[Likes NTR] Episode 8 – Hotel Manager’s Service – First Night

Episode 8 – Hotel Manager’s Service – First Night

I was attacked by a robber for the first time in my life.
Or maybe it’s better to call it a mugger.

“Take out your money!”
I didn’t understand the meaning of those words for a moment, until suddenly a dagger cut into me.
I was born in a safe country. I couldn’t even begin to imagine such crazy and off the wall guy like this exist.
But it seems I was getting used to this world, even in situation like this I can stay calm.
Or maybe I’m just getting paralyzed to this.
It doesn’t feel real, it’s just like watching something beyond the screen, or watching a dream.
I think my sense is numb already.

There’s a distance of 1.5 meter between me and the dagger wielding robber.
It’s too close.
I’m going to be killed while pulling the revolver.

I turned around and run off to the alley.
The robber chased me.
It’s quite scary but I’m confident in my feet.

I can feel his footsteps a good distance away from me.
I looked back, I don’t know why but I decided to pull a rifle from the Item Window and put it in my left hand.
The distance between us has stretched to 5 meter.
I grabbed the fore stock from above with my right hand and point the muzzle toward the robber as if trying to pierce him with a spear.
I acted in trance and pulled the trigger.

I can see fire blowing from the muzzle. At the moment of impact, the robber clothes and hair swayed from the shockwave.
There’s almost no distance between us when I pulled the trigger, there’s no way I could missed a shot in point blank range like this.
His chest was pierced, and the robber fell down on his back.
Just now, I have killed another person.

The rifle is still in my hand. I thought it would be flung somewhere from the recoil.
When I came to my sense, I noticed wet sensation in my left arm.
My clothes was torn vertically and blood flows from my left hand to the rifle.
To my dismay, it seems my left arm has been slashed.

I put the rifle in my right hand and left the deserted alley.
I wonder what I should do now.
A stinky wind blows from the alley, and I thought to myself.
I’m alive, I’m really glad.
I think from the bottom of my heart.

When I looked back at the alley, I can see the robber had a very evil look on his face.
It’s wearing an expression of someone trying to kill people weaker than him unconcernedly.
It’s truly a disgusting face.
Wind was blowing from the alley again.
Compared to other animals, human blood have stronger iron smell…

The city guards had come when I struggled to roll a cigarette without getting blood on it
I wonder if it’s because they heard a gunshot, or someone else had called them.

I received a clean cloth, so I press it down on the wound and held it in place.
The guards listened to my simple explanation, verified the evidence on site and that’s it.
There’s no charge or anything, it was a very easy procedure.
I’m not sure if I should be glad or worried.

I learned about a reputable doctor from the guard, so I’m heading there.
While walking, I recalled why things turn out like this.

God of Light Day, We’ve arrived at the first city of [Country of Industry]
The border guard captain warned us that the public safety is bad here.
This town is located on the slope at the foot of a mountain, and the entire city is enveloped in castle wall. It’s a medium size city that seems to be crowded in the past thanks to mining activity.

We passed through the gate of the castle wall and went out to the city’s main street.
It’s quite crowded and there’s no dangerous atmosphere around us.
It seems like a normal city.
There are all kinds of people wearing various clothes in the market.
However, occasionally you can see some gloomy people that seems to be jobless in the corner of your eyes.

“From a quick glance, this city safety doesn’t seem to be that bad. What do you guys think ?”
While walking on the street, I spoke to them.
“….That seems to be the case”
Yuela is looking at her surrounding restlessly
“….I don’t know about the unseen part of the city though”
Kerebryl said so while looking at the alley on the street.
Yuela stopped her feet after we’ve walked for a while.
There are many roadside shops around us.
“What is it ?”
“Would you accompany me shopping ?”
That’s quite unusual for Yuela, I wonder if she needed something.
“I don’t mind, what are you going to buy ?”
Yuela’s cheeks are slightly red. It seems she want to keep it hidden.
“You’re weird Yuela. Well, I’m fine tagging along”
Kerebryl also sounds curious.
“I’ll be hanging around here. I want to take a closer look at a city in this world slowly”
Sometimes it’s not bad to take a stroll in this different world alone.
“Be careful ok, and don’t go to place that looks dangerous”
Kerebryl grabbed my hand anxiously.
“If it’s him, I’m sure he will be fine alone”
Yuela is smiling, she doesn’t have the slightest notion that I might lose to anyone.
“I’ll be fine”
I smiled back. I have a gun after all.
We made a promise to meet again in this area in the evening, and then we parted way.

I’m walking alone in the city that I don’t know in different world.
It feels like exploring.
The stone town looks like medieval Europe. It’s nice and feels exotic.
There are many small workshop in this city. I guess it’s as expected from the [Country of Industry],
I’m sure there’s also many craftsmen here.
Because I like this kind of thing, I hang around the area looking at various workshop.
Then I entered a precious metal workshop in the back of the alley.

An older lady wearing something that looks like ethnic clothes greeted me.
This workshop sells self produced precious metal goods, or in other words it’s an accessories shop.

“Are you looking for something ?”
I’m not looking for anything and just window-shopping. It’s kind of awkward.
“How about piercings for men ?”
I have three pierced holes in my left ear, well it might be good for a mood change.
“Right now, we have these kind of goods”
She showed me various kind of small and large pierced earrings with beautiful ultramarine colored stones. Ah, there’s one with my favorite design.

“What is this stone ?”
“It’s Lapis Lazuli”
“Oh, so this is Lapis Lazuli. It’s my first time seeing this”
Hmm, It’s certainly ultramarine colored, this is quite nice.
I’ve decided. I choose a small, medium and large one, a total of 3 pieces.
“How much for these ?”
“The prices for those 3 will be 3 white gold coins”
I made the payment and tried it immediately while looking at the mirror in the workshop.
The blue color looks good, It’s rarely seen here and is quite unique.
“Those look good on you sir. Next time how about bringing your girlfriend here ? We have more nice accessories for women”
“I’ll consider it. thanks”
I left the workshop feeling good and proceed to walk around the alley.
And it was then that someone called me from behind…

I’m at the hospital taught by the guards.
The cloth on my left arm is dyed red in blood. I’ve attracted lot of attention until this point.
I took the cloth off the wound to see it before entering the hospital.
There was a clean 5cm vertical cut in my arm, and I can see red layer inside the wound.
It seems the cut is quite deep, right now it’s still bleeding.
The cut pulled the skin around it, making the wound open with thin diamond shape pattern.
This wound…it looked like a girl’s private place doesn’t it ?

