[Likes NTR] Episode 10 – Tea Party with Firearms Shop’s Siblings

Episode 10 – Tea Party with Firearms Shop’s Siblings

God of War day, I’ve reached the next town.
This town is a large scale one that acted as a hub for traffic.
Wherever you look, you can see high walls surrounding this place.

This town is located above the crossroad of highways.
If you go north, you’ll arrive at [Country of War],
If you go back to the west, there’s a backstreet headed to [Country of Commerce] that we’ve passed through.
In the south, there’s the capital of [Country of Industry].
And then in the east, the shortest route toward the [Country of Freedom].
But, the distance to the capital of [Country of Freedom] where the temple of Goddess of Darkness is located doesn’t differ much whether you’re taking the east route or south route.

It seems that a Gunsmith is living in a town located south from here.
It was a town located along the highway going for the Capital.
So since we’re here already, I wanted to see him.
That’s why for my convenience, we’re heading toward the [Country of Freedom] using the south route.

We’re supposed to spend our time today in this big town.
This place is famous for the production and distribution of weapons, probably because north of this place is [Country of War].
It might be called the [Country of War], but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a dangerous country.
It was a country excelled in military and military technology.
Not to mention, there was a trilateral alliance between it, [Country of Commerce], and [Country of Industry].

Yuela was looking forward to this town.
It seems this town was famous for its sword production.
We passed through the big castle gate into the town.

My first impression of this town is that it’s easy to get lost here.
It was arranged finely like the intersection of igo board.
Everywhere you look, it was all similar street.
It’s hard to grasp our current location.
However, since each street has a name, and a map is kindly set up in the main crossroad, I got used to it soon.

Certainly, there are many weapon shops including swords in this town.
The interesting thing about this place is the word sword attached to the name of the main street.
For example, stuff like 『Long Sword Street』where there were lots of shop selling Long Swords.
The whole town is protecting its industry.
I feel like I was in the city of cutlery in my previous world.

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』Is written in English by the author//

We booked a room in a small inn located relatively near the center of the town.
This inn is run by a young widow.

“Will you come back at dinner time ?”
Yuela replied to the widow. The time is still just around lunch time.
All of us will be accompanying Yuela touring the sword shops.
“Well then, We’ll be off”
“Have a safe trip”
Yuela acted cool as usual, but I know she was looking forward to this.

“This Knife, the hardening pattern is beautiful. It’s really nice”
“…Indeed, the hardening pattern is beautiful. It’s made from tamahagane, I’m sure it can cut well”
We’re now in the second sword shop.
Me and Kerebryl are chatting noisily while watching the knife displayed in this shop.
“Was this made using different steel materials ?”
“It looks like laminated steel……, but I think it’s from tamahagane. I have used a similar one in the past, it’s quite easy to sharpen”
Kerebryl turned down the shop clerk and put down the knife.
It was a movement of a person accustomed with one.
Knives really suit Kerebryl somehow.

Yuela is looking at the katana the shop owner brought in the back, they were talking seriously.
Kerebryl and I have nothing to do, but neither of us dislike knives so we were having a nice time.

“Hey Yuela, look look. This sword is nice”
“Uwaa~…. Amazing, what a sharp blade”
Yuela is holding a sword with a long and slightly curved blade, it’s quite the colossal sword.
It feels like something people would call ‘Human Cutter’, it looks amazing and sharp.

“…Hey,Yuela. Don’t you think this one feels nice ?”
Yuela held a piece of paper between her lips.
She extends her arm holding the sword straight.
She was looking at the sword over the light with a serious look.
It was a cool sight, it was like the appearance of a master.

“…You have a good lineup”
“Thank you very much”
Yuela put the sword inside its colossal sheath, with sharp eyes she handed it back to the clerk. Yuela was thinking with a difficult face, I wonder if she liked that sword just now.

“…Do you have other merchandise created by the same swordsmith ?”
“…This one”
The clerk is slightly nervous, he put a sword with a thick plain wood sheath gently in front of Yuela.
“Thanks, excuse me”
Yuela thanked him and rolled both sleeves of her kimono, she then pulled the sword from its wooden sheath.
It has similar curve and thickness like the one before, except, this one has the characteristic of a Katana blade.
Yuela swing the sword randomly with one hand without difficulty.
The clerk is looking at Yuela’s movement with eye of fear and adoration.
I don’t think there’re many people who can swing that heavy iron chunk like a twig.
“…It’s nice. The weight feels like attaching itself to my hand”
Yuela speak some hard to understand words, it’s probably something that can only be sensed by Swordsman. In any case, Yuela is swinging the sword well. I can see her white arm stretching out from the sleeve of her kimono which was rolled over.
“…Oh, indeed”
The shopkeeper answered while sounds puzzled. Following his eyes, I understand the reason.
Because Yuela has a big breasts, when she was swinging the sword like that, her melon-like breasts are bouncing around. He was trying to peek at the cleavage of her rich breasts from the collar joint.
“…You’re welcome”
Yuela put the sword in its wooden sheath and places it in front of the clerk.
He was sweating a lot and has red face. I can understand that feeling, sword dealer.
Yuela’s big tits are a treat for the eye, but at the same time it’s also a poison for your eyes, it turns you on right ?

I thought to myself for a moment here. This honest sword dealer, just like Oyaji at that inn, might be a ‘hit’ too. If there’s another opportunity, there might be some pleasant time for Yuela and me here.

“Hey, Yuela. Is that fine ? Was it because that sword is too expensive ?”
“…It seems so”
Hearing Kerebryl’s words, Yuela replied with low voice. She sounds a bit disappointed.
Then Yuela glanced at us.
“I still want to browse the sword in this shop, this place has a good lineup. …Both of you are bored right ?”
“Not at all, this place is unusual for me”
It’s my first time in sword shop after all.
“…No, it’s fine. Let’s act separately for now. We already made reservation in the inn”
“You sure ?”
It’s true that me and Kerebryl doesn’t have the eyes to discern sword, even if we stay here we won’t be of any use to Yuela.
“Well then Kerebryl, shall we ?”
“Alright. Yuela, see you later”
We waved to Yuela and decided to leave the sword shop.
“Yeah, later”
Yuela looked back at Kerebryl with gentle expression.
“Hmm? What is it”
Hearing Yuela called her with gentle voice, Kerebryl looked back with puzzled look.
“Good luck with your first date”
It seems that Kerebryl was a little surprised.
“…Yuela, thank you”
Yuela is planning to pay Kerebryl back for her first date with me right here.
Kerebryl answered happily with gentle expression. I too, have somewhat turned happy.

“Yuela is reliable huh”
I also wanted Yuela to have a good time. Not to mention, It’s the most fun when you’re in your favorite shop.

“Yuela, I think you shouldn’t compromise when you’re going to buy something really important.
You might regret it and saying something like ‘I should’ve bought that one’, so don’t leave any attachment”
“…Is that so”
Yuela nodded and smiles toward Kerebryl’s advice.

In my previous world, I also didn’t compromise when I bought my gun.
It was very expensive, It’s a custom gun from a small manufacturer where every part is almost handmade. I love that gun.

“Fufu….. But still, that’s quite mean of you Kerebryl. You know I can’t do that”
Yuela smiles, but she looks like she was pouting.
She swing her thin wrist which were extending from the kimono where both sleeves are rolled up to left and right.
it was a cute gesture which makes me want to embrace her.

“…It’s fine, Yuela”
I nodded towards her, That’s right, Yuela can rely on me.
I can understand that feeling too, the one where you feels like you want to give up before reaching your target. I feel like giving up and cheat my way by buying another gun many times.
In the end, I managed to buy my intended gun properly.
“I too, understand that feeling really well. I’ll be fine, believe me”

I urged Yuela, and so does Kerebryl.
If Yuela wishes for it, if it’s just one sword I can give it to her as present.
But I don’t know the normal price of swords in this world.

“If there’s no money, just work it out somehow”
I murmured lightly. In my case, I have some surplus, and there’s also that thing from back then.
When there is no more leeway, I wonder if I can do some job with the stuff I have.
For example my gun skills, my knowledge from another world and so on.
I think I could pull off something.
“…You sure ?”
Yuela turned red, and with her head facing down she glanced upward at me.
This face of Yuela is really cute too.

Kerebryl is in a good mood, she was walking while hugging my arm.
She’s sticking herself with me tightly, Kerebryl is aggressive as always.

While we’re walking like this, many of the men we passed are staring at her.
And then afterward, they’re looking at me enviously.

“They’re really staring”
“I’m sure they’re jealous of us”
With a sharp eye like a cat, Kerebryl is glaring at the surrounding man.
“Just let them watch”
Kerebryl laughed satisfactorily and clung to me even more.
It’s really pleasant when her big breasts touched my arm, and then there’s also her nice smell.

Kerebryl is a dark elf with a beautiful silver hair and brown skin.
Her long slit eyes are really charming, and her face is beautiful.
Just those alone are enough to make her stand out.
She’s slender, tall and looks delicate overall as one can expect from an elf.
Her waist is thin and looks like it could break easily.
Today she is wearing a short white dress and I can see my favorite beautiful long legs beneath it.
Adding on to that, Kerebryl has a big breasts.
When she walks, her breasts are shaking and swaying around.
How should I describe it, she has an erotic aura surrounding her.
Just from looking alone, it makes you want to suck on those breasts.
She’s like a walking sex appeal.
I can understand why men are staring at her.
Kerebryl is a nice woman.
I feel really proud when I remind myself I have such a girl as my lover.
When she’s pushing her body at me like this, I feel like I can’t hold it in anymore.
And the time when Kerebryl is inviting me, those are the best.
She is innocent and bashful, but those make her look even more erotic and sexy.
It’s really unbearable.

