Night Ranger


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After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and… Damn! He only had six months before the Great Calamity!

As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world… Yeah, no. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods.

Follow Marvin’s journey through this new world.

Night Ranger average rating 4.1/5 - 236 user ratings
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An Ye You Xia
Dark Night Ranger
Ám Dạ Du Hiệp
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New argitist rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c194
I keep putting this down then picking it back up...

Honestly the writing is pretty bad. The MC gets through every trouble because of some tool/knowledge which the writer just adds in when he needs it. Very often you'll be told what some items does, then later on in the story he'll miraculously use another ability on the item you were never told about... This seems to go on through the whole novel and makes anything your told basically meaningless.

That said, the story is actually enjoyable. It feels like the writer... more>> knows he sucks at plot, forshadowing, or really any kind of story telling. He understands that he can't write a good story, so he just writes easily and without pretensions, and it kinda works. Like a bad DM, who can't design a story worth sh*t, but at least he's humble, and trying. <<less
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New GregLuck rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: c200
After bracing myself to read to ch.200, now I'm sure that this novel does not fit my palate, in another words, it's a garbage.

A total letdown, beside a slightly impressive backstory the rest is mediocre at best.

MC got little to zero growth / development in term of wisdom, character, etc. MC already knows it all, can predict every single things that going to happen, theres no thrill or whatsoever.

... more>> The world building is actually decent, but the side character development is a big minus.

The repetition is not much, but it's just doesn't get me excited to read again or whatsoever.

All in all, it deserve a 2star. <<less
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expertsource10 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c12
Very bad plot. I can't even read to spend my free time. There're lack of necessary descriptions, many random occurences, forced side characters like Anna (so called super guard, where MC nearly reached her level at even ch12 from zero). Anna shouldn't exist, she's just a stupid obstacle without given background whom the author insistenly place her in the story.
etc etc.

This story will only inconsistent in the future chapters together with plot randomness, lack of descriptions and background, and forced side characters nothing but obstacles.
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kkgoh rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: c300
Interesting premise, author has a good grasp of AD&D combat/leveling system and it shows up in the novel. Those familiar with AD&D novels would appreciate the level of combat detail. Shares same concept as "The Amber Sword" where a very experienced gamer is sent into the game world during an apocalyptic era. Translation is well done. This is all pretty good at the beginning, but...

The story starts going off the rails past chapter 200+, am currently at chapter 300+ (chinese version). Plot is starting to go all over the place... more>> with too many random characters. Feels like the author is just adding random plot devices/skills/abilities/items, then author forgets/gets tired of what he wanted to do with the plot device, abandons it, doesn't know where he wants to go with the story and becomes inconsistent.

There are very random elements of comedic writing that's introduced here and there, but never consistent either. The various sub-characters suffer from the inconsistent writing and end up really weird.

    • A bad-ass female mage suddenly becomes tsundere
    • The bad-ass 3rd era god (Shadow Prince) who was assassinating powerful people for the first 100 chapters becomes a dumbass. Shadow Prince is randomly put down later, embarrassed and made fun of. Shadow Prince was apparently stealing the underwear of another goddess. Most of the 3rd era gods appear to be complete fools. Huh??
    • Author tries to setup the MC to do some nation-building (like "Release the Witch, The Amber Sword"), but it's poorly done. Author introduced so many random characters that have little to no value that it's painful to watch how they lamely try to fit in when they join his new city.
    • A lot of random plot armor.
      e.g. MC's city runs out of food. MC goes on an expedition to get more food. MC sends one of the random characters to procure food. Meanwhile MC gets distracted and goes off on his own quest, just so happens to find tons of food during the quest and solves the problem. And the random character he sent off with money disappears. Then many chapters later, MC goes on a journey to find the random character that disappeared. Huh???

      e.g. MC was bad-ass with his dual daggers and the fights were pretty epic. Then author randomly introduces a gun in the story, and MC becomes enamored with borrowing a legendary gun to one-shot legendary level bosses. Huh?

