Returning from the Immortal World


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A supreme expert in the Immortal World had died, and a strand of his soul returned to its original body on Earth. Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth.

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Xian Jie Gui Lai
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New krzysztof rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I liked this novel at least the first half, Earth part is brilliant after that is slowly more and more disapointing, but the end if sumarized xianxia way is "total trash". I can divide the story into three parts, not to say to much but earth, ascending and ending. The story quality drops significantly with 70% for earth, 25% second and optimistic 5% for the end to describe in my mind quality of the story, if to change the ratios I would substract from 3rd part and add to 1st.... more>> It's a shame for a good story to be destroyed, I could feel that author lost drive or divided atention to other activities, but I agree with the author to finish the story after 1400 and some chapters. <<less
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Keimichi rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: Completed
EDIT: So I read the ending, read through this whole thing. Dropping my ratings from 3 to 1. This is utter trash. Basically no one in this story is important. People the author managed to make you care about somewhat doesn't matter at all. Each time MC gets power up, the story just throw away those characters by not ever mentioning them ever again. Including those who should technically matter: including his parents, his friends, his followers, his love interests, his entire vengeance he tries to make you think is... more>> important but just ended in such an anticlimactic way you wonder why the author bothered. The story is pointless. Nothing exciting. No tension. MC is too boringly OP that you don't really get excited for anything, even at the supposed ending of the story. Author introduce characters like it was some character factory, and the character's relevance lasts a one to two chapters at best. Ending was crap and crappier. NO ONE MATTERS. You literally just forget about them at the end because everyone's importance just completely disappears. If before this work was mediocrely acceptable or okay, then the last arc (returns to the immortal world), then the quality drops to the lowest. You stopped caring about anyone because even the story doesn't try to make you care. The plot that lasted through the majority of the story gets solved in such a eh way it makes me facepalm.

Just. Utter crap work. I mentioned in the old review that there are some "nice face slapping"; well at the end there is not even that anymore. Don't waste your time on this. If you think this is bad from the first few chapters, know that it can only become worst, not better.

The best comparison I have for this is: completely unhealthy junk food that just taste alright, however that you chose to binge eat for the heck of it because you have nothing better to do and because junk food are addictive by nature. Then after consuming everything you feel sick because it was just way too bad in quality and you ate such a huge quantity of it that your stomach is exploding. You then wonder why you did it if it wasn't even all that good in the first place.

If you're going for this, don't expect anything good, go in expecting the mediocrity, and only then you will be not too disappointed. Once again, not the worse thing out there, but certainly close, considering how long this is.


Here is the old review I had after reading 1k chapters:

old rating: 3/5
[spoiler tags might contain spoilers from the raws, read at your own discretion]

OK, I'll be blunt with this. Excuse the language used here but I really can't find more accurate words to describe what I felt.

It's not terrible per se, however this is definitely nothing more but a novel that squeezes your time (and money, for the Chinese readers paying for it) but gives you nothing much in return. I think the best way to describe it would be "quantity over quality". It had an attention catching premise, but that's pretty much all there is to it. The rest is just the author bullsh*tting through it with the same pattern of things over and over again. Our MC is so "knowledgeable" that he squashed any tension tension. The only "suspense" is seeing the arrogant rich kids getting squashed in front of him because they don't know who he is. That's it. This doesn't mean that there's no action, just that the action are so one sided that you wonder where the challenge is at all. Everything is so monotone, barely any climax and barely anything that could be considered an arc. It's like you're reading a clinical log of everything that happened. You can tell the author is just squeezing out money from the poor readers paying for it.

It went to the point that the author had pull out things out of his ass just to make it more challenging for the MC. And I say you can definitely tell those came out of nowhere because there was no sign at all that indicated the things he came up with fit into his lore:


Let's see... We are in a cultivator/Asian setting. MC goes back to Earth but that doesn't negate the fact that the world is build up on an oriental Xianxia ish background, right?

But guess what appears on earth? Vampires. Werewolves. People with psychic powers. And now? Aliens. It's not bad if it was in the lore of that world, except prior to their appearance there was no indication that they existed. However MC then claims he knew they existed. MC claims that he has seen all the hyper technology and all that stuff. But there was no previous sign of him bein aware of it, or any sort of foreshadowing. It just fit in so badly with the story that you can tell the author did not plan ahead at all.


