War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens


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Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might!

Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription….

Being skilled in all professions is the way of kings!

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens average rating 3.2/5 - 212 user ratings
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Ling tian zhan zun
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New kekkaishi222 rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c265
Well, it's a generic xianxia with young master trampling through his way.

Nothing much to say, it's a mediocre novel. With repetetive plot.

Its lack of depth of understanding. Everything is easy as it said. Even you has knowledge, and no training it was useless. But in here, creating pills just like creating hot water. Hha.

But so far is interesting enough. And I like to follow the story.

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Infinity Sword
New Infinity Sword rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c257
This is interesting novel. Though sometimes I kinda annoyed by the plot.


because most of the time conflict that happened is because of MC woman/ or MC attracted the attention of beautiful Ladies


Besides that small flaws this novel is quite interesting and the author quite good at making us curious about what happened next
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c116
This is utterly ridiculous! I can't stand it anymore. Not even 12 chapters and they're already a couple holding hands intimately. I never knew that a pile of typical tropes could be done in the span of 1 chapter! The MC is just openly wavering his power like that... Problems could had been easily avoided.

... more>>

When the MC crippled the guy, the entire family and even LI Huo who I thought the MC was in good terms with even wanted the MC dead. Wtf why is the MC giving precious knowledge like that, to the ones who didn't care about him and wanted him dead? In the end the LI family just wants to use him and suck up to him. And even somehow start to care about him later. It feels like he's giving knowledge in order to show his worth, in order to live. All this could had easily been avoided. He even gave a high cultivation skill to a girl he's just met. The next chapter they are already in love and walking while holding hands. Isn't she suppose to be a mere sword maid (servant) whose suppose to be on your back?

Also when he was suppose to eat lunch, out of no where there's a meaningless fight. I'm like "Shut the f*ck up and eat your lunch. " Goddam do you have to start sh*t and act arrogant about eating a meal? They're just kids trying to look good for a girl... Is it really something to kill about? And the Chen girl is just annoying as f*ck and her intentions aren't very clear at first because she started it. I have no idea why she fell instantly in love. Just a spoiled girl who deserves to get slap.

I also really started to warm up to the Fatty but he ratted out the MC. And MC forgives him since fatty saves his life the next chapter. Even though the MC says he hates betrayal. He's such a hypocrite. Even your girl could betray you so why start worrying about making friends now? Its frustrating because his actions contradicts each other. Sigh... There's also just stupid reasons to start a fight and it somehow escalates to a blood feud. As much as I love arrogant MCs, there's always a stupid reason to be arrogant... I'm just mentality drained right now because I feel like an idiot reading this lol. You will too and you will face-palm yourself and ask "Is this for real?" Why does he get arrogant and shed blood for every goddamn thing lol. Just having a conversation with the guy is enough to get you killed

As for the Romance: Its just terrible. LI ShI Shi... She meets an outstanding guy (mc) but for once someone ignores her and she wants attention lol. The MC pretty much says you have to give up your hopes and dreams and be devoted to him... He also pretty much cornered FeI into being his girl for saving her grandpa... Like wtf? Do women hold little value in this novel?


In the end, there's so much wrong with this story.

    • There's one good thing about this story. Its the Mother. Its cool seeing her fight and protect her son. But its really a shame... These characters are just too shallow. It reminds me of Mythical Tyrant.
  • I recommend World Controlling God. Its the exact replica but better then this. It feels like Author just stole ideas from WCG
Qidian should just drop this Cliche Novel and translate the Author previous works. At least that had more original ideas <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c112
I've been reading the raws (already at Chapter 902) and came up with this review.

... more>>

I feel really stupid for expecting something from this novel, I gave it a chance and it completely let me down.

Although I can give it 2 stars just because there are lots of chapters, meaning it can at least pass as a "filler" while waiting for latest chapters of my favorite novels.


The novel's potential in early chapters was completely ruined in later chapters, making this novel join the group of hilariously subpar chinese novels. What is that group, you ask?

Novels that could shorten your lifespan because of the "subpar" part or maybe extend it because of the "hilarious" part.


There are too much characters to remember. You don't even have to remember them at all as they will either die sooner or later, or be forgotten.

