I Summoned the Hero, to the Present Age


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The black history notebook of my middle school days was sent from my parents’ home.

While being nostalgic, as if I had made a proper magic circle, I summoned the Hero from another world.

“–Who are you, an underling of the Demon King?”

A story of struggling to return the hero who was summoned by mistake by a 25-year-old OL who should have completely cured her chuunibyou disease.

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Yuusha-sama Shoukanshichaimashita, Gendai ni
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Date Group Release
05/10/18 Starry Night Translation c4
05/01/18 Starry Night Translation c3
04/26/18 Starry Night Translation c2
04/23/18 Starry Night Translation c1
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New Kailyria20 rated it
May 11, 2018
Status: c4
Amusing short read, its unfortunate that its kind if open ended... needs a sequel or continue.
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