I keep wondering what the heck is with the harem? The few intersting female characters get overridden fast by other female characters you don't give any fcks about and you wonder how the heck does it even happen. Like once again, they just randomly appeared out of nowhere and suddenly interest in MC. Also:

I'm sorry, but just because "you" are considered "excellent" doesn't mean that all women are willing to degrade themselves to become your mistress. I wouldn't care if it was in a xianxia setting, because polygamy was part of the culture in ancient China. But you can't convince me that modern day women share the same value, especially if they are as proud as the author described them to be. It's just. Not. Logical. And the more these relationships appear, the more you are just wondering "Why. Would you. Even. Pair them. Up together??????" No but really, my disbelief is so huge at some of the most random pairings that came out of nowhere. They are more relationships of circumstances with no chemistry between MC and girl at all.

The relationships are definitely following the "quantity over quality" ideology to a Tee. And the few relationships you would actually (relatively) care about are just drowned.

I'm not convinced either that billionaires here just jeep bowing their heads to the MC. Like no matter how strong your MC is, these are people who are able to fight against the current and amass a great fortune using their skills. They should be much smarter than what the author's making them out to be. Come on. Right now they are either brainless followers kissing MC's feet, or brainless antagonists about to kiss MC's feet once they realize who they are. There's not one shred of personality in there; it's just the exact same character, cloned and given different names. It just makes me feel that other than a backstory, the author is not capable to give any character any kind of character depth. So when the author doesn't know what to write to make the story more interesting, he just copy paste another character from his template and give the new guy a name.

The MC is a hypocrite too not the worse out of the CN novels, but honestly I don't like people praising him for his generosity (which people do) because he is NOT a good guy, or a selfless guy. People praise him for it because he is a "generous" doctor, and yet he barely cures anyone if he doesn't have anything to gain from it (it's either money, or loyalty... or some kind of business relationship).


He gets praised because he donated money, maybe like a million YUAN, but he's like a multi billionaire! Like we're talking about tens to hundreds of billions here. A few million to him is like NOTHING, literally. Yet he's being hailed as "so generous omg!!" He is praised for patriotism but honestly he is only doing it because it benefits him and he has no problem abusing power as he fit if it benefits him. He is said to be righteous but he has no problem forgiving people who have slaughtered thousands of innocent people just because they become "useful" to him. He said his promises are worth its value in gold and he always follows them through if he promise something. But honestly I noticed half of the times he doesn't really follow through if it stops benefiting him. Especially if they are with his enemies. He only follows through because he really doesn't care about some things (ex: promising to let evil-doers aka mass murders go, because he doesn't actually really care that they are killing people despite what he claims).

I'm not saying he's horrible. He's just a normally selfish guy. And even if he was evil, I'd be fine with it in fiction. I just find it extremely hypocritical of him to criticise others for things he does as well. I just roll my eyes really hard, because he's wearing the hat of a saint but he isn't anything the author claims he is. The author just want to add a MC aura and make him all perfect because, hey, it's the MC.


But alas, I'm being generous and giving it a 3, simply because I've seen really horrible stuff before and this is at least better than those stories. It's just enough to keep me reading for 1000+ chapters, but bad enough for me to curse in a review of it. It does have some highlights, or perhaps I just somewhat like seeing MC trashing everyone else. But either way, in the end, it really doesn't have much of a substance. I've given this other novel a three out of five too (Souverain of the Three Realms), however if I would compare these two... Well, they are not comparable at all the other story at least had a direction and had great ideas (that were poorly executed), but this story just feels like it only tried as hard as it tried making money out of readers. Here, you can't even tell the difference between the fillers and the non-fillers (that's just how bland most of it is). Perhaps read if you absolutely do not have anything else to read and just want to waste your time. Like I said, this kind of story is just written to grab the reader's money. A big "TL;DR". Nothing else.

EDIT: there is ONE thing the author does well, though, that is "rewards". You know sometimes you find good novels with good characters fighting for something, but they aren't here to enjoy the loot and we don't get to see any first hand reactions from the side characters? Well, here, we get plenty of those first hand reactions of people marvelling at the MC's awesomeness. Almost every other chapter. Sometimes you just want to read it for the face slapping. It's a guilty pleasure. <<less
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Krist rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: 12
The MC sure is childish for someone who has supposedly lived for tens of thousands of years. He becomes deathly pale because he was getting a class transfer, he gets easily enticed and entranced by women, he even seems surprised at his own mental ability that he's lived with for thousands of years.

