Mechanical God Emperor


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Warlocks are Lords that dominate all Material Planes. Formidable Warlocks posses the overwhelming power of terror. They seize the Gods, enslave the Fiends, dominate and colonize the Planes one after another. Finally achieving the extreme peak of prosperity and founded flourishing and powerful Warlock Dynasties one after another. After the eight Warlock Dynasties declined, formidable Gods, wicked Fiends, cunning Devils, taboo Demon a terrifying Race begun to stir one after another. Yang Feng with the help of an intelligent Robot of the Xi Clan finally crosses the Material Plane and becomes its Lord, by means of his Warlock-Alchemist identity, sets out on a journey to become a Warlock, seeks the mystery of eternity.

Mechanical God Emperor average rating 3.9/5 - 45 user ratings
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God and Devil World (Same Franchise)

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09/25/17 Xaiomoge Translations c32c32
09/24/17 Xaiomoge Translations c31c31
09/23/17 Xaiomoge Translations c30c30
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09/06/17 Xaiomoge Translations c18c18
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New Trane rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c5
AI robot equipped with the latest version of Plot Armor.

Lack of information? Fret not, the robotic AI unit comes with its own information bank several times superior than G***le

Radar, face change, memories etc... it can do almost anything, sucks at fighting though and it even comes with its own solar panels for convenient charging[ Buy one now and get the bonus §@£$€%¤ Armor, Limited amount! ]
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Yoburi rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: --
This is the same autor from Gods and Devil world so if you like his work you probably will like this one.

Basic this is a story about a guy from earth that gets a super droid with all the knowlege from a powerfull clan that no longer exists and is teleported to a planet with medievel people using blades and magic. So his cheat is pretty much making guns and robots, he takes the face of a young noble that was murder and pretends to be him and from... more>> that he pretty much becames SkyNet building terminators to conquer the planet since all his robots can take human form. This is Warlock of the Magus world meet the Terminator novel.

The autor really copy the novel WofMW because we got pretty much the same setting but with T800 and T1000 runing around.

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Xazch rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c362
Reading this novel using google translate~

Well simple opinion from me for this novel is : This novel is better than this author other novel~

Even if racism still there, but if we compare with GDW its still better~

... more>> Just that this author seemed to have style for making MC jumping around while leaving his woman then getting new woman from new place then making himself as srong figure there and its loop like that~

I'm giving this novel 5 star because I like this author work except its racism, but its still good nonetheless.

Spoiler? No! I'm not gonna give anything like that! But this MC cheat is too much OP and MC didnt want to depend on it too much so he did make himself stronger by his effort sometimes his cheat helping him but he still trying to avoid the case of him depend on it too much~ because his opinion is personal strength is everything in that world in case his cheat gone so he can depend on himself not on external thing~

Its good novel, so I recommend this for people who like GDW~

Sorry for bad grammar within my english, and have a good read~ <<less
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