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crazykat rated it
Renegade Immortal
August 6, 2016
Status: c514
Xian Ni.. It was a series that I was very reluctant to read or even try to read due to all these comments about it not being a very good story or MC being too heartless and not likable or no character development or there being no romance.

Honestly speaking I dont regret a single moment since the first time I started reading to the point I am at currently. It has a great story with a world that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. MC feels very unique and likable.... more>> He is smart and cunning.. Not just from the perspective of the characters inside the book, but you feel it yourself while reading it. On top of that you can tell exactly how brilliant Er Gen is from the way he writes his character. They all feel unique and fun to read about, the characters make you emotional, mad and sometimes you just cant help but have a dumb smile on your face. I also want to point out that MC doesnt get Super strong from the start and he has to actually struggle and fight with his mediocre talent, you can actually see him struggling which I find very refreshing.

To summarize, you see a little innocent village boy with almost no talents in cultivation, a person who is just trying to make his parents proud by following the so called immortal cultivation path slowly getting to know how ruthless the cultivation world actually works, which in turn end up turning our MC into a ruthless cold hearted person who will kill anyone that means to do harm to him or anyone close to him.

All in all I dont think this is a story for everyone. There isnt alot of romance, MC doesnt do good deeds to save people to get glory, there are some humor which are really fun to read and finally there is no drama which I find intriguing. Its a very straightforward story of a innocent boy who turns into a cold hearted person due to the environment around him. If you are looking for romance, harem, drama, and are expecting the MC to be kind and nice to people that try to kill him.. Then you are looking at the wrong novel. <<less
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crazykat rated it
The Strongest Gene
December 11, 2017
Status: c101
It used to be a good novel to pass time with in the earlier chapters. As of late though, it has honestly gone downhill. I wanted to ignore all the bad and just keep going with the story, but it has just become a chore to read and I have just about lost all my interest in reading this novel. Anyways I will try my best to review the novel before I drop it.

The good about this novel is that

    1. It has a really cool cheat, "if used well".
    1. Unique power up method.
The bad:

    1. The plot armor is so thick that even a nuclear missile might not be able to destroy our MC
    1. The author keeps changing his mind about how much "luck value" the MC has every single chapter. One time he has 10 luck value and the next he has 500. FYI the the "luck value" regenerates by 1 every hour. MC goes from 0-500 in 3 days. To be honest he actually gets gets his luck value depending on the current plot rather then gaining 1 every hr..
    1. The background is very vague.. Its like we are looking at broken fragments of a world. I feel like most of the time not a lot of things are explained well.
    1. MC himself is portrayed as smart but then he doesn't even have a IQ of a normal person. For example,

      MC puts his product in his store to sell but doesn't give any description about what kind of product he is selling. This leads to MC going through around 20 ch worth of problems. With a simple description he could have avoided everything. He is honestly a arrogant person who doesn't give a dam about anything. Right now I am just wondering how he survived 20 years of bad luck with this kind of attitude

    1. Everything Is made so that MC can slip though any kind of situation. He can just offend anyone he likes and just have a backer come to save him at the end.
Overall my personal review:

Translator: 7/10

Plot: 5/10

Plot armor: 11/10
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crazykat rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
October 19, 2017
Status: c17
This story started out quite nicely with our MC getting reincarnated into a skeleton, but then the story just kept going down hill. Author just started adding everything you see in a dungeon story and accelerated it by 1000%. If the author actually took his time to build his characters and setting, this novel would have actually been an amazing read. At the end of the day all this novel has is "bones" no pun intended, there is no "meat" in it at all.

I recommend this novel for people who... more>> actually like reading a novel that has no real story, is extremely fast paced and has side character that agrees to everything MC says.

My final score for this novel:


Grammar: 8

Story:3-4 <<less
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crazykat rated it
Immortal Mortal
July 20, 2017
Status: c505
This has been a very enjoyable novel to read so far. It shows you how far you can get with a little bit of hard work and some common sense. The MC is smart or at least thinks like a normal person and has the "common sense" that other MC tend to lack in most of the web novels.

There is also no over powered cheat or anything that would suddenly make the MC super strong, rather its a gradual increase in strength (He does get a bit OP later on... more>> but there is always someone stronger then him). As for the story, its about the struggle that our MC who is just a mortal has to go through in order to become a immortal cultivator. To pursue his goals and to live up to his ideals he does everything he can and I really love that about this MC. He isnt rash and knows when to back out. He doesnt offend everyone he sees like other CN novels MC. He does start to get a bit more confident later on though but he is still very cautious with everything he does.