The romance so far seems very forced and awkward, and last but not least, it's got a harem tag on it.
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Matrix101 rated it
October 6, 2016
Status: c2
This novel is really good. You know how in many fantasy novels we usually see someone summoned to a new world who's goal is to get back to their original world, but in this novel instead of it being focused his whole journey in another world; we see him back in his original world seeing how the events that occurred while he was unconscious effect him now that he's back.

... more>>

you would also think that because he was in a Xianxia world he would be able to retain his special powers and be super op in the beginning (which he is, but not as much as he could be), but he isn't able to gauge his full potential as his body is too weak from there being no soul in it.

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SinsI rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c40
The story completely broke suspension of disbelief then MC started mass winning against one-armed bandits - the only way such things could work is if the machines were tempered with.

It's strange how his relatives are willing to spend hundreds of thousands yuan to hire thugs to attack and cripple him and his mother - there's just no real reason for something of THAT extent.

MC also doesn't behave like a grown up adult that has more than 10 thousands years of experience - but like a chuuni schoolboy that got... more>> his hands on a superpower... <<less
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camilfabre rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c10
filled with holes. They describe the protagonist to be cold, arrogant in the immortalworld and to not talk a lot even withe the person close to him. The problem is that he speaks too much, altough I can understand with his mother but not with other people. Moreover when he got kicked form class 5 the authors describe his feelings as "desperate". What The f**k he came back from the immortalworld! He certainly killed a lot and at the end he stood at the summit of the immortalworld but a... more>> punny teacher humiliate him and let him feel "desperate". Trully unbelievable.

In many story we got a protagist who's 10 000 years old but act like a teen when we expect him to be a lot more mature. Act a little more like Li Qiye please.

I forgot to tell that when he can practice the more op cultivation technique he judge the he don't need it while he vowed to get revenge over the people who killed him knowing that they are almost as strong as him. Even if I believe that he will find a way to practice it his reasonning are really weird and don't fit the description of the protagonist. <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c763
See last paragraph for update.

Very early days yet, despite the long chapters. It's because the author is taking a long scenic route to show us the helplessness of the MC's immediate situation, especially the distress and problems his normal mother is facing. I can almost imagine a sad violin piece playing each time she was bullied...

The premise is quite interesting. There are stories where a powerful character transmigrated to Earth, there are stories where someone transmigrating to a cultivation world. This story throws a curve ball: the MC came from... more>> Earth, went to cultivation world for 10, 000 years, and then came back to Earth where everything he had experienced was just one year. While he was 'away', his original body was bullied due to physical and mental issues. But now he has returned and his 'soul' (for the lack of a better term) is once again complete. As a bonus, he remembers everything that he had learned during his lifetime of cultivation. Now he's back, and he's going to make everyone who made his mother cry pay...

... Or so we thought, because the early chapters might feel draggy to those who are expecting a straightforward and overwhelming progression. Like 'The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators', the antagonistic supporting cast are written in a way to absolutely annoy the reader, we are kept wondering when exactly the MC will make these lowlife characters pay for their pettiness. As of ch26, it hasn't really happen yet. Instead we get to read about the MC's somewhat believable acclimation period... he did lost a year of his Earth life and he still have grievances leftover from his cultivation world. In the meantime, he has to bide his time against gangsters, irritating relatives, biased teachers and annoying schoolmates.

Overall, the story does seem intriguing. Let's just say I'm tempted to look up MTLs to see whether the story would pick up the pace, as I feel this is one of those titles that could really benefit from fast releases.

Update: As of raws #763. The slow-build up of the story early on ramps up very quickly later on. It's like Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel and Omni Genius, wherein one of the main abilities of the MC is the POWER OF MONEY, in addition to his cultivation. It's also a story of 'connections', basically the MC gets in contact with powerful figures and the network expands larger and larger, giving him more opportunities to shame small-time bullies and make good business. The MC has no weaknesses at all, and he is pursued by an ever-growing number of beautiful women. He them off with his 'tragic' backstory, but readers will see that a few eventually worm their way into his heart. Unlike VPnA and OG, the MC is quite passive. It is the women who are aggressive. <<less
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Bubbletehh rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: c870
Quite a good novel. I was very drawn in with the reversal of the typical plot. What I like about plots where a powerful character is suddenly brought back to Earth is not only that he would be powerful but also that they would often need to use intelligence over brute force. The only part of the novel I don't really like are small plot holes here and there,

... more>>

For example when he began cultivating, it was stated that he could not absorb any spiritual energy or that the Earth lacked it, later on he encounters people who can practice with spiritual energy which is pretty stupid. I do understand that the author needed to include them or the MC would have easily become the strongest person on Earth however but he should have made a better excuse.