“We have sewed the wound the best we can”
The doctor said so. This place is quite crowded probably thanks to its reputation.
Right now I’m waiting for the bill.
None of our member can use recovery magic, so we’ll have to go to hospital like normal people.
I wanted to experience being healed in an instant using recovery magic once…

The doctors in this world used magic to speed up the effect of their treatment.
In my case, they can remove the stitches by tomorrow.
In my previous world, it’s impossible for it to be this fast.

“That will be two white gold coins”
The old lady in the reception told me with emotionless voice.

I’m currently quite agitated.

There is no way to not feel anxious after such incident.

That’s why I just put on a smile and paid the money.

“Thank you very much, Miss”
I left the hospital and think to myself while looking at the bandage wrapped around my left arm.
I thought I’m invincible in battle, but the truth isn’t like that. I could’ve been killed earlier.
This world is merciless.

“You’re a fool. You’re truly stupid. Why do you go to the back alleys alone”
I’ve joined with the two at the designated meeting place.
When I explained my circumstances, I was scolded by Kerebryl.
“I already said that you shouldn’t go to dangerous place”
“I’m sorry”
Kerebryl is angry and looks like she’s about to cry. Sorry for making you worry Kerebryl.
It feels good to know that there is someone worried about me in this world.
“….That looks very painful”
Kerebryl gently put her hand on the bandage while looking worried.
“I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt at all”
Well actually it hurts a bit. But since I’m in the front of woman I like, I lied with straight face.
You understand it right ? If you take away these pride from a man, there won’t be anything left to us.

“……It’s my fault”
Yuela is quivering. Her face looks pale just like the color of paper, and tears gathers in her eyes.
She looks like she’s about to cry. This is my first time seeing Yuela like this.
“Yuela, it’s not your fault. It’s because I was careless”
“It’s because I’m leaving you alone………Uu……”
At last, her tears falls out. Yuela started sobbing. I just made the girl I love cry.
Even though I love you so much… Yuela, please don’t look so sad…
I can feel my heart filled with emotion.
I pulled Yuela’s body forcefully to mine and close her mouth with a kiss.
I spread open the lips of surprised Yuela with mine and put my tongue in.
I kissed her passionately to convey my feelings as much as possible.
After a while, Yuela also answered my kiss.
I turned my arms around her body and hugged her.
The two of us tangled our tongue in a passionate and intense kiss.
“N….., Nnnn……, Nh…”

We’ve finished the long-long kiss.
“Did my feeling reached you ? I love You Yuela”
“…..Yes… it’s been transmitted properly”
She didn’t cry anymore and answered with a happy face.
We’ve confirmed our love again.

I noticed that Kerebryl is looking at us enviously. Sorry I’ve left you alone Kerebryl.
I also kissed her, and Kerebryl answered quickly. I wonder if she was expecting it.
“Nnh……, N, Nn…..”
Kerebryl is a good kisser. I guess I’ll lose.
I gently scratched the upper side of her mouth with my tongue. Kerebryl is weak there.
“N…., N, Nnn…..-chu-…..”
Her body begun to yield in and she have put more of her weight on me.
I think Kerebryl is really cute.

After a long kiss. We stared at each other. Kerebryl’s eyes is moist.
“Thank you for your concern Kerebryl. I love you. I truly love Kerebryl”
“…I love you too”
My heart is filled with happiness as we confirmed each other’s feelings.
We stared at each other with smile.

But again, Yuela is looking at us while thinking about something by herself.

Afterward, we decided to look for an accommodation.
Just from walking with them like this, I feel like I can’t hold it in anymore.

Yuela’s and Kerebryl’s eyes are moist and their face flushed.
I’m sure their body is damp too.

Why of why today must be the God of Light day ?
If today was a God of Darkness day, I’m sure I can show my love to them together.

“….This place should be good”
Yuela choose a three-story building that was located at the end of the venue.
It was a building that looks like an outdated hotel with suspicious atmosphere.

As I entered the hotel, I saw a small lobby inside.
Around the lobby table, there were three men surrounding it.
All of them looks to be 50 years old.

“Oh, Manager¹, you have a customer”
The slim one calls the fat one.
“Oh ? Chemist¹, we’re going to stop our competition here ok ?”
The manager seems to refer to the fat man. He answered while sounding relieved.
I can see a chess board between the three of them. Apparently they were having a match.

“Manager, next time you’re facing me ok ?”
“Yeah, let’s do it next time Foreman¹”
He called the fit guy Foreman.

“Alright Manager, we’ll be going home today”
It seems that the chemist and foreman are going home.
When they passed us, Both of them are looking at Yuela and Kerebryl with very amorous eyes.

//¹TL Note :
In the original version, these guys is called as follows :
Manager : Danna (In this context, referring to someone that manages a hotel or its equivalent)
Chemist : Kusuriya (In this context, referring to someone that handles medicine or maybe item shop since it’s fantasy world )
Foreman : Oyakata (In this context, referring to someone that is a master/boss of his workshop or its equivalent)

TL Note//

“Welcome to my place. Are you going to stay or you’ll be taking a break here”
Apparently this hotel also serves as casual hangout place.
“I’d like to reserve accommodation for today and tomorrow”
“Oh my, thank you very much. Including meals, that will be five white gold coins. You need to pay in advance”
A prepayment huh. It seems you need to be cautious doing business in this town.
“Please do then”
“Well then, please show me your Status”
We obediently showed our Status Window.
By the way, it was also Yuela that choose our accommodation in the city of [Country of Commerce],
That Oyaji was a jackpot.
The manager silently wrote our status in the guest book.
But when I look at his face closely, his eyes have the look of lust in it.
This manager seems to be a ‘hit’ too.

“Hey, manager.  Actually I was attacked by a robber today”
I decided to call him Manager.
“Oh my, that’s quite the misfortune”
In contrast to his words, there’s no hint of sympathy in his eyes.
I guess that kind of thing is natural in this town, so I shouldn’t get angry.
Getting hot-blooded easily is one of my bad habit after all.

“Well, I decided to teach that robber a lesson with this”
As I told him, I put a revolver on the counter imposingly.
Actually I used my rifle, but that doesn’t really matter for now.
“…This is ?”
“It’s a gun”
“When you say you teach him a lesson…”
“I killed him”
I said it with a smile

“…Oh…is that so”
Fear clearly appears in the manager’s eyes.
“But I got hurt thanks to him. So I need to go to the hospital tomorrow in the morning”
“I see…”
“I’m really tired today. So I’m expecting a special service from you”
I said it again with another smile
This manager doesn’t seem to have a good head. He was thinking about something really hard.

