[Likes NTR] Episode 9 – Hotel Manager’s Service – Second Night

Episode – 9 Hotel Manager’s Service – Second Night

On the Goddess of Love Day, I woke up in a hotel room.
The excitement from yesterday seems like a lie. With a neutral feeling, I welcomed the refreshing morning.

As I get up from the bed, I can see the state of the next room from the Magic Mirror.
We’re in the hotel’s [Swapping Room]. It’s not normal room by any means.
Yuela and Kerebryl are already up and drinking their morning coffee. I should move to the next room too.

“Good morning, it’s a fine day”
“Good morning. …How’s the condition of your wound ?”
“Good morning. …Does it hurt ?”
When I entered the next room, both of them got up from the chair and came close beside me.
And then, they stick real close to me while worrying about my wound.

“It doesn’t hurt at all. I’m feeling better now”
“…Really ? …If that’s the case then good”
Yuela still looks worried, she gently places her hand on the bandage wrapped around my left arm.
Since she’s sticking perfectly to me, her big breasts is pressing against my body and it feels good.
Last night, these big breasts are being rubbed by the hotel’s manager to his heart’s content. There’s a complicated feeling inside me.

“…Hey, you didn’t lie right ?”
Kerebryl also stuck to me, she looked into my face with serious expression.
Her finely arranged face stands in front of me and I unconsciously looked at her pretty sakura colored lips.
Last night, these lovely lips are were sucking the manager’s cock.
When I was thinking about how these mouth were slurping yesterday, another complicated emotion that cannot be described spread in my heart.

“It’s true, I didn’t lie. Both of you, thanks for worrying about me”
Yuela and Kerebryl are particularly gentle to me the next day we’re doing something.
Perhaps because they’re feeling guilty. It’s fine. Everything is because of the [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness].

And then, a knock came from the door.
“Come in”
The hotel’s manager came into the room.
Last night, this man has become one of the other man in this world who knows the taste of Yuela and Kerebryl beside me.

“Good morning. Customers, the breakfast are ready”
“Good morning, thank you for yesterday”
I smiled and answered the manager.
“…Gu! …….No no…… It was a service”

After eating breakfast, we were relaxing in the lobby.
The guests last night seems to be taking a break here, there’s no other customer beside us
Today I only need to go to the hospital, there’s nothing else to do.
Yuela already bought our travelling food yesterday, but because I got hurt we need to postpone our trip for a whole day.
But I won’t apologize. I don’t want Yuela to blame herself again.
Besides, if the two of them got into trouble one day, I too will silently cooperate.
That’s what it means to take a journey together right ?

“I will go to the hospital soon”
“I’ll go with you”
As if trying to intercept me, Yuela replied.
“I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore”
Yuela looked at me with a sincere look.  Well, in close combat fight Yuela is far stronger than me.

“I will be waiting at the hotel, that way I can eat the delicious lunch too. For an escort, Yuela alone is enough right ?”
Kerebryl said a surprising thing. Just like she said, the food of this hotel is abnormally luxurious.
The manager’s service is much appreciated.

“…Kerebryl ?”
Yuela looked at Kerebryl with a dubious face.
“That’s why, both of you should have a nice date today”
Kerebryl has a very gentle look in her.
This is related to that isn’t it, that advice from the Border Guard Captain,
“…Thank you… Kerebryl”
When I looked at her, Yuela has a grateful face. She seems to be really happy.

“Well then, shall we go ?”
Actually, I also wanted to do something to make up to Yuela, so this should be a good opportunity
“Yuela, do your best”
Kerebryl narrowed her eyes and looks at Yuela with gentle face.
I love this part of Kerebryl.
Yuela looks really cute now

“The wounds are closing up neatly and it’s getting pretty dry. Should I draw half of the thread today ?”
Just like the doctor says, my injury seems to be healing well.
The wound still looks a little shabby, but it has become like a pink line stuck together.
Today, I drew half of the thread from both sides of the wound.
If it was the previous world, it’s impossible for the recovery to be this fast.
Magic is amazing.
Right now I’m waiting for the clerk.
“That will be 3 silver coins”
Today, the old miss is methodical too. I smiled and paid the money.
“Thank you very much, Onee-san”

While leaving the hospital, I thought to myself while watching the bandage wrapped around my arm. Captain, sorry I wasted your warning.
“Looks like it’s healing well, that’s good”
Yuela smiled happily next to me. She’s right, and now it’s the time for our date. I want Yuela to have fun.
“Yeah, it’s good. Then, shall we ?”
I grasped Yuela’s left hand with my right hand and clasped my fingers around hers.
Yuela also grasped my hand back with a happy smile. She has a happy look on her face.

“It’s still a bit early, but how about a lunch ?”
Yeah, this is how the face of the woman I love should be.

We ate lunch at an open terrace cafe, right now we’re enjoying the desserts and tea while chatting.
“That piercing suits you”
“Yeah, I bought it yesterday. Let’s visit that shop together later”
I’d like to give some gifts to Yuela. By the way, I have never given anything to Yuela until now.
Yuela smiled happily. It’s been a long time since we have a relaxing time like this.
I love this kind of time.

“I’m going to the bathroom for a moment”

When I came back, Yuela was spoken to by an adventurous-style man at her seat.
Yuela looked expressionless and completely ignored the man.
It hasn’t even been that long since I went to the toilet. I wonder if that man is trying to make fun of me. I’m a bit ticked off now.

When I called her out, Yuela smiled brightly and the adventurer-like guy glares at me.
His arms are built like a log, but I’m not scared. Should I do it ?
“…Let’s go. Don’t mind the noise”
Yuela stood up and hugged me in my arms.
The adventurer-like man’s eyes turned round after seeing the difference in Yuela’s expression.
“Yeah, sorry to keep you waiting”
My mind also cleared up, who cares about that man.
Now, let’s enjoy the continuation of the date.

“Welcome. Oh ? Onii-san, did you bring your girlfriend already ?”
The lady in the workshop greeted me, she is wearing a ethnic costume different from yesterday.
Me and Yuela were roaming around and visited the workshop from yesterday.
“Yeah, in commemoration of our date, I would like to give her something”
Hearing my words, Yuela’s usual cool expression turned erratic. She was really surprised.
“…Is it ok ?”
Yuela asked with her cheeks flushed
“Of course it is”
Of course Yuela, I want you to be happy. Besides that, your underwear yesterday was really sexy, of course I can’t say those right now though.

“What would be good ?”
“…If it’s from you, anything is fine”
Yuela responded while facing downward. I wonder if she was deeply moved.
It might be my imagination, but her eyes looks moist.

“Hmm, I wonder what would be good for your girlfriend…. That’s it! How about piercings like your boyfriend ?”
Yuela also pierced her ear. After glancing around the workshop, Yuela obediently followed the workshop lady’s proposal.
“…There’s quite a lot”
Certainly. This section are full with women’s accessories.
Even the pierced earrings are quite a lot. Well, it’s for women after all.
Yuela is looking around with serious expression.

“…Hey, Onii-san. Your girlfriend is very beautiful”
The workshop lady chatted with me in small voice.
“Yes, She’s the girlfriend I’m really proud of”
I also replied with small voice.
“Onii-san, quite the man aren’t you”
The lady is grinning. When I tried to answer her, Yuela tugged my clothes.
“……Let’s choose together”
Yuela looks like she is sulking.
Ah that’s right, Yuela sometimes can be pretty jealous.

For the time being, I apologized. Then I started to choose with Yuela.
I went around saying stuff like ‘this looks good’, ‘that looks good’.
After all when shopping, the most enjoyable time is when you’re choosing.
“Hey, this one looks like it will suit Yuela”
Suddenly, I noticed that Yuela focused her attention toward sapphire piercing.
“…Is that so ?”
Yuela answered with reserve.
“But that one is pretty expensive Onii-san. It goes for 1 gold coin”
The workshop lady is worried about my pocket.
Actually, I’m rich.
If it’s only 1 gold coin, then it doesn’t matter.
That’s why I can always act carefree.

“It’s fine Yuela. Shall we get this ?”
Yuela hesitates after hearing the price.
“Do you dislike it ?”
“Of course not, I’m really happy. But… just me alone….”
Not only the price, but Yuela also cared about Kerebryl.
Well, actually I mind her too.
“Yeah, don’t worry. Of course I will give a present to Kerebryl too.
I would like Yuela to help me choose. …That’s why, please receive this”
“…Yes…. Thank you”
Yuela replied with lovely face.

“…Today was really fun”
Yuela talked while smiling.
Recently, I feel that Yuela’s expression has become more dynamic and lively.
“I’m glad if Yuela is having fun. After all it’s our first date”
When we left the workshop, it was already near evening.
We are holding hands and walked down the main street toward the hotel.

Yuela stopped her feet.
I stopped too and stared at her. The sapphire piercings on her ears are shining.
“…I love you”
Yuela smiled with soft expression and said so.
“…Me too. I love Yuela”
I answered and kissed Yuela.
……I remembered her immorality filled confession from yesterday, but that’s a secret.
“…I’m really happy”
Ah… If it’s for the sake of this smile, then I will do anything.