Next, its stated that the most precious person to him on Earth is his mother, mentioned numerous times in fact. Yet the MC barely ever visits nor talks to her later on. Understandably, parental characters die out very quickly in novels but since the author mentions this he should have included more moments between him and his mother.

Edit: So we finally know that there is in fact a story behind han qingwu's betrayal but the author is such a f**king tease. Until now he still hasn't revealed anything outside the fact that it involves some soul grass. I'd assume it made her change in some way or get controlled.

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Yoburi rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: --
There is a big problem with this novel after he starts his daily life because the MC pretty much focus his time in school and the teachers there keep bullying him because of his grades. Well it got very boring pretty fast some asshole teacher even wanted to expel MC because of poor grades but all I could think about reading this was what happend to the Xiaxnxia element.

Also the reason the MC was kill in the immortal world was so wortless basic his friends and wife decide to stab... more>> the MC in his tribulation because they belive he have a powerfull cultivation in a book he never let them read so they got greed but the reason the MC never let them read was because this cultivation can only be done if you start from zero so it`s useless to them. So yeah his wife kill him because of a useless book with a pointless cultivation I really wanted to see there reaction when they find out for how little they betray there friend. <<less
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October 6, 2016
Status: c0
This story is an elusive satire of the typical Xianxia; I can feel the humour radiating from this story. Since, "the final boss" has been defeated, the purpose of MC might be, to find the "next boss" or to return the immortal world. Either way, a lot of humour might be encapsulated, but the latter, boring AF, might happen. Who knows...
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Bootis rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c53
I would like this story a whole lot more if it scraped the idea of making the MC cultivate, also get rid of the useless fights that are just there to show that the MC is getting stronger. I like the whole part of him getting a brain injury and then his consciousness returning and he's smart again. But when you're trying to mix imaginary cultivation stuff into real life, it just makes the story cheesy and hard to read. I would much rather have two separate stories; one... more>> being about him cultivating in the immortal world, and another story about the MC struggling to study and getting first place on tests and his life as a student. All in all this story is trash. <<less
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MondoX rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c234
It started decent, with the interesting circumstances of how the MC lived in a different era. At the beginning of the story, MC tried to make a better life for his mom, and he was doing it behind the scenes. He also wanted to regain his strenght from his past life to seek revenge for what happened to him. However, the mom as become irrelevant as the story progresses, the MC has become known in the rich and powerful circles, and new beauties keep appearing for the MC. Like most... more>> Chinese webnovels, the MC seems to be great at almost anything that he does, with the majority of the characters praising him. There is no plot anymore, the story has turned into how some characters doubt the MC, because of is age, and then they realize how great he is, and cannot stop from praising him. <<less
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xCalibur rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c55
Rating (as of now) : 2 stars for the effort on translating.

The start of the novel is just generic and nothing special. Though nothing special, it's still likable. However, as the story goes on, we can clearly see the immaturity and stupidity of the author. His main character is supposed to be a 10, 000 years old immortal whose personality is ruthless, arrogant, and proud. But letting himself be scoffed at by others and not bothering with them? Total outright nonsense! The MC even panic, daze out at times which... more>> is totally different from what the author portrayed the MC as. This author can't manage his characters well, there's even random bullsh*t springing here and there that will make you think that the author is a child or the author is sick and can't think right and just write bs to fill a chapter. Oh and the dialogue is so forced that there's no basically life into it. The novel as of now is just like having a good cover with sh*tty contents.

I'm still at early chapters and try not to drop this, but right now I'm really trying hard to endure as this is really pissing me off. I'll continue reading and see if I can find any "good" points about this novel.

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OfficePony rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: c10
Grammar: 2.9/5
Story: 2.9/5
Writing: 2.9/5

It might be way too soon to give a proper review, but I will go on what they have dished out thus far. While it has quite a few of the typical Xianxia stereotypes, it also has a good dose of humor. Unfortunately, this series is also plagued by quite a few instances of misspelling and awkward wording/phrasing. The writing, while not the worst I've seen in a Chinese series, is far from being anything different from the typical Xianxia. The explanations given on what... more>> is going on are the typical "this is the way it is, it's simple, you should understand" for where they pretend that the information is common sense (I detest this way of writing as it almost seems to ridicule common sense and proper writing form).