    • Elements of nation building seem really important, then become complete trash. e.g. MC was trying to develop a gold mine for many many chapters since it's led to believe this is critical to developing his city. 20-30 chapters later, MC just signs off the mining rights to other character just to get a new toy/assistance in his quests.
    • The quest system was mentioned in the first few chapters. Author clearly forgot about it. Then reintroduces it hundreds of chapters later.
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Sinai rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c91
Night Ranger is a reasonably competent tranmigration into a game world that is actually real. The best part of the story is easily the vivid combat scenes, which relies on a MMORPG sensibility to drive the action. The fast pacing and excellent translation make at times, this novel can be enjoyable, but unfortunately, the world is inescapably shallow, which even at the best of times prevents the novel from ever being truly great, and at the worst of times, drives the novel into frustrating places.

The world is just like the... more>> game he played, except when it's not. The main character remembers everything about the game down to the fiddliest bit, except when it's convenient for him not to. The system seems in-depth, but ultimately is obviously contrived around the main character like his subclass which would make no sense as a main class. Skills that would be obviously stupid in a game are purported to have existed in the game, such as a near-instakill skill that makes the user weak for months. There are niggling details when the author tries to bring in plots into a video game world. The MC's father was murdered by a slow poisoning. Here's the problem: In this world, you can fairly trivially cast "Cure Poison" and "Divination". Over the months he was slowly getting sicker, why didn't his father visit a cleric? And after discovering he was being poisoned, it would have been trivial to find the culprit.

I'm a hundred chapters in, and every single character introduced so far feels like a sock puppet for the MC to interact with. Nobody feels real, they're all just NPCs waiting around for the MC to show up. The villains, in particular, have all these contrived plans that involve trying to kill the MC, but they often seem pointless. For example, one mastermind spends an enormous amount of money plotting to kill the MC because he has a treasure map onto his land. I can't help but wonder why he simply didn't take a small adventuring party there and simply take it.

We keep being told how smart the MC's actions are, but it's clear that without plot armor, he'd die pretty much every other day. He consistently, repeatedly putting himself in mortal danger time and time again, by choice. Yet there's never any sense of danger at all because the MC is a cocky perfect hero because he's played a lot of video games. He's never afraid of death even when he's inches from it, and even though we're told he feels pain, it doesn't seem that way. There is an incredible amount of telling instead of showing. Worse, people know things they shouldn't. The MC concludes that other people don't gain experience for getting kills, but he literally just assumes that without any testing whatsoever. Some mook knows instantly the incredibly rare class of the MC (literally only 18 other people in the world with the class), but then a far more powerful, older, guy with far more access to knowledge has no idea what he is like two chapters later. For some bizzarre reason, despite seers with future sight knowing a world-shaking calamity is coming, they forget to tell anyone.

The MC has a cross between xianxia and video game morals. One second he's thoughtlessly murdering mooks, the next he's sparing somebody who's betrayed him. Why? Because they're plot-centric. The MC keeps saying he doesn't kill pointlessly, but he does. All the time. Then the author tries to show him as ruthless, but it mostly just makes him evil and possibly insane. The MC looks at somebody and senses that they have strange eyes, so he kills them. Then he kills some peasant for giving him lip. Well, maybe they weren't a peasant, maybe he was a spy. Who knows? Not like the MC is going to bother to check when he mysteriously just knows. When it comes down to it, the MC sees people as bags of experience and loot. When his class trainer says "Okay, for the next step in your training, I need you to murder these five thieves that are pretty annoying because uh, they'll show off your night murdering skills" he doesn't stop and think "wait, is pick-pocketing really a capital crime?" Nope, he's got a quest to kill 5 people, so he kills 5 people. Amusing, since he later gets ragingly mad at someone else who is killing people to fulfill their advancement.

I'm often frustrated by MCs that try to bring in modern world morality into brutish and violent worlds, but in this case, the MC shows less regard for human life than serial killers. His kill counts exceed that of most of the villains in the story, and include innocents, guards, and children. Bizzarrely, every day citizens expect him to be punished because in civilization there's clearly rule of law, but he routinely gets away with murder. You might say, "Might Makes Right", but he's really not that strong in the grand scheme of things compared to the ruling powers trying to keep order. Somehow, every possible authority figure that in all reasonableness would see him hang, coincidentally befriends him or has something they want from him and they don't even admonish him for his killing sprees. This is partially explained by the reliance on law enforcement on divination spells which are failing, but it simply isn't enough. The author wants us to believe he's decisive and bad-ass by going from zero to murder in less than a second, but this just makes him a short-tempered, idiotic murderer who only gets away with it because of plot armor.

