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The Fish’s Overflowing Fragrance
CNThe Fish’s Overflowing Fragrance
Comedy Romance Xianxia
Being an extremely ambitious fish with great aspirations, Ah Lian’s only wish in her entire lifetime was to become the main dish of the most beautiful man in the Celestial Realm – Rong Lin, the God of War.... more>>

Ah Lian invested enormous amounts of effort into eating, successfully grooming herself into becoming an extremely white and plump fish. However, just when she thought she would finally get cooked —

Ah Lian: Supreme God, do you like to eat braised fish or steamed fish?

Rong Lin: …… I’m a vegetarian.

Ah Lian: QAQ


After N amount of time has passed

#Amazing #TheMostHandsome,RichAndTallCelestialBeingRongLinWasFinallySnapped…ByAFatHeadedFish!

In short, this is a sweet and loving story about a silly and naive fish who spends every single day trying to convince her vegetarian idol to eat her. Of course ... Ah Lian would finally be "eaten" by the War God Rong Lin _(:з」∠)_ <<less
Releases: 1
Holding On to My Man
CNHolding On to My Man
Romance Yaoi
After an accidental death, in order to continue to live, Gu Bai had to choose to go through various wonderful books to complete tasks.
Every time he became a variety of small cannon fodder inside the story, Gu Bai code of conduct when completing task is - by all means, don't be inferior, don't be shameless, don't be upright.....hold on to a golden thigh.... more>>

N times after transmigrating
Cannon fodder: (angry contempt)'re already so powerful, why are you still shamelessly holding on to a golden thigh to deal with us? !
Gu Bai: (deadpan) that... holding and used to it.... <<less
Releases: 3
One Hundred Ways to Become a God
CNOne Hundred Ways to Become a God
Romance Yaoi
An intelligence error caused the Third Fleet to face an ambush. In order to divert his enemies, the imperial admiral drove the starship alone into the meteorite band, and his spiritual power fell into a coma under heavy blows.
With the help of mystical powers, he began to experience reincarnation again and again to repair his spiritual power.
Therefore, after “death”, when he opened his eyes again, he became a blind and frail young master who's parents both died and was about to be stripped of all his property by his uncle and aunt.... more>>

He Yan: ....first get rid of this group of bad relatives then talk (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Wait... This patriach, you're clearly not part of the plot? <<less
Releases: 1
A Cat with a Red Envelope Group
CNA Cat with a Red Envelope Group
Comedy Yaoi
Died young! The second day after Xu Mao Mao rejected his blind date, he turned into that guy's cat!
Lying in the arms of the male god, his heart is suffering!
Although the male god is beautiful and can earn money to support the family, however even in his dream he still wants to change back, how! ?
Later on, he was pulled into the [Cat Alliance Red Envelope Group]
You snatched one bite of a premium canned cat food, you snatched one comfortable kennel, You snatched a pair of sapphire blue eyes, you snatched... eh? ! A 10 minute transformation potion? ! Please give me a dozen, thanks! ! !
[Sorry, your love value... more>> is insufficient]
What is this love value thing!
[Love value is human affection, you need it to draw red envelopes. Youth, please relentlessly sell Meng ~\(≧▽≦)/~]

Chen Yu: Want to make me happy? Transform out your cat ears and tail, cannot wear clothes.
Xu Mao Mao: Can ... can I put on fur... <<less
Releases: 3
The Old Man Who Got a Second Round in Another World
JPThe Old Man Who Got a Second Round in Another World
Action Adult Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Seinen
A veteran adventurer was preparing for his retirement when his former disciple returned to the village, intending to recruit the old man to his party.... more>> . Filled with regret due to an incident that happened in his first party, the old man rejected his offer. Being affected by his disciple's adventurous spirit, the old man leaves in hopes of reigniting his long lost dream, to become the strongest adventurer that ever lived. <<less
Releases: 3
Ore no Kioku ga nai Isekai no Danjon to Maho no Gakko
JPOre no Kioku ga nai Isekai no Danjon to Maho no Gakko
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance School Life
The genius researcher and a highschool freshman, Haruyuki Kei, died after completing his research on a certain secret society.... more>>