…it seems he finally reached conclusion after some time
“…Well then, how about I offer a special room to you customer”
The manager is checking out my attitude.
“You’re fine with the same price ?”
“I don’t mind, It’s a service. Would you like to see the room first ?”

We then passed through the innermost room on the third floor guided by the manager.
There was a label written in the door. it’s read [Swapping Room].

The special room has a two-room structure.
Both of them have a large beds in the middle and are connected by a door.
The biggest feature of this room is the space between the two room.
There’s something that looks like a glass… or perhaps a Magic Mirror on its side.
But since it’s closed with curtain, I can’t really tell.

“This room is very popular in our hotel, how about it customer ?”
The manager is waiting for my reaction.
“I don’t mind, how about you two ?”
Both of them are silent while watching this room with obvious construction.
But I already know since we’re greatly enlightened by the Captain.
Both of them actually love doing it in front of me right ?

“This room is a four person room. The feature of this place is that big glass separating the room.
It can be changed to a mirror or Magic Mirror depending on the mood. It’s perfect for seeing the state of the other room.”
The manager seems to be confident, he explained his idea while looking at my reaction.
He opened the curtain and smiled at the other two convincingly.
I can see the other room from the glass.

“…I wonder, what day is it today ?”
Kerebryl timidly ask a question
“It’s the God of Light Day, customer”
Then, both of them looked at me and answered
“….If that’s the case then, It can’t be helped”
Yuela said it apologetically
“…That’s right, it can’t be helped”
Kerebryl also has a guilty looks in her face.

Yeah, it cannot be helped.
No matter how much I love both of you, none can win against [Immoral].
And now I too has become the captive of [Likes NTR].
“Manager, we’ll take this room”
“Thank you. I will offer my best service to the customers”
The manager is smiling. Service huh ? Should I expect something good.
Then I paid the price to him.

After dinner, we’re relaxing in the room while drinking tea.
The manager have been attending us since earlier, and now he brewed us a cup of tea after dinner.
“You’re really good at making tea”
“I’m honored to hear that”
Kerebryl loves delicious things. The dinner earlier was also luxurious, we’re in a good mood.
The manager is flattered from the praise.
“Indeed, this tea is delicious”
“I used lot of tea leaves”
“Oh, is that okay ?”
“Yeah, this is a service”
After praised by Yuela, the manager is fawning even more.
So human face can show it’s expression that much huh.

“Manager, you’ve been attending us since earlier. Is the hotel okay ?”
“It’s fine since people are doing part time job at night. So please let me service you”
“Thank you”
I let out a bitter smile seeing his desperate figure.
I didn’t mean to tease him and just simply worried about the hotel.
Well then, let’s enjoy the manager next service.

“I’m going to turn in early. I feel somewhat tired today”
I got up from the chair. Let’s take the day off in the other room.
“It’ll be bad if something touched the wound, so I’ll be in there”
“Does your wound hurt ?”
“Not at all, I’m just tired”
Actually, that’s the truth. I’m feeling quite tired.
But If I stay awake in this room, I won’t be able to enjoy the service right ?

“….Customer, what will you do about the glass”
with that one sentence from the manager. The air in the room changes cold.
From the relaxed atmosphere earlier, now it turns to full of tension.

“Since I’ll be sleeping, I’ll leave it to those two”
“…I think a mirror would be good”
“…Yes, I think so”
The two turned red and said the normal mirror would be fine.
“Well customers, please use this crystal ball”
The manager pulled a crystal ball from his pocket and hand it to Yuela
Yuela turned stiff upon receiving the crystal ball.
When Yuela glanced at Kerebryl, Kerebryl nodded back in embarrassment.
Yuela then turned the crystal ball toward the glass shyly, and the glass turned into a mirror.
“…I turned it into a mirror”
Yuela has an indescribable expression in her face.

“Well then manager, please continue your service with those two”
“Leave it to me”
Both of you, go enjoy the manager’s service today ok.
“Well then, good night”
“…Good night”
“…Good night”
I entered the separate room and sat down on the bed.
I can see the other room from this side.
Yuela actually choose the Magic Mirror.
I understand it well. Both of them has gotten into a habit of getting excited when being watched by me.

“Customer, does your shoulder feel stiff ?”
The manager moved behind Kerebryl and gently placed his hand on her shoulder.
It’s the beginning of the manager’s service.
Kerebryl doesn’t answer. With her cold and beautiful face, she is staring at the manager’s hand.
“…Is this part of your service ?”
“Of course, this is a service. It’s my specialty”
The manager answered while smiling awkwardly.
“…If that’s the case then, it can’t be helped”
After Kerebryl said that, the manager breathes in relief.

“Well then, excuse me”
He started rubbing Kerebryl’s shoulder.
“How is it, not bad right ?”
“Mm, It’s just like you said. You’re quite good”
The manager is rubbing the shoulder while watching Kerebryl’s reaction

“…Customer, aren’t your shoulders stiff all the time with those big breasts hanging in front”
“Mm…Not really”
This time, Kerebryl glared at the manager’s face with her cold eyes
“You don’t need to be so reserved customer. I’ll make it easier for you now”
The manager released his hand from the shoulder and grabbed Kerebryl’s big breasts
He started massaging it by lifting it from the bottom.
“If I lift it like this, you feel much better don’t you”
Kerebryl didn’t get angry. She just looked at the manager and let him rub her breasts freely
“…Is this also service ?”
“Yes. I’m really good at this service…”
While rubbing her breasts, the manager responded nervously and wait for Kerebryl’s answer.
“…If it’s service, then it can’t be helped. …Continue”
The manager face turned to joy and filled with confidence.
“Yes, I’m going to continue. I’m good at this after all”
He put himself at ease and began to enjoy Kerebryl’s breasts fully.
He massaged both breasts with both hand from behind, his face just looks like a perverted old-man now.

“On second thought, these are truly big aren’t they. I wonder how big is it ?”
“N, Nn, N….It’s 89cm….. Nnh”
He should know it already since he wrote their status, but he deliberately made Kerebryl say it
“And also, customer breast’s is really elastic. I’m sure you can squeeze ‘that’ easily using these breasts”
“Nn… I don’t know such thing…”
Kerebryl’s turned red after hearing the manager’s lewd remarks.
She is embarrassed, but the truth is she truly don’t know whether she’s good at it or not.
“Aa…., Aah……. Aahn, Aah….. Aa…..”
Kerebryl’s cheeks are dyed red and she began to leak a coquettish moan.

