Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away


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I am a princess, moreover, I am a fool of a princess.

Born in the imperial palace, my appearance is as average as that of the white radish and cabbages in the fields. Throughout the four seasons of the year, my face is always displaying a dull expression, eyes forever shrouded in haze.

But in reality, I know of the secrets within this palace.

Including hers, his, and theirs.

Just leisurely living my days comfortably in the palace like this, I firmly believe I can continue to play dumb to the end.

Taking your hand, dragging you away. Not leaving you say? Very well, close the doors and release the hounds. (Expressionless face)

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New stoplightgodess rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: --
Loving this unique take on the transmigration genre which is a guilty pleasure. The way the MC is so uncaring of the overbearing male characters is kinda hilarious as they go all mysterious and menacing when all she wants is a carefree, full-of-food life. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

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New Sherrynity rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c20

Pretty sure this novel needs Tragedy and Betrayal tag.


So basically, here we have an innocent-looking female lead that's quite apathetic, although she's quite close to her eldest male cousin (First Male Lead—ML#1) that always dotes on her. This Female Lead (FL) is quite carefree, even going as far as following unknown guy just because it seems interesting. Reader are expected to enjoy the silliness of our MC, and the complications of her acts on our ML and her friends' life.




The reason why FL is apathetic was because her trust and affection was betrayed by ML#1 who spoiled her in the past, only for her knowing later that ML#1 only regards her as his toy, even gone as far as to strangled her to near death because FL saw ML#1's murdered someone.

In despair, FL gave up and laughed in vanity knowing all of her life so far was built upon lies. The ML#1 thought she was amusing and decided to spare her life.

Ah, yeah. Almost forgot; her loyal attendant that was depicted as her silly friend yet cares a lot about her is actually a spy sent by ML#1 to monitor her 24/7.

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ForgotEvrything rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: prologue
It's only the prologue, but I can tell that I will enjoy this story.

It has a nice flow and is very well written and translated. The female MC is a savage as far as I can tell, and the characters around her are also very quirky. I have high hopes for this novel.

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DereDevil rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c59
This is a great story!

The MC have a perfect poker face and her actions as a fool is hilarious.

The main male lead is hard to guess. You'll be left guessing who's the one in each chapter

... more>>

As of c59, there are 4 potential male lead

1.) Yunwen RuI - The black belly cousin who's also the MC's grape sponsor lololol
2.) He Liacheng - not sure of I got his name right, I'm just MTL, but anyway, this guy is the emperor of Yun Zhan, and also the blind child in the prologue (the MC is 9yrs in the prologue)
3.) Meng Shao - again, not sure about his name. He's the young master of Meng family, ya know, the brother of Ying Lu.
4.) Yunwen XuI - I'm not really sure about this one since he and the MC don't have much screen time (lololol) but he seems to be pretty affectionate with the MC



I haven't found out the ages of the male leads... Maybe it was mentioned but I probably missed it. Hope translator-dono can help us figure out their ages.


at the story proper, the MC is 15 yrs old

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MewMew rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c3
The story is very fresh and intriguing!

The MC is unlike any others, she's not a total fool but acts like it---more like she's indifferent, detached and just carefree! She transmigrated to another world but only plans to live well and enjoys her dull moments, though she actually gets pulled into funny situations despite trying to be serious. Her point of view is hilarious, silly and discrete and it really caughts the reader's attention.

I like how she handles the situation with a very blank expression and I don't give a f*ck face. The other character's are pretty amusing too and I can't wait to read more of this series.

The male characters in this story are all cuties too~muwahaha... And our MC would still says, "MEH. So what? Are they edible? I rather get a black pig. "
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Water rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: Completed
Overall good novel.

The persona of the main character feels fresh compared to other template MCs female reincarnation in old china novels.

I give it only 4star due to abrubt change of things at around 60% into the novel, including the behavior of the MC becoming different: normally you would call this character development, but it feels detrimental to the story in my opinion since it removes the funny way in which the MC intereacts with the other cast.

Expect happy ending but I don't feel like the guy really... more>> deserved the MC. It's just BAM feelings from nowhere on the MC. Or more like she got trained into becoming dependant to him. Either ways an lackluster ending.

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KKristen rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c7
So far, so good.

In this story, we have an unusual female MC who is reborn as a princess yet chooses to play the fool. Pretending to be an idiot to live a simple and safe life, while witnessing others' secrets and scandals... voluntarily being "kidnapped" in order to become a simple maid.

Reading this might make your face hurt (I can't help but put on the same "dull" face as the main character), but so far it is interesting and the story progression is very unique.

I will update... more>> this review later after the story develops further. <<less
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leva rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c26
This story is a very fresh take on the reincarnation/transmigration trope, since the MC insists on acting the fool to protect herself from palace intrigues that she unwittingly knows. At the same time, her unassuming demeanor makes her a confidante to a lot of people and that just adds to the secrets that she knows and has to keep herself. Through all that, she's still a very self-possessed person who can deliver witty, stabbing comebacks at the most opportune moments, which makes for a lot of humorous situations.
If... more>> you're used to most chinese webnovel's sledgehammer-crash-and-destroy plot, this one is far subtler, from the perspective of the MC who holds palace secrets but refused to be included. There are a lot of foreshadowing of the trouble since the prologue but we are only seeing the start of the conflict now.
I also wonder who tagged this with comedy--although there are indeed a lot of funny situations, and the MC's rendition of events with tsukkomI added in is hilarious, the overall tone of the story turns very melancholic and tragic rather quickly.

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Tdxstacy rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c23
I love transmigration/rebirth/female lead novels and this one stands out since its transmigration without an OP character out to get revenge. It's funny and the translation is great! I've dropped so many novels just because the plot gets ridiculous/repetitive or the translation needed work. Spoiler thread says it gets super dramatic later in the novel but keeping my fingers crossed it'll still be just as good.

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Abi rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c25
This is an unconventional transmigration story, about a girl who was hurt in her past life, then transmigrates and decides to just ignore all the problems surrounding her and live happily as a 'fool'.

She's a very cute character, and is not like other MCs. She's no Mary Sue, and doesn't have the conquer-the-world mentality. However, her 'foolishness' and 'ditziness' make for a wonderfully sweet character. The chapters are of satisfying length, and best of all the translation is done wonderfully.

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