“Yuela, those really fits you”
While smiling, Kerebryl embraced the shoulder of Yuela softly.
“…Thank you”
Yuela responded shyly, but she sounds happy.
“…It’s really beautiful”
Kerebryl smiled gently, but there’s a hint of sadness within her smile.
“There’s a present for you too Kerebryl”
“…Eh ?”
It seems that Kerebryl didn’t expect it.
She was surprised and her eyes went wide open.

“I hope you like it”
I took out the ruby piercings. Kerebryl also pierced her ears, and since she’s the passionate type I thought red color would suit her. Yuela also agreed with me.
“…You’re giving me one too ?”
The surprised Kerebryl turned happy and her cheeks are flushed.
“Of course”
“…. I see”
On the wall of the room, there is a one way mirror.
With her cheeks still dyed red, Kerebryl slowly exchanged her piercing while watching the mirror.
“…It’s beautiful”
While watching the mirror, Kerebryl muttered with ecstatic voice.
“It looks really good on you”
“Yes. Kerebryl, you look beautiful”
Me and Yuela agreed it looks good on her.
It matches her brown skin and silver hair.

“Thank you. I’m… really happy…”
Kerebryl sheds a tear from her eyes and then She hugged me strongly and tightly.
I can smell her sweet fragrance when I gently hugged her back.
“…Why can’t today be the God of Darkness day…”
While clinging to me, Kerebryl muttered in small voice.

After that, I came down to the lobby.
Right now, those two are surely talking about today’s date.
When I saw the hotel’s manager, I called him out
“Ye-Yes!……What is it, Customer ?”
He seems to be still wary against me.
“I want to consult you about something. You’re a veteran after all. Can we talk for a bit ?”

The manager and I faced each other while sitting down on the lobby chair.
“I’m really thankful for your service. So please relax and just talk to me casually”
When he replied to me, he breathed out heavily and shakes her fat body.
It seems the tension has left his body.
“I’m a cowardly person deep inside. ….in the past, this city was easier to live in…
Well then, what do you want to consult about ?”
“Yeah. The truth is, I gave piercings as a gift for Yuela today at a workshop”
“That black haired customer right”
“Yes, I also bought one for Kerebryl.  ….And then, at that time. I saw Yuela glanced at a Ring inside the shop”
“What do you think ?”
“….Customer, that’s obvious isn’t it”
Right now, the manager’s brain showed it’s brilliance.
“I already understand that all of you deeply love each other.
But, there was the matter of [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] in your relationship.
…I’m sure they’re anxious. They want to feel relieved not just by words and actions, but also with something tangible”
“Is that so…”
“I understand. Please leave it to me”
He hit his fat chest with his palm.
“But for that, I need to consult something too…”
The manager face suddenly relaxed.
“For tonight service, I want to call my acquaintance. It will be necessary, and I’m also at the age where I can’t give a satisfying service by myself”
Perhaps it’s because of [Likes NTR], my heart is beating really loudly.
Even thought I truly love Yuela and Kerebryl from the bottom of my heart….
“Who are you calling ?”
“Yesterday, there were two people in the lobby when all of you came”
Then the sense of tension returned to the manager’s face.
“Oh, the one you called Chemist and Foreman”

Right here, I thought to myself.
If, Yuela and Kerebryl don’t dislike it, then that kind of act might actually happen.
“…That will depend on whether Yuela and Kerebryl wished for it”
The manager breathed quietly hearing my answer
“…Well then, Customer. How am I supposed to explain it to them I wonder…”
The manager is thinking really hard.
In the end, his head is still slow.
“Do the two of them have any special skills ? Stuff like massaging, or something that will be good for beauty ?”
The manager’s face shines brightly.
“There is. That’s right that will do. ….Fuhehe”
I learned something. When the manager is thinking of something perverted, he will do that strange laugh.
“……Stuff that those two dislike is forbidden ok. Please communicate it well”
I replied his smile with a smile.

We finished our dinner and everyone was relaxing in the lobby.
Yuela and Kerebryl are chatting in a good mood.

“Customers, there are some people I would like to introduce…”
The manager brought two men with him. It was the men I saw in the lobby yesterday.
I remember both of them have lust filled eyes yesterday.

“This person has been running a pharmacy for a long time. He’s a man with good knowledge of cosmetics.”
“Thank you. Misses, I will do anything if it’s within my capability. Please leave it to me if it’s a matter of cosmetics.”
The chemist is thinner than me. Today he greeted us with a refreshing smile.

“This man is a skillful craftsman who own a workshop”
The manager introduced a man with solid body this time.
The foreman is looking at us without saying anything. He has a stiff face.
To be precise, he’s watching our face.
“Foreman, what’s wrong ?”
The manager seems to be confused by the attitude of the foreman.
“…No, nothing. I’ve heard about your situation from the manager”
The foreman still has a difficult face when saying that.

“Customers, how about it. Would you like to receive service from the three of us today ?”
Yuela face lost all its expression. She’s staring at the three people silently.
Kerebryl too is frozen while staring at the three people.
“…Please excuse me for a moment”
The foreman came in front of us with a serious face, he didn’t care about their stare at all
“During my time as craftsman, I’ve learned a little special skill myself.
…Well, it’s something like a fortunetelling, would you kindly show me your hands ?”
We were puzzled. I wonder what is he trying to do.
But since he said it’s something like a fortune telling, we showed our hands.
“Will this do ?”
The manager is looking at our hands seriously.
He looked at the palm, turning it over and touching the fingers.
He repeated this for the three of us.
“Ladies, be glad. I have good news for you”
The foreman face suddenly turns relaxed and pleasant. He looked like a different person.
“Your compatibility with this man is perfect. It’s really rare that one compatibility can be this good.
With a bond as deep as this, no matter what happens you guys will be okay”
Kerebryl and Yuela’s shoulder twitched.  Both of them look a little happy and their lips formed a smile.
“Non-non, foreman. Compatibility alone isn’t enough. Woman also need to put efforts to look beautiful. Especially against men, they care about beauty in visible form.”
Kerebryl and Yuela turned their gaze down. The chemist noticed that and the eyes in his refreshing face turned amorous.
“How about it, Customers ? Tonight’s service will be for the sake of your loved one”
The manager finishes it by asking that question.
These three people combination is quite formidable.

“…Today, what day is it today ?”
“Today is the Goddess of Love Day”
“…If that’s the case then, It can’t be helped. ……This is…for your sake ”
Yuela didn’t say anything else and just looked at me earnestly.
“…That’s right, it can’t be helped. …It’s for your sake after all”
Kerebryl too, looked sad and stare at me earnestly.
Don’t worry both of you, I understand.
For my sake, Both of you are going to accept today’s service…
A perverted service from 3 men…

I went to take a rest in the separate room ahead of the others.
I still count as an injured person after all.
I’m sitting on the bed, and in the next room I can see the figures of 5 people.
My beloved Yuela and Kerebryl, manager, chemist, and foreman.
From now on. The second day of the hotel manager’s service will begin.

“Customers, Both of you liked the mirror right ?”
The manager pulled a crystal ball from his pocket and started it.
A rumbling sound can be heard from the Magic Mirror.
Yuela and Kerebryl looked at the mirror with surprised face.
They were looking at me exactly eye to eye.
“Customers, this is a mirror…correct ?”
The faces of Yuela and Kerebryl flushed red.
Even I understand it. Right now the mirror separating the two rooms has turned into a see through glass. We can see each other side perfectly.

“….Correct ….it’s a mirror”
“…Yes, it’s a mirror. That’s why…It can’t be helped”
Both of them state the glass as mirror with red faces.
I’m not sure whether they’re being conscious of my gaze or because they were excited, but both of their eyes turned moist.
Yeah, it can’t be helped…
Because this is the [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness]…
Even if Yuela and Kerebryl are getting turned on from another man’s cock while seeing my face…
It can’t be helped…right ?

The three people who orchestrated everything laughed with a lewd smile at Yuela and Kerebryl.
“Fuheh…. Customers, shall we take off the clothes ?”
-shu- -shu-
As if they were waiting for it, they began to take their clothes off obediently with a shy face.
While watching them, the men take off their clothes with a satisfied face.
Everyone is naked.

“Ladies, we’re going to give you guys a good medicine to enhance your beauty.
Now, feel free to choose whomever you want”
The chemist says so and raises his meat stick up. His thing is a bit longer compared to the manager, but in exchange it’s also thinner.
“Ladies, you don’t need to fidget so much. Please choose quickly”
The foreman’s cock is thicker than the manager, fitting for his physique.
It’s trembling with expectation.
“Customers, let us decide it then”
Yuela and Kerebryl seem to be ashamed to pick a cock so brazenly in front of me.
They looked at the manager and nodded.