Yuela can’t keep her eyes away from the manager who started his service so suddenly.
This is the first time Yuela and Kerebryl doing a lewd act together in the same room.
She is staring at the lustrous appearance of Kerebryl.
“How about you, miss customer ?”
When the manager spoke to her, Yuela’s shoulder jerked.
Yuela is hesitating now. It seems she is embarrassed being seen by Kerebryl even though she is excited being seen by me.
“You don’t need to hold back. Customer, please say something to her too”
The manager asked Kerebryl while rubbing her breasts from the top of her clothes. He is kneading it all over like trying to showing it off to Yuela.
“Yeah… Yuela… This service, it’s pretty good…”
Even though she looks embarrassed, Kerebryl followed his request while acting like she’s trying to convince someone.
There’s a hint of envy in Yuela’s eyes.
“Hey, Yuela. ….Nh…. This is a service after all…, so it can’t be helped…nhh…..Let’s enjoy it… together…. ok ?”
“….Alright…. If it’s service then….. it can’t be helped”
Yuela didn’t resist. While nodding with a red face, she decided to accept the lewd service.
Kerebryl narrowed her eyes and gently looked at such Yuela

“Alright, Let me service you now”
The manager got away from Kerebryl and walk toward Yuela excitedly.
He stretched both of his hands toward Yuela’s chests.
Yuela leaked out a voice filled with expectation.
The manager grabbed Yuela’s big breasts from the top of her kimono.
“Customer’s are big too. They’re as big as the customer over there”
He is lifting it slowly as if trying to check its weight.
“Nh….Is that so…., Nh”
Yuela is trying to suppress her expression
“Customer, how big is your breasts ?”
“Ah…It’s 88cm….Nnn”
Yuela answered shyly
“If that’s the case, I’m sure your shoulder is stiff too. I’ll help you feel better then”
The manager also made Yuela say it to make her embarrassed.
Then he massaged the chest more energetically
“Nn…, A…Ah…”
From Yuela’s mouth, a gratified sigh began to leak.
“N, Nnh….., Nnaahh, A….”
Her facial expression became muddled in pleasure.

“How is my skill ?”
“It’s normal…nnh”
Even though she is clearly feeling it, Yuela answered it’s normal like usual
“Normal huh. I would like to give you more service but….”
the manager looked at Kerebryl.
“Customers, would you let me service the two of you together.
I know something that will make that person feels good”
Yuela and Kerebryl looked at each other.
“…It can’t be helped”
Both of them seems to have decided to enjoy it together.

“Let’s move to the front of the mirror. I also can service that person better that way”
After saying that, the manager stretch both arms and hugged the shoulders of those two.
Both of them have disgruntled face against his overly familiar behavior.
“Come on, I’m sure your reflection in the mirror will be a good one”
Maybe the manager simply like it in front of the mirror, he began to walk while holding the two forcibly.
Even so, those two followed the manager quietly. Together, they walked to the front of the mirror.
“Customer, can you take off your clothes ?”
“…It can’t be helped”
Kerebryl take off her dress shyly. Her appearance in white underwear came to light, as usual her figure in underwear looks really erotic.
“Oooh. Customer, that white underwear looks really nice on your brown skin, please leave it as it is”
The manager lowered the corner of his eyes. He is watching Kerebryl’s underwear appearance with licking gaze.  It seems he decided to enjoy Kerebryl donned in sexy undergarment.

Meanwhile, Yuela doesn’t move and stand stiff. She is looking at the mirror with a sad face, or she might’ve looking for me beyond the mirror.
“What’s the matter customer ? You’ve been looking at the mirror since earlier, would you like me to help you undress ?”
The manager put his hand on Yuela’s clothes
“….I’m fine, I’ll do it myself”
Yuela shook off his hand and took her kimono off herself, she is doing it quickly.
“You look good too customer. Those underwear with the same black color like your hair looks perfect on your white skin”
Yuela is wearing a black underwear. It’s the sexiest underwear figure I’ve ever seen.
It was probably on her mind after that Captain mentioned it back then, perhaps Yuela bought it with Kerebryl today.

As she said that, Yuela looked a little sad while staring at my side again.
“Even if you praise me, It won’t make me happy…”
Well yeah. Yuela kept it secret, I’m sure she want to show it to me first.
I’m sure she wanted me to be the first one to compliment it.
Kerebryl also looked a little sad. I’m sure that underwear was chosen after much deliberation between those two.
I’m truly useless. I’m no good at all aren’t I.
I didn’t notice it at all. Sorry Yuela.
Those underwear are really sexy, it looks really good on you…
I swear I’ll make up for this.

“Now customers, push your hands on the mirror”
The manager who doesn’t know anything about the situation nor noticing the state of those two speak. He pushed their back and ordered them to put their hands on the mirror.
Yuela stared at him for a while, and then she silently push her hand on the mirror.
Kerebryl was concerned about Yuela, but she still placed her hands on the mirror.
“Both of your figure reflected in the mirror looks really spectacular. I’m worried that I might be the one receiving service”
With the manager words as clue, Kerebryl and Yuela stared at the mirror.
Both of them are lining side by side in their underwear with their hips protruding to him.
Their face got red.
There’s no doubt that they’re conscious of being seen by me.
Their eyes look like they’re searching for my figure behind the mirror.
Their face are filled with the expression of remorse, embarrassment, and excitement from doing it together.

…I kind of saw this coming.
Apparently the manager will be ahead of me…
He is going to enjoy Kerebryl and Yuela at the same time…
But perhaps, this will also serve as the chance for me.

-kuchu- -kuchu-
The manager seems to have shifted their underwear and touched their crotch with both hands at the same time. There was a wet sound as the two girl released a seductive voice.
-kuchu- -kuchu- -kuchukuchu-
As he continued his caress, the squelching sound echoes from both of them. The manager may have thrusts his fingers in and out repeatedly.
“Ah….., Ah, Nnh… No…don’t….., Aaah…..”
Even though Yuela rejected him, but she doesn’t actually dislike it.
While staring toward her hands in the mirror and looking at me, she protrudes her ass out so the manager can caress her easily.
“Ah, Aah, Aa…, Aaah…..”
The same goes for Kerebryl, she sticks her butt high and stares at me.
Her face is flushed and filled with shame, but her ass is trembling in pleasure.

