Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable


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After waking up in the body of the Young Master of the Luo family, he finds he has the knowledge of hundreds of games and Light Novels. However, he finds his Dantian is crippled, so he can’t practice cultivation! Luckily, he has the Upgrade system.

Killing Monsters, doing Quests, and even killing people- it’s just too easy. I don’t have any Martial Arts? I have hundreds of light novels, just let me level up so I can get this Main Character’s Martial Art! The only problem is: Should I follow the “This OP character cultivation” or should I follow “Another OP character cultivation”?! The tragedy!

Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable average rating 3.2/5 - 159 user ratings
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Bùbài Shēngjí
Level Up is Getting Me Undefeatable
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easygoing rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c2150
Don't read this it'll frustrate you

it's okay for the first few hundred chapters, honestly the MC levels up kills people gets skills etc. But he's the perma underdog 99% of the time he's "coming from behind" because as soon as he gets to a new plane the #1 strongest guy with the #1 strongest family inevitably decides he needs to die slowly or he deliberately provokes half the sh*t that comes his way, every time. Which I could still forgive but,

... more>>

it's 2150 chapters and it doesn't have an ending, not "still in progress" but literally the author gave up wrote half a chapter that basically said "and the MC kills everyone and then goes home without finding out any of the answers about anything or doing the main things he set out to do"

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gary0044187 rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c1539

edit- Absolutely agree with easygoing and quill. This was one of the most frustrating stories I have read in a long time. I tried powering through it to see if the author would ever improve, but this last couple chapters finally killed me on it. Glad I read their reviews before I wasted anymore time on it and wish I had done so before getting this far in.

Story is so repetitive. Main Character has OP way to power up, and because his enemies get arbitrary power ups that becomes meaningless. His friends are always getting their butts kicked and or killed because they are stupid and or hobbled by the need for the MC to come save them eventually. Every time someone tries to do something decent or noble they get crushed so that the MC has to take action. It just gets old. It isn't new, every story arc is the same, every villain is the same, character's solution is the same. Author just gives them new names/ability names, they behave the same way and follow the same tropes. FFS I wish I had stopped reading this 1000 chapters ago when I realized it was this repetitive. Garbage story. So bad I had to create an account to review it.

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qull rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: Completed
Badly written novel overall. It is also a very frustrating read.
... more>>

Most of the plots are "repetitive", "arrogant", and "cursing". All of villains are one dimensional, and there are many time where MC will have to kneel or beg the villain to let his women go. Some of the elements that brought up early in the stories are completely discarded.

The author very like to prolong the plot for sake of milking money. For example, a conflict that could've ended in 300 chapters are postpone to nearly the end of the story. By the mid of the book, you always Then the resolution of the conflict is mediocre, destroying all the building up climax.

The system (and parody) are actually the interesting point. However, there are many cases where Author just choose to drop some conflict or



A lot of badly written and prolonging stories. The author was "definitely" trying to milk up money. Some of the conflict are created unreasonably, especially with kidnapping the girls.

1) Xue'er, the main girl, is pursued since the start of the story (chapter 3). However, they actually end up together (truly together) by the end of the story (chapter 2000+).

At the beginning of story, MC was going to get her back at the arranged marriage. Then about ~800 chapters, the marriage happened. MC managed was going to save her, but she was poisoned by with some soul poison. To cure that MC has to break through to above realm (2nd). He went to above realm and find no antidote to poison until he became King of that realm (2nd) at around ~1500. He went back with cure and found out that 30000 years has passed and Xue'er (and other girls) are grasped by God King from above realm (3rd). So, he went there and get himself into to peak and got the girls back at around ~1800. They reunited briefly, then he was killed and sent back to Earth by the ULTRA MEGA BOSS whatsoever. He spent another 200 chapters to get back. Then we have no more scenes, MC is busy trying to beat the bosses. Axed ending then happened at 2150.

2) Yi Yunmeng girl was poisoned at around 900~1000 chapters. She was actually cured around the end of the arc (~1500).

At the start, the poison was made as if very dangerous (break her face + her cultivation). MC seeks all around to just cure her poison, and she was badly injured by it. Later on, it was suppressed to the point that she has her face back and her cultivation restored to a degree. She then works like normal girl as if there's no poison at all. By 1500, the poison is just briefly mentioned as cured, as if it isn't a big deal anymore.

1) Relationship with his girls are considerably good at first. However, most of the girls are one dimensional and ultimately "damsel in distress". They never have power to fend off themselves, can only either 1) kneel beg for MC's life or compromise with villain or 2) shout MC name for rescue. They will be kidnapped a lot. I mean A LOT. It is very frustrating to see how weak the plot is. You'll find it very common scenario: MC gets the girl. MC went to another place. MC went back and the girl is kidnapped.

2) There are some of the early girls (realm 1) that are totally thrown out of the windows after the Author built their relationship early in the story (0~500 chapters). Basically, MC went back to realm 1 (1500~ chapter) and found out that the whole realm was destroyed. He started with 10 girls in the realm, he only left with 3. The other 7 girls that he was romantically involved (a lot of scenes during 100~500 chapters) are KILLED. The other 3 are kidnapped by Gods from above realm (realm 3). I don't get why

Writing is pretty bad. Author uses a lot of curse word such as "Your daddy" "F**k" "MotherF**ker" etc. Sometime, the author totally skip scenes between chapters. For example, chapter XX is about MC striking down a boss. Chapter XX+1 is about MC going to shopping weapons in a town. There's a hugeee gap between some of the chapters.


