Pursuing Immortality


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Meet Gu Yu—a college dropout and a talented incense maker, and at the same time, the rather stoic protagonist of this story. Despite his somewhat introverted manner, he has a tendency to make sarcastic remarks in his thoughts. One day, after saving a squirrel, a windfall (metaphorically and literally) dropped into his lap. Stumbling into the cultivation world with little help, he was not turned into Superman overnight (as he would like). Apparently, becoming a cultivator would not make your life easier, at least in the beginning.

Somewhere along the road, he ran into Jiang Xiaozhai, a young woman who’s got the brains, the beauty, and maybe one or two secrets of her own. As it turned out, the two made a perfect team—Mulder-and-Scully style. Motivated by many unanswered questions, they had been running up and down the country, getting into all kinds of trouble, and learning more of the modern cultivation world, which is by no means the same as in the ages long past…

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ender556 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c460

In the genre of modern cultivation novels, there are novels with better comedy aspects than this novel, but this one has much better world building than any other novel I have read. You actually get a full picture of the world (specially, China) in a modern setting where aura (spiritual energy, etc.) returns to the world. This with all the good and bad things that gradually become possible - you can get a pill that cures cancer but you can also get a ghost attached to you. Anyway, this novel has done this spectacularly so far.

The chatacters are done well, and so far I didn't have to think too much in order to recognize different characters - they are mostly well drawn out. Of course, the main characters are the most developed. When things start to get big in the story, some characters inevitably get pushed to their stereotypical role, like general daoist A or government official B, but there are still core characters that aren't forgotten, and overall most characters do remain in the story and aren't thrown aside.

This novel is one of the most realistic modern cultivation novels out there. You follow Gu Yu and his partners, colleagues, enemies and friends as they adapt to the new reality of the world. There is no System, no hidden chat groups, no Grandpa, no heavenly luck- only some ancient books, some relics and a new environment. Of course, the starting process involve some luck, but what drives the story forward is the MCs' effort to seek that luck. There is the normal killing style from xianxia novels, but even after becoming Immortal (which actually happens here for a change...), the MC still has to work with the government - our world cannot get so lawless even in such circumstances. Another nice thing is that in the story's world, other countries aside from China actually exist - and they have their own heritage of magic, alchemy, shamanism etc.

I tried to give a general review of the story without spoiling too much. I warmly recommend you to read this, it is truly a great novel.

The awful English name and picture truly do not do justice to this novel. In every xianxia novel out there people pursue immortality so it really doesn't represent anything special and became a general title you skip after reading. And regarding the picture, after 460 chapters I can tell you certainly that there are no such characters in the story. And if you want to show a couple of male and female in a picture, there is not much point - even though there is romance in the story it is only on the sidelines and not the main thing there. Xiaozhai's character doesn't speak much about herself (and her development takes a lot of time, for a long time she is simply there, without much about what she thinks about) so most of the time they simply move as a couple (of friends). The main thing in the story is the process of learning about the world, not about each other... Though that happens too, of course.

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ninthlite rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c100
The main character is seriously bland, he has no personality at all. Once I found out that the writer was a woman, everything is clicked into place for me. The female love interest is a boringly perfect mary sue, while the main character is obviously a bland cut out that just exists to be a platform for the love interest.

Not a terrible story once you get past the fact that the girlfriend is really the main character, but thats really because my expectations for every wuxia/xianxia story on this website... more>> is low. The story lacks tension, as its really more a slow power wank. The personality lacking main character is an incredibly powerful cultivator in the modern world as normal cultivating has died, he goes around smacking a bit of faces, and looks for mysertious artifacts around china which are making local stuff weird.

A good point is that this novel avoids most of the cliche guidelines that xianxia/wuxia novels follow, but sadly just replaced it with lastluster writing. Props for that though. 3/5 <<less
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January 15, 2018
Status: c40
This is probably a premature review (What, another one? You have to stop that, me.) but I really like this novel. The main character is just your typical chinese MC nowadays. Cool-headed, he-who-sees-all-knows-all, walking wikipedia, calculating, self-proclaimed introvet, and all sorts of those typical and extremely overused bullsh*ts. But he is different from others (at least for now I guess), he doesn't go around and piss everyone off, or slaughter upto someone's 18th generation just because they look at him wrong. He cares for others, and prefers words over getting... more>> physical.

But there is just something that rubs me the wrong way.

Why the flying furnace all the girls he is close to are either beauties or bishoujos?!

Are normal looking ones not girls as well?! <<less
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nikomaru rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c105
Alongside the declining of the world's Spiritual Qi, the great way of magic declined into a mere cheap trick.
Now thousands years later, what have been long forgotten will rise once again alongside the rising of the Spiritual Energy of the world!
As the old will wept for they are born too early too witness a new legend, the young shall welcome a new era!
A young man who discovered a remnant legacy of illusion.
A young woman who succeeded a remnant legacy of beast taming.
Follow the adventure of... more>> Gu Yu and Jiang Xiaozhai solving mystery all around China to complete their legacy!

tech tree
1. Illusion
2. Spiritual Beast
3. Talisman/Fu
4. Chinese Zombie/Jiangshi
5. Pleasure Technique

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MangoGuy rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c85
Tough I have rated 5 for now, this more of a 4.5

I guess the 5 is for over all.

This series is terrifying good at parts and excruciatingly... boring at parts. Fair warning, in the name of works building, you will get hide and confusing infodumps.

... more>> A modern cultivation novel, this is a second generation novel. As in, the MC doesn't freak out about cultivation and knows stuff from his own reading. And the MC is a really interesting guy.

The attraction of this story is not the cultivation; it is the characters, and their interactions. Crazy right?

I ship the main couple too much. Like just too much. And their relation is also very mature. And equal. FINALLY.

While this is all good, the cultivation thingy is a bit iffy. You either love it or hate it. For the first time, I understood the relation between body and universe. Good? Not necessarily.. Cuz I feel that that is too much context.

Either way, this is Mango approved, but at the sane, time, I can see a lot of people not liking it for the uniqueness the author has brought to this genre. <<less
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mrttao rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c101
Pretty good so far. When the description talked about exploring "modern cultivation world" I had expected something like cultivation chat group, where there are high tier immortal masters secretly living in society.

But no, turns out that with the decline of spiritual energy cultivation became near extinct, magical arts ceased working except for the lowest tier ones that can be confused for con artists. This story is actually set at the start of the resurgence of spiritual energy and thus mystical occurrences begin to crop up all across china.

The author seems... more>> to have done a lot of research about daoism in china, and the history of its various temples and sects, as well as their beliefs in regards to cultivation. So it comes off very different to your typical xianxia/xuanhuan story. <<less
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