“Both of you are completely wet. Alright, where is the pleasure spot I wonder”
As the manager has gotten used to them, he begin to explore their peculiarity.
It’s seem he is quite handy. He is examining the two of them at the same time with his fingers on both hands.
The manager is searching the erogenous zone of Yuela by fumbling his fingers around.
“Aah, Ah, Aaaah…..”
He also explored the inside of Kerebryl, trying to find out where she feels good.
Little by little, he’s getting closer to confirming it.
“Here ?”
“AAh, A…Ah, Th…that place…Aahhh”
The moment he said that, Yuela’s butt jumped upwards.
His finger is rubbing near the shallow part of Yuela’s vagina, he might’ve found Yuela’s erogenous zone.
“And then this one”
“Aah., Aah, Aaah…. No, don’t …aaahhh”
Kerebryl’s ass is trembling in pleasure, it seems he found the place where Kerebryl feels good too.
Which means the manager have found the G-spot of Kerebryl and Yuela.

“I’ve remembered both of yours”
The manager is smiling in satisfaction, then he moves his finger quickly.
From both of their place, continuous obscene sound can be heard clearly.
One can tell how the manager moved his finger and the condition of their crotch just from the sound alone.
“It’s really wet inside”
“Aah, Aaahn, that place is…. no good…..Aahhn”
Even though Yuela reject it, her body is clearly drowning in the pleasure.
Yuela’s knees began to squirm as she’s nearing her climax.
“And yours is totally soaked”
“Aaah….Aah, No….don’t….I’m… going to…..Aahh”
Kerebryl also refused him, but her body is trembling with joy. She’s also nearing her limit.

“….It’s about time for the real service”
The manager pulled his finger from Yuela’s and Kerebryl’s place.
The two that were about to orgasm looked back at the manager.
‘why ?’ ‘what for ?’ Their faces can be seen asking that clearly.

“Customers, fingers alone will be unsatisfactory won’t it”
He said it while taking off his clothes. The manager is quite fat, but his stature is also big.
He has a pretty big meat stick suitable for his physique.
“I’m going to serve you until the end with this”
The manager is showing off his twitching meat stick to both of them.
“…It’s service after all”
“…No other way”
The two people that were forced to wait earlier are staring at the manager’s cock.
“Both of you seems to have taken a liking to this….would you like to lick it ?”
Both of them looked like they were drawn in after hearing his words.
They kneeled slowly and moved slowly toward the manager’s feet.

-amu-….. Nn….”
Firstly, Kerebryl opened her mouth and pinched the tip of the glands with her lips
The cock jolted in surprise.
“churu……, chu, pero…..”
Then Yuela followed hesitatingly, she licked the neck of the glans and began to caress the shaft with her lips.
“Aaah……. To be serviced like these by both of you….. I can see your perverted appearance clearly…”
The manager is enjoying the blowjob while looking at the mirror.
Even I have never experienced that.
“Nh, Nn..fuu…Nhh……., chu, rero—….”
While still sucking the glans, Kerebryl stretched her hands and grabbed the manager’s testicles.
She then looked aside to me. Her sidelong glance unintentionally makes Kerebryl look like a very vulgar woman.
She gently rubbed the testicles with one hand while kissing the glans, then she licked the rod like she was trying to show it off to me.

-churuchuru- -rero-…..amu-, N, Nnn…, Nmmuu….”
Yuela also supported the meat stick by grabbing its root with one hand, while licking the neck of the glans, she take a peek at me. As soon as Kerebryl’s mouth left the cock, Yuela immediately sucked the glans. She was staring at me while enthusiastically licking the glans with with her lips and tongue.

“Customers, I can’t seem to see your figures in the mirror”
The passionate service from the two stopped briskly.
“Are both of you sure this is a mirror”
The manager seems to notice it, he realized the glass is set to Magic Mirror.
“…It’s a mirror”
“…That’s right”
Both of their face are red from embarrassment, they were caught lying.
“…Is that so… I thought for sure that both of you actually are the type to get excited from doing it in front of your boyfriend”
He was looking at Kerebryl and Yuela whose face has turned red.
The slow witted manager seems to have finally understood the situation.
“What are you saying…”
“We’re not that kind of woman…”
While hearing the weak response of those two, the manager who had understood everything are laughing unpleasantly.

“Customers, please put your hands on the mirror side by side so the other side can see it clearly”
Kerebryl and Yuela looked at each other shyly. Then both of them stand up and lined side by side while putting their hands against the mirror. Looks like he’s going to compare their taste by telling them to line side by side.
The manager made a dirty laugh and pulled their panties down with both hands.
Both of them leaked a sigh filled with shame and expectation.
Kerebryl and Yuela’s panties are hanging on their knees, it was a really obscene underwear appearance. In order to be fucked by the manager, both of them stick out their exposed butt and spread their legs.

“Since I only have one of this, I’m going to insert it to the one who excite it the most by shaking their ass”
Yuela kept quiet, and then she begin swinging her ass side to side shyly.
The swaying movement of her waist is inviting the manager to come and stick his cock inside.
Kerebryl also started to shake her ass silently. She’s swinging it left and right swiftly and then draw a circle with it. The waving movement of her waist is inviting the manager to stick his cock inside quickly.
The manager has a dirty smile on his face while deciding which of the two shaking ass that he’s going to taste first.

“…I knew it, it should be this customer isn’t it. I’m looking forward to what kind of taste it is”
The manager gripped Kerebryl’s hips and inserted his cock all the way in
“Aahhhh, A, Aa, Aa…..”
Kerebryl raised a voice of pleasure upon the long awaited meat stick, her body trembles upon receiving it. Yuela have a disappointed look on her face and stares at them with an envious look.
“Ohhh……., This is…… it’s really clamping on me…”
With his thing inserted all the way, the manager is enjoying the sensation of Kerebryl’s vagina.
“And this bumpy feeling around the glans… this is truly a masterpiece vagina²… Yosh”
The manager who is pleased from knowing the taste of Kerebryl fire himself up, he begin to pump his waist with intense vigor.
­-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aah, Aaah, AAaaaah, Nn, Nnnh, Aaaahhh….”
Kerebryl’s body rocked back and forth in response to the manager’s fierce thrust and her big breasts is swaying front and back., Kerebryl is panting hard happily.
“Ah, Ah, Aah, Aaah……, Aaa….”
As the manager hammered his cock violently, Kerebryl squirms her twitching body.

