Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne


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After coming out of a tunnel… it was pitch dark.

When I awoke, it was pitch dark.

First, I need to grasp the situation… While lost in thought, white, foggy figures appeared, and as usual, it was utterly dark, just what is happening?

When I noticed, I reincarnated!

Moreover, my gender has changed!?

Wouldn’t you usually get a cheat ability when reincarnating!? God!

Isn’t this conversely a start with a handicap!

*This is a heartwarming story of a little carefree girl.

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne average rating 4.2/5 - 295 user ratings
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Cloudy Eyes Lilianne
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Cryarc rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c190
This is a not bad series but also not a great one, it's entertaining to some extent but there's nothing distinguishing it from the other series with similar genre. Probably good for people who likes slow pace (extremely slow pace I mean) and slice of life fluff but not good for people who want faster pace and progressive plot.

Also for those who can't stand infant phase stories and expecting to read her grown up at least into teenager:

... more>>

probably better off not reading this series because until the end of the series she's still 4 years old.

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Yipie rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: v2c28
Read ahead on raws. Slow developing story, but very cute. Almost more of a 'slice of life' feel in these earlier parts.

MC does have kind of a cheat, but also has an interesting handicap.

TL is doing a great job.
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MadPengu rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c76 part2
I really have to comment on this novel simply because people do not do it justice.

Story focuses on growth of reincarnated 30 year old man in body of toddler girl.

Most of the novel from similar genre and with similar plot usually skim (or skip) through this portion of the growth, sometimes because author aims at more fast paced story or simply because of their inability to make such thing interesting and because of that I find this novel great and distinguishable from others.

Pace may be mistaken as slow (or... more>> even too slow) but it is just right for this kind of story, it does not feel repetitive even though story is told by year on year basis, thanks to author skimming through annual events such as birthdays and author keeping highlights of these events.

It is also one of the few where interludes and non-protagonist perspective is really great and interesting to read. It can be attributed to the fact that characters in this novel are really fleshed out, they do not feel 2-dimensional at all, even though this novel is really "fluffy", people portrayed in it have suffered their own share of hardship and drama as well as happiness.

I really have to applaud author's writing. Normally when reading about 30 year old man in body of toddler girl you would feel crept out but the author still managed to make such setting adorable and heart-warming. You can feel author attention to detail through interactions between characters, small gestures that they make, their thinking processes and actions that sprout out of it, all of it comes really nicely around in later chapters and thanks to that you get the feeling that everything was thought trough which is rare in those kind of stories as they tend to push random stuff inbetween.

And I have to congratulate current translator on great work as he kept best of Japanese language in it and beautifully conveyed it to English. Sometimes keeping romanization of Japanese in translation can be seen as unnecessary and eye hurting but in case of this novel it is absolutely not the case as it nicely portraits baby-talk and some smaller expressions simply lose their meaning in English as they do not have proper equivalents. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c110
Cute, fluffy, heartwarming and light hearted story. Just look at that cover and decide whether you want to read something as cute as this or not. She's generally expressionless but I can just imagine her cute smile...

Edit: aw they changed the picture, I was talking about the one with her in a cute bunny outfit. Still cute either way.
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San-Kyu rated it
April 25, 2017
Status: c66
This is diabetes, the story. Jokes aside, this really is a web novel full of fluffy good feelings. You have your standard 30-ish year-old reincarnator but instead of the usual drivel we have him start right at the moment of birth - as a super cute white-haired blind girl. From there he (or rather, she) faces off against an enemy just as dangerous as any isekai end-game boss, the logical limitations of being 0-1 years old. Helping him/her is a wonderful cast consisting of her family members all being loving... more>> and kind to her. All throughout she struggles from her from-birth blindess and practices magic on the side as her family members dote on her.