The story feels fleshed out, the world seems to be slowly growing and overall I really love the novel so far. Although I do admit that it has some holes here and there but for a web novel this has been a really nice read. Good enough to pass some time with.

My rating for up to ch 144 would be something like.
Edit: ch 505

Story:9 > 8.5

Translator: 9> 9.5

Grammar: 8 > 9 <<less
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crazykat rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
November 27, 2016
Status: c23
A Very Unique story, with a great start so far. The author is an amazing logical writer. I am loving every bit of the novel. Also my recommendation for new readers is to hold on till around ch 12-13 before you decide if you want to drop it or not. That is where the story picks up.

The translation seems Decent so far. Hopefully they keep up the good work.

Translation: 8/10
Grammar: 8/10
Novel : 10/10
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crazykat rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
January 15, 2017
Status: c6
First of all, Every chapter = 2-3 normal chapters so currently its like they have 18ch. Its been an amazing read so far, it has a very interesting revenge plot, is translated really well, and it feels very unique.

Edit: CH 8. Welp.. The genre suddenly changed to ecchi and harem, it is a awesome novel translated by amazing people, but I just dont read this genre of novel..
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crazykat rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
Some what similar to Terror infinity. Might even be better at some of the points then terror infinity. The translator has done a great job!
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From what I have read so far into the story this is like a usual Jap novel.. OP MC with no common sense or the knowledge of how to talk to people especially girls, mind you he is someone who has lived for hundreds of years. From the looks of it its going to turn into another one of those harem novels with bunch of girls all over MC by the end of it, and MC still having problems talking to them. Like he is a old man in the... more>> previous life and now he cant even talk to a 13 year old girl. I understand that he has lived his previous life in solitude, but common thats just stupid. Another part that keeps bothering me is how everyone just accepts how op MC is like its common everyday thing even though they have some crazy reaction every time he does something.

Well if you are into a OP MC that is very thick skinned with people around him not questioning anything then this is a novel for you.


Translator: 8
Story: 5
Characters: 4 <<less
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crazykat rated it
The Dark King
March 12, 2017
Status: c316
I honestly didnt want to start this novel due to all the negative comments. But I gave it a go, and although there were some ups and downs for example, the first 80-90 ch which was really hard to get through due to some grammar mistakes and some minor problems with the story, but I held on and man did it all pay off.

The Novel is very well written, very unique, and it is really different from other general novels out there. Its set in a post apocalyptic... more>> medieval setting with knights and living conditions of the 1800's. To add a twist to it MC has some knowledge of future tech, and common sense of a normal human of our timeline. Just think of Attack on Titan but different settings.

If even that wasn't enough, the translator of this novel is a total beast as he translates 2-6ch per day every day.. And that's crazy. I would read the novel just cause of the translator.


Story: 9
Translator: 10
Grammar: 7.5

I would also like to add that the grammar has now improved by leaps and bounds compared to how it was earlier in the chapters. As for the story, it just keeps improving as time passes. <<less
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crazykat rated it
Swallowing the Heavens
March 15, 2016
Status: --
Just started reading (Ch22).. And wow its simply awesome. The story flows really well. MC goes from being strong to having everything stolen from him to finding a way to get everything back. Really like the concept.

The best thing about this Novel is the effort translator put into translating I havent seen a single grammar error.. Its really well done.

The only minus point I can find is the translation speed for the novel is a bit slow compared to other popular novels but I believe its worth it... more>> for the quality of the novel. One of my fav for now. Hopefully it keeps going. My only regret is that I found this series too early.. If only I found it a few months later so I wouldnt need to go through the agony of waiting for new releases. <<less
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crazykat rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
January 8, 2017
Status: c38
Amazing novel, it felt a bit slow for the first 10 ch or so, but then it started to pick up and became something amazing. It has alot of potential and overall really well written. The translator Has done a great job of tralslating and the story flows really well, had no problems reading it at all.

Only big problem I see is that the novel isnt being given enough attention by the translator and is being translated at a snails pace. Dont get me wrong the translator does an amazing... more>> job at translating but it takes a month for each chapter to come out.

