I Was Born as the King’s Daughter


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Kim Soo Hee, a not so ordinary office lady, died on the way home to her ordinary husband Jin Soo. She was stabbed by her crazy stalker. Before she lost consciousness, all she thought was about how she regretted taking Jin Soo for granted and how she wanted to live more.

After she woke up, she realized that she was reborn as a baby. She was a king’s daughter, a princess named Kim Sang Hee. But, the first thing she heard was the handsome king telling her mother, “Again, another bitch?! Know your shame!” She was born in an alternate era where women were considered lower than even trash.

So Kim Sang Hee decided using her previous life’s skill (read: enticing men) to at least keep herself alive in the new world and maybe make the scumbag father and ruffian brothers into her side.

I Was Born as the King’s Daughter average rating 3.8/5 - 90 user ratings
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I was Born as a King's Daughter
They Say I was Born a King's Daughter
왕의 딸로 태어났다고 합니다
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New ukade rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c27
The MC is not an idiot girl trying to 'capture' harem members, like I originally thought (life skill: enticing men was misleading). She's just trying not to offend the males in her life by being amazingly adorable!! Daddy's little girl indeed!


She doesn't have a relationship with her sisters because ever since one of them tried to assassinate her, her brothers have kept them away without her knowing. Also, seems like her sisters are jealous. That's why most of who she interacts with has been male.

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Phantomheart rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: c165
Let me say this, the entire novel can be found on the English publishing site Tapastic, you just need to rack up coins through ad watching in order to purchase the episodes.

The entire premise is great! And the story telling is lovely, however be aware that the character barely develops, and the arcs are not very inclusive.

... more>>

The protagonist will not do much in character development nor else starting from the Empire Academy arc. Rather, she never develops at all in the story. She will be complaining, acting, and majorly a brat - but still a good read. My main complaint is that when she meets princes like William or the fat group partner, she is intelligent in the beginning to realize guys are horrible and incredibly witless, but does not comprehend that these men are evil. Nor is acknowledging of how much her affections effect her father; who had sent out the highest ranking military officer to protect her!


The characters are pretty stereotypical, but the premise is unique enough to drag you in, it can irritate you, but the book is a good read! There is a webcomic <3 <<less
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Eunieberry rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: c165
In the earlier chapters, you guys might feel peeved with the whole gender discrimination and at the unreasonable treatment towards the women but it will all be revealed in the later chapters why there is such maltreatment towards the female population. As for the polygamy tag, worry not cause there's no polygamy or harem for the main ship.

... more>>

it's because of the King and the Emperor, I swear their harem is crazy. But later on, as the King starts to feel and care more for Sang-Hee, he starts to realize a special fondness towards Sang-Hee's mom


This is quite an enjoyable read as Sanghee charms her way to her older brothers and the King and how these supposed strong and powerful men are molded by Sanghee on how to treat females better, she tries to do some changes little by little as it is absolutely hard to just instantly change the views that men in that world have towards the female population. At the same time, it is super funny how the King dotes on Sang-Hee too much and that he's like a tsundere most of the time. As he seems to be denying how much he dotes on his daughter and favors her much more than his sons. The same goes for the female lead's brothers!! Those brats, as she calls them are all over their little sister but they just don't know how to express how much they adore her (because there is no precedence on a prince or a king doting on a princess), which leads to the Female lead, misunderstanding their "goodwill"


Like how the three brothers protects her from the female lead's 30+ sisters (yes, not counting the princes there's like 30+ princesses and 12 queens, those who give birth to a son becomes a high queen)

As for the tragedy tag, DON'T BE SCARED OF THAT!! IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY for the main leads!! They've got plot armor!!

But then again, I definitely bawled my eyes out on that last arc. TToTT <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 17, 2017
Status: c187
I've read ahead in the Chinese version so the names are kinda messed up. But the main protagonist has grew up in such a s*xist world that she has to kiss up to the men (father and brothers) to keep herself safe.

... more>>

They eventually come to love her but besides her father who (FINALLY) realized that he appreciates her, and aside from her eldest brother who doesn't look down on females to begin with, they all think that she is something special. Just someone that's different, and they haven't connected the concern they feel as love yet.


She really wants to be together with her husband again but he can't remember anything from the past life unlike her. He just feels intense dislike towards her because of how she dominates his thoughts. <<less
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EilahD rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: --
This is a good read! Although at first I had to hold myself from throwing my phone across the room. I read the early chapters on Tapastic, but yeah, you need to pay to read it. I couldn't buy the coins on Tapastic because it wasn't available on my region. It was very tormenting, I tell you. Then I came across the manhwa, I WAS SO HAPPY. But, the manhwa is in Korean and I don't speak nor write Korean, but its better than nothing, I guess.

So far, the manhwa... more>> is good. It gets updated once a week, on Saturday. I can't really put in the spoilers here, but what I can tell you is that you should definitely read this, either the novel or manga. Both of them are the same.

Lastly, I want to thank our dear translator for translating it and put it somewhere, where, all of us can access to. I've contacted Tapastic about me having trouble of buying their coins, but they told me that they couldn't really do anything about it. It was a bummer, a very big one. So yeah, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! ☺️

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