“I’ll go with this Ojou-chan”
The foreman said that and grabbed Yuela’s breast from the front.
“Nh, N….., Nn…”
When her breasts are grabbed by the foreman, Yuela looked at me.
She was confirming my appearance, seems like she’s pretty excited already as her whole body is dyed in sakura color.
“Hehehe. This Ojou-chan have a really nice pair of tits. I’ll never get tired massaging this”
The foreman’s thick fingers were half buried in Yuela’s soft breasts.
It’s like he’s trying to squeeze the breast to enjoy the pleasant sensation of being covered in its softness.
“N….., A…., Aa…..”
Moan started to leak from the mouth of Yuela.
Every time the foreman’s finger squeezed into her breasts, I can hear her voice in dismay.
“Hey hey, what’s this. This Ojou-chan have a pure face but in truth she’s quite the pervert.
Her nipples is already standing hard”
Hearing his words, Yuela turn her face in surprise and blushed.
Certainly, on the tip of her breasts which were free to transform its shape, the nipples are now erect and stiff.
“You wanted this don’t you ?”
When the foreman pinched her nipples while still rubbing her breasts, Yuela’s body jolted and she let out a loud moan.

“Well then, shall we serve our customer over here ?”
Beside Kerebryl, the manager is casually rubbing her breast with one hand.
He acted like it’s natural for those breasts to be rubbed freely.
Kerebryl glanced at me while her breasts are being rubbed, her head is facing down in shame.
“Please take care of me too, Ojou-san”
The chemist started to rub the other Kerebryl’s breast with one hand.
Both of her breasts are being rubbed by two men, each doing it their own way.
One is rubbing it like squeezing it, the other were copping a feel with his hand.
The identical part is the fact they were rubbing it to their heart’s content freely.
“Aah, A…..”
Kerebryl is looking at me with sadness and expectation mixed in her eyes.
“Aah, Aa……, N, Nn…… Aa…..”
The manager and chemist are caressing her breasts with different timing.
Kerebryl cannot bear it and started to moan.
“Ojou-san, I need your help for the sake of the medicine”
The chemist grasp Kerebryl’s shoulder and begin to push her body down.
The manager also followed through, and Kerebryl slowly folded her knees.
It’s like she is kneeling in Japanese style to greet the manager and chemist’s cock in front of her.
“Ojou-san, how are our things”
“Ah…, both of you have turned this big…”
Kerebryl gave her honest impression of the two throbbing meat sticks in front of her.
“Customer, can you stroke it ?”
Prompted by the manager, Kerebryl timidly moved her hand toward the cocks.
With her long fingers she held the two flesh in her hands and the meat stick responded by twitching.
“Aah……. it’s so hot…… and it’s throbbing so much….”
-Syu-……., -syu-……, -syu-……, -syu-……
Kerebryl began to slowly rub the cocks. The appearance of Kerebryl who held two cocks in both hands looks very lascivious.
“Ojou-san, rub it quicker”
“…Like this ?”
-Syu- -syu- -syu- -syu- -syu- -syu-
Kerebryl followed the chemist’s request obediently with a shy face.
She increased the speed of her handjob.
“Yes, yes. That’s good Ojou-san. ….See, the medicine is starting to leak out”
Precum started to leak from the tip of his cock. Every time Kerebryl’s hand stroked the meat stick, I can hear sticky wet sound.
“Customer, the medicine is supposed to be licked”
Hearing the manager’s words, Kerebryl looked at me slowly while still stroking the cocks in both hands.
-Syu- -syu- -syu- -syu-…..-syu-…..
“….I’m sorry”
With apologetic face, Kerebryl said sorry to me.
She bring her face closer toward the chemist’s cock in her left hand, then she opened her lovely lips and swallowed his cock.
She rubbed the manager’s cock with her right hand, and stroked the chemist’s cock with her lips.
“Nh, Nh, Nn……, Nhnh, Nn…..”
“That’s good, Ojou-san”
Kerebryl stimulates the glans between her lips. Then she swallow the cock deep in her mouth and focused on servicing it with enthusiasm.
“Nn….., Nh, Nh, Nn…..”
“Customer, can you suck this one too ?”
“Nh, Nh……. Haa…….,…..-amu-, Nhnh…..”
Kerebryl took her mouth off the chemist’s cock, then she immediately swallowed the manager’s cock whole and began to suck it. At that moment, she also didn’t forget to treat the chemist’s stick with her hand.
“Nh, Nh, -jyuru- -jyuru- -chupa-….”
Kerebryl hold her saliva inside the mouth, covered the cock with her lips and tongue and sucking it back and forth.
-chupa- -chupa-, -zuzozo-….., Nh, ­­-chupa-….”
After the cock was sucked deep inside her mouth Kerebryl licked it with her tongue to take a breath.
Against the passionate blowjob of Kerebryl, the manager groaned while enduring the pleasure.
“Ojou-san, me too…”
“N, N…….. Haaa…, …­-amu-, -chu- -chupa-……. -rero-, Nnn….”
Kerebryl responded immediately when the chemist called her with an envious voice.
While holding the chemist’s cock in her hand, she sucked the glans and chewed it with her lips, then proceed to stimulate the shaft.
“Nnh……. ­-rerorerorero-……-chu- -chupa-…..”
Kerebryl continued servicing the cock aggressively.
She licked the back side of the glans with her tongue while caressing the glans thoroughly with her lips.
While doing that, she threw me a flirtatious glance casually.
Electric stimulus ran up my spinal cord.
While Kerebryl is looking at me like that, she grabbed the two cocks with both hands and guided the glans to the front of her mouth.
-chu-……. -chu-…….., -rerooo-, -rerorero-…..”
Kerebryl is starting to feel pleasure from the embarrassment.
With a red face, she kissed the two glans in order, and then she began to lick the two at the same time.
“Fuehehe….. Customer, seems like you’re excited too”
The manager look downward at Kerebryl while laughing lewdly.
“It seems like you’re pretty accustomed to giving blowjob to two men”
The chemist is also watching Kerebryl’s face with a perverted look.
-chupa- -chupa- -chupa- …., Nn, Nh, N……..”
Kerebryl’s cheeks are getting redder from hearing their conversation, but she still hold both cocks in her hands. She held the two glans together and lick it like a candy.
I can see the Ruby earring in Kerebryl’s ear shining while the obscene service kept on continuing in front of me.

“Hehehe….. Ojou-chan, please suck me like those two”
The foreman took his hand off Yuela’s breasts and placed it on her shoulder.
“Ojou-chan, you’re a pervert aren’t you ? Then you’re good at sucking too right ?”
Yuela glares at the foreman.
“See there, that other Ojou-chan is currently licking two person together”
Hearing the foreman words, Yuela turn her gaze toward Kerebryl.
“Aa…. Kerebryl….”
Yuela face turned to red quickly as she looked at Kerebryl’s appearance.
“Hey Ojou-chan. Come on, do it quickly”
He pushed Yuela’s shoulder downward while urging her.
Although Yuela has a reluctant face, she obediently kneeled in front of the foreman.
“Suck it with those cute lips of yours”
The foreman ordered her, and Yuela glanced at me.
“……This is because I love you”
Yuela said it gently toward me.
She slowly bring her face closer to the foreman thick meat stick.
Her pretty sakura colored lips that just kissed me a while ago are now swallowing the foreman’s cock.
“….-amu-, N, N, Nnn….”
With his cock in her mouth, Yuela moves her head back and forth.
The foreman’s fat cock were swallowed up to the back of her throat.
“Nh, Nh, Nnn….. N, N..ku….”
“As expected of Ojou-chan. You’re really good…”
While watching Yuela deep-throating his cock, the foreman made a satisfied face.
“­-Jyupu- -jyuru- -jyururu- ……..-chupa- -churu-……”
Yuela gathers the saliva inside her mouth and used her tongue to lick the cock.
“Aah…….. That’s good……, Lick it more….”
Yuela kept sucking the cock with an embarrassed face.
Then upon the foreman words, Yuela looked at me with a side glance.
“Nh, N……… -jyuru- -jyurururu- …….”
Yuela stopped for a breath, and then she uses her whole mouth to service the cock.
“AA……. This is irresistible……I wonder if I should shot one inside Ojou-chan…”
When those words leaked from the foreman words, Yuela glanced towards him.
And then, she moves her head back and forth faster.
“Nh, Nh, Nh, Nh…….. -jyuru- -jyuru- ….”
Yuela continues her blowjob service enthusiastically to make the foreman ejaculate.
“Aah….. That’s nice. I’m going to let it out. Ojou-chan, drink it ok”
“Nh, Nh, Nh, Nh……”
With her hand, she grabbed the cock on its root to support it.
Then with her tongue and lips, she stroked the glans neck nimbly.
it was a swift movement to stimulate his ejaculation.
“Oooh, it’s out, drink everything”
The foreman grabbed Yuela’s head and began to ejaculate in her mouth.
Yuela also squeezed the semen out by sucking it.
“NNnh, N…….. N..kuu….. n..kuu…., n…ku……, n…… n, n…..”
Yuela looked like she was in pain for a moment.
She accepted the semen in her mouth, squeeze it in her throat and drink everything.
“Fuuh……., Ojou-chan, you seemed to be used with drinking semen”
“N….., ­-puha-…”
When Yuela took off her mouth, a thread of semen were drawn between her tongue and the cock.
Yuela turned red as she glanced at him.
“Hey, there’s still some in the back”
The foreman cock is still stiff and hard, he put it in front of Yuela’s nose.
Yuela glares at the foreman, but she quietly put the cock in her mouth in a snap.
And then just like that, she begin to suck the remaining semen in the urethra.
In her ear, the sapphire piercing is shining.

