Author: Chai JiDan

Full Etrans: Anne Noh

Late at night, Chi Cheng wandered around [1] Houhai Bar Street

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Late at night, Chi Cheng wandered around [1] Houhai Bar Street. The copilot position was occupied by the listless and gloomy Xiao Chu Bao. Ever since Chi Cheng forcibly fed him with feeder hamsters, it had been in that state.

[T/N: [1] Houhai Bar Street is a popular bar street in Beijing.]

In a bar, a handsome bartender was counting the glasses dully. A figure brought him out from his reverie, making his eyes shined with peculiar look. He literally swooped past and threw his whole body to hang around Chi Cheng's neck.

"[2] Chi Shao, you haven't been here for a long time."

[T/N: [2] Chi Shao (池少) - Young master Chi ]

Chi Cheng glanced coldly at him, "Today, I didn't come for you."

"Looking for Xiao Bing Guo? He didn't do this anymore so the boss fired him." It was a fluke.

Chi Cheng looked as if he was in a poor condition, "It's none of your business whoever I'm looking for. First, get down from my body."

"I don't want." The young handsome man's ass was rubbing around Chi Cheng's lower abdomen, "If I go down, what will I do if you find someone else? I have dream of you for more than a month. It's not easy to make you come here. "

Chi Cheng pulled out a pile of money from his wallet and shoved it into the young handsome man's pocket, "take the money. Let me have some peace."

Unexpectedly, the young handsome man shoved back the money into Chi Cheng's hand.

"I do not want money, I want you."

After saying that, several staffs that were standing beside them smiled. They were used to see that kind of situation where customer will provide the money but they never saw the situation where the host will turn down the money.

"How long has it been since you let people fuck you?" Chi Cheng asked.

"There are people who are asking for me everyday," The young handsome man was twisting his waist, "but they aren't as good as you."

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