The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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184City-wide Mobilization Order 8 months ago

Translator: YHEditor: Lis_

Slightly surprised, Shi Xueman stared at the message tree.

She had no idea who Ai Hui was communicating with but didn’t pry. What astonished her was the message tree’s ability to communicate with someone who was outside of the city limits. Then again, this wasn’t some ordinary message tree but rather a specimen of the first generation.

Communication between Central Pine City and the outside world was nearly completely broken. The only message tree still fully active within the city was the one in the mayor’s residence. She had used it to communicate with her family after the outbreak of the blood disaster.

“May I use this message tree?” Shi Xueman suddenly asked.

Ai Hui waved his hand without looking and replied, “Go ahead.”

Shi Xueman found it laughable that a leaf from her own message tree was hanging on this one. Ai Hui would probably never guess that Shi Xueman was actually “a bad deal.”

A bad deal....

Shi Xueman’s amused expression became a grimace as she hung up a new leaf in place of the one she previously put up. She thought of her doting grandfather who must be racked with worry and came close to tears.

Reminding herself that she was much stronger

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