Mechanical God Emperor


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Warlocks are Lords that dominate all Material Planes. Formidable Warlocks posses the overwhelming power of terror. They seize Gods, enslave Fiends, dominate and colonize the Planets one after another. Finally achieving the extreme peak of prosperity and founded flourishing and powerful Warlock Dynasties one after another.

After the eight Warlock Dynasties declined, formidable Gods, wicked Fiends, cunning Devils, taboo Demons, a terrifying Race, began to stir one after another. Yang Feng with the help of an intelligent Robot of the Xi Clan finally crosses the Material Plane and becomes its Lord, by means of his Warlock-Alchemist identity, sets out on a journey to become a Warlock, seeks the mystery of eternity.

Mechanical God Emperor average rating 4/5 - 103 user ratings
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Yoburi rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: --
This is the same autor from Gods and Devil world so if you like his work you probably will like this one.

Basic this is a story about a guy from earth that gets a super droid with all the knowlege from a powerfull clan that no longer exists and is teleported to a planet with medievel people using blades and magic. So his cheat is pretty much making guns and robots, he takes the face of a young noble that was murder and pretends to be him and from that... more>> he pretty much becames SkyNet building terminators to conquer the planet since all his robots can take human form. This is Warlock of the Magus world meet the Terminator novel.

The autor really copy the novel WofMW because we got pretty much the same setting but with T800 and T1000 runing around. <<less
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Trane rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c5
AI robot equipped with the latest version of Plot Armor.

Lack of information? Fret not, the robotic AI unit comes with its own information bank several times superior than G***le

Radar, face change, memories etc... it can do almost anything, sucks at fighting though and it even comes with its own solar panels for convenient charging[ Buy one now and get the bonus §@£$€%¤ Armor, Limited amount! ]
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Xazch rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c362
Reading this novel using google translate~

Well simple opinion from me for this novel is : This novel is better than this author other novel~

Even if racism still there, but if we compare with GDW its still better~

... more>> Just that this author seemed to have style for making MC jumping around while leaving his woman then getting new woman from new place then making himself as srong figure there and its loop like that~

I'm giving this novel 5 star because I like this author work except its racism, but its still good nonetheless.

Spoiler? No! I'm not gonna give anything like that! But this MC cheat is too much OP and MC didnt want to depend on it too much so he did make himself stronger by his effort sometimes his cheat helping him but he still trying to avoid the case of him depend on it too much~ because his opinion is personal strength is everything in that world in case his cheat gone so he can depend on himself not on external thing~

Its good novel, so I recommend this for people who like GDW~

Sorry for bad grammar within my english, and have a good read~ <<less
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Diskat rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: Completed
Not bad. I've been wanting to read more Release the Witch-esque. Of course, with an AI in his head, it becomes easier to release the hammer of modern might to these medieval peasants. That doesn't mean that the Warlock world isn't without technology, since they have magical powered sports cars, it's just that all high-tech things are lost from time or consolidated within Warlock cities. Kind of like North Korea.

... more>>

The racism against orientals is the only thing that doesn't really make sense. Here's what the reasoning behind the racism: "they believed that when those orientals arrived they would steal their jobs, achievements, land and the opportunities of becoming a Warlock."

Orientals arriving to their continent? The civilization in that world is recorded to be millions of years old, it's hard to believe that orientals are just arriving to the continent considering the past level of technologies.

Jobs? What jobs? Everything the warlock produces is so rare, that making money is extremely easy and the profits are unreal. Of course, the cost of the materials are also extremely high. In any case, they don't hold jobs, they're all independent businessmen.

Opportunities to become a warlock? That's a merit/luck/talent-based position regardless of how our protagonist cheated his way by drinking many elixirs. You can't just become a warlock by bribing someone.

Land is the only thing that seems rarer, but it's stated that Warlocks don't care about money, wealth, and other material things aside from gaining more magic crystals for their research and stuff. Furthermore, it's not like land can't be bought with enough money.

If it was racism against other races from different planes, that would be more understandable though but I haven't really seen that yet.

Edit: Currently on around chapter 500; Racism seem to take more of a back seat and the hate generated seems to be just a mere byproduct of jealousy for the protagonist's wealth, backing (from his mechanical army), and disdain from low (er) tier relative warlock position, or from playing total war with his mechanized army.

Also a bit tiring how formulaic plot-wise it is. It has the "But our princess is in another castle!" syndrome in regards to his enemies.