Four out of five people the MC meets end up being his enemy, either he offended them, they offended him, or he offended their family.

The author has a special power of pulling a stereotypical chinese novel villains out of his ass one after another.

Heck, he even offended tens and hundreds of people (multiple families) at the same time and comes out alive. Worse part is, they are too one-dimensional, they exist just to annoy the MC and die later on.

"Oh, you MC f**ker, I'll kill you! I-Impossibruuuu! Nuuuuuu!" *dies*

Oh and it's been confirmed that at least one new villain will appear every 5 chapters, the MC, his friends, family, and lovers have the super power of attracting trouble wherever they go.


The number of "named" characters that died in his hands are numerous that you don't have to bother remembering their names for too long since they are short-lived.

MC has 2 memories of experienced men but always let "threat" grow enough to kill people who sided with him.

Oh he met a new friend while meeting a new villain! *poof* they die after 2 to 3 chapters because MC is stupid enough to always let a threat stay alive just to butcher them later on for "revenge".

After all, they are livestocks that should be butchered only once they're all fat and grown, am I right?

"Blabla-er, I've taken revenge for you, you can now rest in pepperonis and be forgotten forever since you only appeared for 3 chapters. "


In summary:

- MC is stupid despite his 2 lifetime experience (memories) and never learn, always letting threats grow bigger and bigger because he can deus ex machina (plot armor and device) them out of existence after they've done enough trouble or killed minor characters that sided with the MC.

- Villains only exist to be villains, they're one-dimensional idiots who doesn't have enough dept in personality. Oh and don't worry, 9/10 only lasts for a few chapters.

- MC's lovers only exist to be "damsels" attracting troubles, they're so beautiful everyone wants to have a taste. Heh... *winks* red rose blooming on the sheets eh?


You don't believe me? Look at the reviews on the author's other novels, they all end up the same. a crappy novel.

The things I pointed out are the same thing people didn't like about in his other novel.

Seems like the author goes "since I'm a typical chinese author, let's pull some nasty villains out of my nasty ass one after another because that's all my novels are about. "

The thousands of chapters are all about MC meeting villains and kicking their asses, there isn't any good plot nor narrative.

Think of it like someone playing a fighting simulation game over and over with the same scenarios but different locations, and not getting bored of it.

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Yoburi rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: --
Pretty good best novel of this autor that also wrote Dragon-Blooded War God in this case we also got a mother but here she is probably the best mother in Xianxia I ever saw the very opposite of DBWG in fact after all she is a strong cultivator and protects the MC from being bully and even helps him bully the people that almost kill him when the novel starts, normaly strong mothers in Xianxia leave the MC and only show up when he doesn`t need... more>> protection anymore or are too weak to even help them so she is a badass.

Now about the MC his cheat is pretty much got when he dies on Earth and posseses the body of a weak kid that was being hunted by another soul so the MC eats up 2 souls from the start the kid and a old emperor that was also in the kid body.

MC main love also show up early and she is pretty cool so with a badass mother and a cute girlfriend to protect this is a good novel to try because the autor make us care about his family except for the classic bad apples that you just know will be criple or kill.

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yungmoney rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c63
3. 0/5. 0 to 1. 0/5. 0

It was fine in the beginning but then it went to sh*t.

Meets a girl, 3 chapters later starts acting horny and lecherous, and the girl is cool with it.

Exposition sets up the main character as a world-class expert who has experience with assassinations, hit-men, and beauties trying to seduce him. Needless to say, this falls apart quite quickly.

... more>>

MC is betrayed by his broker, who was his most trusted brother. Doesn't affect him that much since he doesn't really have any problems with making friends. Statement falls apart quickly. The backstory isn't worth sh*t and it's just glorified plot armor. gachiGASM


Harem consists of dreamless. mindless, and brainless individuals.

Ephebophilia/// <====

The main character turns from a standard expert with half a brain to a guy who has less character than Yun Che and Chu Feng. The female lead is about to get replaced from the looks of it. Characters get worse as the novel progresses. Most are never mentioned again.


