Frosty Prince Boils Over his Imperial Concubine:Generals Di Daughter


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Her father was the General of three armies, who went away for a major campaign. She was love and pampered by her father. However, when her father left the capital her stepmother and grandmother framed and abused her.

Yes! That’s the truth without a doubt!

Chu Yu Liang unexpected had time-traveled. Upon woke up from slumber an unforeseen events have occurred

She looked up the sky, deeply ponders” I am only a business woman in modern times “leftover woman” have not yet touch a man! Only to wake up in this body with a naked corpse beside in addition these people already cursing me of charges!Adultery and Homicide

In bamboo Forest:

“Lord, as long as you are able to save my life. My life will be devoted to a lifelong servitude as a slave and work extremely hard to repay your kindness”

A certain lord coldly stares at her: “Alright”

Dinner Hall:

“Cool girl, what is the name of this dish?” Reveals the second dish Dark wei tone even more cold. He looked down on a pair of greasy chicken leg stirred with massive chili sauce.

“Guard Cheng, this is called “First Virgin Night”. Chu Yu Liang said.

A certain Lord personally opened the remaining dish, appeared a crusted shelled peanuts.

“Prince, This called-belle!


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September 14, 2017
Status: v1c3
  • Chapters are really short.
  • Bad translation quality.
  • Typical girl goes to ancient chinese dynasty, but girl runs away and doesn't use wisdom to fight against family, but asks someone to help her.
  • I don't understand why he would help her, as she was extreamly rude, but I couldn't even make out what they were saying.
For those of you considering whether or not to read it, I say you go find a different novel like Black belly princess or maybe even pheonix Xioayao.

Maybe I'll come back to read this in the future when the... more>> sentences actually make sense or if something interesting happens. <<less
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Fathom rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: Completed
Not really too deep, so if you're just looking for a novel to fill your time, it's an easy to read to the end type of series. In regard to the translation, it's ok, but the constant pop up ad viruses gave me a headache. So beware of the translator's site might give you some viruses. To be honest, I found it a relief to read from the raws, because I didn't have to be on guard from the pop up viruses.

The romance itself is just ok. I do like... more>> the heroine's outlook on romance. If both leads were willing to give a shot, then she was ok letting things flow. If not, she wouldn't turn back. In the beginning the heroine was really rude and obnoxious. She got a bit more likeable at the end with her snarky comments.

Probably, my favorite relationship in the series is between the MC and her father. They're cranky snarky quarrels were really hilarious. Even the arguments between the male lead's master and everyone else were funny.

My main problem with the story is that all the snarky quarrelling got repetitive. If it was one or two characters it would be more interesting. But the author started having all the main characters have similar personalities almost. I was actually surprised that there wasn't an epilogue detailing what happened to the second generation of kids. It's a happy ending, but it felt it ended a bit abruptly because the couple just decides to leave and visit another country at the end. So it's a bit open ended whether their adventure will continue or that's the happy ever after once all the political intrigues got resolved. <<less
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