Offend [GenericVillianousPerson1] with great backing of [Clan1]. Protagonist destroys [Person1], destroys [Clan1], and maybe enslave the leaders in [Clan1]. This in turns offends [BackerofClan1], [BackerofClan2]. Protagonists proceeds to destroys them as well, and maybe enslaving their leaders as well. Only when they offer peace treaties does he back off.

By the way, all the [GenericVillianousPerson1] have the same personalities, which is being an arrogant coward. They attack, he defends and maybe attacks their clan, they pale after seeing his awesome strength, plead for their life, and he says "Serve me or die", and injects nano robots after they surrender. Some of them quite literally have the same lines.

Their reasons are not as diverse. It is either for revenge, jealousy, disdain, seen as weak, politics, or he's in the way. I'm not sure if I have seen any of his enemies actually fight just to fight just yet. They all seem to be afraid of death only when their death is certain.

Edit2: Another thing I kind of get annoyed at with this is the frequency of word "peerless" in machine translations. Peerless treasure, Peerless beauty, peerless genius, peerless etc. If everything is peerless, nothing is.


Finally finished the novel.


The story basically tells about how our protagonist grows stronger and stronger, with no real goal but just to grow stronger cause why not.

At the end, it's like,

"he has grown strong enough and is satisfied. Lets go back to our harem and enjoy life.

100, 000 years later (literally states almost like this in the mtl),

'let's begin a new adventure.'" the end.

I give the entire story a 3/5. The beginning was the most fun, but the story lacks a lot as a whole. Like I said before, at some point, it's just becomes a continuous BECOME MY EVOLUTIONARY STEPPING STONE! A fight later, and he consumes similar or higher class entities, I GAIN MOAR POWA!, rinse, repeat.

The fights also sort of devolve as well. I expected the fights be something like "universes and planes will explode after each fight, and nothing will be left." considering how much power level is being touted around. Instead, fights with Yang Feng are resolved relatively quickly, with Yang Feng being the victor 99.99% of the time, and the planets and universes as a whole are unharmed most of the time.

No real character development for any of the girls, so they pretty much all forgettable character-wise. They are also generally not brought along on Yang Feng's adventures after he acquires them. The only one he brings are his mechanical gynoids.

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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c48
An unusual story. At first glance, it may appear to be be like any other West-obsessed Chinese story. That is not so. For one, the protagonist is rather difficult to comprehend. His perversity for example at times appears more akin to a facade than any true desire on his part. His agenda, and the actions he executes to fulfil them, too indicate towards possessing far greater maturity than is usual.

The women in this story aren't the 'pure', and 'prim' type either. Scheming. Manipulative. Dirty. Plotting. It's far more realistic than the usual 'Divine Daughters' rubbish.

Above all else, the direction of this story is Just rather novel. Certainly it's rather influenced by WMW, but it has its own flair, the neo-technological angle adds Just this extra dash of character, truly differentiating this piece.

Recommended read, rated so highly purely because of how unusual the story is. A cliche breaker!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
selweron rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c102
Well the interactions seem shallow and characters dumb, but this novel is like eating fastfood at Mc'Donalds: while cheap and made without much effort, it still fills your belly and provides entertainment.

If you want a very fast paced novel with conquers, wars, while ignoring the somewhat dumb plot and cliche characters then don't hesistate to read.
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NaM rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c82
An Ok novel.

if I were given a chance to rename this. Then i'll probably rename this as Mechanical Emperor in a Warlock World (MEWW) (lol)

Anway.. Although theme was cool its till Not that bad but also not that excellent. Tbh, I'm not much fond of this author and the reason was because of his previous novel "gdw" which I dropped cause of its heavy Racism, Unnatural rape scenarios, unneeded violence and having intercourse with lolis. Anyway enough about that and lets talk about this novel (mechanical god... more>> emperor).

If you have read this novel then you can see it as largely influenced by wmw or tww. It would have been great if it is his own originality but unfortunately not, but anyway nice read nevertheless. As usual racism and lolis still lingers in this novel And some minor grammatical errors every now and then but Even with all that i'll still give this Novel a 4 stars.

Major reasons for the stars were this:

I can see the translators dedication and feel the chapter update frequency (hope it won't change and turn better). Also as I said above this novel is pretty cool and probably cooler if not for authors racism and hardcore loliness. Its a kind of a sci-fi dark fantasy And im impress that he manage to replicate the dark feel that is needed for a dark novel that almost second to WMW. + I also like armies, fantasy, mediaval, robots and wars having all that jammed up into one Made it deemed worty for me to read. I know its a bit early but hopefully this novel will turn better to best and no dropping will be done. (Hopefully) <<less
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