MC's soul overpowers a god-like figure's soul who's gone through rebirth (not reincarnation) 2 times already (this is about to be his 3rd until the MC steps in) You might argue that his soul isn't that strong due to the consequences of going through rebirth or some sh*t, but the book states that his soul can be considered matchless. The reason behind how the mc's soul overpowered the other guys is,

"No... Impossible! You’re not a person of this world... " - Other Guy (Rebirth Martial Emperor)

"He tried to destroy my soul just now, but how could he have known that my soul was not of this world. Even though his soul was incomparably strong and could even be considered matchless in this world, due to some unknown limitation of the laws of this world, his soul was instantly reduced to ashes the moment it came into contact with mine!" - MC with his newly acquired knowledge from the other guy

Pretty f**king bullsh*t I'm done

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criticalmind rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c13
I've only read 12 chapters but the character has already crippled 2 young masters and has his first harem member. The first chapter was dedicated to the greatness of the MC's first life and after he reincarnated, happily gains the memory of this world's greatest martial emperor. Then the tropes pile on. Enough said. I hoped that Qidian would have picked a less cliche novel to translate given the choices they have
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FishBall rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c14
Yet another typical novel where the MC suddenly transported to another world, and suddenly possessed a weak body and suddenly inherited an op martial art from within its mind, and suddenly the weak and trash MC capable doing anything and everthing. Welcome to the world of op-ness.

The translation quite good actually, yet the story flow very similarly to about another dozen of transported to another world novel
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advaydeb rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c210
Pretty generic, but I enjoy it - why? It's a really good casual read. Honestly I picked this novel up in the first place, because I didn't have anything else to read. I wasn't looking for anything amazing to read - just something with a decent plot and characters to pass time, while I waited for my other novels to release a couple chapters before binge reading. And that's what this is - a decent story with moderately interesting characters. Its fast paced and quite enjoyable for me at the... more>> very least. Sure it has its flaws, but which story doesn't? I find myself liking WSSTH, the more and more chapters I read - who knows, maybe you will too. So in my opinion, at least give this novel a chance, because its really not as bad as they paint it out to be.

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Angel1004 rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c129
War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens is a fun read, following the stereotypical power-gaming and rise of the protagonist. The main character essentially is always "one level above" his foes and the plot comprises of MC getting power, money, or beating up people who offend him.

The author does a good job of keeping things fresh, so despite the repetitive and cliche plot, you still have the desire to read.

I'd recommend this if you are interested in vicariously living through the MC, looking down on all and being OP.

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mechafanboy rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c100
Probably doesn't deserve the 2 stars actually, it's closer to 3, but for wasting a setup that I felt was relatively strong, I'm feeling particularly vindictive.

Here's the thing, the novel actually isn't bad. I was enjoying the setup (aside from the ludicrous background of the mc's past life), I thought the setup of how he met his female counterpart made sense, the amount of cheat abilities he was given is relatively within expectations... basically everything was setup for the novel to be a textbook on classic Xianxia. In other... more>> words, the rating I gave it reflects not the quality of the writing which is deserving of a very boring, but solid 3 stars, but rather a result of several mistakes on the author's part.

Firstly, the inconsistency of the main character, from the start, MC is setup as someone who should be ruthless and unwilling to allow others into his heart because he was betrayed by someone he trusted whole heartedly. In fact, this is shown even more when he basically disallows a real relationship to happen between himself and the female lead at one point because ". This same person later falls in love at first sight... Excuse me? what? logic? where? How? WHY?! I literally don't get how someone who's already lived a life and lost it (particularly when they're as well traveled as the MC and already had multiple women before...) would fall in love at first sight. It. doesn't. make. sense.

Another major issue is the way women in general are treated in the novel. I don't think there are women in the novel. The Author tried to inject "personality" into the women by having them admire strength and falling for strong men over and over again, particularly the MC because he's well above the average level of strength, but... Having almost every single female character fall in love with the mc? in every arc? in the exact same fashion? and depending on the author's whims, they either become a harem member or they slowly distance themselves but feel heartache... 0 personality, none of the women have any reason to favor him beyond strength. It's shallow af.

Sigh... those two major points aside, the novel's storyline itself doesn't really do anything wrong. It just doesn't do anything right either thus it's thoroughly generic. Good for a fun read I guess, but rather boring in most aspects. Add in my dislike of how the author shaped the characters and you have my recommendation of 2 stars. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c76
When you hear a skill called "Greater Teleportation", what do you think it does? It should teleport you right? I mean that's why it has teleportation in the name. Nope you're wrong it's actually a defensive barrier. No I'm not kidding, "Greater TELEPORTATION" is a defensive barrier.

