[Saint Doll] Chapter 05 – My Partner is Being Targeted…?

Arc 1 Chapter 5 – My partner is being targeted ?

Afterward, I only need to return to Shana’s house.
While he was thinking of that and left the guild, a huge shadow stand before them.

The two of them are raising their eyes to look up at the big guy in front of them.
The giant stood over 2 meter tall and on its compact gigantic body was an armor of muscle,
metal breastplate is fastened in front while a huge battle axe is hanging in the back.
There’s a thick mustache above his lips and a big scar on his cheek.
He seems to be appraising the two and dangerous light dwells in his sight.
Shin felt a sense of crisis looming upon him.

“I’m Gain. You are ?”

When the man introduced himself, Shin mentioned his name while trying to prevent his legs from giving in.
When he heard it, Gain smiled with a grin and turn his eyes toward Yuri.

“Is that woman yours ?”
“She’s my partner. A supporter”
“Can other man embrace her ?”
“I belong to Shin-chan”

Gain only grinned further after hearing the response of Shin and Yuri.
Feeling it’s about to get dangerous, Shin collected himself.
But at that time, Gain’s index finger touched Shin’s forehead between his eyebrow.

“You didn’t hide your presence nor adjust your breathing. Your attempt at physical strengthening is too obvious and also slow”

He pointed his finger at one spot after another, from Shin’s shoulder, chest and then his belly.
There’s no power in it, it was only a slow finger movement.
But shin can neither avoid it or stop it, He can only unsightly accept the finger struck his body.

“I’m going to train you. At least until you’re good enough to protect that girl beside you”
“Wh- What’s in it for you ?”
“Nothing much, I just want to make a deal”

A villainous smile float in Gain’s face. He take a peek at Yuri’s face and then Shin.
“For the sake of that girl, I’ll properly train you to become stronger.
I will also tell you how to hunt monsters.  In exchange, allow me to do her”

“There’s no way I’ll let you do that!”

“If both of you kneeled and begged ‘please sleep with Gain-sama!’ that would be fine too.
of course if she disagreed, you can keep kneeling and make an appeal”

I cannot escape or move.
I don’t even have a chance to activate [Creation]. Whatever I do, he can stop me before I finished it.
Before an opponent with such overwhelming difference in strength, I understand how overconfident I was about my power which I thought won’t lose to anyone.

“By the way, you may watch when I’m doing it.
You seems somewhat wimpy, so for the sake of the time you’re going to do it with her, I’ll make sure to teach you how to have an intimate sex properly first”

I hallucinated, Yuri was being held by this man in front of me.
Inside that illusion, I can only watch as Yuri cried as her virginity was scattered.
Yuri is trembling, but she is clasping his clothes firmly.
I bit my teeth strongly like trying to crush it.
I can’t divert my sight from Gain.
Gain stared back and exhaled his smelly breath at me

“This will be an opportunity for me to embrace Shana by myself, I’ll make sure to enjoy it.
So make sure to kneel properly and beg to her, say that ‘I need to become strong, so please sleep with Gain-sama!”


…Time seems to stop.

Two dumb-founded voices echoes.

“Hmm? What do you mean what ?”


“Yeah, I know the two of you are being protected by Shana.
Judging her personality, she won’t refuse a desperate request from the two of you”
Yuri breathed out roughly like she was trying to clear her throat.
She is trembling hearing Gain’s words, but this time for a different reason.

“And me?”
“What about you ? You’re this guy Partner right ? He already mentioned it earlier”
“What. About. Me. ?”
“Haa? A girl that still smells of milk like you ?
Come back again until that milk bag of yours get bigger”

Something inside Yuri snapped, she breathed out roughly and rushed toward Gain.
And just like that, Yuri swung her leg towards Gain’s crotch.
Contrary to her imagination, her kick feels like a rubber crashing against log.

“AAaaa! it hurts!”
“I don’t mind acting full of vitality, but you shouldn’t act carelessly.
If I strengthened my body seriously, your leg might broke”
Gain speaks to Yuri while scratching his head.
Then he looked at Shin.

“Did you noticed the timing of my Body reinforcement just now ?”
“Not at all”
“Judging from your attitude, you were confident in your Blessing right ?
But just as you see, there’s moment where you can’t use your ability.
A weapon that can’t be used is the same as having no weapon”

Gain is laughing while grinning again, Shin understand his own conceit now.
He also understand that Gain isn’t interested nor having any malice toward Yuri.
He understand what is he lacking from this incident.

“I can only hear sarcasm when you’re the one saying it, [Grand Axe¹]”
“It’s fine isn’t it, Shana”
Suddenly out of nowhere, Shana was standing behind Gain.
Shin didn’t even notice how long she was there.