Let's talk about plot armor. MC shows up at what is essentially Hogwarts, where the story has tried very hard to establish that virtually any wizard with a brain could kill him at whim. Unsurprisingly, there are rules against murdering wizards in Hogwarts. So, some nub wizard, let's call him Draco, slanders him, so the MC murders Draco and his guards, in full view of, well, everybody. Keep in mind, Draco's probably like 10. Now, dead 10-year old wizard is part of an incredibly important family, lets call them the Malfoys, so understandably they're peeved, not to mention it's definitely a capital offense to casually murder the receptionist at Hogwarts.

But not to fear, the MC isn't a bad guy, after all, Draco started it. Yeah, that's pretty much his excuse. Let's recall that virtually any Hogwarts student can kill him, much less their parents. So well, fat lotta good "he started it" it is going to do him, you can't get away with murdering 10-year old Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts. Fortunately, the MC's great-grand father was a wizard, and he has a fancy wizard medal, which means the MC can't be summarily avada kevadra'd, but instead he has to be arbitrated. The Malfoys roll their eyes, and give him a sham trial, fully intending to lock him away in wizard prison and arrange for an "accident" to occur.

But wait! Dumbledore was there all along! MC had literally no plan to get out of this predicament when he killed the guy for giggles, but after he finished killing him, he was like "oh hey, there's Dumbledore in his little girl form". So Dumbledore saves his ass. Have I mentioned the MC is stupid? Well, whatever, that happened. But it's not like the Malfoys are going to take little Draco being murdered lying down. They're an incredibly powerful wizard clan, and they can squish MC like a bug. But suddenly they decide they have to do so honorably, by uh, openly killing him dring the Tri-Wizard tournament by sneaking in an insane hermaphroditic killer into it instead of, I dunno, Draco's father teleporting to his house and melting his face off before dinner. Well, anyway, it doesn't work, but it's not like they still can't squish him like a bug.

Fortunately, a volcano blows up and wakes up a dragon that has been sleeping for millenia and kills their entire family. All according to keikaku.

Well, it's still a fairly enjoyable read despite its faults. I'd recommend to give it a try and see if you can get past it's shallowness and simply enjoy it as a decent system game transmigration with awesome fight scenes. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: c207
Rather than telling you how awesome the MC is, the writer actually shows you. The combat in this novel is much more interesting than other novels as the MC uses simple tactics and creativity to outmaneuver his opponents, (without having to spend half a chapter explaining the process,) rather than just relying on a superior stats or raw power. This story is 90% action, but the action is done well and keeps me interested, something that most high-action stories fail to do.

However, the story itself is very basic. The... more>> Apocalypse is going to begin in 6 months and the MC needs to power level in that time in order to survive. Thankfully, the author is sticking to the main storyline and progressing at a reasonable pace, so the story doesn't feel slow or padded out. <<less
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Random rated it
December 24, 2015
Status: --
Based on what I have read (the first chapter) the novel is interesting enough... It is kinda like every other sucked into a game world adventure with the closest comparison being the Amber Sword...
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Astaroth rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c9
So far it is the most similar to "Abyss Domination" (both in the 'mechanics' and setting + plot. Even so far that some parts are suspiciously almost identical...) and also to a lesser extent The Amber Sword.

Of course while I say that The Amber Sword is less similar, any other "transported to fantasy world based of a game" novel basically aren't even of the same genre.

Anyway, I'm not rating this yet. It basically has the same premise as Abyss Domination, MC is a top thief/rogue pro player who take over... more>> the body of an "NPC" (though of course since it's not a game anymore, so "fantasy world inhabitant" or something I guess) and is pretty much a pleb. (This time MC is a noble who has lost his land instead of a thief—it's set up so he has to reclaim it—so I'm expecting some of that kingdom building to begin a bit earlier and have a larger focus instead of being more of a side thing.)

Like in Abyss Domination there's a catastrophe just around the corner, so MC has about 1 year to power-up before sh*t goes down for real. (Deities/Gods who are going to invade the continent or w/e)

I'm fairly certain the game is supposed to be based of DnD or something, just like AD, but (un?) fortunately you can't just google the chinese raws and find chinese fan translations (english to chinese) of every skill, spell, item, monster, etc in the novel.

Anyway, there really aren't that much to say yet, but it looks promising, especially since it's right up my alley. I do have one concern however, the Quests...

