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By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten?

I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills.

[Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points.] [Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box.] Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else!

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New Sinai rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c79
Thorougly unmemorable xianxia tripe. I had some interest early on because of the futuristic setting and the reasonably interesting system, but the author failed to take advantage of such settings.

So. This is what you get:

- poor world-building
- completely forgettable supporting cast
- poorly thought out system
- unremarkable MC
- no villains to speak of
- no interesting philosophical topics
- mediocre combat
- no backstory worth mentioning
- inconsistent power systems
- a low-intelligence world, that is to say, everybody is stupid

I'm not a huge fan of xianxia... more>> novels in the first place, but if they're your cup of tea, there are at least dozens of lengthy ones that are significantly better. The story appears to be on a steady downward slope at that. I managed to enjoy the first 40-odd chapters, was disappointed from 40-60, and downright disliked 60-80. <<less
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New Expatamoeba rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c78
This is a terrible novel. It was good at first since the cheat item are unique and pretty cool. But the story when downhill fast. The MC suddenly changed in one night because his father lost his legs in war. And I like his previous personality better. Then he become a full retard. Killing people just for exp. He killed all those dwarf witches and invited a calamity. A lot of innocent people die and he just shrugged it off and said "many must labour for one to succeed".

This retarded... more>> MC keep on saying he needs to kept his power a secret but pretty much everyone in that world knows how OP he is already because he can't keep his ego in check.

The number of fluxer are small and they are the hope of their town. But bam the MC killed one of his classmate because the classmate challenge him to a duel. And everyone blame his classmate because it's his fault to be weak. Again, stupid reasoning.

All characters in this novels are moron. They keep on hating the MC for no reason other than to get the plot going.

Weird thing is this novel get 1st place in qidian ranking. Showing that the readers in qidian really have sh*t taste. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c19
Just your typical self fulfillment, face slapping, and avg MC hitting obtaining some life shattering cheat becoming OP. This is currently ranked #1 on current power rankings which I find laughable as there's only 20 chapters and nothing about this story really pop outs to me so far. It's an okay novel for now in my opinion and can go either way later on. 2.5/5

MC finds a old machine which he bought for cheap at a store, boots it on and sees a message at which he thought was some... more>> kind of scam, but he clicks yes anyway and poof, now he somehow is able to use his shadow to fight monsters, people and gain experience. After a few fights he got lucky, yet again and obtains a rank A skill book which has like a 1 out of blue moon of dropping. Throughout this novel, you'll see many trash sneering and looking down on the MC, only to get their ass handed to them or faceslapped and probably lots of "lucky" drops as well.

Someone mentioned that the writer is racist..I loled. The writer is more ignorant than racist, I doubt he's seen many black people in China or travel often, so he goes by how others may see them as. <<less
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barashkafromro rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c300
Whoever talks about racism in this novel, did you even read past first word "black"? Though the story, characters and worldbuilding are all sh*t. It is noticeable after reading 300 chapters and looking back.

MC's cheat is worthless. He barely manages to keep up with others. And even that is only because of his heavenly luck and constant fortuitous encounters. Randomness and stupidity of forced plots is aggravating. I'm dropping this piece of dung.
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Stark3 rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c151
I'm a sucker for game element style novels, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Initial concept is hard to swallow; after that, for a while it is oddly compelling :P

The main stumbling block this novel has in my opinion is that it becomes waaaaaaay too unbalanced. The structure and rankings that was part of the world building in earlier chapters is thrown out of the window, and the author seems to want to keep it that way for some reason.

... more>>

While at the peak of the first power level, MC is able to kill 100 beasts of the 3rd step, 5 beasts of the 4th step, and one of the 5th step WITHOUT EVEN GETTING AN INJURY. O_o (Those beasts all came in one wave, not sequentially mind you). Rephrasing that into the traditional xianxia cultivation realm to help put things in perspective, MC while at peak Qi Refining killed 100 King Dan, 4 Nascent Soul, and 1 Spirit Severing beast. It's crazy!

