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Random_Dude rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
August 18, 2017
Status: c250
It's really an amazing novel.

I am ahead of the current translations, so this is my review till where I've read.

Sure, there are a few slow parts in the beginning, but when sh*t finally goes down, boy do we have an epic story. One thing that's amazing is the mystery. His cultivation's a mystery, the reason for the disaster is a mystery, and the world, at present, is a mystery. And, as in all Fang Xiang's novels, the relationships between the characters are fleshed out, realistic, and well described.

The humour adds... more>> much to the story as well.

As another reviewer said, it's easily one of the best novels on this site. Everyone's got to read it. And this isn't even mentioning the fast release rate and really good quality by the translators. The only reason for that abnormal peak of one stars must be because of the QI haters.

Seriously, read it. You won't be disappointed. <<less
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