“Ojou-chan, that’s enough. You’ve sucked everything”
The foreman stopped Yuela by patting her head gently.
“Good job, Ojou-chan”
He caressed Yuela’s hair, but Yuela looks unwilling and pushed his hand away.
Yuela stand up and turn her face away with a pout.
“Oh my, can’t be helped. Manager, switch with me”
“Fine by me”
The manager happily swapped place with the foreman.
“I will use this customer next”
Yuela twitched when the manager said the words use.
“Yeah, I’m going to savor this Ojou-chan next”
While holding the chemist’s cock, Kerebryl twitched when the foreman said the word savor.

“Stop, foreman. I’ll be the first to taste her”
The chemist said so and pushed the foreman who moved behind Kerebryl.
“I always have a harder time going after your fat one”
The chemist said that while making Kerebryl stand up and made her stick her ass out.
“Hehehe, is that so ?”
The foreman moved in front of Kerebryl, and Kerebryl let herself be grabbed by him.
“Ojou-san, I’m really excited too. I’m going to give you the medicine soon”
The chemist grabbed Kerebryl’s butt, and put the tip of his cock over her vagina.
“You’re already this wet huh”
He smiled happily and pushed his cock inside Kerebryl.
“A, Aah….., AAaaahn….”
Receiving the stimulus from a cock being inserted into her, Kerebryl trembled and let out a sweet moan.
“Fuuu….., How is it Ojou-san. Do you like my thing ?”
The chemist clings perfectly against Kerebryl and savored her to his fullest.
“HAaaa.., It’s long….., it’s going all the way….”
Just from inserting it alone, Kerebryl’s uterus is stimulated by his glans.
Her faces changes as she can’t resist the pleasure.
“Ojou-san too, you’re far better than what I heard. This bumpy feeling, it’s amazing”
While whispering to her ear, he gently rubbed Kerebryl’s ample breasts from behind.
“NNh, Nn……, n…..”
“You understand right, Ojou-chan.  If women swallowed this medicine, they will become more beautiful. The first one will be thick and strong, I’m going to give you plenty of it”
The chemist begin to grab her buttocks and begin swinging his waist back and forth.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“AA.uuu…, A, Ku……, Ah….., Aa…..”
He moves fiercely yet delicate enough to pierce it straight inside Kerebryl.
Her body is shaken back and forth and her big breast are bouncing and swaying around.
“Haa……, AAah, Ah……, Ah…….”
Kerebryl put her hands on the foreman’s shoulder. She tried to cling to him to catch the impact of being pushed from the back.
“A..uuuh, Ah, Ah……, Aa….., Nh….”
“Ojou-chan, You have good breasts too”
While looking at Kerebryl’s bouncing breasts, the foreman smiled happily.
He pinched the shaking nipples with the fingers on both of his hands.
“NNnh, Nn..uuu…., Aa, ku…., Aaaaah….”
With the combination of intense stimulus from her back and the new stimulus from her front, Kerebryl writhe in pleasure and let out a seductive moan.
“Ah, Ah…… Aaah……. Ah, Ah, Aa……”
In the back, there was the chemist fucking her fiercely.
And in the front, there was the foreman fiddling with her nipples.
It was a spectacle that incite one’s lust.
“Ojou-san, I’m going to come soon, ok”
The chemist warned Kerebryl, he moved his hips like he was trying to smash it against Kerebryl’s waist.
Her lovely ass changes it shape from the shock every time their bodies hit each other.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Ah, Aa…uu……, It’s… It’s inside……so deep..it’s so good….., N, Nh, Nnn….., Aaah…..”
Kerebryl’s waist is trembling because of the fierce thrust that reached her womb.
And then at the same time her nipples are being twisted, which makes Kerebryl scream in pleasure.
“Nn…uuu…, Aah….uu…, n, ku……, Ah, Ah, Ah, Nnh, Nh……”
When her body were being shaken back and forth from behind, she looked at me.
When her eyes met with mine, her whole body trembled violently.
“Ha, Aah…… No….this isn’t……, Ah, Ah, Ah…….. A, A…, AAaaaaaa…hhh!”
-biku- -biku-
When Kerebryl noticed our sight overlap, she protested and then climaxed.
She cling to the foreman’s body as her whole body went rigid.
The chemist put his hand on Kerebryl’s ass and injected his semen directly into her.
Their waist are sticking thoroughly.
“Aaahh…, Aa……., this…this isn’t….., you’re wrong….”
While staring at me, Kerebryl makes excuses and shakes her head left and right.
However when she said so, her body is trembling delicately as it’s basking in the sweet afterglow of orgasm.
“Fuuuu…., Ojou-san, it’s unmistakable you know.  I’ve already given you plenty of medicine”
The chemist whispered to Kerebryl in satisfaction.
As if trying to show its evidence, his cock drew a semen thread between it and Kerebryl’s vagina when it was pulled out.

“It seems the preparation has been done nicely, thanks to Foreman”
The manager reached his hand bluntly to Yuela’s vagina.
There’s a wet sound coming from it.
“Ah…, Nh, Nn….”
When Yuela’s vagina is being stirred by his fingers, she twists her waist around.
It looks like Yuela is waving her ass.
“I’ve already known lots about you, customer”
The manager circled his arms around Yuela’s stomach from behind.
And then he sat down on the floor bringing Yuela with him.
Then just like that, he laid on his back on the floor.
He lifted Yuela’s waist and guide it to his cock.
“Here, this is your favorite position”
When the manager told her frankly, Yuela blushed in shame.
Then with her face dyed red, she looked at my side
We were staring at each other. Yuela has a distressed expression on her red face.
Then she silently put her finger on the manager’s cock.
Yuela kept silent.
Her body position shifted, then her place down there were spread open by the upright meat stick.
“…..I truly love you….but….I’m sorry…..”
Yuela speak to me with moist eyes, then she lowered her back and inserted the manager’s cock
“Ah, A, Aa…..”
In front of her beloved one’s eyes, Yuela connected herself with another man.
“You prefer it like this don’t you”
Using his knees, the manager widened Yuela’s legs.
Her legs is stretched open and I can see the cock swallowed all the way to its base.
“Ah……, A…….”
Yuela seems to be ashamed, but her voice also sounds like she’s pleased.
“I still remember well the place where customer feel the best”
The manager said so and grabbed Yuela’s waist, then he began to move her back.
Yuela’s upper body fell down over him, only her face is facing over here.
Their figure can’t be any lewder than this.
-jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-
“Nh, Nn…… Ah, Ss..sto……., Aaa….”
His cock is pulled out until its glans neck and then he thrust it until it’s root with one stroke.
When her womb entrance is being knocked hard, Yuela writhe upon the overwhelming pleasure.
“Ah, Aa…., Inside…..,  my inside….., no…stop……, Aah, Aahaaah….., Nh, Nh…….”
From her vagina, white love juice leaked out, the manager’s cock which were going in and out furiously were wet and sticky with it.
“Aaaah……. A… kuu……. It’s…. embarrassing….. please…. don’t lo….., Ah, Aaaa…..”
Yuela doesn’t look away, even as her body trembled and shuddered from being fucked by the manager she kept looking here.
Her face is showing its embarrassment from being fucked in front of me.
“Aah, Aa…., Ah, Ah….., I’m…. I’m being seen…., Aaah….., Aah….”
Yuela drowns in more pleasure as she emphasize being seen by me.
Shyly but also to make herself seen by me, she spread open her legs widely.
“AAah, Ah, AAa.., AaaNn…….,. NnhAaaa…… Aaaa……”
The manager also moves his waist fiercely. With his cock, he pushed the body of Yuela up.
Her big breasts is swinging and bouncing around.
-jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-
“AAa.., Fuaaa….., Aaaa……, No….., I’m going to…….”
Power came into Yuela’s body, her body is getting stiff while it’s shaking and trembling.
-jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-
“Aaaah, Cumming, Ah, Ah, Ah, Aaaaaahnnn!”
-biku- -bikubiku-…..
Yuela orgasm while showing the part where she is connected to me.
With her womb pushed up, she trembled in ecstasy.
“Uu…., It’s coming out”
The manager pressed his glans head to the uterus entrance and ejaculate directly into her womb.
Yuela is shaking her waist as if trying to squeeze everything out.
“Aa, Aaa……., I’m being seen….. while it’s pouring in……”
Yuela muttered shyly while showing the ejaculation going on inside her vagina.
The manager cock then slipped out while his semen stays inside Yuela’s womb.