MC still keeps getting powerups tho. In the case of humans, who should have a Flux Armor / shield corresponding to their level, a 1st step shouldn't have enough pure flux energy to get past the armor of a 4th step. The MC is able to do it tho for some unclear reasons.

At one point you keep wondering why the MC is still at the 1st step because he should have accumulated the necessary crystals for that rank up a long time ago. Then the author puts out a line where MC says he wants to stay at the 1st step because the that way the multiplier for Tower Coin drop rate in Tower of Glory is much higher. (Tower of Glory is a place with 108 floors, with each floor having tougher monsters. The items that can be received in exchange for Tower Coins are very rare). Seriously? Such a lame reason for letting the MC be massively underestimated by near everyone while secretly being able to roflstomp them?

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Vaeren rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c72
So far I kinda feel the averageness in this novel. And that is of course not a good thing.

At first and of course even further into the novel I got a really bad vibe regarding ethnicities since the author seems to kinda disregard and bias any other ethnicity besides the asian one.

The world seems also to be revolving around china somehow. That is truthfully speaking also bias. China would be with high certainty one of the most damaged countries if such comets hit.

... more>> the plot isnt any better.

Oh well, I will stay tuned and depending what I feel about this novel after 100 chapters I will update my review. But one thing is certain: For what I saw, it does not deserve the high #ranking it gets.

2/5 stars

EDITED REVIEW following below:

Alright, after re-reading this novel from the start I actually start to like the novel even if for reading out of boredom. And since I wanted to update my review: here it is.

I was negativ on the aspect of too much bias at the start of the novel. That is still true and remains so. Unless the author changes things like he seems to like to do...

So the start of this novel may scare people away cause it doesnt really impress well with its way of written content

Actually the way some things are written may induce confusion (also anger) in readers since they are just plastered in into the story and dont really sync well to the plot at that given time for example when MCs chilhood friend or his sister are introduced... you will know what I mean after reading.

Then we got the character development problem. Just writing that someone matured and changed without anyone knowing how the character actually was before that change is just useless. Its just kinda annoying to read to be precise and lets the character seem completely the opposite - immature. That I still think btw.

The ideas of this novel are okay even though confusing. There are earth, virtual world and other layers of dimension. never really explained though. I still thought that the castle was on earth somewhere north and headed to central continent but it actually cruised around another dimension. Details.... yes that is what is actually missing in a lot of situations. Details, they are important.

The last thing is the pace. Totally all over the place. Is he progressing fast or not I dont know since you never get told what is actually strong what is not. At some points he is depicted strong but at others totally weak wich is just ridiculous but if this continues at this snail ass pace after 72 chapters I guess it will remain like that. rembering that he needs training for 3 years and that only about 2 months went by is concerning.

i will still stay tuned. for now still only 2/5 for this novel. I kinda enjoy it but that doesnt mean the bad things disappear. <<less
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Chachingmel rated it
January 11, 2018
Status: c34
This story started off amazing well then the Author puts a break on the plot for some reason. Suddenly its incredible noticeable when the MC joins a team and it takes several chapters just to leave the area to get into a carriage to hunt for monsters, which will takes another couple of chapters. It got to the point, where I was skipping chapters because nothing happened in them. And with each chapter I skipped, my interest in this story decreased as well.
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VanVera rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c47
This novel is a xianxia developed like a game (different terms, but the content is the same). If you like the genre try it.

World: After the apocalypse caused by dimensional disturbances (beast, monsters ecc...) the population is drastically decreased from over 7.6bilion to several hundred milion, the people developed a flux energy and are divided in poor, common, half fluxer and fluxer... more>>

(the fluxer are divided in who-know how many other tipes, until now there are normal fluxer, dark fluxer (offensive), light fluxed (supporter) and dual fluxer (summoner like? in c47 we start to know about them)


Story: MC discover/buy a old artifact (almost like a pc) and start his journey to be stronger, the narration is fast paced and from a common man the MC became a flux energy user (the peak of humanity), only to discover that there are far stronger fluxer and here begin the true story, with the help of "artifact" called shadow hack (actually a shadow of himself that can exp dimensional monster in auto-mode, like the rpg games on a smartphone with the auto-play button) the MC hack literally the world building, this system is a complete cheat, everything explained in the world-building from author go in to the trashcan after a couple of chapter.


