Transmigration: Of Mysteries and Songs


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descended from a line of famed Generals.
Commanded his troops to victory at 18 and received his dukedom at 24.

was a simple girl from the 21st Century.
A car accident transmigrated her soul to Chang’an, and her life continues, in a very different way.

In the back alleys of Chang’an, an accidental meeting sparked the love that consumed the boundaries of life and death.

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New gamalisa rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c1
Hm...I dunno what to say. This is the first time I read transmigration Novel with a strange and funny plots... Finding 10 Guqin so she could get back to her own world and body???? Not only that... She has to play a modern songs??? I become speechless. Doesn't make sense overall.

I felt like everything that happened, it's because the author said so.

Read the first chapter and I dunno if I should continue reading it... But probably I should give it a try, coz I love volarenovels (read many of their... more>> translations and so far love them)... Thank you volarenovels for your hard work.. GBU <<less
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Tachi Works
New Tachi Works
April 25, 2018
Status: c41
It’s not the best story but it’s not unbearably bad.

Mary Sue Protag; She can play the zither, solve murder mysteries, make strong wines, and solve mysterious illnesses by instantly realizing it was caused by water contamination.

Doesn’t make much sense overall, just a smooth paved road for a female protag.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NiQuinn rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c40
I didn't expect it to go the way it did that's why I rated it a 3. The protagonist seems level-headed and it started off well but then it turned into her investigating a crime. True, she wanted to clear her name but I found the circumstance strange for some reason especially since the ten guqin are supposed to be her main focus.

I'm also wondering what the author has planned because she's spending more time with a man who's obviously not the leading guy judging by the summary. Then again,... more>> it's still early on and things might twist in a certain way that would explain things so far. Will edit as I get further into the story. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JennO rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c25
Plot line was supposed to be good based on summary but I think the way the author wrote how the characters think, act and talk are way too shallow. I can't find the intelligence of the characters especially the FL and there's no rationality why the guys like her. Romance is forced and the supposed to be intelligence and talent of FL is like just being forced for it to happen.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mmem rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c29
Where is this story even going?

She's supposed to play a song on some zithers so she can go home, but now she's solving a murder? And she's actually good at it? Really, using a dog to sniff blood actually worked? There's just so much off about this. Even the solving of the case seems weird and full of questions (okay some of which may be revealed but still).

Cultivating friendships is great, props to the author for that, but in 1 chpt the fragility of those friendships was shown, it was... more>> so easy for the FL to be alone again.

I'm just really confused.

Just, can we get back to some plot, or is this how the story will be going forward? I can feel myself losing interest. <<less
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Mille Caye
Mille Caye rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c20
This novel started well. I like how the FL acted/reacted in a realistic manner, like how a (level-headed) person from the future would think and feel being thrown back into the ancient times (of a parallel world). Though many things are yet to happen and unfold, but for me it began nicely. Kudos to volarenovels and translator for bringing this up.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c20
Wow! This is a very interesting story! The translation by Volare (as usual) is superb!

This story has me going to MTL the rest of the raws coz I am interested in what happens next!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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