Apart from the name of this skill, which made me chuckle, there's absolutely nothing original or interesting about this novel. You get the standard reincarnated MC, who gets a random cheat. His first harem member appears out of literally nowhere, and MC promptly... more>> picks her up like picking a cabbage. Almost every single other male character is infatuated with MC's hoe #1 and picks a fight. Hoe #2 and #3 appear quickly and MC eats up #3 faster than a certain nationality eating watermelon. #2 is sad that MC doesn't pay attention to her.

There's quite a bit of flirting from our MC, and lots of blushing and bashful expressions from the harem members, but romance is shallow at best. Considering this novel has 2000+ chapters, I can only imagine how many more harem members there are.

That being said, I imagine this novel might be interesting for readers who are new to xianxia.

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RynDeeVuo rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c1
I've only read chapter 1 right now, but I had to take a break since I had a sudden enlightment.

Have I come to the point where I laugh sh*tless at seeing cliches?

Anyway, if I hadn't known, I would've thought this was OEM. Maybe that's the point, this novel might be about cliches, like MDDYA and HSSB.

Anyway, it's on a good start. Aside from that one cheesy part where my entire body shivered, things seem to fine. I don't know if it's intentional, but I did laugh hard at... more>> the first half of the chapter (there's no comedy tag).

EDIT (with caps for some reason) : I've finally finished ch 15, and all I can say is that that was satisfying!

Ok, so I got it wrong, it's not a parody. I'm sure in the future someone else is going to say this as well, so let me be the first:"Guys stop comparing this to OEM. Apart from the first half of ch 1 being way too similar to OEM, everything else is drastically different!" Well, for one, MC's not the dense type. He's actually pretty flirty, and the first waifu (harem tag) is too gadam kawaii. Also, it's the mother that's there, not the uncle and grandpa. Oh, and he doesn't have any weird designs on his mother. Let me just put that away. Also (2), he's not the scheming type. Well, at least so far, I could have thought of anything he did if I were to be put in his position. Also (3), it's xianxia setting, not medieval. Clans, martial arts, cultivators, and young masters. Also (4), he's arrogant. Well, MC from OEM is arrogant at times too, but that's pretty much only when no one's watching or that he's doing it on purpose, not unintentionally. Not much out yet really to say, but so far, he's confident enough to be arrogant. At least he gets away with it.

Someone will surely point this out in the future as well, so let me do the honor as well! "Things are way too f**king convenient!" Nope, I am not one bit exaggerating, and I feel that that sentence was too short to contain the amount of convenience the author gives to the MC. You're dead? No prob, I'll take care of that! Weak body? Don't worry, I'll give you a satisfying surprise! You're being provoked to fight? Dummy, you're the (former) number one expert on earth! Someone stronger is provoking you? Stupid! You already forgot my surprise I gave you just now? Aaaannnd some more. Just that I'm already spoiling a bit too much, so go check the rest out for yourself. Actually, this isn't really a bad thing. I'm rather happy about this, since the author doesn't beat around the bush, like beat it until it's pulverized into dust then burn it into ash. It's like, 'I'm only here to see the MC act cool, no need to make the MC feel helpless, we all know he's going to make it out of it anyway, why spend 3 chapters describing how the MC is most likely going to lose this time, but then suddenly something happens to make him stronger. ' Well, I'm sure that's going to happen to this novel eventually too, but at least the author knows that it's annoying. TBH I'm very glad that the MC got the best stuff very very early on, because it's always annoying to see the MC wasting chapters and chapters just to get a good cultivation technique, until he's too strong for it, so he sets out to find another one later on.

What else? I'm sure it won't just be me, but I love how I can predict what's going to happen. Try it! There will be some hints of what's going to happen, and after that, it's fairly easy to guess what's going to happen next. Let me be honest to myself, I'm the kind of reader who enjoys seeing the MC being cool, like Zhang Ye! Well, he's not on cool mode at all times, but you get the point (if you know him anyway). Why I'm okay with these cliches is because it's not the only thing there is in the novel. Nor is training (an entire arc of training without anything else happening other than fighting that giant bird and cooking it and then becoming world-class chef at BBQs all of a sudden, wtf?). In short, it's not boring! Heck, we got an adorable waifu, what else do we need?