Thanks to his cheat-system, the MC have to hidden his true strenght along the story, he don't know anything about the world, but when a problem pop-up and he don't know how cover it from others, he can ask the hack-system like iron man with J.A.R.V.I.S. for a solution. Like a game, there is a skill system (varius cultivation) with grade A-B-C-D-E-F and maybe S and others, the MC learn his first skill grade A after killing an ant, killing dimensional monster for exp, he gain skill point too to upgrade his skills, each skill have 10level and then should "evolve" in a better version e.g. copper skin after 10 level became iron skin, then after 10level go up to steel ecc... ecc...

The combat system for now is divided in groups, each person of group with a specific role, like a game, hunter/scout, ranged, tank, warrior ecc.. ecc...

After a couple of chapter you can easily guess the MC will go (in the future) solo exping because he is op


This novel is interesting and hilarius at the same time, the ideas from the author are intriguind, but poorly developed-inserted in the story (in my opinion), e.g. the first chapter, the most amusing chapter I have ever read, the author painted the MC like a smart-ass and let him do stupid actions just for the sake of starting the novel. (not just 1, but several, that no normal people would do, let alone a smart-one)


Sometimes is cringy the explanation the author give, just to hide the MC powers, e.g. c46-47 where I stopped, and something else about his shadow use in the virtual-dimension-reality he can go

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linweiyong rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c15
Absolutely amazing. Fast character development, interesting world view/ background.

The game element is fine, lately there have been many with this genre coming out and growing quite popular, but what made this story seems broken is ... more>>

the automatic bot system


Well from the description of the story one can already figure out what made this broken anyway.

Overall the story progressing smoothly and exciting without anything dragging out for long chapters. At this time of my review this story may just touch the introduction so don't expect much, but we can at least expect a good story since it's being published by Qidian. <<less
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January 4, 2018
Status: c20
Seems interesting, and I am not sure why people are calling it racist. I didn't see any discrimination or hate vs the other races, just surprise/wonder at the different appearance which makes sense considering the MC had never seen a non-Asian human before that one time. I will have to read more to see if he actually is racist.

Plot-wise, the "hack" item seems OP but only as OP as most xianxia novels.
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BlaszczeM rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: --
Putting a 3 star since you have to rate it to write a review. From the synopsis it seems a bit interesting, but nothing to write home about, I guess? Seems slightly like those wish-fulfillment stories where the MC gains power though ridiculous means and is absurdly OP.

The reason I write the review though, is to address the racism - while I didn't read it, racism WOULD BE acceptable, BUT ONLY IF THE SETTING JUSTIFIES IT, i.e. The setting is socially based on the society of 19th century North America,... more>> since slaves, and black people in general, were treated as something less than humans, as uncultured savages, wild beasts (my source is the "Narrative" of Frederick Douglass, since I had it in class recently, so I remember bits about how they were viewed). That's the only reason racism could be acceptable in a novel, though that's still not exactly okay. Unless there is another reason why there must be racism, though I think if an author wants to add racism to their book, they should add a reason why it's there, and preferably, be it in the foreword or the afterword, or the synopsis, write that they do not share the views of the characters, and the views are because of the setting <<less
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tirirism rated it
January 2, 2018
Status: --
Just leaving this here so that I can come back a month later and either raise it up to the heavens or eff it in its waste product disposal hole with a red hot iron rod.

Alright. Dropped to 3 star. Just like most other Chinese novels out there. Author shows that most of his fellow contrymen have debilitatingly low IQ with only some being average with rarely anyone above average. As a result, a lot of generic, boring, meaning-less face slapping scenes are produced. The story itself is... more>> fine but this trope makes it very boring very quickly. <<less
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Kefi rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c74
This is a weak to strong wish fulfilment story, quite entertaining if you're not looking for depth.