Three god appeared before him and asked,”Why did you research on this society?You lost your life because of it.”Given a satisfying reply to the gods,they decided to give him a prize for breaking the code of the secret society.The prize,is to be reincarnated into another world,without his memories.Now,living his life as Kazeyama Souta,and after 15 years of birth,he caught a glimpse of his past from his old world,and is trying to find his lost memories,and to survive boarding school,While being tasked with killing the demon lord. <<less
Releases: 2
Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins
CNNever Marry a Man With Two Tintins
Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Smut Xuanhuan Yaoi
This is the story of a person who transmigrated into a world with a radically different worldview.... more>>

So different, in fact, that he is considered a female in that world!

Cheng Nuo: What? Why did you say that I’m female?

Author: You only have one Tintin. The males of this world have two Tintins.

Cheng Nuo: No way! My hands are itchy… I want to cut one off! <<less
Releases: 1
Spare Me, Great Lord!
CNSpare Me, Great Lord!
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country... more>> and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents? <<less
Releases: 15
Harem Caravan
JPHarem Caravan
Adult Harem Mature
Some time has passed since the events of Harem Dynast, so Lorent and Ansandra have a teenage daughter and Lucy has a teenage son. The... more>> story follows that son who is childhood friends with the princess and has been placed in charge of a merchant caravan full of beautiful girls and women. <<less
Releases: 1
Perfect Feast
CNPerfect Feast
Action Adult Adventure Drama Ecchi Harem Mature Psychological Romance Seinen
Liu yang, a grassroot cadre of Chinese bureaucracy, by sheer coincidence entered the bed of a beautiful boss and thus starts the colorful stellar journey... more>> of our hero.Accompanying charming police women, exquisite nurses, graceful flight hostess, ripe female colleagues, mature female bosses,ingenious female managers and singer sisters to karaoke house under the shocked eye’s of peoples. This story is full of handsome men, witty women, beautiful emotions, thrilling official situations and logical offense. To find out how Liu Yang has made this perfect feast possible let’s go on this journey together. <<less
Releases: 2
Perfect Fiancé
CNPerfect Fiancé
Perfect Fiancé code:... more>>

1. Spoil his fiancé

2. Unconditionally spoil his fiancé

3. Unconditionally spoil his fiancé in the presence of everyone.

This is Lu Xi’s purpose.

Su Jin: QAQ, why are you following me…..I’m supposed to be the spicy former fiancé that you abandon!

Lu Xi: I have been waiting for the moment when you finally open your eyes <<less
Releases: 1
Di Wang Gong Lue
CNDi Wang Gong Lue
Shounen Ai Wuxia
Born into the royal family, every move that Chu Yuan makes is cautious, constantly afraid that one moment of carelessness will cause him to lose everything. After ascending to the throne at 18, not half a year passes before civil strife erupts in Yun Nan. Although the motives of the old guard at the royal court are not exactly unanimous, all of them are waiting to see how the new emperor will resolve this situation. ... more>>

Unexpectedly, before this incident comes to a head, the Xi Nan King, Duan Bai Yue, had already personally commanded troops to battle a few thousand miles away. Not half a year has passed when peace has been restored.

With sparse moonlight shining into the royal palace, Chu Yuan stamped a wax seal on a secret letter, and had it sent urgently to Yun Nan 800 miles away — this time, what will we be asked for in exchange?

Brush marks can be seen on the back of the paper, almost as if it can be visibly seen how angry the young emperor is when writing this line.

Duan Bai Yue spread out a piece of paper slowly, and replied thoroughly with with one word.