“….Hey, are you thinking about something strange ?”
Kerebryl has a curious face.
“Yeah, I was thinking about the previous holiday”
Kerebryl gazed downward and blushed.
In the previous God of Darkness day, the three of us were together.
Yuela and Kerebryl were begging for me side by side.
I realized it immediately, and do them anally in turn.
Afterward, the three of us make loves to each other throughout the day.
The three of us confirmed our love with our body.
At that time, Kerebryl also said how she wishes everyday is the God of Darkness day.

“…Let’s do it again, ok ?”
Kerebryl glanced upward and made her first request.
She looks very cute, it was an expression that shows how much she loves me.
Ah, truly, if only everyday is the God of Darkness day.

A flashy aunt wearing over the top jewelry came out.
Those looks good on her.
“Ara ara, what a cute couple”
We both look like we’re in our teen. We might look young, but I don’t know about cute.
“Hey, can we look at the clothes in there ?”
Kerebryl said those earlier and we came to this clothes shop.
It seems this world also sell pre-made garments, not everything is custom-made.

“I wonder which one is good”
As expected, Kerebryl is looking at the one-piece section. She like one-piece dresses.
“You’re picking one with white color again ?”
“Since dark elf is black, it’s the standard isn’t it ?”
Kerebryl looked at me with captivating eyes. I unconsciously throbbed.

“…I’m not sure, but I think white looks really good on Kerebryl”
To be precise, I think any color and clothes will suit her.
“Thank you”
Kerebryl smiled happily.
She know how to express herself.
When Kerebryl is wearing white clothes, it made a nice contrast with her healthy cafe au lait color.
Not to mention, it’s also somehow erotic.

“Hey, which one is better ?”
She picked an A-Line dress and a corset dress, one have simple and clean design while the other comes with lace.
I like the slightly erotic one. It can’t be helped right, I’m a man after all.
“Please feels free to try it on. You won’t know if you don’t wear it”
“That’s true”
Kerebryl decides to try it on after the shop’s jewel-adorned-madam advised her.

“How is this ?”
Kerebryl is wearing the one piece that looks like a corset dress.
“…It’s really great”
It’s awesome, Kerebryl. The waist part is decorated with ribbon lace and because her waist is thin it fits her amazingly well. It also emphasizes her big breasts.
“Really ?”
Kerebryl sounds happy, her cheeks seems a bit red.
“…Elf is really thin aren’t they, I’m going to be jealous”
The shop madam is staring at Kerebryl with a look of envy. I feel delighted too.
“Since you’re at it, how about trying the other one. It’s simple but well designed”
“Alright, I’l do that”
Kerebryl decided to try on another one.
“How about this ?”
“…It’s really good”
It’s very good Kerebryl. The dress is simple and neat but still feels erotic.
It looks innocent, but if the shoulder strap shifted her breasts will spill over everywhere.
And also, since Kerebryl is tall, the skirt part looks just like a miniskirt on her.

“…Really ? I wonder which one would be good”
Kerebryl is pondering happily.
“Either one suits you, so how about buying both ?”
The jewel madam looked toward me at the end of her words.
“It’s just like the madam says, let’s buy both”
“…Is it fine ?”
“Of course Kerebryl”
“Thank you, I’m really glad”
Kerebryl hugged me tightly while still wearing the new dress.

“Hey, let’s go that shop next”
Kerebryl holds my hand and pulling me to the next shop with smile.
Gorgeous aura overflows from her.
It’s fun walking around the city with Kerebryl.
Actually, I’m not really interested in going shopping with girls.
But Kerebryl is quick in making decisions, so it’s really easy going together with her.

“Care not to fall”
Kerebryl is wearing the simple dress that I just bought earlier.
Together with that, she also replaced the shoes with heels from her Item Window.
“I’ll be fine”
Certainly, Kerebryl is accustomed with wearing high heels.
She stretched her spine upright and walked forward with her legs crossing the other straight.
It’s a beautiful way of walking.
Sometimes there are some right, people who walked like a gorilla when they’re wearing shoes with raised heels.
When Kerebryl released my hand, she went ahead by herself then looked back at me.
While smiling with lovely eyes, she spread her hands toward me like she’s trying to urge me to come over there quickly.
“…Yeah, you’re right”
Kerebryl is really, truly cute. I’m already crazy about her.
I caught up and hugged her immediately.
“I love you”
“I love you too”
We separated our body and laughed together.
“Well, let’s go”
“Yeah, let’s go”
We still have plenty of time, let’s enjoy this city together.

It was a shop located in the semi-basement of an old building at the east of the city in 『Long Bow Street』.
For some reason, this street doesn’t use sword name.
The time is before evening, we were wandering around various shops and accidentally came here.

“Hey, this is a shop right ?”
“Hmm, I wonder”
The shop’s entrance is located a bit down the stairs beneath the street level.
it was a big double door.
There’s a sign in front of the door but I can’t see it clearly because the surrounding is dim.
“Can I check this out ?”
My interest is piqued because of the revolver mark drawn on the sign in front of the door.
I have never seen a gun related shop in this world.
We decided to go down the stairs.

The last few steps of the stairs is humid, it looked slippery.
I descended one step ahead and reached for Kerebryl.
She is wearing high heels, this might be dangerous for her.
“…Thank you”
Kerebryl grabbed my hand and went down the stairs carefully so as to not slip on her heel.
Her cheeks are red but her face looks delighted somehow.
“I love that part of you”
“…Is that so”
I was embarrassed so I tried to hide it by looking at the sign closer.
Under the revolver drawing, 『Brothers Gun Shop』was written.
A gun shop owned by siblings ? It’s a funny name.  But this mean there are firearms shop in this world too.

“This seems to be a gun shop. I would like to enter, but…”
“It seems to be closed”

There was a plate hanging in the door with『CLOSED』written on it.
It’s too bad, the shop seems to be closed today.
I think I’ll come back again tomorrow.
And then suddenly, the large entrance door was flung open from the inside.

“You guys are the worst! perverts! How dare, how dare you do that!”
From the opened door, An Onee-san was rushing out swiftly.
She was wearing a lascivious clothes and looks like she was in hurry.
She was yelling furiously toward the shop’s interior.
Then for a while, she continued her frantic speech.
After she was satisfied with her reproach, she grunted from her nose and climbed the stairs.
Her face looks angry and red, and she didn’t even bother to look at us.

We were stunned and silent. What on not-earth was that ?
All I can understand is that the door of the shop is open now.

“…Hey, should we enter ?”
“…Yeah, there seems to be someone inside. At least let’s ask for the story”
If today is their day off, we can try again tomorrow, let’s check it with the shopkeeper.
And so we entered the firearms shop.

The inside of the shop isn’t really wide.
It’s a vertically high room.
The left and right walls are covered with glass like a showcase, and bows are lined up inside it.
“…Nice product lineup”
Kerebryl muttered while looking at the surrounding bow.
From classical bow, crossbow and even composite bow. There are plenty of it.
It’s an unknown world for me.
“This is probably the latest technology”
Kerebryl is pointing at the W-shaped composite bow.
It have a pulley and looks really powerful.
As expected, Kerebryl is familiar with bows.
“But, even though it’s called firearms store, there’s no gun here”

In the back side of the store, there are shelves.
It seems there’s a space like a room behind the shelves
Seems like it was separating this place as front room and back room.

“Is someone there ?”
I heard a voice from the space behind the shelves.
It seems there are people there.
“Today is a day off. We’re sorry but-”
A young man wearing glasses came out from between the shelves.
He seems to be the clerk of this firearms shop.
He saw us, or to be precise, Kerebryl and stopped talking midway.

“Aniki, what’s wrong ?”
A man similar to the previous clerk came out from the inner space.
This time, the man doesn’t wear glasses.
Apparently these guys are siblings. Both seems to be about 30 years old.

The younger brother also lost his words upon seeing Kerebryl.
They just stand there and stares.
Seems like both of them have been charmed by her.

“…Does this shop have guns ?”
Kerebryl speak coldly. She is indifferent to other guys besides me.
“Ah…., there is. We have guns”
“Come come, over here”
The Firearms Dealer’s Brothers rushed and guided us to the space behind the shelves.

Within the back space, there was a table and sofa on the left side, and a door on the front wall.
On the right side, there’s a short wooden counter.
Immediately behind the counter, there are curtains falling down from the ceiling and I can’t see behind it.

“The guns are here”
“I’ll open the curtains”
The sibling opened the curtain, the space behind the wooden counter isn’t really wide.
There was a showcase on the wall, and around 20 guns are lined up in it.

That gun, hanging in the most far left of the wall.
It’s a gun very similar with Merkel’s model 303.
I think that gun is one of the most beautiful over-under double barrel gun in the world.
It’s totally my preference.

“Hey, can you show me that gun ?”
“…Boy, you won’t be able to buy it”
“Not to mention you can’t use gun without skill”
The siblings doesn’t respond to my request well.
“No need to worry, my boyfriend is a Gunner”
“…Boy, could you show us your status ?”
Even though Kerebryl explained it, the siblings still doubted me.
I opened my Status Window and showed it to them.

