The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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179The Brave One Wins! 8 months ago

Translator: Irene_Editor: X

Shi Xueman, who was in midair, started bursting out in laughter. She had witnessed all that happened below and was simply unable to hold it in.

All the anger, self-reproach, and guilt that were devouring her flew out of the window in an instant. Freed from those terrible emotions, she became very relaxed and felt that she must have been possessed earlier.

Had she not already known from the start that she would not be like her father? It was just that the daily praises and flattery had fed her ego and made her arrogant.

Her eyes cleared and her irritable heart calmed.

The path she wanted to follow was endless, and at that unattainable, distant end stood the blurry, yet majestic, view of her father’s back. He was like a big mountain, attentively watching her unsteady steps.

Her father must have slashed through countless thistles, thorns, and ferocious beasts before reaching that point. He must have crossed over vast bodies of water, passed through violent storms, and endured the bone-chilling cold of boundless glaciers. Furthermore, he withstood bone-piercing loneliness, carried deep scars all over his body, and travelled alone before arriving at the peak.

How coul

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