You. <<less
Releases: 1
Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe
JPCinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe
Comedy Fantasy Josei Mature Romance
In the middle of a grand ball, my fiancé cancelled the engagement. The reason was…
I tried to avoid the cancellation of the engagement, but... more>> it wasn’t meant to be.
An unfortunate pitiful lady and a stubborn general. <<less
Releases: 5
Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
JPMarielle Clarac’s Engagement
Comedy Romance Shoujo
From: nakimushi
The plain, unpopular, inconspicuous and dull wallflower of the social circles. Even so, a marriage proposal arrives for such a Mariel. The fiancé... more>> is, surprise!, the heart-throbbing imperial knight Simeon-sama!  Why does he, towards this girl?  Even as she is showered in jealousy and scorn, Mariel is happy. After all, Simeon-sama is the perfect delicacy, a handsome youth with a bright exterior but a dark interior! This is the story of a girl who secretly laughs at her fiancé and his surroundings. <<less
Releases: 3
A Loner With The Trash Skill ‘Abnormal Status Doubling’
JPA Loner With The Trash Skill ‘Abnormal Status Doubling’
It all started when a minute before we began morning activities, something suddenly occurred. The floor started shining a dazzling light, the shining expanded in an instant, and 30 classmates, including me, were laying on top of a place we didn’t recognize.... more>>

After that, we met a king-like person who said “I want you to look for the seven swords.” Everyone refused at first, but since I wanted to stay in this world, I opened the mouth I kept closed up until that point.

Then when I checked my status, I had nothing but surprise.

There was only one reason for that─

Everyone’s initial skills given to them were strong skills, but in contrast, the skill I was given went way too far into the ‘bad skill’ territory. It was an abnormal status doubling skill. <<less
Releases: 2
The Complicated Diary of a Stepbrother
JPThe Complicated Diary of a Stepbrother
Adult Comedy Drama Romance Smut
My parent had remarried, and I got a new older sister.... more>>

My older sister who I thought as annoying had become my family, and then, before I knew it, my feelings for my older sister changed into love.

*This is the stepbrother’s POV for the series Lean Tuna and Her Stepbrother's Plan to Become a Fatty Tuna. <<less
Releases: 1
My Taoist Career
CNMy Taoist Career
Horror Mystery Supernatural
Releases: 1
The Lady’s Sickly Husband
CNThe Lady’s Sickly Husband
Historical Josei Romance
Transmigration? A Chong Xi Marriage? A sickly husband?... more>>

How can it get much worse than this?

Mo Qian Xue now lives in a destitute, small house with broken furnitures. The grass had grown tall from lack of care, and the rice pot in the kitchen was left empty.

Well this mess was still quite manageable, however, why did they only have one quilt in the house! Not only did she have to serve his food and drink during the day, did she also have to make sure he was well “fed” at night?

“Lady, it’s getting late now, we should go to bed.”

She simply closed the door, turned off the lights, and went straight to sleep!

“If you dare move, I’ll kick you out of bed” she threatened.

“Hey, hey!”

In the end, the man still managed to wrap around her no matter how she resisted.

This sick man wasn’t as weak as he appeared to be!

She worked hard to become rich, built workshops, opened factories, and was aided by her husband towards prosperity.

Fortunately, she could live a peaceful life far from bickering relatives. But then she still had to deal with the villagers knocking at her door.

A certain Old Clan Head: “Your husband, Ning Shaoqing, is a renowned man in our village. As a woman, you doing business is detrimental to his image. Why don’t you hand over your factories to us so it can benefit our people?

A jealous waste: “You’re just a Chong Xi bride, and yet take yourself to be the main wife? When I enter the marriage, you should give way to a concubine’s identity and kneel to the side.

….So they want her money? They want her wife’s position?

Since when was she someone easy to bully!

Want to make her lose face?

Come a little closer then…. Let me give you a 一 一 *slap* <<less
Releases: 4
The Transmigrated Canon Fodder Overthrows the Male Protagonist
CNThe Transmigrated Canon Fodder Overthrows the Male Protagonist
Adult Comedy Drama Fantasy Josei Romance Smut
She was an average company employee, but she inexplicably died from a car accident. Fortunately or not, her soul synchronized with a shameless system called “Overthrow the male protagonist” which is classified as a “Capture” system. To be exact, the main point of this system is to capture the male protagonist’s… penis.... more>>

“Come here! We need to deepen our understanding and have a good pillow talk… no, no! I mean let’s talk about life!”

“Where is the newbie package?! What about my employee’s benefits?! Hey, System don’t suddenly spasm and give it to me.”

“The employee’s benefits are pretty good… pretty good… But, can you tell me what the heck is the ‘Ten Great Tools’? This… What on earth is that scent coming from my body? And what about this instant recovery constitution that can let me play without breaking?! System, come out of here! Let’s talk! Are you joking with me or is this real?!”