“…It’s true”
“…Also…, this…”
The siblings are looking at my status with glittering eyes.
“…My bad, customer”
“I’ll take it out right now”
The younger brother took out the gun from the showcase and handed it to me.
It’s exactly like the model 303, however the metal part is bright blue instead.

Model 303 have a sidelock mechanism, so I removed the side plate and confirmed its inside.
It’s definitely sidelock mechanism, the lockwork part is installed by shaving the stock.
I returned the side plate and snapped the gun to see its performance.
The lockwork is working perfectly, and the inside of the barrel is also faultless.
The gun is in great condition. ….This elaborate built, I like this kind of thing.

“…You seem to be having fun, you have a nice expression in your face”
“Did I ?”
Kerebryl looked at me with gentle look.
I wonder what kind of face did I make.

I tried wielding the gun. At first glance, this gun looks small, thin, delicate and feminine.
But in truth, it’s a sophisticated and robustly built gun. If one gave it a closer look, they’re going to declare it a manly one.

“Hey, how much for this gun ?”
When I looked back, the siblings were consulting something with a whisper.
“…Ooh, sorry”
“The price tag is on the place where the guns are displayed before”
I looked at the price tag the sibling told me.
“….54 gold coins”
I murmured while sighing. It’s somewhere around 5.4 million yen.
I’m in a pinch.
I don’t know the market price of guns in this world, so I can’t judge whether that price is appropriate.
I think it’s too expensive.
But actually, I’m rich. When I was summoned to this world, I noticed I carried a considerable amount of money. I can pay 54 gold coins, but if I do that the remaining will be considerably less.

Perhaps, the Goddess of Darkness gave it to me for my personal use.
But I wonder if it’s okay.
Yuela and Kerebryl, I have cursed two people with [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] after all.
Hey, Goddess. If I considered the cost effectiveness, this isn’t the right time for me to use it right ?
I don’t know what kind of risk might be waiting for us ahead.

“…Are guns usually this expensive ?”
“It’s because nobility buy it to decor their house, not to mention that gun design is a rare one”
“Our shop is the only gun shop in the [Country of Industry], I think those are a reasonable price”
“…Is that so. But still, I wonder if it’s still a little bit too high”
I gave the gun back to the younger brother.
Aah~ it’s a really nice gun too… I really want it, and it was the perfect shotgun too.
I’m really disappointed, but it can’t be helped. Let’s just give up here.

“…Customer, I can lower down the price”
The older brother with glasses made an attractive speech.
“Really ?”
“Of course. I feel like we can sell it to you without taking any profit”
” We would love it if our firearms shop can establish a good partnership with people who own those skills like you”
The siblings started talking with lively face.
“For that, we have a suggestion. The truth is us siblings often held a tea party.
It’s good to relieve the stress accumulated during our business.
We were just about to hold one today”
The older brothers glanced at Kerebryl.
“We always invite girls to our tea party to have fun together.
It’s not fun with just men alone you know, it’s bleak without a flower.
But today, we angered the girl who came…”
The younger brothers also gazes at Kerebryl.

“You mean the Onee-san who came before us ?”
“Yes. We always invite one from a nearby shop.
It won’t be a tea party with just us two brothers.
And that’s why, while we’re at it we would like to invite you both to our tea party.”
“Both of us love tea ceremony. We’ll chat with each other and have a good time overall”

The siblings are looking at Kerebryl body with a licking gaze.
I thought to myself over here.
They said it was a tea party, but is it truly just a normal tea party ?
That showy Onee-san from earlier is probably a prostitute.
If that’s the case then it couldn’t have been a normal tea party.
In addition, I wonder what kind of thing did they do to anger a prostitute to that extent.
Kerebryl certainly understand this situation, she’s sharp after all.
Until a while ago, she was fed up when they were staring at her body, but now her cheeks are slightly red.

“Kerebryl, what should we do ?”
I have become addicted to [Likes NTR].
Kerebryl has also become the captive of [Immoral].
She was looking at me with pained look, then turned toward the siblings.
“…By the way, what day is it today ?”
“Today is God of War day, Onee-san”
“…I see. If that’s the case then it can’t be helped. It’s for the sake of my beloved person’s partnership after all”

Asking what day is it today is like a ceremony to convince herself.
Kerebryl has decided for my sake, or should I say, my partnership sake.
I really appreciate it.
Besides, no one can go against [Immoral], so it can’t be helped.

“Yosh. It looks like it will be a fun tea party”
“Aniki, to have a tea party with such beautiful Onee-san, it feels like a dream”
The siblings look really happy about it.
And just like this, we were invited to a tea party.

“Well then, we will start the preparation for the tea party soon.
Customer, how about taking a break outside until the preparation is done”
The older brother glasses are glittering.
“Alright, I’ll do that”
I followed his suggestion.
“We’re sorry, but we would like Onee-san to help with the preparation”
Kerebryl is also lending a hand. We said our farewell, and afterward I left the Firearm Shop.

I was thinking outside while smoking a cigarette.
Shopping with Kerebryl was fun, I don’t like going shopping with girls, but Kerebryl make her decision quickly. It was easy and really fun.
The dress I bought today really suit her, she was dressing fashionably for my sake.
When I thought that Kerebryl is going to be fucked by those siblings, my heart feels like it’s going to explode.
I wonder what kind of tea party it will be.
I’m completely enjoying the current situation.
Soon, 20 minutes are going to pass.
Shall we go ?

I opened the door of the Firearm shop and entered inside.
I thought my heart is going to stop.
This bodies hitting against each other sound…
I saw the back room. I can’t see any person, but I hear a sound with constant rhythm from there.
I proceed toward the back room, passing the displayed bow in my left and right.
I can smell the sweet scent of Kerebryl.
“Hey, your boyfriend has returned. You should hurry. Just a bit more…”
Nh…., Nn……, –Jyuru-, N….”
I can hear the voice of the older brother and muzzled voice of Kerebryl.
“Yeah, that’s nice. Onee-san, you got it don’t you. You want to show your beautiful face to your boyfriend right ?”
“Nnh, Nn……….-Jyupo-, -jyupo-…..”
It’s like the sound of someone sucking something
“Ooh….., it’s coming out, drink it”
Nnh….., Nku……, Nku……, Nkuh……”
And then, I can hear the sound of someone swallowing something.

I’ve reached the interior.
There’s no one in here. However, the curtain on the right side of the room is lowered down again.
There’s a sign of people inside there, and the noise are also coming from behind the curtain.

“Fuu……, Customer, you finally came back”
-Puha-……, Haa……, Ha……”
The curtain was opened from the side and then the older brother face peeking out.
It stinks, there’s strong smell of semen around him, and there’s also sound of Kerebryl’s rough breathing coming from behind the curtain.
“…..Uunh. Yeah, that’s it….. clean it up thoroughly. Don’t forget to suck everything left in the back”
-chu-, -chupa-……”
His face was distorted, then he look downward and talk to someone.
”……Fuu. ……You were taking a long break, we can’t wait anymore and started first.
The older brother is laughing while saying so.
Certainly, there is a teapot and sweets on top of the counter.
There’s brewed tea inside the teapot.

“Customer, please sit on the sofa”
There’s only one tea cup on the table.
“What about Kerebryl ?”
“If it’s her, she’s inside here. ….Hora”
“No, don’t……, Ahn?”
The older brother raised the curtain from below quickly, and from there Kerebryl appear like she was being pushed from behind.
She then rest her elbow on the counter like she was about to collapse.
Because the older brother quickly lowered the curtain back, the body of Kerebryl from her waist down was blocked by the curtain.
At first glance, she looks like she was bending her waist and leaning on the counter.

“You guys. Not in front of him, this isn’t what you sa-…Nnh”
pan!- -pan-……-pan-……
Kerebryl protested against the older brother, but I heard a loud noise and then she turned silent.
Her cheeks are dyed red and her body was swaying slightly back and forth.
With her face red, Kerebryl looked at me. She looks really embarrassed.
“You’re wrong, This……., this is……”
Kerebryl shakes her head left and right like she was trying to deny something.
But, her face looks like it was distressed by something.
Kerebryl, it’s okay.

“Onee-san. Right now it’s a tea party. It’ll be fine. Rather than that, let’s have more fun talks”
The older brother came out from the curtain and poured me tea from the teapot above the counter. I sipped the tea deliciously.
This has turned amazing. I can’t see it because of the curtain, but perhaps Kerebryl is being poked by a meat stick from behind.
“Just now, she was drinking my milk deliciously too”
Hearing the older brother words, Kerebryl turned silent with red face.
Meanwhile, her body is still swaying back and forth with constant rhythm.

“Come on, you sit too customer”
The older brother said so and returned to his position at the edge of the curtain.
From that position, he can see toward my side and the side behind the curtain.
“What about your younger brother ?”
I asked while sitting on the sofa at the left side of the room.
“Oh him…”
The older brother smiled while looking at Kerebryl and beyond the curtain alternately.
With her face red, Kerebryl pressed her lips like she was trying to withstand something.
Her body is shaking like someone was touching it from behind.
“He’s trying his best to let Onee-san drink delicious milk. ….Right ?”
The older brother looked at Kerebryl at the end of his sentence and asked.
“…It seems so”
With her body swaying, Kerebryl answered while looking at me apologetically.
Even though Kerebryl is within my immediate vicinity, the invisible place behind the curtain stimulates my imagination.
It’s an excitement I have never felt before.
I wonder how Kerebryl is being fucked right now.