The MC stumbles upon a cheat cultivation that does all the work for him and that's not a problem in itself for me. The problem is that the MC that has been "trash" up to a few days ago becomes immediately a bully and becomes a psychopath soon after.

I can't identify with such a SOB, I dropped the story which was a tentative 3 stars in my book until this point.

... more>>

The only redeeming feature of the MC is that he doesn't forget his loving parents (so far)

On the other hand, he doesn't have a problem bullying and taking advantage of the weak (never even stops to wonder if the energy he's taking from vanquished adversaries in training matches will hurt their future cultivation).

And the straw that broke the camel back for me was when after having transformed for everyone a training first expedition into a deathtrap where the casualties became unprecedented, he shrugged it off immediately with the following pearl of wisdom: "Many must labour for one to succeed!"

Btw, the monsters he chose to massacre to farm xp were sentient beings. And again, he had no moral problem killing their entire race, it never even occured to him to try to communicate...


The MC is already a monster, so the author is an idiot, I'll probably avoid his other works too. <<less
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rajesh rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c17
Novel is good. Well lets say start is good, hope it won't be ruined. In fact I never find anything related with racism until now, I don't know about future. For me the setting is quite good. No comments on system thing, these are well popular stuff now. I think there may be chances for harem. Not quite sure, just getting some vibes. Plot is OK, no serious stuff happened, apart from some minor things related to family till now.

I think this gonna have some potential. Release frequency is also... more>> good. Hope you can enjoy this. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c70
futuristic setting with some game elements, but in the end this is mostly a typical cultivation novel with a typical cheat MC cultivator. I'm guessing that the people who call him psychotic in the comments haven't read many xainxia or xuanhuan series because this MC is pretty mild and likable in comparison to some. bullying, face-smacking, interfering with or destroying other peoples cultivation, and callously destroying large groups of people/ sentient beings are all very typical actions in 97 out of 100 cultivation novels so I don't get why some... more>> people are outraged by it here. its all formula and so far I find the novel very middle-of-the-road; neither great nor bad but entertaining enough.

as for racism... almost all the Chinese web novels I've read that are set in the modern or future era have their moments of hate-mongering and lots nationalistic propaganda. even the end of the world zombie stories have their share of racist comments. if you're easily offended I would suggest staying away from novels set in those time periods. <<less
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goofydude rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c77
Guess I'll write a review because so many terrible reviews are out for this story (going both ways).

First I shall get stuff out of the way.

Racism - not really (or not yet at least and some reviews hadn't even been this high [chapter wise] when they claimed it), yes it is asian (specifically chinese) centric, but especially from Chinese novels like this you should expect this. And it actually fits in with the character so far as he really is ignorant about the world outside. And it isn't anywhere near... more>> the worst I've seen. People are too sensitive on the race issue these days (and there are plenty of stories I've read where it was too much/prevalent for my liking). In fact aside from everything being focused on China I didn't really get the racist vibe at all, it was more like a isolationist vibe probably not even a general xenophobic vibe. But there are plenty of chapters for that to change, mainly when it really starts interacting with people from the other.. territories. Honestly I probably wouldn't have been able to find anything that could be considered racist if I wasn't looking for it ahead of time, even then I feel like I'm grasping. TLDR: If You are oversensitive to racism you might have a problem... and you might want to stay away from Chinese stories that have other cultures in it in general.

MC is a psychopath - Not really, and in cultivation books almost all MCs are anyways. If you have a race of beings that slaughter people on sight no matter what they can be considered a racial enemy. It is perfect reasonable for someone to discover they have sentience and not let it stop them from wiping out the race. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but it is justified because realistically not many people would try to stop what they are doing with a deadly, pretty much bloodthirsty race to see if they can make peace. Logically it is a stupid idea, and I think at the least it should have been a race that was passive until attacked then very aggressive, as that would mean you started sh*t and you got sh*t. And as to the causing lots of suffering accidentally and shrugging it off, that is being pragmatic, and most people treat him like sh*t anyways and he did worry about the people that were decent to him, but even if he did cry about it, what could he actually done about it. If he continues to do it and cause alot of grief to others for his own gain, I can understand complaining about it then, but when it was already done and he had no idea it would happen, It is a difficult world he lives in and he can't be burdened down so easily. TLDR: MC isn't psychopathic, if anything he is just thoughtless, but he only really cares about people that treat him decently.