“Now it’s my turn”
The foreman said so and turned Kerebryl’s ass toward him.
“Ojou-chan, I’ve heard good things about you”
The foreman push his waist toward Kerebryl’s hip, he spread her gaps down there with his glans.
Kerebryl’s body twitched.
Her place that was made to cum several times by the chemist is now being penetrated by the foreman.
“Heheheh. This is awesome…., the rough feeling is better than what I heard”
The foreman is fully enjoying the rough feeling of Kerebryl’s vagina wall.
“OOh…, It’s overwhelming…., Let’s go, Ojou-chan”
While immersed in savoring Kerebryl’s taste, he moved his waist calmly but with strong thrust.
“Aa……, Nh, Uu…..nn…., A, A, Ah…..”
Kerebryl’s body is pushed forward from the foreman’s strong momentum.
“Here, Ojou-san. Grab me”
“A, Ah, Ah, AA…… Nnh, A, uu…….”
Kerebryl clung onto the chemist, she accepted the violent impact from the foreman with her whole body. Under her face, the chemist lifts up his cock.
“Hey Foreman, sorry about that. It’s sticky with my medicine right ?”
“Nah, I don’t mind it. I like being the second person, It’s slippery and feels good”
“That rough feeling is unbearable right ?”
“Yeah, it’s the best. Just like the manager said, it’s a masterpiece”
There was a nasty conversation going on above Kerebryl.
While they were talking, the foreman keeps pushing up against her.
“Aaah, A, A, Aah, AAah….., N, Nnn…..”
Kerebryl let out sweet moans, and her waist is shaking like it was trying to express the pleasure from the foreman.
“Ojou-san, please make mine clean”
The chemist said so and pushed Kerebryl’s head down to make her suck his cock.
“NNnh, N……., N, Nn……”
Kerebryl swallowed his cock, she was cleaning it using her mouth while panting.
The chemist started to move his waist back and forth.
“N, Nku…., Nh, Nh, Nkuu……”
While being fucked from behind, Kerebryl tangled her lips around the chemist’s cock and serves him enthusiastically with her mouth.
Kerebryl seems to be used to it.
“Nkuuu……, N, N, Nh…… Nkuu…..”
Cocks are pushing up against her lower and upper mouth.
The impact from those looks like it will break her thin waist.
“N, N, Nnh….., Nku, Nkuuu…..”
When Kerebryl catches the impact, her thin waist looks like it swelled up.
Her face is intoxicated in pleasure from the two insertion.
“Haaah….., alright, it’s clean already”
The chemist pulled out his cock from Kerebryl’s mouth.
-puha-….., Ha….., A, Aah, Nnn…..”
When her mouth was set free, she was moaning as if the fire of passion was lit inside her.
“Ojou-chan, what if I do this”
The foreman lifted one of Kerebryl’s leg, making her looks like a dog going to pee.
It was a position that show off their joined parts.
The place where the two are connected is displayed clearly even if one doesn’t want to.
“Aaaah, Don’t……… Ah, Ah, Aaaah, It’s embarassing…., Nooo…Aaaahn….”
Kerebryl stared at my face, she states her embarrassment while being fucked.
However since she was standing with only one leg, her figure was unstable and she can only cling against the chemist.
“Aaaahn, Wa-, Wait…., Aaah….., Aaaa…., Nh, Nnh……., NNnn……”
Kerebryl’s vagina is drenched with the mixture of semen and love juices, it was squeezing the foreman thick meat stick.
“Ojou-san, let’s come together”
The foreman grabbed Kerebryl’s raised leg firmly and begin to move his waist fiercely.
The thick meat stick are going in and out from Kerebryl’s place with great momentum.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Nh, Nnnh, Ah, Ah, No, No, Ah, Nh,  Don’t-….”
With vigorous movement, the joined parts of the two are giving out lascivious sounds.
Kerebryl was saying no, but meanwhile her body is trembling as she was letting out rhythmical voice of pleasure.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-
“Ah, Ah, This is-, don’t look….., Aaah….., Nooo, Ah, Ah,  Aaah….”
Kerebryl body is cramping and twitching, informing that her climax is close.
The chemist moved as fast as possible and began to rub Kerebryl’s big breast that were shaking greatly.
“Ah, Ah, Ah, Aa….., Cumming, AAaaaahn!”
biku- -biku- -biku-…
Even if she is rejecting it, Kerebryl’s body orgasm frantically.
Her body shakes up and down as it was squeezing the cock tightly.
It’s like her body moves to squeeze the semen out until the last drop.
The thick cock pulsates greatly as it sends semen into Kerebryl’s vagina.
“A, Aa….., it’s hot…..”
While shivering finely, Kerebryl is savoring the hot semen puring inside her vagina.
“……That was really amazing, Ojou-chan”
When the foreman pulled out his cock, long white thread was drawn.
Kerebryl apologized to me with her face lost in ecstasy.

“Now, everyone. Let’s settle down on the bed next”
“Agreed, fuheheh. it’s time for that huh. ……Customer, this time it will be my turn”
The manager nodded his head upon the chemist’s proposal.
He held Kerebryl over her shoulder, her leg were unsteady as they walked toward the bed.
“Ooh, that huh. …..Yosh, Ojou-chan this time I’ll be with you”
The foreman also brought the limp Yuela to the bed
He and the manager laid their back on the bed, their position looks like the shape of katakana “ハ”
Yuela and Kerebryl were straddling them respectively.
“Ojou-chan, I’ve heard about it. Apparently your place is amazing with lots of folds in it.
Please teach me about it too”
Yuela put her knees around the foreman, she looks like she’s riding a horse.
She put her hands on his chest, and her ass is floating above his cock.
Yuela is silent, she looks a bit reluctant.
“Ojou-chan, please believe me. No matter what happen, it will be fine with that Nii-chan”
Yuela shuddered and looked back at me.
“That’s right Ojou-san. So come on and take the foreman’s medicine to make yourself beautiful, right in here”
The chemist said so and spread open the cracks in Yuela’s place down there.
Then just like that, he pushed  it down.
Slowly and calmly, the foreman’s meat stick entered Yuela’s place.
“A….., A……”
Yuela didn’t go against the chemist.
With her face dyed red, she obediently swallowed the meat stick with her mouth down there.
“Aah, Aaaah…..”
The foreman’s thick cock spread the entrance of the vagina wide, and Yuela caught the cock inside her until it’s root.
“Aaah….., This is….. really thick….”
Yuela couldn’t resist the pleasure from the insertion.
Her arms lost its power and she supported her body using her elbow.
“Oooh, amazing.  So this is your taste….. There’s lot of small folds squirming and crawling around me. What a nice feeling isn’t it”
The foreman gripped Yuela’s ass with both hands.
The fingers in his hands dig into her ass as he tries to press it against his cock.
He pierced his cock until its deepest and enjoyed the taste of Yuela’s vagina.
“Aah….., Fuaaa….., A…..”
Yuela’s beautiful vagina is spread open to its brim.
This is my first time seeing Yuela connected with another man in face to face woman on top position.
“…..Ooh, the tightness is amazing.  Fuu, Ojou-chan, please move. It’s slippery inside thanks to the manager’s semen, can you feel it ? It should be easy to move”
Yuela stay silent, then she start to move her beautiful ass in swinging motion.
“If you’re this good, then that Nii-chan should be crazy about you. Am I correct ?
Aren’t you glad, Ojou-chan”
Yuela glared at the foreman, however she kept her ass moving as she scorn at him.

“Fuehehe…..  Customer, this would be my third medicine today”
Nearby, Kerebryl was in similar position like Yuela earlier.
She was straddling the manager with his erect cock below her hovering body.
“I’m going to savor your roughness until the end with this, I’ll give you lots of medicine too”
The manager grabbed Kerebryl’s ass and pushed it down, inserting his cock to Kerebryl’s vagina.
Kerebryl’s vagina is already soaking wet. A perverted sound can be heard when she accepted the manager’s cock inside her.
“Ooh……, Since you’ve been doing it many times, it’s really sticky and wet inside here. It feels really amazing”
As if to prove his words, from the place where his cock and Kerebryl’s vagina connected, whitish liquid is leaking out. The liquid isn’t composed only of semen, but also Kerebryl’s love juice.
“Even then, the place where you feel it is still bumpy as ever”
Kerebryl became ashamed and bent her body over. But that move only looked like she was trying to invite the manager.
“In addition, your body is really thin, but it’s carrying this amazing irresistible big breasts”
The manager began massaging Kerebryl’s big breast by lifting it and moving it around in front of me. He is enjoying the pleasant weight of the flabby meat fully.
“Customer, your body is truly the best”
“Such thing…”
Kerebryl’s sexy body is being praised and she turned embarrassed.  However, that obscene body right now is being penetrated by the manager’s cock and it was trembling in pleasure.
“Could you move, customer ?”
Kerebryl turned her gaze down and turned silent.
She dropped her body down like she was trying to hug the manager and began to shake her waist silently.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Ah….., A, A, A….., Aa…..”
Kerebryl is good at using her waist in cowgirl position.
With her waist as the fulcrum, she shook her large ass up and down.
The cock is being pushed in and out with a long stroke.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Ah……, A…., Aaa…….”
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-