“Customers, are you guys married couple ?”
“That’s right”
The older brother asked me while watching our matching rings.
“But you still like doing activity like this tea ceremony ?”
He asked Kerebryl this time.
Kerebryl is still wearing the one piece dress we bought today.
She rests her elbow on the counter and the shoulder straps of the dress was shifted.
Her breasts looks like it was going to spill out.
“N, N……, I don’t know……, Nh, Nn……”
Kerebryl is trying to answer with a cool face, but sweet sound are gradually mixing into her voice.
Because she is bending forward, the cleavage of her breasts looks really amazing.
“Hee, is that so. But Onee-san, you feels pretty accustomed with this kind of thing. Onee-san, you like it don’t you ?”
“Ahn, Aa……, Not, not really. I don’t-….”
The sound from behind the curtain are getting bigger and stronger, and Kerebryl is also swaying even more.
Together with the beat, her big breasts are bouncing and shaking.
“Onee-san, the truth is you like it don’t you. This has turned into something great”
The older brother speak happily while peeking at the side behind the curtain.
“…Customer, when you returned it’s flooding over here”
“Ah, Aaa, A, Don’t, such thing, don’t say it……., Aah…..”
Kerebryl replied with a face dyed in shame.
Her speech are mixed with moaning already.
It seems when I returned, she’s starting to get really turned on from the idea of being fucked in front of me.

“Customer, you should talk with Onee-san too. I’m sure she will be happy that way”
Hearing the older brother’s words. Kerebryl looked at me with troubled yet filled with expectation expression. Perhaps somewhere in her heart, Kerebryl is enjoying this situation.
“Kerebryl, your face is red. Are you ok ?”
I chatted with casual face.
It’s a tea party after all. I didn’t noticed anything and won’t notice anything.
I already decided to enjoy this situation.
“NNh…… I’m Okay. Nh, It’s just….. a bit hot over here….., Aaahn”
Perhaps Kerebryl is aroused when she was talking to me, her body is trembling right now.
And then, when something was shaking her from behind, she let out a loud moan.
“By the way, why did Kerebryl not drink any tea ?”
The only one drinking was me and the older brother.
“Ahn…… That’s because…”
Kerebryl’s eyes are moist and melted in pleasure.
Her face which is trying to hold out from making a moan is really sexy, it really send a shiver to my spine.
With her body swaying, she glanced at the older brother.
“It’s because Onee-san looks like she likes milk, so we served her a specially made milk instead.
how about it Onee-san, it’s delicious right ?”
“Aaah. That is…, I can’t say it…., nh, Nnh…..”
Kerebryl looks embarrassed and glanced at me this time.
She pressed her sakura colored lips tightly, and clenched her fist to prevent herself from moaning.
“…Onee-san seems to be holding herself back for customer. She should be honest”
The older brother took a peep at me. Perhaps he is prompting me to do something.
“……Kerebryl, I love you”
I said it honestly.
I’ll still love Kerebryl no matter what happens, not to mention I’ve also become addicted to [Likes NTR].
I wanted to see my beloved Kerebryl being pleasured by another man.
“You don’t need to hold back in front of me”
If you’re holding back, Kerebryl won’t be having fun too right ?
Kerebryl is surely being fucked from behind in that room.
While being shaken back and forth with constant rhythm, she is looking at me with suffocating eyes. She is trying to say something.
“It’s really… thick…… Nh, It’s a bit bitter, but it has a rich taste, Aahn, It was delicious….”
Kerebryl is facing down while throwing some quick glance at me, but even so she still describing me the taste of other man’s semen.
“…It tasted like that huh”
“Aaahn….., I’m sorry….., AAaahn…”
Kerebryl apologized to me, but that’s not the end of it.
She was turned on from saying something embarrassing herself.
The moan coming from her mouth is spilling out.
Even Kerebryl has become the prisoner of [Immoral].

“Well then, Onee-san. Let me treat you more of it”
The older brother nodded toward the other side of the curtain.
“Got it, aniki”
The younger brother’s voice came from behind the curtain, the sound of bodies hitting against each other got louder and faster.
-pan- -pan- -pan-……
“Aah……., N, Nnh……, Nh…….”
Kerebryl’s body is shaking back and forth. Her big breasts are swaying around and she tried really hard to keep her voice down.
“Nnh, Nh……, Nnh, Ahn……, Aah……”
Kerebryl is holding tears in her eyes while watching me.
She seemed to be unable to endure the pleasure anymore as a loud moan leak out from her lips.
-pan- -pan- -pan-……
“Aaah, Wait……, Do it, slower……, Nh, Nh….. Nnhaaaaa…….”
Kerebryl looked upward at the older brother standing beside her.
Perhaps her climax is near. Also it seems Kerebryl isn’t wearing any underwear, because I can clearly see her nipples through her dress.
“No need to hold back, Onee-san. Go and have a grand climax in front of your boyfriend. It’s going to be amazing”
The older brother is looking downward at Kerebryl with perverted eyes.
“Aah, AAaahh, No, don’t, It’s embarrassing, Ah, Ah, AAah…..”
When the older brother speak to her, Kerebryl’s body trembles.
Contrary to her words, it seems she is looking forward to having an orgasm in front of me.
-pan- -pan- -pan-……
“Aah, Ah, Ah, No, it’s too intense, Aaa….., such, thrust, no good…., Aaahn….”
An intense sound is echoing within the room.
Kerebryl is already moaning without restrain with a seductive expression and her mouth opened.
The room is filled with the smell of sweat and love juice.
-pan- -pan- -pan- -pan-…
“Nhaaa, AaaAhn…., N, Aaah, I, I can’t…., Aaaah….., don’t”
Kerebryl’s body turned stiff and her eyebrows are raised sharply.
“Aaah, Ah, Nh….., Nnhaa, Aaaahn!”
“Onee-san, My milk, taste it…”
-biku- -biku-……
Kerebryl body is cramping and twitching, she just climaxed with the younger brother as her partner.
Even though the lower half of her body can’t be seen thanks to the curtain, it’s happened obviously in front of my eye.
“Nnh….., A, Aa…….inside me… it’s so hot….”
The younger brother seems to be ejaculating inside Kerebryl’s vagina.
Her body is rocking back and forth with small motion.
She’s surely in her most pleasant moment right now.
“N……, Ah, Ha……, From……, from such thing……”
Kerebryl is looking at me sadly while her body trembles in pleasure from semen being poured inside her.

“That was good, Onee-san. It was really great compared to all other girls until now.
“Haa……, Haa……”
I can hear something being pulled from behind the curtain.
Kerebryl was praised, but she didn’t answer back.
Her face is red and she was breathing roughly.
“Aniki, do you want to switch ?”
The younger brother peeked out her face from the edge of the curtain.
“…Yeah. But…”
The older brother glanced toward me.
“You, let her clean you up first. She’s really good at it”
“…Is that fine, Onee-san”
The younger brother moved right beside Kerebryl.
Kerebryl didn’t reply and stared at me.
“Onee-san, since you’re at it, you shouldn’t leave any milk left”
“You’ve already drink it with your lower mouth, now taste it with your upper mouth”
Hearing the blatant words of the siblings, Kerebryl was surprised with an even redder face.
“Onee-san. It’s a tea party after all”
“My big brother’s milk from earlier was delicious right”
Kerebryl looked downward diagonally.
I can’t see what she’s looking at since it was blocked by the counter, but surely she’s looking toward the younger brother lower body.
“…Since it’s a tea party, It can’t be helped”
Then Kerebryl looked at me apologetically and disappear under the counter.
“-chu- -chupa- -chupa-…… -jyuru- -jyururu-….”
The sound of something being sucked can be heard.
I can’t see Kerebryl from my side, I can only see the younger brother upper body with his face looks delighted.
“Oo……, It’s true…… Amazing. You’re good Onee-san”
-Jyupo- -jyupo-……, -chururu-……”
The younger brother is speaking while facing downward.
The only reply from Kerebryl I can hear is the sound of sucking from behind the counter.
“Onee-san, drinking milk in front of your boyfriend, does it feel exceptionally delicious ?”
“NNnh….,-puha-,  that’s-  I don’t know…”
I can only hear the sound of Kerebry’s sad yet ecstatic voice with her face still hidden by the counter.