I'm concerned that instead of MC having his own objectives, he'll just get quests to follow like a player in an RPG.

Especially when he got information about the situation that he didn't have and more or less completely based his judgement on what the quest was saying... (It might turn out fine, but like I said, I'm concerned that the author will order the MC around using the Quests.)

p.s. Oh and I almost forgot, the cheat, it's still the same usual. MC can get experience from killing others (and also the quests) and use the system to allocate points instead of just training unlike a regular "NPC". (Though now that I think about it, I haven't actually read far enough here to confirm that NPCs can't use the same system as well, so perhaps it's not a cheat... I'm pretty sure it is though.) <<less
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yutakim rated it
January 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Actually I really like chinese novel with western setting, not one with western background yet their names still chinese. This story is good actually, I enjoy it till ch 200, and things get bored later. The tags show harem and also sub romantic plot but there's no actual romance, the MC raise a lot of flag yet there's no romance.

... more>>

I laugh so much when the author put Hathaway as the last boss, 2 of fate sorcerer s sistser became his enemies at the end chapter, the valkryie eve tried to kill him while getting killed by him instead, the MC ended up sealing the whole universe and he went to the higher universe instead.


I thought this will be a pretty fun novel but it ended up rushed, it shows how much the author want to finish this series, and for me the story just a modified version of kr novel breakers. And I prefer breaker than this. <<less
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ieatp-ssy rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c129
Night ranger has a simple premise: expert video-gamer gets thrown back in time for a do-over, and has all kinds of foreknowledge about the game.

Then it gets more complicated: he's thrown into the past of the video game, but not at the starting point of the game but into the back-story era of the game, the time that is usually glossed over quickly during the 'intro/prologue' of the game. MC finds himself transplanted in the game's timeline years before the moment 'players' log in, so he's basically an NPC in... more>> the world before any players were around. He becomes a real character and part of the game's backstory.

The different (from all others in the genre) : the other NPC's, the ones he interacts with, are not dull and pre-programmed kind of characters that video games normally have, but fully ego-formed, fleshed-out, intelligent, emotionally-capable humans with free will. MC's interaction with characters seems to be interactions with real people, rather than simply video game characters.

The interesting: his foreknowledge gives him an advantage, but as he goes along, the butterfly effect of his actions and decisions starts to change the world, and presumably the back-story of the game. Most profound of all is how his interaction with other game characters changed not only the flow of events, but these other characters -- the actual people -- themselves.

What I still don't know at ch. 129: is whether this is actually a video game that he can 'log-off' from or if he actually becomes a resident of this game world. I also don't know if any 'players' would come in, later, since that would be very interesting.

In any case, there is plenty in this story to get you interested. So far, it's evolving to be a promising story. There may be a jump-the-shark moment later on, as per usual with CN webnovels, but I can tell you that up to ch. 129, it's worth the time to sit down and read.

Enjoy! <<less
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ziki rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c172
The opening chapters make the story look extremely generic but the following makes quite an interesting story and one aspect that stood out to me the most was the world building. The progression of the story is also good and there are actually quite a lot of secondary characters that are both likeable and do reappear quite often or are properly set up for the future. I can really appreciate the villains build up and the foreshadowing that the story makes.

As for this story weakest point... well, MC is definitely... more>> OP for his rank but the challenges he faces still put him under hard pressure and well while everything usually turns out alright at the end, MC actually doesn't always win which is a plus. STILL!!! With the story's premise in which MC is the gamer transported into the game world with both extreme knowledge and extreme end-game skills, the story really doesn't feel fair and MC is clearly put into the Chosen one shoes. Still while usual chosen one is simply super talented or supper lucky, the premise in which MCs are :teleported to the past/they replay the game/they relive their lives: while keeping all their memories and fighting instincts and skills clearly break the balance of MC from the get go. I personally grew to hate this starting point because abilities aside the fact that MC pretty much knows everything there is to know and is never surprised by anything that story throws at him. Like this very often the story simply turns into MC making his great plan of getting strong again and following from one point to another. In this story there are still surprises for MC sure but in the end, MC should be a character that reader should relate with and be able to explore the world through him, here however MC already knows everything so how can reader relate. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c146
A really awesome novel! I don't regret reading it. It seemed sorta generic and cliche from its description, but it's an interesting story. The setting and characters are complex and connected. There are lots of mysteries and connections that I can't wait to see revealed.