“What an amazing waist movement, customer. It’s like you’re trying to show it off”
Suddenly, Kerebryl turned her face backward.
Her eyes met with me, and her face is stained red in shame.
“Aaah…, No, Don’t look…..”
Kerebryl stopped moving. However, I can feel her embarrassment turned into pleasure as she squeezed the manager’s cock.
The manager groaned from the unbearable pleasure
“Ojou-san, that’s no good. That Ojou-san is working hard over there see”
Hearing the chemist’s words, Kerebryl looked at Yuela.
“Ah…., Kerebryl…..”
On top of the foreman, Yuela is shaking her beautiful ass up and down.
While being seen by me, she is pushing a cock in and out of her vagina.
Looking at Yuela, Kerebryl’s face turned sad, but there’s also hint of jealousy inside it.
Kerebryl looked back at me again with an apologetic face, then she began to shake her butt again.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
The waist moves like it was trying to show off to me.
Kerebryl is shaking it with an embarrassed face that looks like it’s about to cry.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Aaahh….., A, Aa……
Even so, the amount of love juice that seeps out from her vagina keep increasing.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-

“Hey, Ojou-chan. Can you move your waist just like her over there ?”
Hearing the foreman’s request, Yuela stopped moving and stare at her neighbor.
Her cheeks is dyed red as she saw how Kerebryl moves her waist.
“Aaahn….., Yuela…..”
Kerebry’s is waving her ass obscenely, she looked back at Yuela with an ashamed face.
“Ojou-chan, how about teaching her”
Hearing the chemist’s words. Kerebryl stopped moving
With an apologetic face, Kerebryl took a peek at me.
Then, she timidly extend her hand and put it on Yuela’s waist.
“….Yuela, over here. Lower your hips and stick out your ass…”
“………………..Like this…?”
Yuela obediently followed Kerebryl’s instruction with her cheeks red.
While still connected with the foreman, she lowered her hips and stick out her ass.
“…..Yes. Use this place as fulcrum, and move your ass significantly. And then…….. then…..”
Kerebryl is ashamed, she can’t explain it until the end.
“…That’s no good, Ojou-san”
The chemist moved next to Kerebryl.
“If you’re going to teach, you should do it until the end”
Against Kerebryl who is currently connected with the manager, he inserted his finger over her asshole.
Kerebryl’s body is twitching.
“Come on. Ojou-san”
The chemist moves his finger in Kerebryl’s asshole like he was trying to stir it up.
“A-aah, Yuela…..”
With both of her holes buried, Kerebryl looked at Yuela in bright red face filled in shame.
“And then…. show it off lewdly….to him….”
Kerebryl looked at me, Embarrassedly and apologetically.
Yuela’s face is also red.
Then she looked at me with embarrassed face.
And began to shake her ass while staring at me.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“N….., A……, Aah……”
Just like how Kerebryl taught her, Yuela is shaking her ass greatly up and down using her waist as fulcrum.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Ah….., Ah, Ah……, Aa……”
Like trying to show me their connected part clearly and lewdly, the cock is pushing in and out with a long stroke.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Ah…., A,a, Aa…..”
“Ah yes, Ojou-chan, this is it. Aren’t you glad you learned a good thing”
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Aaah… This is….”
Yuela shook her head shyly.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
But she didn’t stop shaking her ass.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
The amount of Yuela’s love juice increased and it was turning the foreman’s  cock wet and white.
-Jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-
“Ojou-chan, nice job”
The chemist pulled out his finger from Kerebry’s asshole.
“I’m going to give you a reward”
He covered the hole with his cock instead, then he opened his Item Window.
He pulled out a Lotion, and drips it over his cock and Kerebryl’s hole.
“Hyaa…. It can’t be……..that……, No, don’t….”
Kerebryl twisted her body while saying no.
But, she is still connected with the manager and her big ass is sticking out even more toward the chemist.
“You’re going to be fine customer. After all you love anal don’t you”
The manager spread Kerebry’s ass open with both hands.
The chemist’s glans which were resting on top of the hole is being swallowed as the gap widened.
And then the chemist cock entered inside.
Kerebryl accepted meat sticks in both of her holes.
With two cocks pressing inside her, her back is trembling and twitching.
“Ojou-san, this is double penetration”
“Ah….. This…..is…..A…mazing……”
The cock in her vagina and asshole were inserted all the way to their base.
Kerebryl answered him with a sweet and shivering voice.
“How is it Customer. Feels like you’re going to get addicted to it right”
“Aah……, This is…… the first time……, Aaah…..”
Kerebryl’s ass is cramping as it was twitching up and down.
The hole in her ass and vagina were contracting with small movement like it was trying to squeeze the cocks.
“Ojou-chan, can you feel it ? My thing is hitting your womb from behind”
“Aaa……, I can……it’s..hitting…”
Kerebryl has totally accepted her first double penetration.
Although it hasn’t even started to move, her face already looks like she can’t take any more pleasure.
“Since you’re weak in the back, if the two of us touched it together I’m sure it will feel real good”
Kerebryl is leaking out voice full of expectation.
And then slowly, she looked back at me. There was tears in her eyes.
“…..I’m sorry. ……please forgive me……. I truly love you but…..”
Kerebryl begged for my forgiveness with an apologetic look.
There were two cocks pierced in her vagina and ass as she said that.
it was truly a vulgar figure.
“….I can’t….. hold it anymore…… both of you…. move…. please move~”
With a face that looks like she’s about to cry, Kerebryl let me heard her begging perversely
“Fueheh. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you plenty of it”
“Ojou-san, here I go”
In response to Kerebryl’s request. The manager and chemist started moving together.
“Aaaahn, AAaaaah….”
Both of her holes scratched at the same time, Kerebryl is letting out a high pitched moans.

“Ojou-chan, those people over there started something amazing”
“Aaa…….., Kerebryl….. …..Amazing…”
Yuela let out a sigh. She forgot about moving and were staring at the threesome that looks like they’re devouring each other.

The manager and chemist fucked Kerebryl with breath-taking movement.
The two people movement echoed a loud noise, they pulled their cock at the same time and then simultaneously pushing it back until it’s base.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-…..
“Aaahn……., A, A, Ah……, It’s….. it’s thick…, Nh.., Aa…….., Ngh…kuu…..”
“This is really tight. The bumpy wall is rubbing in close contact against me, it’s so great”
Thanks to the intense movement of the manager, the mixture of semen and love juice inside Kerebryl’s vagina began to foam.

Her womb entrance was poked strongly by the glans, giving her intense pleasure.
Kerebryl keep making a sweet loud moan the whole time.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-…..
“Ahn, AAa……., Nh, Nghkuu….., N, M..my ass….., my ass, it feels goood………aaahn”
“Your asshole is the best Ojou-san”
Kerebryl’s asshole is spread widely by the chemist’s cock.
When the cock pierces her, the entrance of her womb was poked from behind.
And when the cock is pulled out, the glans neck gouged the rectum.
Kerebryl let her expression go unabashed from pleasure.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-…..
“Yes, Aaah……, so rough, aah……, Ah, Ah, Ah, AAaa…… This is, Amazing….., N, Nh……”
The manager and chemist were moving their waist as if it was detached from their body.
The two cock keep stimulating the womb entrance simultaneously.
With those two sensation at the same time, Kerebryl is drowning in pleasure.
I saw Kerebryl lost herself this much from immorality for the first time.
“AAaa, Aah, Nh, I’m, I’m going to, Aaaahn, Cum….., Ah, Ah, Ah, Aaaaa…..”
The two holes were pounded hard with the cocks, and Kerebryl was shaking with a rhythm.
As her orgasm comes near, her bouncing ass started to cramp up.
“Aah, Ah, Aah, No, I can’t, Nooo…..”
The manager and chemist also started to thrust their waist in shorter stroke.
Those three then breathed in, and escalated toward their climax.
“Aaaaahn….., Aaah, A, A, A, AAaaahn!”
-biku- -bikubiku- -bikun-…
Kerebryl’s whole body cramped and trembling from the fierce orgasm.
Her silver hair swayed from the shaking.
Tears dripped on her cheeks with her mouth opened and her tongue sticking out.
At the same time Kerebryl climaxed, the manager and chemist also reached their limits and ejaculated deep inside the uterus and rectum.
“Ah….., Aaa………, Both are……. coming out………, aa…….”
Hot semen was pouring in both of her holes at the same time.
Kerebryl’s face is still warped from pleasure as she savored the taste of strong ejaculation.
“Aaa….., a…….I’m…….sorry…..”
She murmured with a voice that sounds like it’s going to vanish.
“Aaah… this is….too amazing”
While shedding tears, she was smiling perversely.
“Ffuu…..Fu……. It was really tight…….. This is why I can’t stop doing double penetration….”
The manager’s cock lost its power and slipping out.
From Kerebryl’s vagina, the semen from three people were dripping out.
“Ojou-san, this is the secret of beauty”
When the chemist pulled out his stiff cock, it might just be my imagination, but Kerebryl’s face looks lonely.

