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Group Name Prosperous Food Translation
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
04/30/18 Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant c62
04/30/18 Here Comes The Lady Chef c55
04/30/18 Kitchen Xiuzhen c55
04/30/18 Reborn – Super Chef c53
04/29/18 Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant c61
04/29/18 Here Comes The Lady Chef c54
04/29/18 Reborn – Super Chef c52
04/29/18 Kitchen Xiuzhen c54
04/29/18 Strange World Little Cooking Saint c22
04/28/18 The Feast c16
04/28/18 Strange World Alchemist Chef c11
04/28/18 The Fine Food Broadcaster c12
04/28/18 The Feast c15
04/27/18 Imperial Chef Rookie c7
04/27/18 Imperial Chef Rookie c6
04/27/18 The Fine Food Broadcaster c11
04/27/18 Strange World Alchemist Chef c10
04/27/18 The Feast c14
04/27/18 The Feast c13
04/27/18 Different World’s Okonomiyaki Chain Store ~Auntie from... c2
04/26/18 Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant c59-60
04/26/18 Here Comes The Lady Chef c52-53
04/26/18 Reborn – Super Chef c51
04/26/18 Kitchen Xiuzhen c53
04/26/18 Strange World Little Cooking Saint c21
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