Common Sense of a Warrior


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I was born to a Marquess military family; my father is a hero of the country. Motivated by my mother’s death one night in a burglary, I too resolved to study the blade. My aim was to join the army just like my father, and to avoid repeating my mother’s tragedy. Unexpectedly, despite my gender, my swordsmanship grew strong… However, my ambition ended when I learned that women could not enroll into the army. Furthermore, although I hadn’t received even a single lesson in proper etiquette, I suddenly had my engagement set with a Ducal House that had churned out prime ministers for generations…

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Buke no Tashinami
Common Sense of a Warrior House
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August 13, 2017
Status: --
Very interesting. This is actually the story of the mother from "Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter". I have only read the description above, but I just had to write something the moment I realized who the main character was. Who would have guessed that the gentle and elegant mother actually wanted to join the army once. I'm really excited about reading this, but I want to wait until a few more chapters have been released.
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September 23, 2017
Status: v1c10
The story's nice. It shows Melice, Iris mother's development from a boyish personality to a fine, smart and wonderful woman. I highly recommended it.
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