The Black Card


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A mysterious black card issues a different amount of money each week and Shi Lei must spend it all within a week’s time. Otherwise, he will be welcomed by the black card’s punishments.

“Spending money is really tiring.” —- Shi Lei said.

“I will set a small goal first, such as spend a hundred million……” —- Shi Lei said in self-satisfaction.

“The one thing I regret the most in life is having infinite money to burn without a choice.” —- Shi Lei finally said.

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New RandomName131 rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: c300
This story only works because of how stupid the MC is. It tries to show him as smart and clever by bending the rules but the idea is really simple just spend all the money in a specific time. There is absolutely no reason why that should be hard even with the rules. Another MC who lets girls run over him without him doing anything. Plus all the trouble he's in is because he spends time with them when his most important task should be to spend all his money... more>> but he lets them drag him around. Overall don't get your hopes up with this it's fine with passing time but nothing interesting at all to me, <<less
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Rosver rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c22
Okay. It starts rather well then it failed to keep my attention.

I think I know the problem though. The premise is just not suited for a very prolonged story. Read the description... Does it sounds like something that could last for 1100+ chapters?... No!

The best form for the premise is a short story or at most a novelette. It is a perfect premise for a short fiction.

Or if the author wants to stretch it really long, then it could work as an episodic serialized story. A collection of stories of... more>> various people that are affected. Something like Hell Girl or Pet Shop of Horrors. With Hell Girl, the premise is about a website where you can access at midnight where you can use to send someone you hate to hell. Pet Shop of Horrors has this shop where you can buy exotic animals except that it comes with strict terms that results to serious consequences if broken. The premises are similarly suited for short burst.

Also like Hell Girl and Pet Shop of Horrors (both of Horror genre), Black Card premise is really suited for Horror, and this is where this story fails terribly. It is Horror material right there! It instead opt to be Slice-of-Life and Comedy and destroying any tension and potential the premise has.

As a Comedy, its humor is really weak. NU doesn't recognize it as Comedy, but seeing how often the story tries hard to be funny, it should be one... Just that, it is not funny at all. The author just can't do comedy.

As for the Slice-of-Life it focuses on the MC using the expensive products he buy and the lifestyle he now had. It is easy to see how repetitive and boring it is. Not to mention how it conflicts with the nature of the premise. Any slice-of-life moments this story have is redundant because they don't connect to the plot and conflict. They become fillers to stretch out the plot. And the worst thing is, the story focus on this. He buys something, and a chapter or two is devoted for that. He buys another thing and another chapter is devoted to this new thing. And so on. It is just boring.

The author could have opt for Horror-Comedy as all the ingredients are already there. Instead, the story is forced into an incompatible genre where it just becomes boring, pointless and repetitive.

At least, I didn't find this story insulting or infuriating so far. Just really really poorly executed.

Edit: Woah! There is this Redmi targeting my review. I shouldn't be doing this but... Oh well:

  1. I didn't say it falls into the horror genre. What I say was, the premise is better suited for horror.
  2. I'm a He and I never find any of the humor here funny. And only serviceable? Well, still good for you. At least you find it serviceable. Horror and Thriller do overlap that many says that they are the same thing. Though I think Horror fits better because of the outcome. You'll lose body parts weekly! Come on. That is horrifying! Just imagine loosing a hand or an eye! And that happens once a week! There can be Thriller elements, but the premise is clearly Horror!
  3. Integral? Yeah... Sure... Whatever. If you believe so. Yes! Surely these can't be summarized because something like buying a phone, or eating lobsters, or buying clothes has such deep and intrinsic connections to the main plot that the main plot becomes incomprehensible if these are summarized. A chapter has to be dedicated to it because they so so important!
  4. That is the only weakness you see? You have such a low standard.
Though, I'll change my rating from two to one because somehow a person like Redmi that doesn't have much of a discerning taste could find a flaw that is worth rioting for. <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c7
It's just bad.

Here are the reasons not to read this novel:

    1. The MC is an idiot. He sees a person disappear in front of him, and then when he hears that he'll face the same if he doesn't spend money he thinks "it's obviously a prank"...
    2. The MC is a racist. Already obvious from the cell phone discussion (clearly hating Koreans and Japanese people).
    3. The MC acts like a sniveling coward, being very obsequious to villains.
    4. It's actually unpleasant to read the MC's interactions with the card.
    5. The whole novel seems like it's meant to be funny, but ends up just being weird and offputting.
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AverKill rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: --
This novel is just sad,

... more>> First, its obvious that the entity giving him money is forcing him into being able to lose the money once its withdrawn

Second, playing games is one of the easiest ways to burn money and just p2w, but instead he does real word stuff like going shopping and eating at expensive places.

Third, either the money value doesn't make sense or I don't understand Chinese economy because he sold his phone for £11.00, then ordered an expensive car as a taxi at a cost upward of £2.50 like wtf then he said laptop costing over £8000. Im so done for that price I can buy the best gaming desktop currently available.

