Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!


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A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than she could ever spend. All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I’ll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don’t cut in line. What, you want to help me face-slap these people? “Not only that I will help you face-slap myself!” The wickedly handsome man with billions of dollar in estate raised his own palm to slap his own face without reservation!

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New Narutolvr rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c420
It's... honestly, I'm not too sure how I feel about this novel. I'd hesitate to call it good, as the backstory (and genre) seem to jump around as soon as the author decides s/he has an idea to make it interesting. We've got the ML who went from cold and callous to a love-sick puppy in the most awkward way possible. ... more>>

Literally, in one chapter, he mentions that he might like her a bit and then BOOM! He's head over heels. So, sadly, a lot of the romantic thoughts by the ML are awkward and forced.


Also, I believe some readers have pointed this out before, but most of the cannon fodder villains are just plain unreasonable. However, unlike those readers, I'm not particularly turned off by murder being their action of choice, especially against someone talented enough to work her way out of abjection. It's clean, easy (with enough money), and the most assuring. It is "similar" to Hidden marriage in the sense of a modern day romance filled with face slapping, but I hated Hidden Marriage for being outrageously predictable so it's hard to compare to Mr. CEO that is so unpredictable it's often far fetched.

Overall, it's really not a good novel. Reading it, you can feel the author's lack of knowledge on programming, and attempts at making the story more interesting, even at the expense of making sense. BUT, I love reading it. It has an inexplicable charm about it that overcomes my dislike of these "wish fulfillment" type novels. So I'd recommend reading it if you want something interesting, unexpected, and shallow.

Plus, the somewhat fanciful setting makes the MC's OP-ness more bearable than something like HM (really didn't like that novel lol) where the MC is a "regular" girl with a "regular" life who just so happens to garner the love of everyone but the antagonists.

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addictiontofiction rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c40
This story is really interesting about its development so far. For those who are looking for more background than just the description, it's about a young woman who was schemed by her stepmother and got into a car accident.

Because of the car accident, she lost her memories and kind of lived in a vegetable like state for the next six years. During those six years, she got married to a wealthy husband (our ML) and gave birth to a son. However, she soon got a divorce because of a jealous... more>> woman who wanna marry her husband for wealth.

our ML at the very beginning remain very emotionless, while there isn't very much written about the son (his name is Lin Lin, maybe he'll have a more definite role as the story developed), the son is at 4 years old at the current timeline of the story.

Anyways, once our MC recovered her memories through another car accident, she turned out to be a computer science genius and through her talent she's able to make a comeback for those who have schemed against her in the past. There are so many things happening in the first 40 chapters yet I can't wait to see how our MC will rebuild her life.

Also a side note, I also really like MC's cousin and her uncle because they are nice and honest people who helped her through hard times.

I highly recommend this story to people who like revenge and romance. <<less
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Vex rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: Completed

Well before I began, I would like to say that this story doesn't belongs to romance genre alone.

Romance makes an incredibly small part and simple background in most of the plots.

After chapter 200+ the story starts focusing on sci-fic. A badly written one.


A man who wants to dominate the world. He has a base on moon with few top scientists. He threatens the earth by closing to drop satellites on them. MC stops them by hacking into their computer and destroying all sats. Similarly you have Bio-Tech like artificial. heart, memory trasnplant etc.


The MC and her Deus ex machina are prevalent throughout the story. Except few logical decisions, most of them are info she got through hacking. Sometimes she will find another piece of important data while finding a different one. In short, a chain of coincidences, chances and bullsh*t luck.

The ML is a love struck fool. In earlier few chapters he is shown as a ice cold statue. A 100 chapter later, simply touching MC head puts him on cloud 9. And trust me, the transformation is anything but smooth. It's forced, it's fast and it's abrupt.

They have a son. Earlier I was hoping he would have more screen time or play some important role. But the only role he plays is during first 100 chapters, when MC wants his custody and wins a challenge by create a prosthetic arm.

MC is shown as a genius computer sciences. Especially hacking.

The author knows nothing about hacking. All his knowledge is from common media. That is, not a ounce of truth. Hacking is shown as an important part, but at the same time it's sidelined. This is incredibly frustrating. Plus simply learning about computer doesn't makes you a hacker...

