that doesn’t exist in this world. I don’t know anything about its structure or construction, but luckily I won’t need those knowledge to create it”
“Shin-chan… that is…”

It’s one of the most powerful gun ‘over there’.
A vicious gun that shots a .50AE magnum bullet.

“This is my strength. My power as a Hero”

On Earth, It’s called the Desert Eagle.


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