I’m Really a Superstar

I’m Really a Superstar IRAS

Author: Chang Yu

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803It's getting boisterous at Central TV! 8 months ago

Translator: LeggeEditor: Legge

Two days later.
Caishikou. At Zhang Ye's parents' house.
He unlocked the door and opened it. Zhang Ye returned home, pulling his luggage and carrying several bags into the house. The moment he stepped in, he immediately smelled the aroma of pork ribs. His mother was busy cooking in the kitchen and his father was also helping her make lunch for Zhang Ye.
"Dad, Mom!" Zhang Ye greeted them.
His mother smiled. "Son, you're back?"
His father came up to him. "Are you tired? Did you suffer a lot?"
"I'm not tired, but I kept thinking of home-cooked food," Zhang Ye said with a laugh. "For the past two months I've been filming, I've tried many different cuisines from a lot of places, but I just couldn't get used to them and still prefer the taste of home."
His mother was very happy to hear that. "Alright, alright, all you know is flattery."
Zhang Ye said, "But it's true."
At this moment, Chenchen emerged from the bedroom. "Zhang Ye, did you buy me any presents?"
Zhang Ye rolled his eyes at her. "I went on a business trip. Did you really think it was a trip to enjoy myself? No presents."
Chenchen's sharp eyes caught sight of a large bag that Zhang Ye was holding in his ha

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