Now onto the review which will probably be pretty short.

The idea behind this story is botting. Plain and simple, he has a bot program that grinds for him and helps him get stronger. That bot program also comes with it's own system so it is adding a game system to a cultivation world. If you don't like botting/cheating then you will probably have serious issues with this story.

The story itself is light but entertaining. And a pretty fast pace (some slow parts but the chapters are pretty short). The MC isn't really the smartest and the system has a habit of using internet slang in messages... which is a whatever in my book. At first it irritated me but then I figured the author thought it was amusing so I just gloss over it a bit and it becomes a non-issue.

The MC, I would consider him an introvert, he cares about those he is close to, yet has a... naive way of viewing how the world should work (I suffer from the same issues). He isn't really the smartest and his luck does a lot in carrying him, which isn't anything new. However he does put in hard work, he just gets more for his effort than most, and can profit while doing nothing (once again: botting). So a wish fulfillment? probably, but the MC does prefer to lay low (even though he wants to become worldshaking) and is generally more laid back than most Chinese/Korean MCs. He does have his random moments of getting pissed for a stupid reason though.

Plot - Driven by people that need a face slapping pretty much. It is a mix of grindfest/I look down on you now fight me, pretty much. But I expect that from these books. And it is done in a way I actually find relaxing.

So I find this to be an entertaining light read. Definitely not worth #1 on QI, that should go to HN1F. I kind of cut the review short because I got tired of typing. I might come back. <<less
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BetterPlayer rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c72
This is a great weak to strong series. Normally fast progression gets boring fast but I'm really enjoying the world building concept and progression despite the speed. My only complains are the horrificly unrealistic measurements and that backward "worlds" are blocked. Excellent read if you can ignor the minor background details that seem rediculous at times.
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Alex123577 rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c9
This story is pretty good so far. It is like your average story of a person suddenly obtaining great power, however, there is a twist to it. Would read it for a good read and time.

What bonifide said was incorrect. The passage says "Blonde blue eyed white people, black people with black hair, people with brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin, people of the Desolate race coming from Desolate Continent, as well as Neptune people coming from the Northern Sea." There is no racism in the novel but there... more>> is a lot of stereotyping. So if you don't like it then yea.

Read a few chapters to see if you like it or not. Not everyone likes and dislikes the same story. :)

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crookednerd rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: --
So far not bad... hopefully, there is no romance in this novel because whenever there is romance in a good novel somehow it always ruins the story for me. I will wait and see... if I find the story compelling after 50+ chapters I will give more stars. Gambate Translation team.
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ChocoG rated it
January 2, 2018
Status: c16
Pretty nice story so far, the system may be a tad OP but nothing crazy for me like some the other sh*t, the system sort of reminds me from fishing the myriad worlds but only a little, its more active in this story. The only thing that bothers me right now is that the author doesn't do a good job telling us how much time has passed after each time skip and stuff like that if u know what I mean. I hope this story does not deteriorate like the... more>> other system novels tend to <<less
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January 27, 2018
Status: c66
Some people say this story is pretty crap but they are just knuckle heads that want to MC to suffer the worst calamity every before he is able to get stronger. The MC doesn't have any big obstacles at this moment but it's still a very good story and very interesting at that.
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Kurobito rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c38
For now I shall rate it as 3 star as the story is still building and nothing much can be said. At most, I would say it's getting interesting like how a typical novel should be in the beginning stage. The translation by Qidian international as usual, would be describe as top-notch. I love their translations as it's flawless in my opinion.

Would review more once the chapters translated is more than 100.
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