“I didn’t agree to overthrow those male protagonists! Every single one of them doesn’t follow the storyline. I don’t want to be pressed by them. They are too awful! None of their words can be trust. Their worst lies are ‘Be obedient, I won’t move; Believe me, this will be the last time; And, I just want to kiss you!’

“System, the settings must be incorrect. They are completely unlike the plot description! I feel so aggrieved!”


The Ten Great Tools: For Chinese, men and women had 10 great attributes/characteristics that would make their private parts great or ideal for intercourse. In this case, the ten great tools referred to the ten type of ideal shapes and characteristics of a woman’s private part. <<less
Releases: 3
On the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons
JPOn the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons
Fantasy Harem Romance
Thanks to my old man doing his best, despite it being on a two-generation housing loan [TL/N: Payment is split between parent and child due to high property prices], I was able to get my very own single-family house! As I went shopping on the evening of the day I moved in on my younger brother’s request, I was asked for help by a lovely blue-haired girl. Told it was a kidnapping, I took out the perpetrator with a lariat, and what appeared were actually two large eggs. As soon as I touched them, they split and two baby girls appeared!... more>>

At that moment, the blue-haired girl called out, “You’re the dad!” <<less
Releases: 2
Isekai Tensei no Boukensha
JPIsekai Tensei no Boukensha
Action Fantasy
Ootori Tenma, who lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather’s and grandmother’s friends who are living in the countryside, loses his life at... more>> the age of 25. A god of a different world called out to the ghost Tenma. This is a story about Tenma who, is liked by multiple Gods of reincarnation, receives multiple cheats and lives a second life in another world. <<less
Releases: 3
The Simple-Looking Sword Saint is Nevertheless the Strongest
JPThe Simple-Looking Sword Saint is Nevertheless the Strongest
Action Fantasy
A Japanese student named Shirokuro Sansui died because of God's mistake and was teleported to a different world.
He claimed that he wishes to become 'the Strongest', so he received a referral letter for a Sage from God and received 500 years of training.
When he reached a stage where he could be called as 'the Strongest' in the common people's standard, he picked up a baby near his training grounds, and there, he finally starts his isekai adventure.
His training is simple, his techniques are simple, he's 'the Strongest' but he looks simple.... more>>

With an ordinary wooden sword in hand, the fight of the simple-looking Sword Saint has just begun. <<less
Releases: 1
Angel In Online
JPAngel In Online
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender
Angel In Online Common name AI-On . ... more>>

It is VRMMO which was released the fifth in the world. Ogami Taiga will play with a girl’s avatar due to a reading error on the VR machine.

Moreover, it is a magical girl with some skill. In spite of such appearance, he will use his cheat skills to play his own with out-of-system skills, but he will defeat the king who is one of the bosses with solo. But it was the beginning of the death game …

It is a VRMMO thing that tends to be. It is nice if you can read it with warm eyes though it includes savagism. <<less
Releases: 11
Lean Tuna and Her Stepbrother’s Plan to Become a Fatty Tuna
JPLean Tuna and Her Stepbrother’s Plan to Become a Fatty Tuna
Adult Comedy Drama Romance Smut
"You, you're too bad at sex!"... more>>

When he was finally caught cheating, my boyfriend verbally abused me by saying that I was terrible at sex and called me a dead lay just like a frozen lean tuna.

I will become skillful at sex just like a fatty tuna woman, make him speechless and declare it himself.

Involving her younger stepbrother, the air-headed lean tuna's challenge has began. <<less
Releases: 2
Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant’s First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine
CNGolden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant’s First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine
Adventure Drama Historical Romance
During the night the city was broken into. She was on the verge of becoming the sovereign king’s imperial concubine.... more>>

However he was bringing about blood and slaughter.

He is ruthless, murderous, but gentle and reserved tyrant.

She is a weak, helpless, and lonely woman with a strong heart.

She wants to escape. But she is deeply attracted to him. He was cold-hearted but she provoked tenderness in him. He dares not to believe in these gentle feelings. Jiangshan is like a game, and the world is like chess.

In front of him, can she walk away? <<less
Releases: 3
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