There are two plots generally going on at the same time, you have the OP MC mage plot as the MC practices magic under everyone's noses, and your growing-up plot as the MC slowly experiences life as a beloved baby girl born to an extremely wealthy and loving family. The latter is the highlight of this novel and its best bit, his aunt, elder brother and sister, and mother and father are all extremely well-developed and have heart-warming and tear-jerking backstories to match. The sheer love they have for their youngest family member (the MC) just brings tears to the eyes as they unceasingly express their (familial) love for her. <<less
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TUSF rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c124 part1
Spoilers ahoy!
... more>>

The story starts off like quite a few reincarnation stories, with the MC (a grown man in his thirties) dying and waking up in the body of a newborn girl. However, Lily has 1 handicap and 2 cheat! She's blind but she can see magic and she's divine levels of cute.

Right, entire sections of the story are based around the premise that Lily is angelically cute, more so than just any toddler. It's actually pretty silly, and I almost rolled my eyes at some of the actions taken by other characters in response to that cuteness, but I suppose it's not enough to take away enjoyment of the series.

That said, even 120+ chapters in, and Lily is still barely three years old. It's not that the chapters are short, but the story is unusually "slow" compared to most reincarnation stories. Not in the sense that developments are drawn out and take forever to wrap up, but because this story covers Lily's entire childhood, without any significant time-skip. It just continues at a very steady pace, often only glossing over a couple weeks or at most a month or two's worth of time.

And yet, I can't say I found the story boring or anything; it's a very sweet slice of life with some sugary yuri on the side, so if you're into that, this'll probably be right up your alley. There does seem to be a lot of groundwork laid out for possible future "arcs", so I'm looking forward to that, even if it'll take ages to approach that point. I'm actually surprised at how the author is able to keep the story so interesting for so long, when the main character is a baby, but this is probably thanks to Lily being such a sweet character.

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GregLuck rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c100
At first I thought it would be a quick paced story, but in the contrary, it is quite slow. The story focus on the childhood of our MC.

This is not my type of novel, this is for you who search fluffy-feel-self-mumbling type of MC. If you like something soft after you read some hardcore sadist novel, this is for you.
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BaramII rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: --
It's a heartwarming Novel, that's all there is to it.

The Male MC reincarnated as a baby girl. The story is slow, up to the recent chapter, she's not even 3 years old yet, so unlike the normal Japanese novel where the MC resurrects as a girl, becomes 10 years old in a chapter or 2 and still say stuff like "No, I'm a man in mind, although I've become a girl". The MC accepts it as is and just deals with it, to the point you'll forget he was a... more>> man that resurrected.

The MC's previous self was only mentioned a few times, so you don't have to worry about imagining his previous self, in fact even when it is mentioned, you probably can't imagine it, since the Baby MCs' presence is so strong. So the 'Gender Bender" tag is correct, but wrong at the same time, since the Previous MC's gender is hardly mentioned.

Now that's explained, I know most of you are hesitating to read it because of that tag, or because of the fact that a Japanese "man" resurrected as a girl and are worried that they'll act like "Nooo~ I'm a boy, I swear but in a girls body, nooo" Well, don't worry, none of it will happen. I guarantee it.

As for my ranking, it's 4 instead of 5. Mainly because of the pacing, although it had its charm, but the pacing is way too slow. Being a toddler, the MC's world is small, Sometimes it takes a whole chapter to explain 1 thing, when it could be done with just a paragraph or two. But it's still worth 4/5. There are plenty others that rate it as 5, most likely because "cute is justice"

Do I recommend it? For heart warming story a big YES, but for your typical japanese resurrection story with conflics here and there, No, I can not recommend it. There hasn't been a decent conflict, I think the only conflict the MC had to deal with was potty training and that her "special someone" had to leave for a time. <<less
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pluspy1337 rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c89
This novel has well and truly broken me and now I can't live without Lilianne element ~ww

All kidding aside, it's amazing just how addicted to this thing I have become. I check back every day to see if there's a new chapter. I have even started grinding through the raws in my halfhearted Japanese because I love this novel so much. It's ridiculous... because it's not like the novel is super amazingly mindblowing.