Edit: At "ch 42" The translation has finally picked up, which is really nice to see. As long as it doesnt go the harem route or slows down its going to be a great novel for me at least.

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crazykat rated it
Praise the Orc!
June 27, 2017
Status: c30
This is a really great vmmopg novel. It has been an amazing read so far. There are some ups and downs but its a great novel non the less.

The story focuses on a MC who really loves his sister and he doesnt want her to be unhappy. He does everything for her after the death of their parents. Soon he discovers that his sister plays vmmorpg, he then decides to join this vmmorpg community because he fears that his sister might get bullied there. This starts his journey to... more>> becoming the 1st great orc warrior.

The novels feels very unique and the VMMORPG aspect feels like its really done well compared to other generic novel.

All in all its a amazing novel so far. I cant say anything for the future but I recommend everyone to not judge the book by its cover and try this novel. <<less
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crazykat rated it
History’s Number 1 Founder
November 25, 2016
Status: c88
It is one of the most unique novels on this site. It tells the story of how one person can actually use their head and with a little added bits of talking to take down people who are much stronger then themselves. The story is really fun to read with lots of funny moments. There are a few ups and downs but overall its great novel.

There were a few grammar mistakes here and there, which made it kind of hard to concentrate on the story. I have taken a... more>> break starting c88 and I will come back to it once the chapters builds up. Hopefully by then there would be some proof readers.

Overall my rating for this novel:

Novel : 10/10
Translator: 7/10
Grammar: 6/10 <<less
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crazykat rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
June 28, 2017
Status: c9
Awesome so far. Its like tower of god but with individual people climbing the tower. I found the first few chapter lacking a bit of explanation but if you overlook that part its a good novel, they might explain why everything is happening later on in the story which might make everything clear but as of now its a bit unclear of exactly why the dungeon stuff is happening.

Anyways, I am not sure how this novel will be in the future but I am looking forward to it.
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crazykat rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 3, 2016
Status: c46
I have read this novel till around ch 46, and all I gotta to say is that its decent, its not very good and its not very bad.. Not the best for English readers or readers who dont know anything about the Chinese social circle. 80% of the jokes in this novel are related to stuff from china or things that are happening there.

Its really hard to relate to the story when the jokes are stuff you have never even heard of and are native to china, and most of... more>> the jokes become 2nd hand when you translate from Chinese version into English version.

I know that the translators try their best to explain the jokes/the Chinese stuff but its really not good enough, its no where near as good as reading it 1st hand and understanding the jokes/ main concept of the story. Its like someone trying to explain a joke to you after its has been said.. It becomes very lame and not funny. I have read a bunch of Chinese novel so far and this one just goes too deep and uses many real Chinese celebrity's/ social circles. Honestly its juts meant for Chinese readers, I just cant seem to relate at all. I have been reading alot of light novels in the recent few months, and this one has been the hardest to digest.

I did find a few parts which were done really well, but thats only a few small parts.

On the plus side the story is quite unique, and new. Its a decent read for when you are bored. Which is one of the reason why I am giving it a 3/5. <<less
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crazykat rated it
Gate of Revelation
February 18, 2018
Status: c561
The rating for this novel is way too low. I just finished catching up to the novel and man it has been an awesome journey. The author really knows how to write his characters. This is without a doubt one of the top novels that has a really fleshed out side characters, superb flow of story, and amazing plot twists at every turn. This novel is like the combinations of Terror infinity, Arena, and matrix put into one novel. The author took all the good from all three and put it into one novel. Its amazing.

Don't get me wrong there are some parts which are really not very interesting or fun to read but the other 90% of the novel is superb. The story does get stale from time to time but I advise people to keep reading. The story as a whole is really worth every word you read.

Somethings which I found really hard to digest would be the power levels. Most of the power levels arent explained properly, the author often smudges the power levels. The power level goes from D>C>B>A>S. We never see anyone who is less then B+, most of the time we arent even told the power levels. Sometimes "A" level is strong other times our MC easily beats them. Most of the time we dont even know the power level of MC. Till the current chapter we arent even shown the power level of MC, we just have to assume how strong he is.

Overall my rating for this novel would be:

Story: 10/10


Power levels: 6/10 (Its not explained properly how strong someone is, we just have to assume how strong they are most of the time)



Non the less, I would advise everyone to try and read the novel. It has awesome characters and story. Its really worth a shot.
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