“…Now for the next turn”
The manager pulled out his cock from Kerebryl
He stopped when Kerebryl was nearing her climax, and she let out a sad voice.
“Thank you for waiting”
The manager is addressing his cock to Yuela’s vagina.
Yuela stayed silent, she raised her ass quickly to make it easier for the manager to insert it.
“Now then, I wonder how does this customer taste”
He grabbed Yuela’s ass and pushed his cock all the way in.
Yuela who had been waiting for a long time seems to reach a slight orgasm just from the insertion
“Uoohh… This, tightness, ……and this….”
Just like the time with Kerebryl, He is enjoying the sensation of Yuela’s vagina with his cock fully inserted.
“This myriad of folds….. and this crawling feeling… This too is a masterpiece³”
The manager has savored the taste of Yuela.
Right now, the two people I loved are being tasted by him together and being compared.
“Aah……, Hurry…. move it already…. please”
-kuchu- -kuchu-
Yuela cannot wait anymore and began to wriggle her waist while asking the manager.
This is the first time Yuela begged for it.

“Fuheheh… I’m going to make you cum now”
The manager wants to make Yuela cum immediately, he laughed lewdly and started to move his hips furiously right from the beginning.
­-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“AAaaaahnn, Aah, Aaah…uuhh.., Aah, nh, nnn….”
Yuela immediately respond in passion.  Her body trembles in pleasure as the cock being thrust inside her intensely, and she also raised coquettish panting.
Yuela’s eyes were also melting in pleasure.
“Aaaahhh…… Ah, Aa, Aaah, Y…Yes…., so good…., Ah, Aaah, Aaa…..”
Yuela moved her body back and forth following the manager’s rhythm. With her breasts swaying, she received the manager’s thrust with her hips perfectly.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“NNh, Nn, Aa, Aah, AAa….., Aaaaa…..hn”
But, even though Yuela is swept away by the pleasure, her eyes kept watching the mirror firmly like she was trying to see my figure on the mirror.
“A, Aah, Aaah…….. Aaaah, Aaaahn……”
Then, while still shaking his hips, the manager speaks
“Let’s cum…. together….”
He and Yuela can’t held it any longer. He seems to like the taste of Yuela very much and decided to ejaculate inside her just like this.
­-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“A, Aah…….. C..Cum……… Th….there…Aa, Aaaa, Aaaah……”
Against the manager’s relentless thrusting, Yuela says that she’s going to cum while moaning lavishly.
She shakes her waist while staring at me and breathes heavily with disheveled hair.
“Aah, Aa,Aa,Aaaah… Cum..Cumming…. look…look at me…. Aa…Aaaa…AAaAaaaahnn!!”
-bikubiku- -biku-
Against Yuela’s shaking ass, the manager moves his hip in rapid motion and ejaculates.
Yuela received the semen in her trembling body and cum together with him.
Yuela called to me on the verge of climax, she was telling me to look at her.
I reached my climax with that word.
“Ah….., A, Aah….”
Yuela opened her sharp eyes wide and savored the sensation of the pulsating cock and semen pouring from it.
“Ah, Aaah…… Aa……. It’s really… amazing…”
Those words wasn’t addressed to the manager but me. I’m sure of it because Yuela is facing me with nasty smile on her face.

“Aah…… Yuela…..”
Kerebryl who was interrupted during her good time was fidgeting her thighs.
She was looking at Yuela who has reached climax with envy.
“Fuuh……, Fuu……. It’s truly a masterpiece”
The manager spoke of his impression while panting heavily, then pulled his cock out of Yuela’s vagina. Despite having ejaculated once, his cock still looks healthy.
Yuela lost the tension in her body and dropped down on the floor.
She was sitting and can’t stand due to the intense climax.
“Customer. Thank you for waiting… is what I wanted to say, but…”
The manager circled to Kerebryl’s side and stuck his wet and fluttering cock in front of her face
“…-amu-, Nn, Nn, ­-jyuru-….”
Kerebryl understood it immediately. Without any hesitation, she put the cock wet with semen and Yuela’s love juice in her mouth and sucked it
“Nn……., ­-jyuru-, nn……, -jyururu-….”
She sucked the manager’s cock affectionately and used her whole mouth to clean it up.
“Customer, that’s enough. It’s already clean”
The manager told Kerebryl to stop. Just like he said, the erect cock is clean already.
“Yours is a masterpiece too customer…”
The manager stood behind Kerebryl again and rub his cock on the entrance of her vagina
“Aah……, Hurry, hurry, put it in…”
Kerebryl can’t wait anymore. She was begging lewdly while trying to insert the cock by moving her ass.
“Fuhehehe…., don’t worry, I’m going to make you cum”
The manager holds her butt with both hands  and inserted his cock slowly this time.
-biku- -biku- -biku-
As the long awaited meat stick entered her vagina, Kerebryl arched her back while her body trembles tremendously. She brought her ass closer to the manager’s waist, and expose herself to climax.

“Fuu….. That was a wonderful clamping, it kept bumping against me inside, and it’s really wet too”
Because he had already ejaculated once inside Yuela, he calmly savors the taste of Kerebryl.
“The place where you feel good, it was here right ?”
The manager said so, and he began to move his hips in short momentum quickly.
He’s probably rubbing Kerebryl’s G spot with the neck of his glans.
“Aaah…… A, Aa, Aaah……. there… Aaahh, so good…..”
Kerebryl had just climaxed earlier and is quite sensitive right now.
As she was being persistently stimulated in her erogenous zone, her body reacted passionately. When she was saying so good, she looked at my side with ecstatic expression.
“Customer, I can see the hole in your ass opening clearly”
The manager is staring at Kerebryl’s ass lewdly.
Kerebryl blushed in embarrassment. But to me, those face and voice of her felt like she was expecting it.
“Customer, can I put it here ?”
The manager touched the hole in her ass with his fingers and stopped thrusting his cock.
“AAah…A….., Ah…..?”
Kerebryl’s ass twitched in a blink of a moment upon receiving the new pleasure. And then, for the however many times it is today, she leaked a sad voice while looking at the manager impatiently.

Kerebryl starts moving by herself and urges the manager to continue.
“Customer, you shouldn’t do that. …..Hmm, what should I do,
If you’ll let me insert it, I’m going to make you feel even more pleasant”
The manager grabbed Kerebryl’s ass and prevented her from moving, and then he brought his face closer to her ear and whispered words of temptation.
Kerebryl looked over here with a troubled face.
She kept staring at me with her difficult face, and eventually speaks with a red face.
“Hey…… I… I can’t stand it anymore….. I want it…… I’m sorry…..”
She said it with apologetic voice and sad look. Kerebryl… It’s okay.
“….That’s why, next time….. you should be rough with me too… ok ?”
And then she asked for a favor with a lewd face.
Yeah, I’ll make sure to do you plenty in the ass next holiday Kerebryl.

