Asuka of the Scarlet Sky


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Kashiwagi Yuuto, who was bored with his life, died in an unexpected accident. He was given the ability to create holy treasure tools from God after his death. Yuuto was thrown out to another world and met Asuka, the girl who wants to be a hero.

A scarlet swordswoman and a Captain of the Royal family imperial guard. A female hero who every citizen yearned for, was engulfed in the secret pleasures of a woman.

Asuka of the Scarlet Sky average rating 3.9/5 - 293 user ratings
Associated Names
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Akaten no Asuka ~ Onna Yuusha wa In Kanni Otsu~
Asuka of the Scarlet Sky ~ The Female Hero who Degraded to a Licentious and Wicked Person~
緋天のアスカ ~ 女勇者は淫姦に堕つ ~
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Edonis rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c62
I originally read this novel because I was looking for romance, fantasy, and swords.

I didn't expect to like this novel as much as I do now. It starts off pretty well in the beginning but somewhere in the middle all there was... well was s*x scenes. But once you get passed that the story is actually pretty good. Was good for the laughs.

Although there were some really weird s*x scenes, the translator is kind enough to say if there are any particularly weird fetishes in the chapter.
41 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dawn_ rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
The reviews on this one are really misleading. At first I thought ok they said there is slightly any R-18 scene it seems to be fantasy so why not? I am at chapter 21.. And there is ONLY s*x scenes one after the other with different girls and until now there is 0 plot or story. I won’t say that they are badly written or that the characters aren’t enjoyable.

But don’t be fooled, if you want a novel with a story even a little inside, pass your way.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
echiomega rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: v2c65
Dropping at Chapter 65

Okay start, MC dies and go to another world. Then he meet the main heroine (tsundere) (Don't really know why he likes her). Become kinda like a man slave to the main girl (don't know why)

The plot of novel isn't really good. Basically a fantasy game based novel with s*x. The world building isn't interesting: So far the world is stuck in the Royal Capital.

MC lacks a goal. The only thing he thinks about is "I'm glad I died"....
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ninthlite rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
A ero novel with content besides characters constantly having s*x. Probably the best ero novel on the website. Good thing translators are understanding that reading ero novels where the characters constantly have s*x is boring.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
One of my guilty pleasures. Decent story and decent s*x. A great mix. MC is somewhat perverted, but the girls are not naive (they know and understand what they are getting into) and stupid (well the main Heroine may be an exception hehe) nor are they forced to do anything they do not want to do. Do as the Romans do so they say, and the MC does it well. I have read other R18 novels and the typical theme is the MC is a douche bag scum of some... more>> kind and takes advantage of the girls. Here it is consensual and fun to read. No hypnosis, no mind breaks... just regular fun relationships. It is Harem and it is consensual.

Action is there as well. The MC is OP with his cheat but does not want to draw attention to himself of the famous kind... well you have to read it to understand why, the H scenes are not abundant and not as descriptive as other R-18 novels and leaves some to the imagination at times. Enjoyment factor 5/5. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
calebra rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c77
Quite unexpectedly enjoyed this one mainly because of Thunderbolt. She's very adorable and quite a bit innocent. I don't understand why the main guy likes Asuka though. No impetus or anything for him to fall for her. Heck, even Captain Risty might be a better "Master" for him. But he still chooses Asuka because of "love". There's not enough explanation or reason for him to feel that way for her so it's unsatisfying.

There's plot progress on the side besides the ero scenes so you don't really get bored. There's enough... more>> mystery to some characters too (like that narcissistic hero they met on Arc 3). It's not a bad series but not something you'll regret missing to read. I skimmed through some of the ero scenes though.

Check it for the ero or if you're bored and have time.

NOTE: I want more Thunderbolt! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SlashCrit rated it
March 4, 2016
Status: --
I like how almost everything is considered a weapon or armor even though they clearly aren't. Great story with the male lead standing at the rear, creating godly weapons for his girl hero harem. Fast and consistent releases but slightly short chapters. But the R-18 isn't even the main focus since it has fighting and peerage and much more. Great novel. Highly recommend for avid mature readers.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xTachibana rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
Surprisingly good story for an r18 novel, and it barely has any s*x scenes, really have to commend the author on this one. I would be interested in seeing a published version of it, but I doubt that will happen, unfortunately.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Casul_Reader rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
The Novel is good, MC given a super cheat early on that allows the MC to do what ever the f**k he wants. The almost non-existent romance between the first heroine develops slowly (because hes usually busy trying to f**k other girls first) but there is progress. Also did I mention that the MC likes to think with his d*ck most of the time? WELL its not that severe but theres still that, hes also quite the pervert although a closet pervert. At some point the MC learns his cheat... more>> is not all supreme and he learns that the hard way (by getting beaten into submission by a dark skinned loli) so theres also that. All in all its a good read if you’re looking for some material to fap to but don’t expect something as extreme as [FIT] or [Charm]. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
smite2001 rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: c77
For a novel that has R-18 content as its main allure, the story is interesting enough. The characters are somewhat unique and likable and the more delicate parts arent overly embarrassing. Certainly one of the better nocturne novels out there, and one of my personal favorites.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bondage Radish
Bondage Radish rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c73
Honestly, it could've been so good if the author had focused more on the plot than the s*x. Don't get me wrong: I love me some hentai. But this stuff gets a little too kinky even for my deplorable, disgusting tastes.

And it just never stops. Two-thirds of this entire story must be shameplay. Not all the s*x is bad but Christ Jesus all that shameplay is just tiring. Not all the s*x is bad, it's just that it pushes an otherwise interesting story to the background.

... more>>

I am genuinely surprised this never involved scat. Though, if body hair fetish grosses you out, this probably isn't for you. Anal hair. Also pee.


That said, what is it that made me read this far? Okay, tsunderes annoy me to death, but I do like the character development when it happens and that little bit of story attached to all the porn as an afterthought really charmed me somehow.

That's what gives it a three for me and not a two. It didn't deserve a four and a two wouldn't be fair to the parts I did enjoy.

what what
in the butt <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SnejZero rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: v2c62
I guess I would probably not rate this story as high, if it was a normal one... But for a Genre based around s*x and s*xual interaction, the story is surprsisingly good.

Well, simply story-based I would at most get 4 Stars by me, perhaps only 3 1/2. But considering the focus beeing on intercourse, I have nothing to aruge about, since it is well done and there are very few other stories that that even bother with a decent story once they settle on s*x.

To sum it up, this story... more>> is s*xy, funny, with decent character-development and interessting characters on the top. Well, the combination of all virgin-like characters with no experience in this regard makes some things kinda funny... but it is fun to read non the less.

If you want to read matue-s*xual content with a story beyond the s*x, I will reccomand Azura everytime I am asked. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
halilintar_007 rated it
April 9, 2016
Status: --
A good read with occasional s*x scenes. The plot is nice too, and I can say it is a good as FIT.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Morrki rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: v1c11
Since I didn't read much, I don't have notthing to say about the story. I just love how author simplifies the usual reincarnation process (sudden death - god saying sorry - giving special ability for compensation - again giving special ability for compenstaion - again... - reincarnation). I do love reincarnation/transported to another world stories but it was always a great pain to read MC going through this usual process again and again
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