“…It’s fine now right”
“Thank you Onee-san. You sure cleaned it good. Now, come stand”
The younger brother lifted Kerebryl up.
She’s in the same posture like earlier where she rested her elbow at the counter.
Her lower half is blocked by the curtain like before and can’t be seen from here
He then left her in that position just as it is.
“Customer, sorry for that. I had to borrow her help earlier. ……To have such beautiful person as a girlfriend, I’m really envious of you customer”
While moving toward Kerebryl side, the younger brother speak to me.
“…Kerebryl is my beloved girlfriend that I’m proud of”
Kerebryl looked happy, but she let out a sigh with a painful expression.
Even thought I cannot see it directly, she just took the sibling’s cock in her vagina and sucked one with her mouth in front of me.
“Come on, Onee-san. There’s still more milk to come”
And thus, the older brother disappeared beyond the curtain.
Apparently, the siblings are going to continue to gangbang Kerebryl.
“Onee-san, now it’s my turn”
The older brother said the word turn.
It’s a word that is clearly indicating the fact that Kerebryl is being gangbanged in front of me.
“……I see”
Kerebryl answered normally.
It sounds like she accepted everything that will happen from now on.
Kerebryl suddenly wiggled her body.
“Onee-san, did you use this place too ?”
“…Who knows”
Hearing the older brother’s question, Kerebryl answered while turning her face away.
Perhaps she was being touched anally.
“…Hee. Then can I try it ?”
Kerebryl looked a bit frustrated, she then hurriedly stopped him with panicked expression.
She tried not to look at me.
“…This, use it”
Kerebryl lowered her arm under the counter, and when she raised it again, there was a small bottle in her hand. …That’s the lotion bottle, Kerebryl just pulled it out from her Item Window.
“So you used it after all. Also you’re really prepared Onee-san”
The younger brother took it and handed it over behind the curtain.
“Onee-san, I’m going to loosen it up”
“Nh, It’s cold……”
Kerebryl’s shoulder twitched.
“Ah, Nnaah….., N, Aa……”
From behind the curtain, I can hear a -nicha- -nicha- sounds like something wet is being pushed and pulled.
Kerebryl is bending her body, I can’t see it, but she might be waving her ass.
“Nh, Ku, A, Aaah……, N, A, Aaann…..”
Kerebryl’s asshole is being teased in front of me, she is enduring the pleasure with tears floating in her eyes.
“Nhaah……, A, Uuh….., N, Aaaah……”
“It’s already quite loose”
“A, Ahnn……”
I can sense something is being plucked out, Kerebryl is making an erotic face.
“Onee-san, here I go……”
Kerebryl is looking at me while trembling.
“Aah, Aaaahn……”
Kerebryl is moaning loudly and bending her back. Perhaps right now, the cock is entering her asshole.
“How is it, Onee-san ?”
“N…., what do you mean…”
Hearing the older brother’s question, Kerebryl glanced at me with a troubled face.
Once again, Kerebryl body is slowly swaying back and forth slowly.
“I think first I should do it slowly like this”
“…Is that so”
Kerebryl is trying to answer with a normal face, but, with her body swaying in certain rhythm, and her big breast shaking and bouncing around, I’m still getting excited no matter what.
“Hey, Onee-san. Can I have this as commemoration ?”
The younger brother pulled something white from his pocket.
“You, that’s……”
The younger brother spread the white thing with both hands, and  Kerebryl was staring at it with surprised eyes.
It’s a pure white underwear with lots of lace that looks expensive.
That’s Kerebryl’s underwear for sure.
“Ehehe…. It’s fine right, Onee-san”
He is happily spreading her underwear.
In other words, Kerebryl isn’t wearing anything right now.
She’s no-pan.
I’m getting excited from imagining Kerebryl unseen figure.
“Aaa……, Stop….., Don’t show it….”
The younger brother is spreading the panty toward my side like he’s trying to show it off to me.
Kerebryl is fidgeting and looks really embarrassed.
“Hey, Onee-san”
“Nh, ……What is it”
This time, the older brother speak to Kerebryl from behind the curtain.
She answered him back while looking concerned.
“Onee-san, why you don’t chat with the customer ?”
“Nh, …… Me ?”
Feeling like she was in trouble, Kerebryl answered hesitantly.
Because after all, even if I can’t see it, she is right now being fucked anally by the older brother.
“Nh, Today, It was fun……., Aaahn……”
“I’m glad if Kerebryl said so”
I answered with normal face.
However in the inside, I was excited by the loud moan leaking from her mouth.
Kerebryl is also very excited.
“Nnaa, A…., This clothes, I’m going to, cherish it, Aahn….., N, Nh……”
“……If Kerebryl is happy, I’m fine with anything”
Kerebryl is trembling sweetly and speak to me with voice mixed in pleasure, and above everything, with a nasty looking face.
After all, to be fucked by another man while talking to her lover face to face, that is really an immoral thing to do.
“Nh, A, Aaah……, I’m happy……, Nna, me too,  if it’s for your sake, Nh, then…., Ah….”
Kerebryl is swaying even more compared to earlier.
Her big breasts is bouncing everywhere.
The shoulder strap of her dress has shifted due to the intense movements, and it seems her breasts will spill out anytime now.
“N, Aahn, Wh-, What is it……., N, nhaa, Ahn, Aah……”
While moaning, Kerebryl looked at me with her eyes wet with tears
Her big long slit eyes were lowered around the corner, it was a pretty and naughty look.
“You’re cute Kererbyl. I love you”
“Nnhh, Me too, I love you…., Nh, AAaahn…!”
-biku- -bikubiku-……
Kerebryl’s body is cramping up and twitching.
We confirmed our love toward each other, and then Kerebryl climaxed while being fucked by another man.
“N, A…,Aa…….h…”
Kerebryl cannot support her body due to the pleasure of climax.
Her upper body above the counter fell down slowly.
“N, Ah…aa……., I…love…….”
With her body rested on the counter, Kerebryl smiled at me slightly.

“Onee-san, my milk is going to be ready soon”
“Nnaah…, Haaah, Aaah, Nh, Not-, not now…, A, Aaah….”
The movement which was stopped for a while has restarted.
Kerebryl has just climaxed earlier, and now she’s crying upon the new pleasure forcibly given to her.
“What do you mean no, you’re really tightening around me Onee-san.
Especially around the entrance, it’s really amazing. Let me pay you back with this”
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu-……
“N, Nh……, Ah, AAaah, This is….”
The sound of inserting and pulling has changed, and Kerebryl moaned even more.
It’s kind of frustrating that I can’t see it due to the curtain.
The younger brother standing beside Kerebryl laughed mischievously.
He then opened the curtain without being noticed by Kerebryl.
“Do you like this, Onee-san”
The older brother also laughed mischievously and took a small step back.
I quivered upon the sight before me.
The older brother seems to be stimulating the shallow parts of Kerebryl’s asshole.
He is moving with a fast piston movement and uses the glans neck of his cock to pleasure Kerebryl.
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu- -nupu-…
“Ah……, N, Nkuu……, I don’t know……”
Kerebryl isn’t aware that the curtain is opened.
The skirt of her one piece dress is flipped and I can see her lower body.
Her ass is trembling as it was tasting the older brother’s cock moving in shallow piston movement.
“Ehehe. This spot is comfortable for me though. Girls love it deeper inside don’t they ?”
The older brother said so and began to move his waist away from Kerebryl like he was stretching, and then he made a strong and big thrust with his back.
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu-…
“Nhaaaa, Ah, Aah……This is…Stop……. Aaah, I’m going to break….AAhn…”
The older brother adjusted the angle of his cock in order to stimulate Kerebryl’s womb anally.
Perhaps her rectum’s lower side is being rubbed by the glans, which in turn stimulated her womb from behind.
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu-…
“AAaa, Aah…… N, Nhh, I’m going to….”
Kerebryl kept moaning with her mouth open.
While staring at me with moist eyes, she’s signaling that’s she’s going to orgasm again.
“Onee-san, your hair is beautiful isn’t it”
The younger brother scooped Kerebryl’s swaying silver hair with his hand.
-nupu- -nupu-…
“N, Aaah……, Eh….., W-why-? No-, this is-, don’t…don’t look….”
Kerebryl responded to the younger brother casually and then realized that the curtain was opened.
She then shakes her head left and right in panic, it seems she is really embarrassed without the curtain.
“It’s fine Onee-san. You’re just trying to drink my milk after all.
This time, let your boyfriend see it directly”
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu-…
“AAahhn, N, No… don’t….a, Aa, N, Aaah, milk….no way…..Aa….”
Kerebryl was getting really flustered in front of me.
She is being fucked anally with only a few meters of distance between us.
She is staring at me with an expression of guilt and wet eyes drowning in lust.
“You should be honest already Onee-san. You’ve done it twice already in front of him”
-nupu- -nupu- -nupu-…
“Aaahn….Don’t, don’t say it…..Nna, A, Aahaaa….Nh, I can’t…. hold it anymore…..A..aah”
Her body cramped and trembled as she was being pierced fiercely.
She was moaning loudly and her face looks agitated with furrowed eyebrow.
“Oohh, Onee-san. Drink plenty of it, ok”
-nupu- -nupu-……-nupu!-
“Nhaaa, cum- cumming…..Ah….Aaaaaahn!”
-biku- -biku- -biku-…
The older brother made a big thrust with his waist at the end and ejaculated inside Kerebryl.
Kerebryl swiftly closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide when she climaxed.
Her sticking out tongue looks really erotic.
“Aa, Nh……..It’s pouring in….Aa…..”
While keeping her eyes closed, her body is shivering and twitching as she entrusted herself to the pleasure of orgasm.
“Haah….Onee-san, was it delicious ?”
“N…ku….Aaa…..I don’t know…”
The older brother pulled out his cock and asked Kerebryl a nasty question.
Kerebryl moaned sweetly at the pleasant pleasure and answered slowly while opening her eyelids.
“Well then, how about tasting it carefully”
As he said so, the older brother moved next to Kerebryl and poked his half erect cock near her face.
His meat stick is fairly sized. Since the counter was higher, he is probably standing on his tip-toes to show it.
Kerebryl glanced at the cock and breathed out with a slight moan.
“Onee-san, It’s milk”
“……Yeah. Since it’s milk, it can’t be helped. ……I’m going to have it…just a little…”
Kerebryl’s said it reluctantly with her cheeks flushed. And then, she quietly bring her face closer to his cock.
-Amu-, Nn, -churu-…… -churu- -chupa-…… -rero- -rerorero-……”
She opened her lovely lips and stuffed the cock in her mouth.
She entangled her tongue with it and moved her face back and forth.
She licked the cock with a loud sounds and scoop the semen with her tongue.
“There’s still some left”
-Amu-, -jyuru- -jyururu-……-jyupo-……”
Kerebryl is putting the cock in her mouth again and sucked it.
She is squeezing out the semen remained in the urethra.
“Ooh…..Onee-san, you’re really good at this. Do you always do this for your boyfriend ?”
“Nnh……, -puha-, ……yeah”
While looking at me, Kerebryl answered with a sad tone.