“Shin, just ignore that foolish Yuri”
“This guy is another ‘cheater’ bastard that you described back then,
[Gain the Grand Axe].  He’s an absolute moron who will even fight against a Giant Monster that is at the level of an Artificial God.
“….Artificial… God ?”
“That’s harsh. If it’s for the sake of my beloved Shana then I’ll always do my best”
Shin is tilting his head while Shana and Gain are chatting.

“So, You were using Shin as pretext so you can sleep with me, just the two us ?”
“It’s fine right, If we become a partner then I can monopolize you”
Shana is letting out a big sigh after hearing Gain’s words, but she was scratching her head like she was giving up and then draws her conclusion.

“Well, you’re qualified enough to become an educator for Adventurers.
If you can train Shin until he can stand on his own then, I guess it’s fine”
“But, just once per two days. You have your promise with your village right ?
When you’ve finished training Shin at the vacant day,  I’m going to be your opponent at night”

Gain is raising his voice and cheering while striking a victorious pose.
Shin is staring at him then toward Shana while looking concerned.
Shana stared at Shin and smiled.
“I’ve been sleeping with this guy for many times, so you don’t need to be worried”
“In the first place, this fool comes regularly to my place to propose while bringing a flower bouquet. Despite having lots of achievement and is qualified to live in a big city without worrying about money and women, he choose to stay in village like this.  Seriously, what’s so good about a person like me”

Shana is scratching her head, but she doesn’t look all that dissatisfied as one would have others believe.

Gain stopped doing his pose and put his hand on Shana’s shoulder.
“I’m not interested in a city without Shana!!”
“Yeah yeah. That’s why, Shin, You need to do your best so I can be separated from him as soon as possible, even if by one day”
“Don’t worry, I won’t hold back. This guy doesn’t run away from my intimidation, he has promise”

In front of Shana and Gain who speak with smiles, Shin prepared himself and lowered his head.
“Thank you!!”

□ ■ □

“Hurt, It hurts, Shin-chan”
Beside Shin, Yuri was muttering with teary eyes.

□ ■ □

Next day.

With Gain who have brought a flower bouquet early in the morning to Shana’s House, Shin and Yuri were walking together along the village street.

“Shana was working until dawn, let her sleep peacefully until noon”
Just like yesterday, Gain is carrying a huge bag.
While they were walking and chatting, the street stalls are opening their business.
The two of them are wearing casual clothes they got from Shana.
Shin is carrying a sword in his untrained waist and tried to keep his pace.

“This sword is quite heavy isn’t it”
“Don’t use physical strengthening, don’t waste your God Power”

Gain said it without looking backward at Shin who mutters while carrying his sword.
Gain suddenly passed him a one handed sword earlier when he came empty handed.
He was thinking about the content of his future training,
if possible, he want to express that rather than killing someone by slashing them, he’d rather knock them with the blunt parts of the blades.

“What is God Power ?”

“It’s the source of power for us Blessed.
You’ll spend it whenever you used your Blessing or any Body Reinforcement.
It will recover when you’re sleeping.
If you used it too much, you might faint”

“Oh, something like MP huh”

“Those lights over there are powered by God Power.
The water flows, hot water and even fire, everything is powered by God Power.
In here, without god power, nothing will work”

Hearing Gain’s explanation, Shin suddenly doubted something.

“If God Power is the power of Blessed, what about the commoner ?”

“Oh, the God Power in the village is supplied from the stone building……there, that one.
Otherwise, even just to lit a fire, you’re going to need the [Magic] of Blessed”

At the direction pointed by Gain, there’s a large stone building.
From the building that looks like a warehouse, certainly, there are lot of cable-like things spreading all over the village.

“It’s called God Pillar. The place where those are installed are designated as Villages or Cities.
It also powered the barrier around the village’s wall. If you’re staying at a place without God Pillar, you should be careful. It’s not uncommon for such place to be overrun by Monster while you’re sleeping”

While receiving explanation, the three of them passed through the gate of the village.
Shin and Yuri was surprised at the gatekeeper’s sparkling gaze directed at Gain.
The three then arrived at the place where they trained with Shana yesterday.

“Alright, let’s start”
As soon as they arrive, Gain sat on the ground and throw some fruits from inside his bag toward Shin and Yuri.

“This is the same one that Shana-san had ?”
The two of them mutters while looking at the fruit inside their hand.

“This is Kuru Fruit, it’s really solid. You may use strengthening, try to break it”

“It’s impossible for me”
Yuri throws the kuru fruit back into the bag, beside her, Shin slowly exhales his breath.
And then, he stop his breathing and crushed the fruit inside his hand.
Shin confirmed the crushed fruit inside his hand, and wait for Gain’s word.