I was disappointed that MC didn't become a thief (Well, maybe not... thieves are really cliche in this type of novel), but him being a night ranger is cool! Really cool! I can't wait for him to unearth more of the class' potential! MC's OP, but... more>> not godly yet. He's acknowledged as special, but not the most famous.

It's interesting reading about a noble, not a commoner rising up. Oh, and the side characters aren't absolutely annoying in my opinion, but most aren't that interesting. They're just there to fill in the story. Some are fun though. I wanna read more about them, especially the mysterious ones.

Not sure about the romance... hasn't really progressed or even formed. Just a brief mention of the future... and a blushing girl. Meh. I'm not that interested in the romance, especially since it lacks a romance tag anyways.

Will review again after more chapters. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: c127
Surprisingly addictive. I started reading this with pretty low expectations, but somehow couldn't stop clicking to read the next chapter.

The premise is not overly original. A top lvl gamer transmigrates to the game world and takes on the wishes of the body he possesses, which is of course currently in dire straits.

The translations are very good. The plot somehow keeps me hooked, and the scheming is deep and will give you some surprises. The lore in the story is fairly engaging and original too without there being an overly high... more>> demand on remembering the particulars of lore.

Another big plus is the authors mature approach towards s*xuality and s*x; without their being an overly high emphasis on it, what is present is somewhat plot relevant with exposure to a variety of different s*xualities.

Deffenetly recommend this for refreshing and at times surprising entertainment. <<less
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February 6, 2018
Status: c232
☆☆☆☆ - Score 4.4

Another surprisingly addicting novel!!

Don't get me wrong, far from a masterpiece. However, it's hard to say what makes this addicting for the average male reader... but it is. It's a mix of many novels that picks up like a giant snowball.

... more>> Just read it and you'll find out for yourself. You'll know by c15 if it's for you or not. And it gets progressively better. It's worth a read if you like martial arts, magic, comedy, game transmigration, fantasy, and semi-decent logic.

It's not Reverend Insanity, A Will Eternal, Reincarnator, Rebirth of the Malicious... good
- but would still recommend for consideration <<less
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Isaic rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: c58
Overall Score: 2.5

Completely average in all aspects.

Even though it is a transmigrator story and not a VR, everything feels like it is set up just waiting for the MC. The characters are bland and boring, while the enemies are exp. There is zero suspense when fighting, even though the MC repeatedly puts himself into fatal situations like bad MMO players would do in a game. He always escapes because... well just because really, it is incredibly boring. The author uses a little, albeit a bit obvious, foreshadowing. with a couple... more>> of characters that will almost certainly become pillars of the MC's land/domain. As for the transmigration into a game, there doesn't seem to be any exciting use of it. He goes to some places using the knowledge from the game but it isn't exciting reading about it.

I've no interest in analyzing the novel in depth, so I don't know where the author went wrong. If I had to guess, it would be because I don't care at all about the MC. If you don't want to feel you mind rotting, then I recommend skipping this novel; there are better time-killers. <<less
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freezray rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c187
So far so good lovely read also I saw someone comparing this to breakers based on the premise of "VR turned real-world". That's an old concept and that story really isn't very much like this story at all.


Ok, so I'm updating this because I feel like I probably should actually review it. The premise is as I have already stated: "VR turned reality". Our MC begins his new life in the body of a young noble who has recently died. In Cliche fashion, the noble is a small one and... more>> is discriminated against because he is weak. This ends almost immediately once our MC enters his body. In several interesting twist and turns, he manages to make the noble whom he has inherited actually useful. On top, all this is the fact that the world is ending or rather heading towards a great change.

This motivates our MC to prepare himself for that change so that his new life isn't a short one. What's interesting to me though is the MCs mindset. he's cold but he isn't heartless many times he goes to great lengths for people he isn't even related to. Also, he is smart but isn't infallible on numerous occasions he gets it wrong. Although there have been no major setbacks so far its good to see an author allowing their characters to make mistakes that's always a plus in my book.