This MC is just too dumb for my liking I mean bruh. <<less
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September 9, 2017
Status: --
it' definitely a light novel with big potential but I don't know why he can't just google ' How do I spend money infinetly' and he'll get a bunch of answers for his worries easy right ? Or hire someone to beat up the thugs in ch 10 a lot of solutions anyone can think of but the author is like forcing him to have problems to get the story going and showing how poblems arise when you have too much money but in reality it's definitely not true.

the novel... more>> is just starting it's a refreshing new style " some superpower transfers money into his account and he has to spend it in a week or he'll face a bloody penalty at first he doesn't need to spend much but at the later chapters I guess it'll get really hard <<less
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c76
It's interesting at the start and I knew this one is going to be a slice of life but the story does not really improve that much considering every week he will receive money and has to spend it all. The system seems like forceful and fearful but in actuality, there's nothing much about it. The personality of the Scepter and MC is pretty boring and the openness of the story is very restricted. It's got a lot of potentials but the ideas pertaining interactions of characters are bland, the... more>> functions and motive of the Slave Department & Scepter are vague for now and I find it unnecessary, I really don't think that the mysteriousness of it will have a big impact later on.

Overall for the story, I'll give it 2/5. It means I won't even read it even in my free time.

Translation quality 4/5. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c80
I though it was good in the beginning, but later on it just entered the level idiocy. Is was kinda interesting with all the rules making him use the black card, but his way of thinking how to use money is just ridiculous stupid. There is so many ways to go and the best thing he could think of was buying expensive clothes, laptop and eating lobster. This clearly is a immature author writing the novel. Also the way the author try to put the MC on the sage path... more>> is intolerable. MC is a 20+ years old virgin and the author actually make him into a sage. He has money and the best thing he could have though was to invite his friend to eat lobster and be role model tutor. No normal guy his age think or act like that. Unless he is gay or seriously decided to become a priest. Basically these kind of MC would have their love ones already cuckold if there wasn't any plotarmor protecting them.

At this level I could still read the novel, but when the MC started to pick a fight with a rival by wagering who own a more expensive car then that's where I drop the novel. I mean seriously? A 20+ old guy try to protect his gf by fighting over what kind of car they can afford? Basically you have 2 little kids boasting who has more money to waste and actually bet their honor on it to show off. It feel like when you were just a kid and brag who's father is more awesome. Author could have done way better than this. Such a disappointment. He could have told the story in a more mature way and have the MC solve situation cleverly instead of this crap. You must be 12-16 of age to like the story. Any older is just disgusting and pathetic. <<less
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mihaita98 rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c195
Well... Im not good at reviews, but ill do my best this time.

This novel is practicly about the unfortunate MC that needs to spends huge cuantities of mony like in Norway or Dubay, where there really is easy to spend, in a small city of china that is barelly consideret as passable to make investments.

The MC can not buy everythink that he wants like gifts to someone or to waste food or something similar, and is practicly monitorized 24/7 in everithing he does.

The story develops slowly, so you will need... more>> to read up to ch 70-100 to really understand how unfortuned is the ms.

And the most tragic thing is that he is punnished even if he doesnt use 5 RBM from a total of 80000, or if he is using it to buy gifts or waste food. There are also things that he cant buy like over-taxed objects, etc. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: --
There are some things Black Card does right, and some things it does wrong.

The system behind the Black Card itself is probably the most developed, along with the MC's personality when dealing with it. However, the story does not have anything... potent enough to keep a reader's interest. Spending and investing can only go so far, and the attempts at romance is passable but not noteworthy.

Issue here is that the rules for the Black Card's use limits where the story can go. You can't simply throw in a bunch of... more>> young masters the MC can pound to death with cash, cause rules are he can't use the money like that. As the story progresses, it devolves into a pseudo-political/social story where MC focuses on promoting his personal connections in order to take a step into the world of the rich. The only problem is that this is incredibly boring.

While I do like the girls introduced, and do want to see how the romance will develop, the rest of the story is just too boring to keep my interest. However, it isn't badly written, and I don't really understand all these 1 stars. Plot and development-wise, the story is far better than most and only lacks an edge to make it the best.

4 stars because it could just do much better, but otherwise sticks to its core of 'spending lots of money'. <<less
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yajrabear rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: c101
So many people are rating it as a one star and I'm so infuriated. This novel has a potential but some people just treat this one, as a novel all about a guy that has a card that gives him money and he needs to spend it in a week. But, this novel is not just about the card or the spending, try reading it until chapter 100 and you will know what I'm talking...
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whosays25 rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: --
The first few chapters are not very interesting since the MC looks like a fool for me. He's got money but he's worried on how to spend it? Can't he just donate to the charities/orphanages/foundation if there's a quota to reach? He can't? Then why not start a business where he would have to constantly pay his employees, buy stuff and bribe some? Surely, there are maannnnnnny more effective and rational ways of spending money, right? Hehe, that's what I was thinking when I started reading it so I was... more>> really dissatisfied with the MC's actions, add to that the shameless qidian promotion on one of the chapters. The heck, there's also blatant racism and I'm sure this point was mentioned already in one of the earlier reviews.

Fortunately, somewhere in the middle, the MC finally shows sign of intelligence so the plot turned better. The rules and such about the black card is already partially released so the things the MC does no longer appear moronic. <<less
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