“Onee-san is really good. There isn’t many girls around here who will let me use that place. It’s been quite a while already”
The older brother said it to Kerebryl satisfactorily. I guess that prostitute was angry about anal sex then.
“Oh, my bad, it seems your tea has run out customer”
Well, I did drink it. The tea cup is already empty now.
“Aniki, how about letting his girlfriend to serve it instead”
“Good idea. I’m going to carry the chair, you support her. It’s fine right, Onee-san”
Kerebryl stand up and fixes her disheveled looks, and then she walked here while carrying the tea pot.
“Onee-san, be careful”
The younger brother supported Kerebryl swiftly.
He is doing it by standing behind Kerebryl and putting his hand on her ass.
He is acting just like a molester.
“I’m going to support you like this, let’s go”
He doesn’t support her at all, but Kerebryl keep going as it is.
With her ass being molested the whole time, she finally arrived to my sofa.
“Onee-san, can you pour some too in here”
The older brother came while carrying two tea cups.
There are three tea cups in the table now.
Kerebryl bent her back and began to pour the tea silently.
“Onee-san looks a bit tired”
This time, the younger brother started rubbing Kerebryl’s breast with both hands.
He is squeezing the breasts in front of me, and since Kerebryl is bending down to pour the tea, the cleavage of her chests can be seen thoroughly.
“I’ll be supporting you like this now”
“…Fine. Nh…….”
Kerebryl keep going as it is again.
With her cheeks flushed from her breasts being rubbed, she poured the tea quietly.
Perhaps Kerebryl is excited and enjoying this too.
“Onee-san is finally acting honestly”
The older brother now brought a one-seater sofa from the back of the counter.
“Nh…., I don’t know what you are talking about…”
Kerebryl finished pouring the tea.
I’ve realized it midway, Kerebryl was getting turned on consciously from my gaze.
“Nh, N……”
The younger brother is still massaging her breasts.

“Here, take your seat”
“Got it Aniki”
At last, the younger brother left Kerebryl.
“Customer, I’ll be sitting next to you”
My sofa is two seater. The younger brother sat on his sofa beside me, and the older brother sat down on the sofa across the table.
“What about Kerebryl’s seat ?”
Kerebryl is still standing, she is repairing the wrinkle in her one piece dress, and there are only three tea cups on the table.
“Onee-san is going to sit on a special seat because my younger brother is going to serve her more milk”
“Here, Onee-san. Sit here”
The younger brother said so and pulled down his pants. His cock is standing upright.
Kerebryl looked at him with a surprised eyes, then slowly looked back at me.
“……Hey, Is it fine if I have more milk ?”
Kerebryl asked me with a downcast look. It’s a cute gesture.
I think she got turned on and can’t endure it anymore.
“It’s fine, Kerebryl”
“……I’m sorry”
Kerebryl apologized while blushing.
She walked toward the younger brother, turn her body around to face me and slowly lowered her body.
“Wait, Onee-san”
The younger brother grabbed Kerebryl’s waist and stopped her right there.
“Where does Onee-san want to drink it ? I personally want it in the back”
Kerebryl looked at me with a troubled face.
“….I’ll…have it here”
The place Kerebryl choose is her vagina, actually I can’t see it since it was hidden by her body, but judging from the flow of conversation it should be so.
“…Is that so. It’s a little disappointing, but Onee-san’s front is exquisite too”
With those words, he lowered Kerebryl’s body.
“Nhah, Ah……, Aaaah……”
And just like this, Kerebryl was penetrated right in front of me.

“Onee-san has become really honest, so while we’re at it let’s give your boyfriend a clear view.
The younger brother said that and lifted Kerebryl’s legs with both hands.
Kerebryl let out a cute scream, and then her legs was opened wide by him.
“Don- Don’t spread it…….”
The skirt part of her one piece dress was fluttering.
Since the skirt was short like a mini skirt, I can see everything when her legs were opened.
“It’s embarrassing……”
The younger brother doesn’t care, he put Kerebryl’s legs on the sofa, turning her legs into the shape of letter M.
Her place down there was wet and drenched.
The younger brother’s cock has entered inside all the way to its base.
“Aaah, Noo……”
Even though Kerebryl said no, she didn’t try to close her legs.
With tears in her eyes, she looked at me embarrassedly while keeping her legs open as if trying to show it off to me.
“Nice view isn’t it, customer”
“…It is”
This has turned into something amazing.
Together with the older brother, I decided to watch Kerebryl who is within my arm reach.

“Ehehe…, Well then Onee-san, let’s have fun together”
The younger brother grabbed Kerebryl’s waist and lifted her up.
I can see the glans of his cock, it looks like his cock are going to slip out.
“I’ll do it in one go”
“Aaahn! …Its…deep…”
From there, Kerebryl was pulled down in one swift motion.
The entrance of her womb was poked strongly by the glans, and her whole body trembles.
“Come, Onee-san too, let’s do it together”
Kerebryl went silent, but then she obediently stretched her hands behind and grabbed the backrest of the sofa.
“…Don’t…stare too much…”
Kerebryl speak cutely while staring at me with upturned eyes.
Then, she began to move her body using her back.
With her legs wide open in the shape of letter M, she raised her waist slowly.
The whole thing looks really obscene.
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-……
“N, AaaNn, N, Ah……AAh……Nn, Ah, Aahn……”
Since Kerebryl is leaving the movement to the younger brother, I can see the cock inserting and removing itself. It’s all displayed clearly in front of me.
The cock moves with a long stroke, the glans looks like it’s going to slip out with every pull.
“Uwah…..This is really erotic”
The older brother who is watching from the opposite of me muttered instinctively.
“Onee-san, you’re really bold in front of your boyfriend”
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-……
“Aaahn, That’s, because you guys…..Nhhh, in the back……Aaaahn….”
The older brother tried to make Kerebryl embarrassed, but she didn’t even stop the movement of her waist.
From her vagina, a white love juice is oozing out, wetting the younger brother’s cock.
“Is is really that good to do it in front of me and your boyfriend ?”
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-……
“Nh, Anh, I’m not, that kind of, woman…..Nh, Aaahn…….”
This time, Kerebryl blushed from the older brother’s teasing.
The younger brother grabbed Kerebryl’s waist and thrust his cock from below.
The cock is going in and out vigorously.
“Ehehe…..Such a beautiful Onee-san being this erotic, it’s truly the best”
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-……
“N, Aahn, N, Nhaa……A…..I’m not……Nh, Ahn, Aaahn…….”
The shoulder strap of Kerebryl’s dress was shifted due to the intense movement, and her breasts have spilled out.
I’m enjoying the sight of big breasts bouncing everywhere in front of me.
“Hey, Onee-san……”
The younger brother whispered something in Kerebryl ear, and then she blushed.
-Jyupu- -jyupu-……
“Nh, Aa…uunh…….I can’t…say those…..”
Kerebryl is looking at me in shame.
But even though she is ashamed, her hips is moving and she squeezes the cock using her vagina.
“Onee-san, you have something to say right ? Your boyfriend also want to hear it”
Urged by the older brother, Kerebryl let out a coquettish moan.
The younger brother also moves slower so Kerebryl can speak easier.
“Nnh……. Hey…can you… see it entering me…?”
Kerebryl is asking me a question looking fully ashamed.
I thought my heart is going to stop.
“……I can see it clearly”
I answered while watching Kerebryl’s place down there.
“Aaaahnn…..This is, just me…..drinking some milk….so….Aaah…..forgive me……”
Kerebryl is speaking to me while being agonized by pleasure.
When I heard her saying those while watching the place where they are connected, I feel like I’m going to go crazy.
“It’s fine, Kerebryl”
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu-……
“Nh, Aaahn, Aaa…….the place I’m drinking with…… see it…… ”
When Kerebryl finished her speech, the younger brother can’t hold it in anymore.
He thrusts his waist powerfully, making Kerebryl constantly moaning.
“Well said, Onee-san. I’m going to give you a reward. Drink plenty of it”
-Jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupu- -jyupuuu-
“Aaahn, my…shameful….nnh, figure….Nhaaa….c…cumming….. nNhaaah…..!”
-biku- -bikubiku- -bikun-……
With her face looking like it’s about to cry from embarrassment, Kerebryl’s body is cramping as she reached orgasm.
Her vagina is contracting violently and tightening around the younger brother’s cock.
The younger brother reached his limit and poured his semen into Kerebryl’s vagina profusely.
He pushed his cock deep inside Kerebryl’s tight vagina and poured it to the entrance of her womb until it’s last drop.
“Nnaa……Aaa……it’s pouring in……”
While savoring the younger brother’s semen ecstatically, Kerebryl muttered with  a red face.
“Ooo…….it  felt really good….. Onee-san, you’re the best”
When the younger brother pulled out his cock, a white semen thread was drawn from the tip of his glans head.
His cock is drenched by the mixture of the two’s body fluid.
“The milk… I drank it……”
Kerebryl muttered shyly.