Finally, the author is very begging and complaining about not getting enough monthly ticket. You will get that in every chapters. This shows that not enough readers to feed him really. <<less
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gundam123456789 rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: --
Not a bad novel, just needs heavy editing. And I don't mean it is unreadable, there are a few words that need to be switch out, but mainly there are way too many words that are capitalized that by all right should not be capitalized. Story does not seem bad (granted there is only two chapters translated) the translator is just in need or a editor.
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scribbledoutname rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: c16

A different translator has taken over the series -- so the posts about desperately needing editing (etc.) don't count anymore (those are the source of many of of the 1 star reviews. They're from back from when the series was near-incomprehensible and was called "Leveling Up Is Getting Me Undefeatable", which should give you an idea of what the problem was ;) Not that I mean to speak ill of on the old translator... In all actuality... more>> I'm grateful that they took their own free time and used it to provide the early chapters :)... but I digress!).

It's a great series and I'm really enjoying how decisive the MC is... he knows how to hold his rage in in order to get some really satisfying revenge. It's nice to see an MC who isn't stubborn to the point where he pointlessly offends people he (logically) doesn't have the power to survive against, and he doesn't forget the grudges he owes people :P

The only thing I'm not sure I'm a fan of is how the abilities he earns (upon leveling to certain intervals) are from other series (personal pet peeve -- I'm USUALLY not a fan of pop culture references, or similar real-world elements, because I feel it dates a series for future readers) but it's done in a way that doesn't make the story unappealing, so it's more of a mention than a complaint.

In any case, the story itself so far is pretty compelling and definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you're a fan of MCs quickly growing strong enough to dish out some sweet, sweet retribution. <<less
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Raine rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c200

It was a good novel for about 100 or so chapters, MC got his motivation by going forth cause of a girl, but then the author messed up like many Chinese novels, the harem completely messed up the novel, to many girls and to many stupid decisions, its like the MC threw his logic out the window cause of a girl, its completely stupid, he treats girls like there more important than anything and is not serious with them at all when compare to how he deals with guys.

For the first 100 chapters is a solid 4/5, after chapter 200 is a 2/5.

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EmperialEmperor rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: Completed

Don't read this novel or you will be like me.

so every time he goes to a new plane his stats or skill sometimes will be gone... then one of thee later arc of the story. When returned to earth somewhere in the chapter I can't remember he made a discovery that he can relearn them again. At that time I thought it was cool discovery that he could relearn the skills again. But what gets on my nerves is when transcended to the chaos realm. Why it gets on my nerves is it was after that discovery if it was before I would have okay with it.

What makes me spit blood is the ending that is what keeps me reading is because of the things I want to know. I anticipated so much I would think that the author will fill in a lot of my unanswered questions. For example what happened to his concubine Demonic beast fox which she is the mother of chunchun who also later became his concubine. Not just her but also another Demoness she is like a siren or something. Then another women she is the servant of the main character childhood friend. Last time author says was they disappeared in hells domain. There is many more it's only a few list of woman's, I could make dam two page of it. I was so anticipated for atleast to see if the author says something along of "main character went back to hell and use his divine sense" Main character divine sense could cover the whole entire worlds in the gods realm even mid and lower realm couldn't escape but no it says none of it. The author also didn't delve into his past why the beep he doesn't have parents and who was his mother and which family she came from? Are they alive or dead? Why is it that he have an amulet that was connected to a king passin down inheritance of Sea Beast? What happened to that war on earth it was said it was said his parents died protecting, but the death was suspicious. In conclusion this is waste of time novel it's couldn't find a word how I'm feeling.

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MrJaxPL rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: Completed
Novel had potential but author destroyed it.

Coping things from other novels and repeating realm sequence.

Add to it Game Elements and typical Chinese villains poof you got this novel.

Actually it was readable but it could be better way better.

2/5 I read it to the "end"

Ending is just excuse for dropping this novel by author. He lost in his loops and finally decided to end this

It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good.I didn't read another novel from this author but I rather don't want to do it now.
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Bakaleaf rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c36
It's an ok novel at first sounds promising but later you will notice that it went into the wrong direction...

It's MC against all making allies and friends useless

The pathetic excuse of bullying and you can't figure out if MC is smart or dumb, It's rather annoying expecting this and that and you read the lowest outcome you can't think of.

... more>>

After the tournament in the forest MC won but was accused cheated by everyone, stupid line like you are cripple so you cheated is so annoying to read, I mean it was already far cleared that MC is no longer cripple sounds stupid to me.

Making MC fight something and was voted by majority why not just kick or kill MC on spot what's the difference the roundabout way of doing things and in the end MC was still being look down by the whole clan regardless of the result

Can he not just leave that stupid clan and level up somewhere and return to take revenge? No author goes pro have all the reason in the world to make MC stay at the clan to be forever bullied lol


The balance already crumble so I stop reading and the good thing is I learn this has a very bad ending will you can notice early how the author seems to neglect especially the plot line. It was a good novel the idea is good but the outcome seems lost to bad. <<less
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legend143 rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c67
Simply put, the story is what people need if they just want non-sensical fighting from the get go with the plot taking the back seat. It uses the same cliches as any other stories of its genre but the problem is that the author didnt even put the effort to make it seem different or brand new. And I would even accept the MC gaining powera from other xianxia novels but come on, even transformers?! This is a story that I would read when I am up to date with... more>> all those other stories Im currently reading. Over all not a bad story but definitely not the greatest too. <<less
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