“This is how you should do it”
In front of Shin’s eye, Gain pinches the kuru fruit with two fingers.
He easily divided the fruit and squeezed its content between his fingers.
He put the fruit into his mouth and continue his explanation while chewing it.
“You should only release the necessary amount of power and also at the proper time.
If you make a mistake, the shell won’t crack or you’re going to crush the fruit inside the shell.
You should repeat this until you’re able to do it unconsciously.
I’ve prepared large amount of it so you don’t need to worry”

“This, just how many are there inside ?”
Yuri looked inside the bag and was amazed at the amount of fruits packed in it.

After glancing at such Yuri, Gain was looking at Shin curiously.
“You’re not going to ask me to teach you sword skill instead huh”
“No, I can tell how difficult this is”
While answering, Shin looked at the shell inside his hand.
The shell and the kuru fruit is beautifully crushed.
If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would hardly believe someone can crush the shell while leaving only the content intact.

“Well then, do your best. Jou-chan too, don’t play around too far”
Gain lie down, and Yuri sat straight on the ground while gazing at Shin.
In front of those two, Shin extended his hand at the mountain of fruit and started his training.

Several hours after the training began.

Shin repeatedly crushed the kuru fruit using his hand, repeating only a few successes among numerous amount of mistakes.
But Shin still continues his training without giving up.
Yuri was watching him silently, and then Shana who has just arrived sits next to her.

“How is it?”
“He kept continuing”
Yuri answered Shana, and then the snoring guy beside them raise up his body.

“His percentage of success can be counted with one hand”
“Those are amazing concentration”
“Yeah. To be honest, I thought he would give up along the way, he has guts.
And also, even thought he already used that many body strengthening, he can still continue, his amount of God Power is great”
“As expected of Hero huh”
In front of those three who were watching him, Shin just crushed another kuru fruit and sent its content flying.

“Everything he does is for your sake Jou-chan.  Before this, he does have the quality of Hero, but he seems to be spoiled and hate putting in effort and hard work”
“Well, at first he was like that. Until a bully carrying an axe pick a fight with him at least”
“Erm, That was misunderstanding”
Hearing Yuri words,  the other two then shake their heads.

“Jou-chan. Not all people are like me, there are people who loves small breast in this world too”

“From the start, he already had the ability to not lose against mid level opponent.
But on the contrary, he doesn’t have experience to fight against higher lever opponent or multiple parties.  If you guys went to a big city looking like that, then when you’re being targeted, it’s over”

“You’re going to be taken away one by one.
Jou-chan then will be taken somewhere for a gangbang party. Afterward, you’re going to be sold to someone with dangerous hobby, by then, both of your lives is over”

“Ga-gang bang party ? You mean that kind of gangbang ?”
Yuri was taken aback, and then Shana follows up with another talk.
“Yes,  many people are raped and sold as slaves.
To make matters worse, If they found out you guys are Fallen people, you’re going to be sold at an auction for a good price.
Well, in most cases the country will give their best to secure those ones. You’re going to be protected until you bear a child for 2 or 3 people”

“After that, the country will manage you and make sure you give birth to lot of children.
In exchange, you can live nicely instead”
While continuing the blunt explanation, Gain looked at Shin.
“Because he met me and came to realization, he’s getting all serious”

“His frivolous attitude has disappeared completely.
It’s really lucky for someone to notice it before getting hurt first.
Which is why, Yuri-chan”
Shana stared straight at Yuri, Yuri moves her gazes away from shin.
“He is, for your sake, putting in his greatest effort and pushed his body to its limit.
On the other hand, you’re a woman who is inferior even compared to commoners except that you’re a Fallen”
“Your breasts is also small”
“In your world, ‘First time’ is important. I know that you cared about stuff like timing, atmosphere, location and other things”

Yuri and Shin have been conscious of each other mutually for many years.
Those two cannot take the next step exactly because they’re too close.

“But in here, hymen doesn’t have any value. This place is a world where women will gladly open their legs when they saw a Blessed”
“When a Blessed was born from commoners, they will rejoice like it was a blessing from god”
“That’s why, before he is stained by this world, you should prepare yourselves”
“Prepare myself ?”

These two people fell to another world where their common sense was denied.
It was a world where the opposite sex flocks toward the Fallen, or a Hero.
Even if he kept quiet, it was an environment where he won’t have any trouble with women.
And thus, in order for Yuri to keep her connection with Shin.

“Give your virginity to him, and become his ‘First one’ among countless other women”

Shana said those words so she can take the first step.

//TL Note¹ :  Shana called Gain『大戦斧』/  Dai Senpu, literal translation would be Great Battle Axe//


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