“Seems like Onee-san is satisfied with drinking the milk, shall we close this up ?”
It seems like the Tea Party is over.
“Alright Aniki”
The younger brother lowered Kerebryl and stand up.
Seems like he wants Kerebryl to clean it every time since he put his cock in front of her face.
“……-Amu-, N, Nn…….-chupa-……”
Kerebryl kneeled japanese style and began to suck the wet stick.
She put the whole cock in her mouth and used her tongue too.
“Ehehe. …..Well then, there’s no other choice. I’ll fetch the gun”
“Ehehe……  Aniki, sorry about that”
-churu- -chururu-……-chupa-……”
The older brother stood up and walked to the place where the gun is placed.
Kerebryl is still sucking the younger brother’s cock.
“Onee-san, it’s ok now”
“N……, Haa……, Haa……”
Kerebryl breathes heavily when she let go of the cock.
The big breasts which were exposed were shaking every time she breathes.
“I brought it. Please check it”
The older brother brought an over-under double barrel gun and around 20 pieces of metal cartridge casings, and place it on top of the table.
There’s no doubt, it’s that sidelock from earlier.
“Yeah, there’s no mistake”
When I spoke to him, the older brother eyes is nailed on Kerebryl’s slovenly appearance.
“Ah, my bad……”
The empty cartridge fell down from the table and rolled near Kerebryl.
From my eyes, it looked like the older brother deliberately dropped it.
“Onee-san, can you pick it up ?”
Kerebryl stares at the older brother.
Since Kerebryl is sharp, surely she know what he’s trying to do.
“Sorry Onee-san, come get up and pick it up”
The younger brother and Kerebryl stand up, her exposed breasts were swaying.
“You should pick up your boyfriend’s cartridge”
“…Yes… I’m going to pick it up now”
Kerebryl looked at me shyly.
She turned her back to me and bent her waist to pick up the cartridge on the floor.
The one piece dress we bought today were short like a mini-skirt, so when she bend her waist, her place down there are going to be on full display.
“Onee-san, stay like that”
Hearing the older brother’s words, Kerebryl instantly stopped.
Kerebryl is wearing high-heels, so combined with her long legs, her protruding ass are really emphasized.
“Onee-san, open your legs”
Just like the younger brother ordered her, Kerebryl silently spread her legs open to shoulder-width.
Without a moment’s delay, the younger brother raised the skirt part of the dress.
Kerebryl’s beautiful ass is exposed.
Kerebryl sounds embarrassed and her ass shuddered slightly.
But, she didn’t go against their order, Kerebryl keep staying as it is.
The siblings moved to Kerebryl left and right side while laughing.
Then, using both hands, they stretched the hole in Kerebryl’s ass and crotch to left and right.
Kerebry’s beautiful anus and pink slit were spread open, I can see the inside of both embarrassing holes.
After I’ve been watching those perverted sight for a while, semen started to leak out from the widened anus.
It gradually drips from it towards the vagina.
Then, white semen spilled from the back of the vagina.
The sludge that came out was clumped together and slowly dropped to the floor as a big drop while drawing a string.
Kerebryl whole body was flushed red and trembling as semen hangs from both of her holes.
But, she stayed silent and kept showing her shameful appearance to me.

“……It’s fine already right ?”
Kerebryl tried to stand up while grasping the cartridge case.
“Onee-san, just one more time”
The younger brother suddenly grabbed Kerebryl’s ass and pulled it towards him.
“I can’t hold it anymore after seeing those”
“You guys, don’t just-……, Aah?”

The younger brother pulled out his meat stick and rubbed his glans against the hole in Kerebryl’s ass.
“I too want to pour my milk inside Onee-san’s ass, it’s fine right…?”
The younger brother pierced his stick inside Kerebryl’s ass in one stroke.
It entered smoothly even without lotion because the semen acted as lube oil instead.
Kerebry’s anus has swallowed the cock all the way to its base.
“Truly, there’s no other choice”
The older brother said so and grabbed Kerebryl upper body and make her stand.
“Actually, it’s not just my younger brother. I too, can’t hold it anymore”
“Aa….., Even though you said it was the end….., And to do this kind of thing again with the two of you…”
The older brother lifted one of Kerebryl’s leg, then he pulled out his cock and pushed the glans against Kerebryl’s vagina.
“I too, want to let Onee-san drink my milk over here…”
The older brother also pierced it all at once.
Two cocks are inserted inside Kerebryl’s delicate belly.
“Onee-san, you said ‘again’ didn’t you. Are you accustomed doing this kind of thing ?”
“Nh, Aaah, A, such thing, I didn’t…”
The older brother moved his cock inside the vagina, and Kerebryl answered him slightly angry.
“Well then, how many times you did it ?”
“Anh, A, Aah……It’s my…second time…”
The younger brother pushed up his cock inside the anus, and Kerebryl grabbed the older brother and answered honestly.
This is her second double penetration after the Hotel Manager and Chemist.
“So, you’re not used to it yet”
“Leave it to us then”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Nhaaaanh, AH, Aaaah, it’s…hitting deep….”
The siblings were moving in harmony, they were thrusting their cock alternately inside Kerebryl.
Since one of her legs was lifted, the place where they were connected can be seen in full view.
“Can you feel it rubbing your womb ?”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Nh, Aaahn, I feel it……it’s being rubbed, from my ass, Aah, Aaahn…”
The hole in Kerebryl ass were spread wide when the younger brother was plugging in his cock.
When it was inserted deep inside like that, it looks like the glans was rubbing against Kerebryl’s uterus.
Kerebryl tried to escape the pleasure in her ass by moving her waist forward.
“Can you feel it reaching your womb entrance ?”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
Her beautiful vagina were spread wide when the older brother moves his cock in and out.
He is brushing his glans against the cervix persistently.
Trying to escape the overwhelming pleasure in her vagina, now Kerebryl moved her waist backward.
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Aah, both of it, it’s so-…..Aa, Nh…..I’m gonna…, go crazy….”
Whether it’s frontward or backward, no matter where Kerebryl escapes to, she kept being pleasured by the cock pushing up intensely against her.
She cannot escape from the overwhelming pleasure given to her from both holes, and Kerebryl kept moaning with tears in her eyes.
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Nh, Ah, Haaaanh, Nh……A, Aaahn, Nh, Aaahn…..Nh, Nhaaaaa…..”
The two white cock keep moving in and out from the gaps between the cafe au lait colored skin.
Kerebryl was receiving two pleasure at the same time, one when the glans head rubbing against her cervix when a cock is being pushed in her vagina, and the other one when the glans neck scrubbing her rectum when a cock is being pulled from her anus.
“Onee-san, How’s the double penetration, is it comfortable ?”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Aaaah, Nh….It feels good…Nnha, Aaah, It’s….amazing….Aaaahn…..”
The younger brother started rubbing Kerebryl’s swaying big breasts from behind like he was lifting it.
Every time he move his hands and squeeze his palm, the breasts is changing its shape.
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Aaaah……stop, my nipples…….”
When her nipples is being sandwiches between his fingers, Kerebryl is moaning erratically.
Her body also begin to cramp up and twitching.
“Have you turned to like being double penetrated now ?”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“N, Aaanh, I like it, Nh, I really like it……N, Nhaaaahn, Ahn, so deep……Nh, Aaaah……”
Kerebryl answered the older brother while turning her arms behind his neck.
From the gap between the cock and her anus, semen is leaking out.
And from the joint between the cock and her vagina, a mixture of love juice and semen is coming out too.
“Aniki, this Onee-san’s anal is amazing. It’s been a long time since I feel this good”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“This place is amazing too, it’s really bumpy”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Isn’t it great we can taste it all. Even the breasts are really big. Look, I can’t even cover it with my palm”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Yeah, you’re right. It’s really worth the time rubbing it. Onee-san is really cute, today is truly the best. This sexy face, even just looking at it alone makes me want to leak”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Onee-san, looks like you’re going to came soon. It’s been tightening around me”
-Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Alright, let her drink plenty for the last time. Let’s cum together, the three of us”
The siblings were having an obscene conversation across Kerebryl.
Kerebryl can only moan in embarrassment hearing those.
“Onee-san, you heard it right”
“The three of us, together”
-Jyupu- -Nupu- -Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“AAah, Nh, Aaaahn…..Hurry, I can’t…..Nh, Aaahn…..”
The siblings began to swing their hips with fierce momentum.
They were making an obscene sounds while pushing up against Kerebryl in turn.
Even now, Kerebry is still getting turned on.
“Be patient for a bit Onee-san”
“When the three of us came, let’s show it to your boyfriend”
-Jyupu- -Nupu- -Jyupu- -Nupu-…
“Nhaaa, No-, Don’t look, Ah, AAahn…Cum…Aah, cum…..”
Kerebryl looked at me and shakes her head.
She was embarrassed to be seen having an orgasm from double penetration, but her eyes were wet with lust. It was showing her expectation to be seen when she’s going to climax.
“Kerebryl, you’re really cute”
Kerebryl who is being pleasured by the two siblings is looking really lovely right now.
“AAh, Cumming- look-…Nhaaa, AAaaaahhnn!”
The siblings thrust their back strongly at the same time, and they stays at it is.
Their cock was pulsating as it was pouring the semen in.
At the same time, Kerebryl’s body also stiffened and twitching.
The three people has climaxed together.
“I saw everything”
“Nh…, Aaaa…..”
Hearing my words, Kerebryl’s face turned into one with an ecstatic expression.

After a while.
“Customers. Thank you for today”
“It was a wonderful Tea Party”
“…Is that so”
Kerebryl is fixing her disheveled clothes while sitting all tense in the sofa.
She looks tired, but she has a slightly satisfied face.