The author could have handled romance similar to Hidden Marriage, which focused more on crime rather than science. But their the author knew his priorities and got the romance most if the time right. Although the crime was a bit more than required. But here the author is writing a bad science fiction and suddenly realising that it was suppose to be romance! So he goes and adds a kiss scene or two with a bit if one sided sweet talk.

Plus as the structure progresses the science stuff gets incredibly frustrating. It's hard to describe it but it gets simply boring.

The enemies are Xianxic. They gate MC for stupid resins, and then you have a blood feud. Which ends when MC destroys their while house. Funny thing? They only know how to murder. Most if their better plans are accidents, kidnapping, and sending assassins, all with the goal to murder her. ughhh... at least come up with something different.

But overall it's a good read, if you ignore the above crap. :p

Finally, I am ending the review...a rather bad one at that.

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Bkgksan rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c50
I like the story so far. She was involved in an accident (attempted murder) which left her with amnesia to the extent that it made her into an empty she'll of a person. In the six years since the first accident, she has had to marry the ML (arranged marriage - her father's dying wish) and get pregnant and give birth to th ML child. From first few chapters it is hinted that she had to give up her child during divorce (ML seems to care about the child). She... more>> is involved in a second accident which returns her memories and abilities to her. She as well as the ML are computer science genius. She seems to be even better than him. The ML is emotionless and does notice her change.

It is fast paced and filled with info so far. It is like a modern transmigration story without the transmigration.

Translation is good. <<less
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: --
Sometimes I can't stand when a author just dumps 'genius' hacker/programmer god of computery magiks and cybercyber key making ultimate amazing skills on a character and get so much of it wrong. honestly it feels like the author didn't even take the time to google how hacking and programming works, just dumped computer skills on MC for cheap effect which is worsen by how much the MC uses those skills. other than the computer stuff the story is generally mediocre, it's readable so.... you can read it?

Read some more of... more>> it... oh man I take back the mediocre part, it go worse, really goes on to be pretty sh*tty. I stopped reading right at the moment the author brought in a apocalyptic event that has ties with the MC. this story is just spinning out of control <<less
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crystallize rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: c276
Honestly, it's amazing. One of the stories that can keep me following it, which is really rare. I suggest you read it. Updates has both quality and quantity.
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AlmaKarma13 rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: Completed
Well romance is really not the main line but the MC growing and got more "famili member" (people that she care).

Sci-Fi and Mecha seems to be the main line... with her hacking and high IQ (like an computer).

Main plot is that she want to finde her mother that goes missing a decade ago.

... more>> But she got amnesia and forgot everything.

Luckly she got her memories back and form then on, everything has change.

With little annoying antagonist to big crazy antagonist und the end boss who know what he want, where you think what the hell is wrong with them....

She has to climb up, crush the annoying flys and solve riddles to finde her mother.


her mother teach her and gave her an heritage, like a high teck desing from an human like android so that she can save the world

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eksentrysyti rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c291
I started this novel with expectations that it would be similar to Hidden Marriage. The novel indeed starts out similarly, with the female MC separated from the man she has a son with. She starts out from a position of disadvantage and using her recovered technological prowess, comes back to reclaim everything that was once hers! So why do I rate Hidden Marriage a 5 and this just a 3? Let's compare:

Female lead: Both Xia Xinghe and Ning Xi (Hidden Marriage) are powerful and confident female MC's that dominate their... more>> enemies with their abilities. However, personalitywise, Xia Xinghe is portrayed as cold, calculated, almost robotic in her interactions. She is very one dimensional in that every arc, she doesn't display emotions, only a drive to win. Even in front of her son, there is little description of her being affectionate, only a "reluctant aloofness". Contrasting that, Ning Xi is multi-dimensional in that while she's dominating against her enemies, she's charming with her friends, affectionate with her Little Bun, sarcastic with her flunkies, and silly in front of the Big Boss.

Story: This novel is genre confused. Unlike Hidden Marriage (which starts and ends with modern day romance, scheming, family slice-of-life), this novel starts in the same genre, then switches to transmigration (in the middle of the story), then to sci-fi (body swapping "black technology"). At the point that I've read to of this novel, this is what it's limited to, but I hear it becomes supernatural/cultivation genre later? Honestly, what major CN novel genre did this novel NOT get into?