It's already this long?*cough* I'm actually quite embarassed. Please forgive me!

Anyway, that was a pretty fun read, and seeing how they will release 7 chapters a week, I'm guessing this will be one of my daily reads from now on. (S0, next on the list is saying how thankful I am to Qidian and the translator and editor for the good read, and then I'll be following this from now on (you already did that idiot), and then finally finishing this long ass review. Should be easy enough.) I would really like to tha- <<less
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sodofo8564 rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c2
Transmigration type novel.

Interesting novel. If you like Transmigration which the MC was being a genius fighter before he was transmigrated, you'd like this novel.

I knew, it was too early to write a review. From my perspective; the author's style of writing was quite done well, not so much nonsense and didn't make the story felt boring.

Again, I recommend you; if you like transmigration, this won't make you disappointed.

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kosame rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c215
Ill try to keep this short decided to write a review because I read to many bad ones. Ill focus on the main 2 reason why I'm reading this. If your undecided on reading this then hopefully I can convince you to read.


Same as all the other one the desire to be the strongest. It is really fast paced I'm up to chapter 215 and a lot has already happened that I don't know what's gonna happen next.

Main Character Duan Ling Tian

My opinion of him he's strong and... more>> not overpowered. He's usually always fighting people way stronger than himself so that's why I say he's not overpowered. I find him to be smart as he always takes precaution as he knows he's weak/ (not able to kill enemy) and find allies or finds a method to protect himself.

The Harem / Romance

Meets his first wife Ke Er rather early so there is a slow progression. She does see him as her savior and it is obvious that she likes him and he likes her. So as the story goes on you see little intimate actions such as holding hands, kissing and flirting.

His 2nd wife LI FeI he was more open with her his open flirting. There is progression here as well his first impression to her made him a pervert like everyone else. As they progress she see's him differently and slowly accepts him.

The other girls he shows interest but doesn't pursue them as he leaves it to fate.

I could say more but I don't want to go to long as I previously said. There's not many novels that I randomly pick and read till the point where I feel disappointed that I'm nearly up to date. Should of paced myself; do pace yourself if you read the novel.

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Ignus rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c27
This is Xuanhuan on double speed fast forward.

By chapter 6, what takes other stories 50+ chapters, all the right cliche's have been dropped one after another without even a single hint of filler. Its like seeing a bullet point presentation with a good speaker spicing it up, but rushing out the content to finish it up by lunch. At least it slows down to just fast forward speed after c10 or so.

There is nothing original in it, shallow repeated characters/conversations we've all read before, and for that reason... more>> I can't give it a 4. Still can't help enjoying reading the story, as I like the genre.

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July 30, 2017
Status: c24
I also found a lot of the same things irritating as the others that gave it poor reviews. Cliches, stupid behavior, unbelievable romantic progression, etc. The thing that stuck out to me though was how dumb the back-story was. He was a special forces agent, but then had a crisis of conscience after some of his subordinates died, and then became a mercenary who not only succeed at every single mission but also hunted down and killed anyone that tried to order a mission against China's interests.... more>> The backstory alone is a horrid pile of crap, and he relies on it constantly.

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voydom rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c40
There are some small flaws in the story, MC being able to earn money too easily compared to everyone else, enemies power levels lining up perfectly to match MCs growth so far, wrong names being used, in the first few chapters the MC is very rough with his opponents, crippling even own clan members.

Still, the story is getting better. I think before chapter 34, the novel is more like slice of life, after it it shows a bit of a direction MC will follow and the direction looks decent.... more>>

Overall it's solid, casual reading with potential to get better.

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Trane rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c40
Fast paced, similar to an anime skipping a few parts and only keeping the "important" parts.

But it is still interesting, though most of it is generic stuff. Already met his wife, jealous people seeking death, revenge (usually at 200+ chapters) and already met his estranged paternal family for the first time.

The most interesing part that im looking forward to is that there are over 2000 chapters and yet we've already gone through what would have happened for 300 chapters except for the cultivation part.

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