The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

4.6 (379 ratings)

180Why isn’t it a Treasure Chest! 8 months ago

Translator: Irene_Editor: CakeHermit

Shi Xueman slowly regained consciousness.

Having a breakthrough in the midst of battle had caught her off guard and she’d almost lost her life. Every elementalist yearned for a breakthrough, but because unpredictable situations could easily arise, it became very important to be prepared for one.

Knowing this, it became obvious that Shi Xueman lacked experience. There were signs which would present themselves whenever a breakthrough was near, but only seasoned elementalists would recognize them and prepare for it.

Gradually recovering, Shi Xueman felt the strange condition of her body even before opening her eyes.

Her limbs were bound tightly by someone from behind. She was unable to move an inch.

That was…

She fell into a short daze. This familiar feeling triggered a certain memory that she had tried so hard to forget. It came back to her now, clear and distinct.

In the dark, every single detail was so clear, as if it happened just yesterday. That indescribable feeling of shame and humiliation was like an electric current circulating throughout her whole body, causing her to tremble uncontrollably.

She’d thought she had already forgotten that event, but when

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