Do be forewarned though our MC is cold almost right off the bat if that turns you off I get it. Also, he is logical almost to the point of machine-like sometimes especially towards people whom he has no relationship with. It's not a perfect novel but its an entertaining one with a story that's pretty good to boot. <<less
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Arvinkarl rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: --
It suddenly goes downhill when he gets that gunner subclass or something (forgot the name) imagine a medieval setting transmigrated to an another world ranger/night walker/night monarch which literally just means some guy who uses 2 daggers to assassinate people suddenly gets a class that lets him use guns and cannons to literally obliterate strong enemies. Plus the author introduces love interest that turned crazy due to the book MC gave her to advance to legend rank and the MC beheaded her like its nothing. Then theres this girl named... more>> bamboo send by his enemies to kill him and almost succeded and everyone though MC was dead but MC was protected by plot armor and when he came back MC saw his allies got revenge for him, then they give him her head which has its eyes open and looks like it suffered an unimaginable torture before dying. I mean cmon author, whats the point in introducing a character only to get them beheaded later in the story and if the story is that dark then why delete some mature scene? Cause thats just unresonable

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Himari rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: --
So far so good and it's pretty similar to "The Amber Sword" 'cause MC also played a game, was transported into it, well the important part was that there was time limit before the "calamity aka Game Time line starts". And with his in-game knowledge will let him to soar in this world.

Well the things that I liked on this novel was the detailed actions scene here, 'twas direct to the point and no flowery words was used, and the MC is not the usual "attack now, think later" type... more>> of Mc's, he usually think of every possible angles to every things that he would do and the likes <<less
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Expatamoeba rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c249
What can I say. This novel is actually my guilty pleasure. It's not great but it's not bad either. There's a bit of inconsistency in the story but it's not at that trash shadow hack level yet. The MC went batman at first but then completely forgot about it and use his skill openly like nobody business. It tried to add some kind of kingdom building setting but the implementation is quite poor. Seems like the author needs to do more research on that. The romance seems forced. But heck... more>> whatever. It got daily release and I'm out of thing to read daily anyway. Cheers. <<less
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Wand148 rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c227
This is a pretty nice story compared to the others. In other stories, the main character usually relies on himself most of the time. This main character relies on either allies or business deals gathered from his previous life’s knowledge to get what he needs.

I know there’s other stories that does something similar, but they’re so pretentious about it. Like the author’s sucking the main character’s d*ck. Like every other character’s just there to boost the main character’s greatness.

What’s different about this one is that the characters, allies and enemies... more>> alike, are decently fleshed out imo. (Interests, Greed, distinct personalities)

Not that the author doesn’t have his MC glorifying moments, but it’s pretty well tamed. Like, it involves his companions or people, etc. without going like, “they are my life and I’ll protect them forever because they gave me a sandwich that one time”

This does leave the growth of his strength to be really slow while his OP friends handle the things he’s not able to. Honestly, with all the enemies getting stronger as his aspirations become bigger, it seems as if his own strength stays the same.

That’s fine though. He has some pretty reliable and OP friends/organizations members; leaders/ business partners he can rely on with the help of his previous knowledge, so it feels like he gets stronger by gathering more powerful companions to help him out/ making them stronger.

There was supposed to be this calamity mentioned in the beginning that was supposedly coming pretty soon but, after 227 chapters, it still hasn’t, so if you were expecting it soon... ya.....

This story is pretty slow if you haven’t figured it out. The events the MC plans/ is foreshadowed won’t come til a few chapters later because of some gains he sees along the way

I liked the story though, the author makes it work because the MC has more character and is relatable I think. Try it if you want m8 <<less
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wait321 rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c179
This is a very well thought out story. The character development and events are logical and entertaining. The hero knows the future, but it's amusing seeing how he uses that knowledge to plan out his path. Things don't go according to his plan, but surprises can be explained by how his actions changed the flow of history. What I love most is how there's very little filler material compared to other novels. The only thing I don't like is the constant parade of stats and levels, which is very boring.
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EricBannen rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c275
This book is one of the few books I have really liked.😎

The concept is amazing and the pace of the chapters is also nice. 👌

The MC is not a cold hearted mindless killer. The story development is good and most importantly the world is beautifully developed.👍

I would say that 'Night Ranger' and 'The Book Eating Magician' has slight similarities with regards the writing style. Those who give it a poor review have not read the trash that is being translated every day.👈

This work is refreshingly good and I highly recommend... more>> reading it for a Game with hack/slash/RPG kind of story. 4.5/5👏👏 <<less
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