When I Was Summoned to Another World with RPG Style, [Likes NTR] Skill Appeared


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The main character is summoned to another world with RPG style by the Goddess of Darkness. The goddess gave him a variety of useful weapons and skills. But among them, there’s also [Likes NTR] skill.

The Hero will met the heroines and journey together while enjoying NTR Play.

When I Was Summoned to Another World with RPG Style, [Likes NTR] Skill Appeared average rating 2.5/5 - 161 user ratings
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New LegendX rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: --
Alright I'm gonna be honest wasn't completely sure what to expect when going into this but since my life was going fairly well at the time I decided to seek balance by looking into some rape/cheating/NTR/cuckold genres and thus stumbled upon this little wonder which I gave 3 wonderful stars why you ask? Weeeell

First star goes for translation:

Which when compared to the Japanese text overall, isn't too bad, we get a few things lost but that's more because of culture than the translator themselves. Also the release frequency of chapter... more>> pretty solid, although it may not be the once a day so many of us want when it comes to our translated online novels the translator does do a fairly good job at release consistency.

The 2nd star for the world:

Although it does follow the standard summon to another world trope, it's still fairly interesting to see how different lands are governed (I'm using that term loosely -_-) by different gods, as well as the difference in out look for the residence.

The 3rd Star for erotica:

The H-scenes are fairly good, creative, and sometimes a bit lengthy which isn't always a bad thing especially for those with a more*cough* colorful imagination.

Now as to why I can't give this story anymore stars...


Minus star for characters:

The MC: is a wuss, the artist gives us an impression that he might be a [email protected] at the start when he guns down two men in cold blood just for looking at his girl but than later on said girl gets taken over and over again by similar type or worse men than the first encountered duo and all our MC does is... well literally jack around *pun*. Yes he's cursed but the story makes it quite clear in several chapters that it's something that can either be resisted or indulged. He's not a slave to the curse he still has a choice. Worse every character that allows him to fap off while his girls are getting plundered immediately becomes a "nice", "kind" or "good" person in his book (FYI this also includes several predatorial rapist.) with the MC either promising out loud or thinking that he would come back and visit again. Um excuse me? Isn't the whole premises to get rid of the curse so this kinda thing doesn't happen in the future?

The harem?: While at first they seemed to put up resistance and at the least would inform the MC whenever they accidentally "cheated" by the end they more or less just forget or disregard telling him any infidelities at all unless he just so happens to catch them in the act, not to mention they even begin to cover for each other (or in most cases the people who took advantage of their curses.) keeping MC completely in the dark while one or two of them are off sleeping around, which is fairly weird since early on there was this big emphases on the MC "protecting" the girls or I suppose keeping them from losing control and sleeping around without his knowledge. The MC swears multiple times that he can see the love for him in their eye's but can they're really be love without trust or respect? Hmmm....

Everyone else: Is more or less just there to take advantage of the MC and his harem members curse in some way. Yes I understand it's H-novel but when every character is either going to sleep with MC harem, set someone up to sleep with MC harem or cover for some one sleeping with MC harem it points a pretty bleak outlook on the world in general. I mean come on, even the innocent children are often in on it!

Minus star for the story:

Yes I know it's an H-novel but that's no excuse to throw the premises of your story out the window after the first few chapters. Yes I know all the characters are cursed but again, as I mentioned, it's made clear several time's throughout the novel that they can resist the curse and while the H-scenes are creative I just wish the writer could have come up with more creative reasons for "why" they where in those scene's without having the reader grabbing their head screaming "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?" for example they're a few instance in the story where the characters themselves are brainwashed or drugged, There, right there perfect excuse to start an ntr scene that won't cause the reader to question their mental capacity.

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Gonzhilaz rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c2.5
What can I say. This is hentai.

I don't like NTR stories, but this one doesn't felt like NTR. It's like a p*mp selling his s**tty girlfriends. The s*xy scenes quite okay. But the story is awfull... I thought the MC would find a way to break the curse of the Dark Goddess, but he just accept the curse and infected his girlfriend with his curse.

Oh well... If you looking for some NTR... Might wanna try this... If not.. Dont bother f*p errr read this..
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Darxen rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c53
First - I put 5 stars for the simple fact that people not concerning these tastes will give a minimum of qualification.

Second - I read the raw in the time where I started to read some novels from its origin with several mtls, so my review along with the above is not very valid, but it has more value than the people who put negatives only for the NTR (I do not mean the first review).

Third - I have already read the novel, so I will not put... more>> anything about the translation, but personally, I like the original onomatopoeia more, feel more fluid.

Regarding the novel, I can only point the points I remember and those I think necessary.

-The protagonist is not hetare or any weak characteristic of the typical weak MC in ntr.

-The novel is labeled as netorase (netorare play) and junai (pure love).

-Every chapter is long, without overwhelming with unnecessary walls of descriptive text.

-The scenes of s*xual relations are equally light and long, describing just and necessary adding the lines of dialogue of those involved (even if it is moans), so it is not a novel type manual that every few lines of characters there will be a wall, I reiterate, I read the kanji / hiraganas with their respective romaji along with the hard translation, so I get used to reading the "important parts" in Japanese in a more natural way than translated with the "pan pan" and "pero pero" haha. <<less
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_Asura rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c53

For those people that read this out curiosity and expecting the MC a happy end, u will be disappointed. As of of the latest chapter the girls are already broken, they enjoy cheating with other people falling in love like a bitch hiding it with the MC.

Why 5 stars?

Its really not that bad if ur already corrupted. Yes, corrupted. I thought this is a netori but its not. Already in this path and cannot go back anymore. All hail NTR sect!!! M (-__-) m

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