“So, about this gun. I’ll sell it to you at 18 gold coins”
“That’s our purchase price from the adventurer, we can’t lower it anymore”
“Is it fine ?”
That was a third of the original price.
Converted, it’s still the equivalent of 1.8 million yen, but that amount should be fine now.
“It’s fine. ……But, we have a condition. If you’re letting go of that gun, I want you to sell it to our shop”
“If I bought this gun, I’ll probably use it until I die”
Most likely, it will be a gun filled with memories. I’m going to treasure it.
“But still, you’re not getting any profit. On the contrary, you’ll be in red because of the expenses”
“Even so, it’s fine”
“We might be a businessman, but there’s something more important to us than profit”
The brother swung their heads together
“…That’s because, this will be the first time we sell a  gun to a person with the skill to use it”
“Eh, really ?”
That’s unexpected, even though they’re a firearms store.
“There are only few people with gun skill in this continent”
“All this time, we have only sold it to nobles. It’s enough to keep our business afloat, but it doesn’t suit our ideal”
The siblings laugh sadly.
“But as expected, it’s a tool filled with a man’s romance. I hope it’s possible for everyone to use it someday. We’re jealous of you customer”
“That’s why, we’re glad to sell that gun to you customer. I hope it’s possible for this gun to be used for the sake of the world rather than murder”
Both of them are watching me with glittering eyes.
“Thank you. I’ll make sure to treasure this”
I paid the money. It’s quite a large amount of money, but it’s fine.
Rather than that, the troublesome part is the wish of the siblings.
“You look really happy. I’m glad”
By the time I realized it, Kerebryl was standing next to me.
She narrowed her eyes and smiled at me gently.
“It’s my and Kerebryl’s memento gun”
I hugged Kerebryl.
I’m not sure which part should be memorized, but it’s a memorial with strong feeling behind it.
“Please take care of it ok”
Kerebryl said it happily.
“Thanks, both of you. I’m going to come again someday”
I put the gun and the cartridge in my Item Window.
“Thank you very much”
“We’ll be waiting for you to come again”
Finally, the siblings gave a polite greeting like a professional shop clerks.

Me and Kerebryl left the firearm store.
As I climbed the shop’s stairs, I realized it’s already dark outside.
“Well then, shall we go back ?”
Kerebryl linked her arms around my body and stick close to me.
After such thing takes place, Kerebryl is always gentle to me.
She’s acting all spoiled now.

We passed the『Long Bow Street』. There are lots of flashy signs around us.
It seems that strange shops are concentrated on this street, that’s why the main street name doesn’t have sword attached to it.
“Kerebryl, are you okay ?”
“You’re holding me, so I’m fine”
Kerebryl smiled mischievously, but she was a bit unsteady.
I should let her rest in the inn quickly.
There were lots of people around us, I proceeded to hug Kerebryl.
“Hey ladies, you looks great…”
There’s a weird old man calling us from the sideway.
The old man tilted his head and is wondering about something.
“Well, whatever. Hey, dark Elf Ojou-san, can I join you ? If it’s money then…”
We’re in a hurry you know.
I silently took out my revolver and stuck to his temple.
“Do you have any business with us ?”
I said it as calmly as I could, and the old man ran away shouting.
“…Geez, you don’t need to make such scary face”
“…Did I ?”
I’m quite proud of my gentle face you know.
Kerebryl then looked at me with serious expression.
“Please don’t hate me”
She pleaded at me while looking sad.
“I’ll never hate you. We’ll stay together forever”
I can’t resist my emotion and embraced Kerebryl strongly.
I really hold her dear from the bottom of my heart.
“…I’m glad”
Kerebryl also pushed her body closer to me.
She’s staring at me with her eyes showing how much she loved me.
We hugged each other for a while.
But, both of us understand that already.
So why did Kerebryl say those words just because that old man called us earlier ?
On Kerebryl’s cafe au lait colored thighs, several white streaks left its mark there.
Her underwear were left behind at the firearms store.
And even now, white semen is leaking out from there and hang around her thighs.

“I’m back. I just arrived earlier”
“Welcome back, I have also just returned”
When I’m relaxing in the hotel room, Yuela came.
“I was running pretty late. What about Kerebryl ?”
“She’s taking a bath”
When we arrived at the Inn, the Inn’s widow doesn’t said anything and recommended a bath to Kerebryl. It was wiped on the way.
“Is that so”
Yuela nodded and sat down on the provided chair.
She’s in a good mood.
When I take a closer look at Yuela, I can see a new sword, but her wakizashi is gone.

“You did it Yuela, you bought a new sword”
“Yes. I managed to get a satisfactory one. It was hard trying to buy it from that shop”
“Really, good work there”
Yuela looks happy, she put the sword with its sheath on the table.
It’s not that sheath with white wood from earlier, but a slim and beautiful blue sheath.
Apparently, it’s a different sword with the one from before.
“May I see it ?”
“Yes, of course”
In the past, an old man from my neighborhood taught me how to observe a sword.
For the time being, I grabbed a handkerchief and pulled the sword out of its sheath.
I stretched out my arms so I won’t hit it with my breaths, and look toward the blade.

It’s slender, has a deep curve and the hardening pattern looks like a flower.
It’s a beautiful sword.
I agreed that Yuela has managed to obtained a satisfactory sword.
I’m not an expert, but this is definitely a good sword.
It’s a sword fitting for Yuela’s beauty.
“…Thanks, it’s a really beautiful sword”
I put the sword back to its sheath.
“You understand ? Normally, it’s the kind of sword owned  by a royalty”
Yuela said with with a slightly proud face.
“Was it expensive ?”
“…Yes. It’s expensive. I sold my wakizashi and all of my spare sword”
Yuela didn’t rely on me and bought the sword by herself
“…And also…”
But then, Yuela was acting awkwardly. I sensed something just now, probably, it’s related with ‘that’ kind of thing.

“Ara, Welcome back Yuela”
“I’m back Kerebryl”
Kerebryl is coming in fresh from the hot bath.
I can smell the scent of soap from her clean figure.
“Wa~, that looks like an expensive sword. Did you buy it ?”
“…Yes, it was expensive”
Yuela looked at Kerebryl apologetically.
“…Because of it, my money is spent”
She said it shyly. It’s kinda expected though.
“It’s okay Yuela. I still have plenty of money. We’ll be fine travelling until the [Country of Freedom]”
“…It doesn’t end there for us right ? There’s still more things to be considered after that”
Yuela is looking at me while blushing.
“That’s true. You also spent lot of money today, we need to be more frugal starting tomorrow”
And Kerebryl is smiling mischievously.
“Let’s put the stuff of the future aside from now and have dinner, my stomach is empty”
“Yeah, let’s do that”
Yuela replied to Kerebryl and stood up from her chair.
Yuela let out a small voice and stay still just like that like she was thinking about something.
“…I think I’m going to take a bath first after all. Sorry about this, please wait for me a bit”
“Oh ? Are you worn out too ?”
Hearing Yuela’s apologetic voice, Kerebryl looked at her curiously.
“…Yes, I’m a bit exhausted”
Yuela answered while walking towards the bath, I can’t see the expression on her face.
“…I see, so Yuela is exhausted”
While watching her back, Kerebryl muttered the same word again.

After a while, I went to the lunch room with Yuela and Kerebryl.
Yuela looks refreshed after taking a bath. My favorite black hair is wet and shining.
“Sorry for the wait. You guys are hungry right ?”
“It’s fine Yuela”
“My stomach is starting to growl”
“Ufufu~…, me too Kerebryl”
Yuela and Kerebryl are walking side by side while talking. Both of them seems to be really hungry.
Kerebryl were moving energetically earlier after all.
I thought to myself. I can understand Kerebryl, but why is Yuela starving too ?
I can sense something. Let’s listen to Yuela’s story in detail later shall we ?
“What’s today dinner ?”
“Fufu…, the lunch at this inn was delicious, I’m expecting good things”
“Ufufu…, I’m looking forward to it”
Both of my cute girlfriends were having fun chatting with each other.
I love moments like this where I can watch those two talk about mundane things.
While following them, I thought about things to come. The future between me, Yuela, and Kerebryl.


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    1. The novel still ongoing, just wait and see. I just wondering what kind of ending we will have. They married and enjoying wive sharing life. Or the curse can not be lifted, they open a famous brothel, and producing AV. Or, they become the head of the dark goddess shrine,and enjoying orgy rituals. I dunno…


  1. since next chapter has some same text do u think u could get it out like wednesday or thursday and then focus on saint doll for this weekend


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  3. When in doubt, blame me. Its a case of bad translation.
    That anon is correct, Yuela and Sword merchant misunderstood MC words.

    Before we going further, this is what MC said at that time.
    That sentence is worded badly and ambiguously, which is definitely on purpose.

    The chronology of the story is something like this
    1. MC is fine with buying Yuela a sword, he was thinking that even if they run out of money, he can work it out somehow with his knowledge from another world and gun skill, so he said that sentence.
    2. Yuela misunderstood, most likely thanks to [Immoral] messing with her.
    3. Shopkeeper interpreted it right on his first guess (see chapter 10.5), but Yuela reaction is giving him some doubt, or you can also assume that [Curse of the Goddess of Darkness] is affecting his mind, and then he changed his interpretation.

    To support this explanation, you can see MC reaction when Yuela returned to their hotel room.
    That’s not the reaction of someone who knowingly gave his consent.

    Of course I might be wrong too. This is why you should find a better translator than me.
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