Villains: Every villain in this novel is identical. Firstly, they all hate Xia Xinghe because they (or someone they're related/married to) covets her ex-husband. Secondly, their only major tagline is "I'LL KILL YOU". Thirdly, none of them have any strategies besides using a gun, using a knife, or sending assassins to run her over with a car, use attack dogs, or breaking into her house with a baseball bat. It's extremely boring and repetitive and not creative in the slightest. The villains in Hidden Marriage attempt other things like framing for attempted injury on a movie set, affair rumors through social media, audition rigging slander, and other more creative (and less felonious things than murder) means to harm Ning Xi. The villains in this novel go from not knowing who Xia Xinghe is to having a death grudge with her over really nothing than someone else saying "I don't like her". You could label all the villains in the novel as sociopaths because none of them have any qualms about committing murder in broad daylight and saying that there's nothing wrong with their actions and that they're justified. You get tired of it really fast.

Romance/Family?: And finally, the genre suggests this is a romance story. The summary posted makes the reader expectant that it is a reconciliation story between the MC and her pursuing man. You hope that their son plays a major part in the story. Alas, there's no romance in the story. Xia Xinghe turned into an ice queen and basically says "no" to romance. The son has almost zero face time but is name dropped sometimes to remind the readers there's supposed to be a subplot of Xia Xinghe working so hard to regain custody of their son. The male lead at this point is more of a butler that drives her around and gives her status to do things. And from what I hear, it only gets worse from there (supposedly after the first few hundred chapters, the ML and son are dropped completely from the story and we go full blown sci-fi/supernatural). What did I just read?

I'm going to finish this novel because I've been riding this tiger, and it's hard to get off. The translator is an absolute beast, pumping out 3-5 chapters a DAY. I would give this translator a 10 out of 5 stars if translation quality were part of my novel rating. <<less
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December 6, 2017
Status: --
It’s not selling me on the computer science aspect. She’s using 1s and 0s in this day and age. That’s the only technical phrasing that was used related to programming. She made a web game in 45 minutes under the incredibly vague prompt of “make a web game” without any request concerning the type of game, and she was only like “look at that and tell me if it’s correct.” And it was genius. Am I supposed to believe that she drew out a ui and programmed it in 45... more>> minutes, but didn’t ever run the game? Also, one does not just look over someone else’s code. My second immersion problem is that somehow the plot is going exactly like a reincarnation plot with a “hacking competition” where the protagonist is most likely to show her medal, which is honestly my last straw. <<less
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Silver Knife
Silver Knife rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: Completed
Well, all I can say is that the beginning arcs are good. But then when the story suddenly moves to apocalyse bla bla bla arc it becomes a bit weird for my appetite. I understand it was fictional and all, but when it comes to when MC searching her mother and meets her, her mom kinda transform to be inhuman being. Just too weird in transition from modern day story to sci-fi
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akimisa rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c900

I agree with simonsaysLOL, after the author bringing about the apocalyptic thing, I dropped the story, sorry it's just not my thing, I don't like it, the story is what is what I want to say.


the changing body, the mother missing, the apocalyptic thing (which is stay hanging) I skipped to chapter 900 (the final story) it makes me say WTF!

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shouahang58 rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c373
I really like this novel!

The drama doesn't drag on and on forever like Hidden Marriage, things in the novel gets solve fast.

Also the MC isn't one to take be taken advantage of, mess with her and you'll get karma times 1000!

I hope that we get to see more mother and son bond though!
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Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c268
I read the story though I haven't finish it all because I'm waiting for updates. At first I like the first few chapters because the revenge thingy she have after she recovered her memory quite implies me that maybe it was the center of the story basically revenge to those who "bullied" her. But in the middle of it especially the chapter where she was again hit by a car and have a dream then reincarnation thingy comes in where it wasn't in the list of the genre and her... more>> forshadowing of her and her son's death confused me. And then the arc of artificial limb comes when it was not implied that she has also a background when it comes making artificial limbs. It seems like her character was a bit overpowered. Her hacking skills and other abilites was not implicitedly implied through out the chapters, in short, not enough knowledge I've read. I just read 0's, 1, typing, coding and etc. And the last 2 chapters I've read. Can someone explaime to me what the heck had happened when she woke up having a different body? Like it was real or is she dreaming? Then what happened to her original body? <<less
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