“Ojou-chan. We should do that too”
“Wha-, No way….”
Yuela frowns her eyebrow and looks repulsed.
“But you see, that Ojou-chan looks like she feels really good isn’t she”
Yuela kept silent while frowning. But her vagina looks like it was clenching down.
“Hehehe…… Ojou-chan seems to be motivated”
“Wrong….., I’m…..”
Yuela denied it shyly, but her place down there was cramping, it’s as if it was trying to squeeze the foreman’s cock.
“Ojou-chan, do you have experience with anal ?”
The chemist came behind Yuela. She was looking at the pretty hole in her butt while caressing his cock.
“There’s no way I have….”
Yuela answered weakly
The manager spread Yuela’s ass with both hands.  The hole in her ass widened naturally.
Yuela let out a voice of shriek and anticipation.
The chemist put his face closer to Yuela’s ass, and he touched the hole in there with the hardened tips of his tongue.
Yuela was licked anally for the first time, she spontaneously clenched the hole in her ass.
The chemist doesn’t mind it and kept licking and tickling the hole in her butt with the tip of his tongue.
“Nnh……, Nh, Nku…., A, Nn……”
The hole in Yuela’s ass gradually become loose.
Without delay, the chemist inserted his tongue inside the opened hole in Yuela’s ass.
“Nh, Nnh……, It….it’s in……, Nh……”
With his tongue, the chemist started to explore Yuela’s anal.
He begin to lick the wrinkles in her hole.
“NNnh, Nh, Aa, Aah…… It’s…shameful….., Aah….”
The chemist carefully licked the wrinkles in Yuela’s beautiful asshole, He stretched it one by one as if trying to unravel each of it.
“Nh……, Ah, AAah….. Why….. both of it….., A, Aah, Aaah……”
With the foreman’s thick cock inserted in her vagina, Yuela was pleasured in both holes and she can’t bear the pleasure.

“Ojou-san seems to have disposition for anal”
The chemist released his mouth, he opened his item window and put out a lotion bottle”
“….Such disposition….. I’m not happy of it”
Yuela face downward and answered with rough breathing.
“But still, you want to be stimulated like that Ojou-san over there aren’t you ?”
The lid of the lotion bottle was opened, the chemist then drips it’s content into the hole in Yuela’s ass.
“A-…., It’s…cold….., it can’t be…..”
Yuela looked back and glared at the chemist.
He doesn’t care and poured the lotion over his cock too.
“Now now, Ojou-chan. If you’re that scared, I’ll pull mine out”
The foreman raised Yuela’s waist and pulled out his cock.
A sticky thread was drawn between his stick and Yuela’s place.
“Aaa……., It’s not that kind of problem……., Aahn…..?”
The chemist covered the hole in Yuela’s ass with his glans head.
“Ojou-san. The first time of anal is important”
The glans spread open the hole in Yuela’s ass, half of it was embedded.
“Even if you have disposition for anal, it won’t be comfortable unless you first develop it well”
“Aah…… A……”
The biggest part of the glans was inserted.
The holes in Yuela’s ass was spread out to its fullest.
“I’m going to train your anal”
Yuela looked back over my side.
Her eyes looks sad and it was shedding tears.
But, even if she dislike it she didn’t run away.
“……..I’m going to be….trained…… I’m sorry……”
“AAh, AAaahn……!”
The chemist inserted his cock anally until its root.
And with that, Yuela has given her anal virginity to a man that she just met.

“Fuuu……, it’s very tight. The squeeze hurts a bit……. As expected, the first time is nice”
“U, Aa……, Aaa……”
Upon her first anal insertion, Yuela’s limbs turned tense and stiff.
She was breathing out with her mouth open.
“Do you get it, Ojou-chan ? It’s different from the other insertion before”
“AAah….., Aa……., I….understand….., it’s ….pressing me in…..”
Yuela replied and nodded, she was feeling the cock which was inserted deep into her rectum.
From her vagina, semen and love juices are dripping out.
“Ojou-chan, loosen the power in your body more. I’m going to help you”
The foreman sucked the bouncy big breasts in front of him.
he rubs the breasts gently with his hands and roll his tongue along the nipples.
“Aaah….., A, Aa……., Aaah…….”
The tension in Yuela body has become lighter.
She obediently receive the pleasure from her breast being caressed.
“It should be adapting soon. ….Ojou-san, I’m going to move”
The chemist slowly pulled out his cock until it’s glans neck, then he insert it again until its root.
“A, A, A, Aaa….”
He moved slowly, and the cock was moving in and out smoothly.
“How is it Ojou-chan, do you like anal ?”
“Aaaahn……, when it’s…..pulling….., Haaah, Aahn…., it’s digging out….Aaahn…..”
Yuela is starting to feel pleasure from anal.
The chemist keep moving his waist while watching Yuela’s reaction.
“It’s great when I insert it deep right ?”
“Y….Yes…., A, Aah……, my inside….. it feels good….”
While the chemist keep moving, her body which was penetrated anally started to shake.
It was trembling sweetly.
-Nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu-
“Ojou-san, you truly have disposition of liking anal”
“Ah, A, A, A, Aaah……., My ass……. my ass…….,Aaah……”
The chemist accelerated the speed of his waist.
Yuela body was greatly shaken back and forth, once again tension entered her limbs.
“Ojou-san, anal sex should be pierced straight like this, remember it ok.
Don’t forget to teach this to your boyfriend”
“I….I undertand….., A……Aa……”
Certainly, the chemist is inserting it in the anal straight.
The cock is stabbing in like it was sliding.
Yuela answered to the chemist that she understand, and then looked at me.
“Aaahn, Ah, Aa……., Aaaaaahn….!”
-biku- -biku-
Yuela saw my face and the immoral pleasure made her cum from anal sex for the first time.
her body convulsed as she was savoring the pleasure in her ass.
“Aa….., A……”
While still penetrated by the chemist, Yuela is basking in the afterglow of orgasm.

“Ojou-chan. it’s fine now right ?”
Below Yuela who has just orgasmed, the foreman’s cock was standing up ecstatically and pushing against Yuela’s lower body.
“I’m sure it will be a good memory if you were having double penetration at your first anal sex”
“Wha-……, No, don’t……., both of you together…,it’s…..”
It seems Yuela has woke up from the afterglow of climax after feeling a meat stick pushing against her down there.
However, her body was still trembling sweetly from the climax and it was missing its power.
“I can’t hold it anymore. I’m sure it will be fine, Ojou-chan is a pervert after all. I’m sure you’ll come to like it”
When Yuela tried to protest, the foreman hugged her and stabbed his cock over her place down there.
His thick cock is spreading the entrance of her vagina and pushing in inside.
“Aaaah……, Aaaaahn…..”
With two cocks inserted into her body, Yuela writhes and bent her body.
“Ojou-san, this is double penetration”
“Aaah…,. This…..is……, A……, A…….”
“It’s so narrow and tight, it’s unbearable……., You too right Ojou-chan ?”
“Aaa……., Amazing……, this is…… great……”
Yuela is enjoying the feeling of her first double penetration.
The holes in her ass and vagina were spread open, it took the two cocks inside all the way to its base.
“I can’t wait anymore”
The foreman grabs Yuela’s shaking breasts from below with both hands and thrust his cock from the bottom.
Yuela’s butt is lifted towards the chemist.
“Me too, my medicine is about to come out”
The chemist sandwiched Yuela’s thin waist with both hands, and thrust the cock in the anal.
This time, Yuela’s butt was pushed down toward the foreman.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
The foreman and chemist rhythmically and alternately thrusts their cock.
It was a breathtaking coordinated movement.
“AAaah, Ah, AAah……, Aaaaaaah, Ah, Ah, Ah……”
The entrance of Yuela’s womb is struck by the foreman’s cock from the bottom.
At the same time, the chemist is pulling out his cock and its glans was gouging out the anal.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
“AAaaah, Aah, Ah, Nnnh….., Aaah…..Aaa…….”
Then next, the foreman is pulling out his cock and its glans neck was scrubbing the vaginal wall.
At the same time, the chemist is pushing his cock deep inside and rubs the entrance of the womb from behind.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
“NNh, Nh, Fuaaahn, Amazing, Ah, Ah, Ah,…. So good, Both of it, So good……..”
Yuela is receiving pleasure continuously from both holes at the same time.
While looking at Yuela overwhelmed with pleasure from double penetration, electricity ran up my spinal cord. This is my first time seeing such immoral Yuela.
-jyupu- -nupu-
“As expected, this ojou-chan is a pervert”
-jyupu- -nupu-
“She’s feeling it in her ass really quickly”
-jyupu- -nupu-
“A strong willed woman is usually like that”
-jyupu- -nupu-
“She’s enjoying her first double penetration this much”
-jyupu- -nupu-
“Her body is nice too. This breasts is incredible”
-jyupu- -nupu-
“This waist and ass too, it’s unbearable”
There was a nasty conversation going on across Yuela.
The one they were talking about is my beloved Yuela.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
“Ojou-chan, can you feel me and the chemist rubbing inside you”
“AAah, Aaah, I can, A, It’s good, Ah, Ah, Aaa…”
Yuela nodded in understanding, she is answering while moaning.
Her body is trembling and shuddering from the overwhelming pleasure.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
“Ojou-chan, the three of us will cum together, got it ?”
“Nnhaaaaa, Aah, Together, quick, Nh, Nh.., I’m going to….., Aaah….”
From Yuela’s vagina, obscene liquid was leaking out.
It was dripping and soaking the foreman’s testicles.
Yuela’s body is starting to cramps and twitching from the intense pleasure.
She’s tightening the holes in her vagina and ass.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-
“Ah, Ah, Nnhaa, AH, Aaah…..”
The foreman and chemist begin to swing their hips with furious momentum.
Together with Yuela, the three of them collected their breath and continued their focused act toward the climax.
“Nh, NNh, Ah, Ah, Cumming, Ah……”
And then finally, the foreman and chemist pushing up against Yuela at the same time.
“Oooh…., coming…..”
“It’s…. it’s out…..”
The foreman and chemist released their hot semen in the deepest part of Yuela’s vagina and ass.
“Nnh….., Nnhaaaahn….!”
-bikubiku- -bikun- -bikun-
Yuela’s body is twitching and convulsing. it was squeezing the two cocks upon its climax like it was trying to devour it greedily.
“NNn…….., N, Nh……, Aaaaan, Nnh…..”
While her body is cramping up, the holes in her ass and vagina tightened and squeezing out semen from the two cocks.
“Nh, Aaa………., Haa……., Haa….., Nh……”
Yuela immersed herself in the afterglow of climax and gazed at me with painful eyes.
Yuela said she love me with two cock plowed inside her.
“Our medicine is effective right”
The chemist pulled out his cock and moved beside Yuela and the foreman.
“Ooh, I’ve let out plenty”
The foreman thrust his wet cock in front of Yuela’s nose.
“It was good, Ojou-san”
The chemist also arranged his semen soaked cock in a row.
Caught in the middle of it, Yuela turned faint and began to lick the cock alternately.
“Customer, that was good too”
The manager too, is being sucked by the tired Kerebryl.
“With this, today’s service is over”
And thus, seems like the second day service is over.

