Do You Remember My Name?


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Hai Xiu has a slight social disorder. After he transfered school, his new teacher tried to help him to treat it slowly by giving him the task of sending and receiving homework and test paper from his fellow classmates. Although Hai Xiu has communication problem, he still stumbled around trying his best to do so. However, he accidentally misplaced the test paper of the school’s resident “bad student”… And thus, started their sweet story together…

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New ayshadow rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Fluff, fluff, and fluff.

One of the fluffiest stories that I've ever read. I swear I love the couple in this. They are just perfect for each other.

First of all, don't expect any major and heavy plot from this story, you won't really get it here. This is more like a slice of life romance story, with the focus being their daily life together. You'll get to witness how their feelings grow and their love blossoms as they spend their time together day by day.

And gosh I love the ML! He... more>> is so understanding and caring right from day one. Everything he did feels like they were done with MC's utmost well-being in mind. Ugh I want one of him! If only guys like him are real. *Sighs* <<less
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