“Fuheheh….  Well then, let’s change our location too”
The manager circled his arms around Kerebryl’s stomach and hugged her.
Then he made Kerebryl crawl on all fours near the sitting Yuela.
“Aa……, Yuela…”
Kerebryl looked at Yuela’s face embarrassedly.
Yuela can see everything, I too, can see the hole in her ass clearly since Kerebryl is crawling near the mirror.
“I have something good over here…”
The manager opened his Item Window and put a small bottle in his hand.
When he opened the lid and tilt the bottle, viscous clear liquid drips like drool to Kerebryl’s ass.
“Kyaa-, it’s cold”
Kerebryl gave a lovely scream and jerked her ass. That’s a lotion. This world have a similar lotion to my original one.

“This is a special product made by my chemist acquaintance”
The manager informed us and drips the lotion on his finger and meat stick.
Then he inserted his lotion covered finger to Kerebryl anally.
Kerebryl gasped shamefully.
“It’s quite loose”
The manager said it with satisfied voice. Then he straddled Kerebryl’s butt and touched her asshole with his dick immediately.
“AaaAaaaah! A, Aa…..”
Kerebryl’s accepted the manager’s meat stick in her asshole without any resistance, it was received smoothly up to its root. Kerebryl trembled upon receiving the new pleasure.

“…As I thought, it has been penetrated already. I entered without any resistance…on the contrary, it seems to be pretty well used.  It’s soft and flabby, it’s a good sensation” The manager is tasting Kerebryl’s anal which I don’t even know. Now the manager knows her everything.
“Nn…I…I don’t know…”
Kerebryl answered while blushing, she looked at me sideway with a face that can’t seem to endure the pleasure. Toward that glance filled with expectation, my spine shiver in thrills.

“Customer, I like this hole”
The manager start moving his hip with a big stroke.
-Nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu-…
“Nh, Nn, Nnh, Aah, Aa, Aah, Ah……”
Kerebryl is leaking out voices together in unison with the manager’s cock movement.
“Do you feel good?”
-Nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu-…
“Ah, Aah, Aaah, when you pull it out, it’s…..it’s good, aah, Aaa……, Aa., nnnh”
Kerebryl’s hole has expanded greatly and it was holding the manager’s cock tightly.
Everytime the cock is pulled out, her ass is shaking and trembling.
-Nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu- -nupuu-…
“Nnhaaaa, ah,aah, Aaah, aaAh,….., Ah, Aah, Aaaah…..”
While staring this way, Kerebryl is squirming and panting hard from the pleasure of being fucked anally.
“You like it when I pulled it out right”
-Nupuuuuu- -nupuu- -nupuuuuu- -nupuu-
He deliberately pulled his cock out slowly, then pierces it back at once
“Aa, A, AAaah, No, don’t, stop, Aaah, AAaah, Aa, Aaaa….”
Kerebryl rejected him, but her face looks like she can’t get enough of it.
When he was pulling it out, Kerebryl is surely experiencing an amazing pleasure.
I can’t keep my eyes off her. Yuela too is staring at her fixated as Kerebryl’s rectum is being penetrated while her eyes are melting in pleasure as she looked at me.

“How about this ?”
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu-
The managers inserts and removes his cock quickly as he tried to stimulate the anus with his glans’ neck.
“Aah, Aa..uu, Nh, Nh, Nn..uu,  Ah, Aah, Aaah….”
Kerebryl put more power in her ass, she seems to try to strain it.
She tighten her anus to clench the manager’s cock while her butt is bouncing and trembling.
“Ooh…., so tight…..”
The manager seems to like it as he starts to thrust his waist stronger.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Aaah, Ah, Aah, I’ll cum… from my ass…. Aah, Aah, Aaa..uuuu….”
Kerebryl can no longer support her figure. Her upper body crumbled on the floor.
She just kept her buttocks high to receive the manager’s intense thrust.
“Nnhaaaa, Ah, Aah, Nn….., Ah, AAh…..”
The manager seems to be near his limit. He vigorously pulled his waist back and thrust it all the way inside Kerebryl’s ass.
“AAah, AAah, A, Aah..Cum…. from my ass…. I’m going to cum….AAh, Aaa, No…AAaah”
With her cheeks on the floor, Kerebryl stares at me sideway while shaking and trembling.
She’s already reached the climax from her ass.
“OOoh, it’s…coming!”
-pan- -pan- pan-……..-pan!-
Finally, he thrust his cock all the way in and released his semen into Kerebryl’s rectum.
“AAh, AAh, AAaaAAahh!”
-biku- -biku- -bikun-
In response to the manager’s ejaculation, Kerebryl’s ass also twitched as she orgasm followed by her whole body shivering.
“Nh……., Aa……..Aaa……”
Against the long awaited great climax, Kerebryl looked at me with a happy face.
With a smile on her face, she is immersed in the afterglow of orgasm.
I saw Kerebryl orgasm from anal sex for the first time and ejaculated too.

“Fuu….Phew…, Customer, your anal is awesome”
The manager looks quite tired, but the meat stick that he pulled from Kerebryl’s ass still looks healthy.
“….Customer, I think I can give one more service again to you”
He speaks to Yuela who was sitting nearby
Yuela’s body jolted when she heard him. She had both of her hands in her crotch, it seems like Yuela was comforting herself. While looking at Kerebryl having anal sex, she probably rubbed her own body.
“Would you like to do it in the ass too Customer ?”
“I…., I….”
Yuela shook her head like she was scared while looking up at him, Yuela doesn’t have experience with anal, and it seems like she’s saving her chastity for me.
“Well then, allow me to taste your masterpiece once again”
He moved behind Yuela, and purposely took off her panties from one leg. Then he shifted her brassiere down and exposed her big breasts.
He grabbed the back of her knee and lifted Yuela up with her panties hanging from the thigh. It’s like the pose of someone carrying a kid to help her pee.