God of War Day, the morning of our departure has arrived.
We have finished breakfast and everyone is drinking tea in the lobby.
Both Yuela and Kerebryl are feeling a bit nervous, yesterday’s service was really intense.

“Customer, can I have a moment ?”
The manager approached us while smiling.
“What’s wrong?”
“Please take this”
He opened his Item Window, and pulled out a box filled with plenty of medicines and a memo.
“It’s a medicine for travelling. The usage and dosage are written in the memo”
“….Thank you, but are you sure we can take these ?”
“Of course”
This is surely a service from the chemist.
To be honest, the idea of bringing medicine never crossed my mind.
That’s why I’m really grateful, this will help a lot.
“These are for the women customer”
This time, he gathered a couple of small bottles and put them on the table.
“It seems to be a special skincare product”
“…You sure it’s fine ?”
“…I’m glad”
The faces of Yuela and Kerebryl shine brightly. They’re girls after all.
The two of them began to take the bottle in their hands and start chatting.
When I looked carefully, bottles of lotion for anal sex are also mixed in.
But me, Yuela and Kerebryl pretended to not notice it.

“And then, customer. This is your ordered goods”
The manager pulled out three rings and handed it to each of us.
It was a matching silver rings with exquisite engraving in it.
“Please try it”
Yuela and Kerebryl are watching the ring with flushed cheeks.
They seem happier compared to when they got the piercing.
“….You sure?”
Yuela and Kerebryl moved timidly.
And then, obviously, the ring fits into the ring finger on their left hand.
“….It’s perfect”
“….true, It’s perfect”
Both of their eyes are shining as they’re looking at the rings.
When I saw those two smiled happily, I too turned happy.
It’s thanks to the manager.

“This morning, a craftsman delivered it. They were working on it all night”
“…Is that so”
“…Thank you”
Yuela and Kerebryl stayed quiet, but they surely noticed it.
The master of workshop where we bought that piercing is that foreman from yesterday.
The ring should be perfect.
Yesterday, when he was watching our hands and finger, he was wearing the face of a professional craftsman. He was measuring the size of our finger at that time.

“How much it will be ?”
“Everything is part of the service”
The manager answered with smile.
“…Thank you. your service was the best”
I stand up and grabbed the manager’s hand and thanked him.
It seems like The ring is a service from the foreman.

“Please make sure to get a proper ring someday”
“…Yes, got it”
“…Yes, someday. …..I’ll be waiting for it”
Yuela and Kerebryl looked up at me with warm eyes full of expectations.
That’s right. Let’s solve the [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] quickly.
When that time comes, everything will be good.

“…Well then, it’s about time we go”
“Yeah. ….Yuela?”
Yuela doesn’t rise up from her chair and looked embarrassed.
“Yuela, what’s wrong ?”

“I have pulled out all the threads. You shouldn’t expose the scars to sunlight as much as possible.
That way, the scars will be inconspicuous”
It seems my injury has healed. The scars formed a thin pink line.
The doctor is as good as its reputation.

Now, while waiting for the clerk, I thought to myself.
While I’m going to the hospital, Yuela said she wanted to take a break at the hotel.
I’m going to pick her up after this.
I couldn’t ask about such a thing, but there’s no mistake that Yuela are responding well to her first double penetration. She was really feeling it yesterday.
The manager was worried when I was going to the hospital, but Yuela strongly refused.
What should I do if Yuela and Kerebryl loved double penetration ?
There’s no way I can do that by myself…

“Today will be 2 silver coins”
While I was pondering over those, the clerk called me.
“Seems like it has healed nicely, that’s good”
I didn’t expect her gentle words, I was surprised.
“Thank you very much, Onee-san”
Just like her, I smiled and then paid the money.
I’m sorry I thought of you as old miss yesterday, Onee-san.

I was attacked by a robber again.
I thought my heart would pop out of my mouth from fear.
It happened on the way back from hospital while I was walking along the alley together with Kerebryl.
I saw a boy holding a short bow in the narrow alley beside the main street.
I couldn’t believe this. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else around.

“…Don’t move”
Firstly, the boy said a warning.
I was being targeted with a bow in broad daylight.
What a crazy turn of event.
The boy looks like he’s in his teen, this might be his first robbery.
He is trembling and looks like he’s about to cry.
“…Take out your money”
I know I was being targeted, the arrowhead are facing my body straight.
“…..There’s a white gold coin in my pocket. I’m going to take it out slowly….. ok ?”
The boy nodded, almost crying.
I took out the white gold coin slowly as to not stimulate the boy.
“…Put it on the ground, slowly”
His body is shaking and rattling.
If that tremor is transmitted to his finger, I will be killed regardless of the boy’s intention.
I was afraid of that.
I endured the fear and slowly put the white gold coin on the ground.
There’s the possibility that I’m going to die, but there’s no possibility that I’m going to be killed.
“We’re going to raise our hands and go to the wall slowly, …ok ?”
The boy nodded, he is crying already.
When I started to raise my hand and walked behind, Kerebryl walked before me like she’s trying to shield me.
“It’s fine”
That doesn’t answer my worries. We shouldn’t stimulate that boy.
We should have went to the wall like this. The truth is, I do want to protect her but…
The boy jumped sideway, he grabbed the white gold coin and ran all the way to the main street.
It took some time until he disappeared from sight, I silently watched the boy ran off.
“Are you alright ?”
Kerebryl shook my body worriedly
“… I’m alright, Thanks to Kerebryl”
“I see. ….That’s good”
Kerebryl doesn’t think about herself at all, she’s just worried about me.
“What a city…”
Kerebryl muttered while looking at the direction the boy ran off to.
“…That child, I wonder if he will be alright”
And then I murmured. I’m worried about that boy.
I wonder if Kerebryl likes kids.
Speaking of which, Did the mugger I killed have a family…? Did he have a child… ?
Kerebryl is looking anxiously at the spot where the boy disappeared.
I silently watched the beautiful figure of Kerebryl for some time.
It seems I can still like this world.


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    1. Yea also thinking about just dropping. Really reluctant to read on, since even the girls are starting to swing on it. And yuelia not going together is suspicious af


      1. Suspicious? Are you a virgin or something? Woman just got her first anal. She just can’t get up from the chair because of the pain. Not only her first anal, but also a DP. I’m actually amazed Yuela can took it on the butt like a champ without prior training with plugs or even fingering. That’s a dragonkin for you, tough as fuck.

        Advice for the virgin you. If you finally pop up your cherry and want to try anal, don’t spontaneously jam it in if your partner doesn’t have prior experience like this chapter. At worst the woman will break her asshole’s muscle and even bleed. Start with fingers first for about 3+ intercourse. After you think she’s ready, you can put it in, and don’t forget the lubricant.


    1. Just read it with Google MTL… I dont wanna be a di*k that always giving the spoilers. Although the MTL is messed up.. You can understand a little…


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