All in all, it's entertaining at times and I'll wait for a bit more before updating this review and giving it a proper assessment. <<less
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kekkaishi222 rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: c71
The back story is not bad, and interesting enough. An old monster that returned to earth.

But, The MC is retard, fool and childish. How the heck a 10.000 years old behave like a teenager got a new toy, I mean a super power. Act rashly by fighting barehanded against gun? He clearly have uncountable cultivation methods, did he have not any hiiden weapon techniques.? He cure a severely injured martial artist he just met? Did have amnesia after being betrayed by his lover and best friend then died in their... more>> hands? By not thinking the consequences.

Till far, I can tell the author is still new on this story. The lack depth and understanding on cultivation, pill creation and fighting scene and etc. If the MC is a normal teenager that got sudden cultvation methods maybe the story will be more better. <<less
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Desired397 rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: c141
Honestly if you like any of the other novels where it's a cultivator in the modern world, hiding their powers and doing what they want, you will like this novel. The writing is okay and the MC isn't usually an idiot, but his EQ is insanely low, basically he reincarnated at the start of the novel after being betrayed by EVERYONE he loved, apparently didn't realize they all hated his guts.

Only downside of the novel is that the translator has pulled a "oh, real life problems, gg bye" and hasn't... more>> given the novel to another translator or even translated a chapter in 2 months (at this point). Novel is basically dead in the water, avoid unless you have nothing else to read because 140 chapters goes by in an hour or two then you will be stuck with no updates any time soon. <<less
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obsessed-reader rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c25
Boring story, annoying side characters, no suspense, just so boring. If you want to waste your time than you can read. Tbh, all y'all who gave this 5 stars I wonder if y'all are jacked up or something cause this is so boring I just gave up.


Reincarnated cultivator who doesn't cultivate. Female teacher who he forces a kiss upon but she fine with it. A best friend who is beyond to nosy and is annoying af. Just a terrible story

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promet rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c1260
So, this is one of the really few novels I've managed to read mtl of over 1000 chapters.
... more>>

Actually, there's not much to be said about this novel--it's average. But, it's a good kind of average.

Generally, this novel doesn't go to extreme lengths. It doesn't copy the worst tropes of CN novels (for example, those conflicts to the last drop of blood... of the mobs), but neither does it shine brilliantly with anything. Keimichi described a lot of stuff well so I won't write about that. I'll only mention that the twist with harem past 1000 chapters was absolutely amazing and hilarious, haha.

There is one GIANT plus for the author--the quality is consistent. Normally, you'd expect a good novel to start going downhill after a few hundred chapters--that's what happened with ATG, MGA, TDG, WDQK, and after 900 or so chapters, even to my personal favorite, CCG. The drop may not be obvious, but it is there and doesn't stop.

BUT, in this novel, the author actually was able to keep the quality THE SAME throughout the whole 1100 chapters! I didn't feel it drop at all! So while it's an average novel, it was a good solace for whenever I was down because I couldn't find a good novel to read, and I could always count on it to help me kill some time without annoying me by a sudden crappy drop in quality. It's a pity that the quality didn't increase, but it's already a giant step forward from all those super-long novels which end up becoming crappy at some point--sometimes after 100 chapters, sometimes after 200, sometimes after 500.

Long story short, I don't recommend it if you want a really good novel, but I really recommend it if you can't find one... and like novels such as this (tags, summary and other reviews--like Keimichi's--say enough about what kind of novel it is).

I'm grading it 4 instead of 3 or 3.5 for two reasons: consistent quality and the fact that the author seems to have intended at least a small part of it as a satire aimed at other CN webnovels.

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Lt.butterfly rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: c8
honestly this series is so far good but I’m like 10 chapters in but for someone who is ten thousand years old he hasn’t realized if your just that strong no one will mess with you. Also if just about now one knows about the immortal world why would your mom who you might be just a little to attached to be in danger by knowin about it. And why would she believe you, why is it your mom that’s your inner demon for ten thousand years that’s mommas boy... more>> to the extreme. If not for these aspects s this series would get a 5 but nope these are just bugging me so bad. <<less
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