“Customer, you asked him to look at you earlier right ?”
Yuela who tried to protest was silenced by the manager’s words.
“Let’s show it off”
the manager spread Yuela’s legs open. Yuela’s place down there, and also the hole in her ass, I can see everything clearly.
“Do you understand, customer. If you didn’t say your words clearly, people might misunderstand it.
Let’s show it properly now”
“Aa…… Say it… clearly….?”
Yuela is trembling in embarrassment while thinking of something”
“Fuehehe…., For example, how about spread it out and show it ?”
The manager gave a suggestion while laughing
Yuela didn’t reply and stay silent, then with her face dyed red, she spread her vagina open with both hands
Yuela right now is being held in disheveled underwear appearance. The manager is lifting her from behind with his erect cock hanging below her.
Her breasts is exposed, her legs are spread open with panties hanging on her thigh, and from the depth of the cracks she unfold herself, semen is spilling out.
“….Look…here…..there’s a lot……inside….”
I nearly ejaculated just from watching Yuela said those words while blushing in embarrassment.

“Let’s show an even better stuff”
The manager bent his knee and stick out his hips. He adjusted the position of his cock toward below Yuela’s vagina.
Yuela silently supported the cock with her fingers and guided it to her entrance.
With the cooperation of Yuela, He inserted his cock by lowering Yuela’s body down.
Yuela swallowed the meat stick until it’s very end, she was looking at me with her whole body trembling.
“….Did you have a good look?”
I did. I can see the place where you’re connected with him clearly.
“Let’s show more of your obscene figure”
Yuela shivers from hearing those words. The manager lowered his entire body using his knees and begin to pull his cock out.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Nnnhh….., Ah, Aah, Aaaaah……, Amazing…, Aah, Ah, Aaaah”
With her everything exposed, Yuela ass shook as she receives the thrusting cock in her vagina.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Aaah…….., Aah………., Ah, Ah, Aaa…….., So good.., A, Aah, Aaaah….”
Semen began to seep out from Yuela’s vagina. It was mixed with her love juice and creates a white foam. The vulgar liquid soaked the manager’s testicle, and an obscene sound echoed every time his cock is inserted and pulled.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Nh, Nnh, Fuahh, Ah, There, it’s touching, Aah, Ah, Aah, Aaaa…..”
The mouth of Yuela’s uterus, her greatest erogenous zone seems to be touched by the glans.
Yuela’s ass is trembling and twitching from the pleasure.

“Customer, you still have some things you want to say right ?”
The manager weakened his thrust to make it easy for Yuela to reply while still keeping the rhythm of his hips.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Ah….., Aa……, Things I want to…say…?”
Yuela’s eyes is moist from the pleasure as the manager thrusts his cock, she stares at me with those eyes and shy face.
And then.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
Yuela is staring at me.
And then she said words that I and the manager didn’t expect
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Ah, Ah, Aaah……. I love you…..”
I thought my heart would explode
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-….
“Ah, Aaah…. I was… like this… but…., Aaah, But I, toward you….., Aah, from the bottom of my heart……., I truly love you, AaAAaaah!”
-bikubiku- -bikun-
Yuela told me she loves me from the bottom of her heart while being fucked by the manager.
While confessing her love, she reached orgasm from the manager fucking her.
From that confession of love filled with immorality, I spontaneously reached my climax too.

“…..Customers, all of you truly loves each other very much. I too, will give my best cooperation”
While swinging his entire body up and down like before, the manager also raises and lowers Yuela’s body with his arms and pound his cock to the mouth of Yuela’s womb.
 “AAaah, Ah, Ah, So good, Amazing, Ah, Ah, AAa…..”
Everytime his body hits Yuela again, Her breasts swaying up and down sharply.
Yuela who has reached orgasm earlier and turned sensitive right now let out tears from her eyes.
She was watching me while praising him and moaning in pleasure.
“AAh, Cumming, Ah, AahAAah….”
Her ass and thighs turned stiff as strength were focused on it, and her body begins to twitch and trembles.
“Yes.., cum, I’m going to let it out too”
The manager begun to thrust his hips strongly in rapid motion to prepare for ejaculation.
“Let it out! Pour it in! Aaah, Ah, Ah, AAh……, Aah, Cum-ming!!”
-biku- -bikubiku- -bikubiku-
Yuela’s body trembles violently, she bent her spine backwards from the strong orgasm.
“Ooh…. it’s pouring out”
The manager pushed his cock into Yuela’s vagina to its fullest extent.
It was an ejaculation with his glans penetrated the uterus mouth.
His cock pulsates greatly as it’s sending semen into Yuela.
“Aaa, Aaaaa….., pouring……., it’s pouring in……”
Yuela’s expression was drowned in ecstasy.
She was enjoying the taste of semen being poured inside her in front of my eyes.
“Again…..There’s a lot…….pouring inside…..”
Once again, Yuela smiled at me obscenely.

“Fuuh, Fuuu, Fuuu…..”
The manager pulled out his cock while panting and put Yuela down on the floor.
He is completely depleted.
“Fu……I’m really worn out….”
He choose a spot, and dropped his body down and sat.
Then he hugged Yuela and Kerebryl who was limp on the floor.
“With this, today service will be over”
The manager said so, and turn Yuela and Kerebryl’s head toward his cock and push it down with his hands.
Both of them started cleaning the manager’s cock without any resistance.
With this, today’s service seems to be over.

While watching Yuela and Kerebryl enthusiastically sucking his cock, I thought to myself
I wonder what kind of service it will be tomorrow ?
However while I was thinking about that, my wound started to hurt.

//²³TL Note
The manager is using a specific term to describe Yuela and Kerebryl’s vagina.
The general term he used is “Meiki Vagina” (Not to be confused with Meiki Vagina sex toy/onahole, those are western term), and it refers to the highest grade / a masterpiece for a woman’s vagina.
There are several type of it, and while he didn’t mention a name he is directly referencing to two of the famous one, the details is as follows :

Yuela’s one is ミミズ千匹 /Mimizu Senbiki/Thousand Worms
It’s characterized by the numerous amount of worm-like folds in vagina walls, when the vagina is clenching someone’s penis, the “worm wall” will rub the entire penis with its folds.

Kerebryl’s one is 数の子天井/Kazunoko Tenjo/Herring’s Roe Ceiling
It’s characterized by the bumpy textures just like a cluster of Herring’s Roe located deep inside the vagina, when the vagina is clenching someone’s penis, the penis glans will be massaged by the many bumps inside.
TL Note//


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    Lastly I think the author deliberating avoiding any netorare dialogue to those guys. Lol.

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    1. Well even the girls doesn’t have any concern anymore…they still felt guilty and always affraid that the MC will left them someday.
      I dont know if the curse is removeable, the novel hasn’t finished yet. Wait for future updates…


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