The author just does it well. The thought process is interesting and unique, and the blind protagonist is... more>> done well. I urge anyone to take a look at this. I won't call it a masterpiece yet, because I don't do things like that. I just felt like I had to review this, so that people give this a try. It's stupid how much I like this story. <<less
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Railman rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c120
Out of all the age regression/slice of life novels, this might be the best one, good pacing, adorable characters, and excellent translation. So why 3 stars? Well this novel suffers from "not fully translated" virus, to keep the general feel or moe. Its annoying when translators try doing this kind of stuff, I mean yes japanese language and expressions are well known but how about those people who doesnt have a single idea what a neeee neeee.. Means, this kind of translations are the blight of light novel world. The... more>> other thing is the pacing starting from chapter 40 had turn atrociously slow (?), the whole chapter is wasted on explaining the whole cast dresses and how they look and the content is just 3 to 4 paragraphs long.


I take it back, this is soft core porn, and its hella creepy reading a child not even 3 years old literally molesting her maid. WTF <<less
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inacio999 rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c106 part2
This is my first review but I had to write for this one. This novel is a lighthearted and fluffy one. The author is not rushing the growth like the other ones where the reincarnated grows up in like 2 chapters. But that does not mean that there is no growth the character steadily grows up. Summarized it's a fun lighthearted story that I recommand for everyone.
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JapaneseFandom rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c86
(There are spoilers, you have been warned. Also I just started doing reviews so please don't expect a lot from this one.)

Alright, I want to start off by saying that this is genuinely an amazing and unique novel being it both a reincarnation and a slice of life novel. All characters are amazing and fit very well into the story.

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne (Also known as Cloudy Eyes Lilianne) is a reincarnation slice of life novel that talks about a 30 year old man who suddenly died and... more>> was reincarnated as a human girl called Lilianne in a fantasy world. After a few weeks of reincarnation he realizes that the girl is blind, she couldn't see anything, but by infusing magic into her eyes she could see the magical power inside people and the few tools which contain magic inside them so she's able to make the shape of the people around her and a few things. As a blind person she found couldn't find anything interesting so she kept training to increase her magical power and finding ways to use it for different aspects, mainly to try and find a technique that allows her to see.

The series also has many unique characters filled with life and colors that would make you attached to them. The series has lots of comedic, hilarious and some serious scenes which are surprisingly fun and easy to read through. I personally think that the fantasy world they're living in isn't complicated and was easy to understand. The story is also amazingly heartwarming and adorable (After taking the Lilianne doses of adorableness you won't be able to let go of this series easily).

I really think that I should give this a 5/5 but sadly after reading up till chapter 86 expecting some action but I was let down, I kinda mocked myself for not realizing this is a slice of life novel until I reached chapter 86. I'm not hinting the series is bad, it's a really well written story and and as I said before the story is amazing, being it in both character and story development. The only thing I disliked about this novel is the extreme slow speed of story progression. I think I'm a patient person but I feel like I need to reevaluate myself after this.

I think this review was short but it's just my imagination. Overall, the if you're looking for a unique mix of a reincarnation and slice of life novel, you should look forward to this, and even if this wasn't my cup of tea I really enjoyed every aspect of this novel. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c98
It's fluffy.

It's yuri.

(that gender bender tag... well, it ain't wrong but ain't right too)

... more>> MC is a reincarnated individual; born in a world of magic, she (previously a he) strives to learn more about magic and his special power. Somehow by the twist of fate, she befriended a lost (idiotic yet genius) fairy, and so.... fuwafuwa 'yuri goggles:ON' ensues.

It might not suites your taste, as some people just simply hate reading Slice of Life story. Moreover, please be warned the plot is crawling at a snail's pace, so you might lose your patience. <<less
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DaoFox rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: c64
Enjoying the series so far, my only worry is the plot will be hung up on the"baby-toddler" years for too long. It makes sense to cover these years as the MC has conscious activity during this period, but it seems like a lot of what is happening would be very repetitive or filler-like if a new but similar topic is brought up again during the following years.

I find the MC really cool for being blind and still being portrayed very well by the author, it takes a certain kind of... more>> vision (heh) to be able to pull this off even after extensive research.

My rating is as such because while the baby years are interesting for the MC's trials to adapt, I am more curious about how the MC will fare once they are 6, or 12, or even in their late teens at 16-20. Clearly the MC shows promise to be quite OP in regards to magic, but where does that take us? Will the later plot expand on this or will it get downplayed? What is with these mysterious organizations, and just who are the MC's family really??

Once the story progresses further in depth and at least touches upon these questions of mine I can give a more complete rating. <<less
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Artemis1990 rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c24
Cute and relaxing story with a dash of comedy. The "male" MC reincarnated into a baby girl but decide to make the best of it anyway. She lives with doting parents, siblings and maid, befriends a fairy and uses her magic power to converse with the fairy.

Since the story is written in semi-first person perspective, the internal monologue of the MC is shown which I personally think that the MC doesn't sound like she used to be male at all. At least, not prominently shown which is a good... more>> thing since I find the story is easier to follow because of it. <<less
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Perpetual Red
Perpetual Red rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c59 part2
Make no mistake - the protagonist is NOT carefree. She doesn't want to stay blind to physical things, so she has a main, difficult-to-attain goal, and the process to get there is also difficult, and requires her to excel in knowledge and power (which is a pretty general term for stuff like: control, mana capacity, etc.). Of course, to others what she is trying to accomplish is probably unheard of.

Novel is pretty dang good. The translating is alright, with only a few typos or grammatical errors here and there. Read... more>> for yourself. <<less
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November 12, 2017
Status: c122
This is actually the first time I would leave a comment since I've been using this site. And I've been using this site for quite a while now...

I really like this LN, I really do. I know its not the usual action packed and its not full of ecchi scenes but it is heartwarming. Lilianne is just too cute. Slow or mellow stories like this ain't bad every once in a while.

I love having to witness how a character grows... Like in Naruto, we saw him grow up... I feel... more>> the same with this, though there's no indication yet of this being a battle story anytime soon (aside from the attempted attacks on Lilianne).

To Th TL:

Thank you very much for sharing this to us. I hope You keep up the good work. I understand that it's not easy, but please hang in there. <<less
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Tanhalevi rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c94 part1
I’m totally addicted to this novel.

I started reading it with the wish of having something cute to read while I waited for other novels and to heal my will, broken by the daily studying, with cuteness and fluffyness.

I was clearly underestimating the fuzzy warm feelings it gave me during the last month.

It's totally worth a read, I don't actually care if the protagonist is op or becomes op, I just wish she could stay small and adorable in her interactions with the rest of the characters for how long she... more>> can <3.

And I gotta say the translation is actually really good and always pleasant to the reader. <<less
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Jiang Chen no 201
Jiang Chen no 201 rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c56
Got all the fluffiness you'll ever need, also sometimes has the hype of OP MCs. I wish I could write 4 stars because of some words that I can never understand. (Eg. Mouuu, n~nnnn, whatever. Etc) but I just love the series so much that I can't.

Like in a scale, then fun is on one side and story and stuff, then pace and untranslated on the other, the scale is perfectly balanced then the ~FLUFF~ just tips off the equilibrium favouring the good stuff by a landslide. Mouuuu~
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
plushiesoda rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: c31
This is so fluffy and cute that you cannot help but fall in love with the characters, the magic system seems coherent and while it has some flaws (like a 1yo girl somehow opening a door knob with her hands) I seriously got hooked from chapter 3 or so~

Just a warning this is slow paced... really slow paced... seriously SLOW PACED to the point that so far as chapter 31 MC still is a 1 year old girl
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